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Alternate Lives Raffles : Raffle Closed! {On Hiatus Until Post-Valentines}

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Donations Closed!

Thanks to everyone for your kind donations! The raffle will open for entrants soon!

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Raffle Entries Open!

The raffle is now open for entries! Many thanks for all the wonderful donations! I hope everyone finds something they like!

Enter Here!

And for those unable to login to Google, please PM me with the PM title ALR Entry and the form in the box below (copy the Dragon Line Numbers in correspondence with the “Current Raffle Entries” document as many times as needed):


Forum Name:

Scroll Link (Actual Link, not just Scroll Name):

I would like to enter for the following dragon(s):


Line #

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That is...very true. I did not have time to really give the voucher groups the once-over I generally do, and I don't really have time to fix it. I'll let it slide this time, and apologies for the oversight everyone.

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Awesome Round of Donations, thank you to all for being so generous. Thank you @Rosastrasza for hosting because I know your schedule can get crazy and you still squeeze this in. There is a lot of really lovely things for all types (from newer players to more picky players) to win and enjoy so consider inviting someone along to be your Buddy for this Holiday Season and let them start winning some fun stuff before the Holidays even begin. Those Buddies often turn into your BFFs when it comes to collecting and working together in the Holiday Rush. And it is good to have friends or have a good reputation or just to be nice! Show some Love, Show some support, and show some kindness to those who are growing and returning for the Holidays because they often don't realize or know!

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Sorry for submitting the wrong group link everyone - I don't know how I got that confused while donating. :blink: I'll honor the voucher of course, but wow I've been more scatterbrained than I thought lately!


If whoever wins my voucher wants an actual SAltkin, here is the group I meant to link when I donated so maybe they can pick if they'd like:


Edited by Terces

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Raffle Entries Closed!

The raffle is now closed for entries! Good luck everyone! I’ll be posting the results soon!

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Raffle Winners!

Congratulations, everyone! PMs will be going out to the winners shortly. Don’t forget to pick up your prizes and PM your voucher donor within 24 hours of receiving your ‘Congratulations’ PM, or let me know if you can’t.


With Halloween breeding right around the corner, we'll be skipping a week so that everyone can fully get in on the festivities. I wish you all the best when it comes to breeding and AP catching, and please remember that while Halloween is definitely about getting yours, I still highly encourage giving to others when you can. After that, the plan is to get in a few more raffles before Christmas, as I'll be taking the time between Christmas and Valentines entirely off from running ALR so that folks can enjoy events like Secret Santa and time with their families (and I can go back to the swam I was spawned from).


Also, while I don't have anything concrete yet, I will be looking at the raffle and deciding if and what improvements or changes should be made to it to keep it running smoothly. I know ALR is not always perfect, and there's always ways to make it better. Perhaps I'll open just a straight suggestion box option during the holidays.


Either way, we'll see you all in a couple of weeks. Have a happy and safe Halloween!


Kastriia > 3EG Aeon (1Cali, 1blkArc)

Solaries > 3EG Aeon (2bluArc)

Aqub > 3EG Aeria Gloris (1yMis, 1bluArc)

Osean > 3EG Ash (1blkArc, 1Grv)

TheLittenLord1 > 3EG Avatar of Creation (1pbRB, 1bMis)

Whirlaway > 3EG Avatar of Creation (1pbRB, 1wbRB)

kanya146715 > 3EG Dark Lumina (1blkArs, 1bRA)

BlueLatios > 3EG Falconiform (1Shim, 1bluArc)

Kiev > 3EG Guardian (1pSW, 1bluArc)

animatedrose > 3EG Hellhorse (1bluArc) *HM

tjenni > 3EG Mint (2pO)

Crookfish > 3EG Sapphire (1gSS, 1blkArc)

exotico > 3EG Script (1bluArc, 1blkArc)

Amberheart04 > 3EG Tercorn (1yMis, 1blkArc)

Seriva Senkalora > 3EG Thalassa Xeno Checker (1YB)

cheesecake__ > 3EG Tri-Horn (2bluArc)

