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Alternate Lives Raffles : Raffle Closed! {On Hiatus Until Post-Valentines}

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Raffle Entries Closed!

The raffle is now closed for entries! Good luck everyone! I’ll be posting the results soon!

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Raffle Winners!

Congratulations, everyone! PMs will be going out to the winners shortly. Don’t forget to pick up your prizes and PM your voucher donor within 24 hours of receiving your ‘Congratulations’ PM, or let me know if you can’t.


3EG Aether Wyvern Checker (1golSno) miaou

3EG Aqualis (2sSS) Sazandora

3EG Avatar of Creation (1Sak, 1grnSno) Rhin

3EG Blue Firegem Checker (1bMis) acelizard

3EG Brimstone Checker (1Cali) Justie

3EG Bronze Tinsel Checker (1gSW) Dracaena

3EG Dark Lumina (2bRA) BlueLatios

3EG Falconiform (1Sak, 1blkArc) Rememberdrgns

3EG Frostbite (1sSS) *Thuwed _DeadPool_

3EG Gold (1yMis, 1bMis, 1gDes) animatedrose

3EG Gold Checker (2Cali) tjenni

3EG Guardian (1gSS, 1pO) Kiwiana

3EG Guardian (1Shim, 1Tin) Miltank

3EG Guardian (2bluArc) duvall

3EG Kingcrowne (2yMis) Seriva Senkalora

3EG Mint (1pO) Jelly_Doughnut

3EG Nebula (1blkArc, 1YB) Dust

3EG Pink (2pO) wheeloftime13

3EG Purple (2bO) purplehaze

3EG Rift (2bluArc) Kiev

3EG Sapphire (1bluArc, 2blkArc) Aqub

3EG Scimitar Wing (1gSS, 1bRA) Osean

3EG Skywing (2blkArc) Rhin

3EG Sunsong (2pGar) Rainstarkitty

3EG Trihorn Wyvern (2bluArc) Xuanxuan

3EG White Hatchie (1Grv, 1grnSno) *Precogged Female Corseiss

4EG Freckle (1bluArc, 1blkARc, 3Grv) borntobefree

4EG Kingcrowne (1Grv, 1rAgs, 1yMis, 1YB) Taginix

4EG Lihnseyre (2sSS, 2gSS) Kigyptnee

4EG Lucala (1gDes, 1bbMut, 1blkArc, 1WL) Aqub

4EG Razorcrest (2gDes, 1bDes, 1pO) Kiev

4EG Red Zyu (2pO, 1HStg, 1gDes) Amberheart04

4EG Script (1bluArc, 1grnSno, 1Sol, 1pSW, 1pbRB) Dewilheart

4EG White (1wV09, 1pV09, 1wbRB, 1pbRB) Kinokuni

4EG White (2bRA, 2wRA) Solaries

Aie Voucher Solaries

BlueLatios Voucher Rememberdrgns

Kastriia Voucher Corseiss

Marrionetta Voucher Jelly_Doughnut

Miltank Voucher Kiev

MoonShark Voucher BlueLatios

Osean Voucher Justie

Rememberdrgns Voucher Rhin

Sacred_DuskRose Voucher Sunrunner

Terces Voucher Osean

The Dragoness Voucher Terces

Tish Voucher Aie

tjenni Voucher bonvoyage

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Congratulations, winners, and thank you for organizing this awesome event, Rosa! :)

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Thanks, Rosa, for running this great raffle.

Congrats to all the winners.

And thank you so much, ladyinpink, for the lovely egg. :)

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Thank you, Rosa, for hosting the raffle once again, and congrats to all the winners! Hopefully everyone enjoys their new dragon babies. Personally, I was super excited to find my name on that list (yay, my ALR dry spell has ended at last!) and I've never won a voucher before. :D

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Congrats to the winners! And thank you to the donors and our lovely host for making this raffle happen ❤

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Thank you @Rosastrasza for your efforts again this month.


Thank you all the donors for your lovely dragons.


And special thank you to Rainstar13 for the Beautiful Brimstone :wub: and to @osean for the lovely list of options for me in the voucher.

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Love my prize! To the Donars a big tThank You and Rosa Thanks again for all you do.Thank You for my Freckeswhoever donated it, and gragrat to all my follow winners!

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Ooh, I won a voucher! Thank you so much @tjenni for donating it! I love this raffle since I don't have many SA lines and it lets me add to those ❤️

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Donations Open!

The Donation Form is now open! Thanks in advance to any and all who donate, I'm sure we'll all love your precious babies!

Donate Here

And, for those of you unable to login to Google, or if you'd only like to put in a breeding voucher, PM me with the PM title ALR Donation and the form in the box below (copy the lineage/transfer links as many times as needed) :


Forum Name:

Scroll Link (Actual Link, not just Scroll Name):

I would like to donate the following dragon(s):


Donation Lineage Link:

Donation Transfer Link:


(If you’d like to put in a Breeder Voucher, please fill out the section below and include it in the same PM:)

Group/Doc Link:

Additional Caveats:

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My pair was nice and gave an egg, so my first donation was possible. Hope I did everything right and hope the baby gets loved^^

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I bred a lot of my SAltkins to the AP like six days ago but still managed to donate 3 eggs from parents that weren't on cooldown. ^_^ Looking forward to seeing what's being raffled this round!

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