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Alternate Lives Raffles : Raffle Closed!

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Donations Closed!

Thanks everyone for your kind donations! The raffle will open soon!


Also, @Velvet_paw: No, it is not required to post anything on the forum. If it said that somewhere, I apologize, I must have missed it.

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Raffle Open!

The raffle is now open! Thanks so much to all the donators and I hope everyone finds something they like! Do not forget, as this is the last raffle of the year, it's a little different than the others! All entrants have been grouped into categories, and entrants will chose either all or none. I will then draw from everyone (minus the donator, if applicable) who entered for a category.


And for those of you unable to login to Google, please PM me with the PM title ALR Entry and the form in the box below (copy the Dragon Line Numbers in correspondence with this doc as many times as needed):


Forum Name:

PM Link:

Scroll Link:


I would like to enter for the following dragon(s):


Line #

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There are no links to specific dragons? You just enter for all or none of the type of lineage? It's been a long time since I entered one of these, but I was expecting lineage links.

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Raffle Winners!

Congratulations everyone! Don’t forget to pick up your prizes soon, or PM me if you can’t do so. Voucher winners please PM your breeders within 48 hours.


3EG Checker (Aegis) > DarknessDragon197

4EG Checker (Shadow Walker) > purplehaze

4EG Checker (Heartseekers) > Terces

3EG Checker (Shadow Walkers) > CrazyChess

3EG Checker (Caligene) > The Dragoness

3EG Checker (Mutamore) > MaeTM

4EG Mixed (Tinsle) > Dalek Raptor

5EG Mixed (Caligenes) > MaeTM

3EG Mixed (Shadow Walkers) > Thaliana

4EG Mixed (Shadow Walker) > Themod444

4EG Mixed (Wrapping Wings, Solstice) > onemessyperson

5EG Mixed (Yulebuck, Val 09s, Tinsle, Shadow Walker) > Themod444

4EG Mixed (Desipis) > KiraLwolf

4EG Mixed (Aegises) > marienine

4EG Mixed (Yulebuck, Val 09s, Tinsle) > Thaliana

3EG Mixed (Shadow Walkers) > KiraLwolf

4EG Mixed (Radiant Angels) > Condorflight

4EG "Purebred" (Shadow Walkers, Heartseeker) > StarSea

4EG "Purebred" (Snows) > The Dragoness

4EG "Purebred" (Desipises) > Velvet_paw

4EG "Purebred" (Shadow Walkers) > Snakehands

Other 4G Stairstep (Snow) > StarSea

Other 2G (Shadow Walker) > Ruby Eyes

Other 3G Stairstep (Shimmer-Scale) > Condorflight

Rosastrasza (Bronze) > Dalek Raptor

Rosastrasza (Silver) > Echithan11

Rosastrasza (Gold) > onemessyperson

Escapist Lore > Escapist Lo--ESCA! YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO WIN YOUR OWN BLASTED VOUCHER! (Themod444, enjoy your voucher. *Bops Esca on the head*)

Dalek Raptor > Velvet_paw

Ruby Eyes > Kyath The Dream Worker

Terces > TerraAnne



And thus ends the Alternate Lives Raffle for the year. I want to give a massive thank you to all of my amazing donors this year, as I couldn't have kept this up without your generous contributions. I also want to thank all of the wonderful participants who have given me a reason to keep this raffle up and going for as long as I have. It's been an amazing year, with things running relatively smoothly (even if I've been a bit late lately.) I can't thank everyone here enough for all of the joy they've brought to this for me, and I hope we can keep going strong into the future together! I hope everyone here has a safe, happy, and successful holiday season, and I can't wait to see you all next year! Keep being awesome everyone!



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Thank you Rosa for starting this wonderful raffle thread - it's nice to have somewhere to specifically gift SA offspring and I've gotten many beauties thanks to our amazing donors! I'm sure next year will be even better! :D


Thank you @miaou for my prize!

Edited by Terces

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I can't believe I got one of my favorite alt-lines! Thank you so much for another amazing raffle and many, many thanks to the donators of my prizes. :wub: I look forward to next year!

Edited by DarknessDragon197

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Wow, I wasn't expecting to win anything! Thank you to the donator(s) of my prizes and Rosa for a year of amazing raffles. I hope to be able to participate in more in the future :)


Congrats to the other winners~

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Triple biscuits on a grimy platter. Totally dropped the ball on that, Themod.... I'm going to re-roll the ones I messed up for Themod. If anyone else notices that I've given them their own dragons back, please let me know right away. So sorry for the mix-up everyone! *Does the apology dance*


4EG Mixed (Shadow Walker) > DarknessDragon197

5EG Mixed (Yulebuck, Val 09s, Tinsle, Shadow Walker) > onemessyperson




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Thank you to all donaters!


Thank you Rosa for your Radiant Angel egg, I love the Radiants! And thank you anon for the third gen Shimmer! 


I am looking forward to donating next year!

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Mkay, all of the prizes should now be sent. Again, if I messed up and gave a donator their own dragon, let me know ASAP! I'll be able to check in the morning, but for now, good night everyone!

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Thank you Rosa for your amazing Raffle and Lady in pink for your pretty pink egg. Wow! I didn't realise I could win a voucher as well. That was a huge surprise so thank you Dalek for your generosity. Congrats to all winners. Hoping to participate more next year. I love spriter alts.So pretty. Thanks everyone.

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So many prizes this time around; thank you donors! And thank you for these raffles, Rosastraza! :D


(Have the prizes been sent out because I haven't received mine yet ...?)

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