Rememberdrgns > 3EG White (2gSW) & 3EG Daydream (2gSW)

Kigyptnee > 4EG Aether (1HSkr, 1RD, 1pSW, 1pbRB, 1bluArc, 1bbMut)

Aqub > 4EG Aether (2gDesi, 2bluArc)

DeadByMidnight > 4EG Astrapi Xeno (4gSW)

Kiev > 4EG Black (1wV09, 2yMis)

Sazandora > 4EG Bronze Lunar Herald (1grnSno, 2bbMut)

Wolves-and-Wings > 4EG Candelabra (2gSS, 2golSno)

purplehaze > 4EG Gaia Xeno (2pGar, 1bGar)

borntobefree > 4EG Monarch (2gSW, 2golSno)

velvet_paw > 4EG Royal Blue (2bGar, 1pV09, 1wV09)

Dust > 4EG Script (1wRA, 1pGar, 1pSW, 1pbRB) *HM

kanya146715 > 4EG Terrae (1SA, 1grnSno, 1Grv, 1bluArc)

Dewilheart > 4EG White (1wbRB, 1pbRB, 1bSwt, 1pSwt)

Punsexual > 4EG White (2WW, 2wRA)

SilentSovereign > 4EG White (4SA)

wheeloftime13 > MoonShark Voucher

lwolf > Rememberdrgns Voucher

bonvoyage > Terces Voucher

Natayah > tjenni Voucher

Aie > wheeloftime13 Voucher

Lucere > XDLugia Voucher

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Awww. ❤️ I won my most favourite egg from this raffle.

Thank you donor for donating it and thank you Rosa for organizing this.


Congratulations to all winners!


Enjoy Halloween. :D

Edited by Seriva Senkalora

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Thank you for hosting this raffle, and thank you to all the donators! I'm hoping next time around I can donate more than just one egg. 


Congrats to everyone who won!

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Thank you for hosting another wonderful raffle, Rosastrasza. :) And another round of thanks to all the people making this whole thing possible, and congratulations to all the winners!

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I second Rosa in the message. Found anything interesting but you don't really want it in AP this Halloween? Ask around, maybe some people will want or are even looking for it! And remember to have fun :D


I won a Z, woohoo! And as always, thanks Rosa and the donors for continuing ALR :D

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Congrats, everyone! :) 


Also, special thanks to the person who donated my prize! :D 

Edited by Kigyptnee

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Can't believe that I won two!😆

Thanks to Rosastrasza for hosting this great raffle, and all the nice donators!


Congratuations to all the winners!

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@miaou Thank you for the beautiful egg. I need to wait until the one I bred gets picked up to make space for it. I will grab it as soon as I can.


Congrats to all other winners. Thanks to Rosa. Happy Halloween breeding and hunting to everyone!

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Thanks to xdlugia for the lovely royal blue egg. And to Rosa for continuing to run ALR. Congrats to all winners and thanks to all donors who's generosity continues to amaze.  Have a great holiday everyone & happy breeding and catching.

Edited by Velvet_paw

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Thanks to whomever donated the 4gn Monarch! my fav!! Also Thanks Rosa for running another great raffle!!


Congrats to all the winners!

Big'o Thank You to all of the donors!

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Thank you for the lovely wonderful round of donations, everyone who participated, and thanks to @tjenni for my voucher win and thank you to @Rosastrasza for hosting & communicating all this and please make sure to keep an eye on this raffle and share and participate in the future rounds as well! Great thanks for all the Players do to keep things involved & positive & moving forward. Enjoy the Pre-Holiday Season!

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On 10/17/2019 at 10:11 AM, purplehaze said:

@miaou Thank you for the beautiful egg. I need to wait until the one I bred gets picked up to make space for it. I will grab it as soon as I can.


coming in super late on this (missing the raffle itself by a wide margin, blorp), but just wanted to say i'm so happy you like it and that it went to such an appreciative home. that's the first egg from that pair; i won the mother in the previous raffle. :D


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