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Alternate Lives Raffles : Raffle Closed! {On Hiatus Until Post-Valentines}

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thanks for the fantastic Raffle again, I was a bit sad that I didn´t win an egg, but the Voucher makes up for that 😍 (and I´m happy that 3 of the 4 donated eggs have been taken already 😃)

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Oh no, I can't believe I missed the raffle! :(


Congratulations to all the winners!

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No. It's 24 hours. You get one day to pick up your prize before it is considered forfeit and the donor may reclaim their scroll space.

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2 minutes ago, Sunrunner said:

@tjenni Hopping on your train, as I suspect the same person also failed to claim my donation, & I don't want him to get under influencing time: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

claimed him if you don´t mind ^^

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1 minute ago, tjenni said:

claimed him if you don´t mind ^^

Not at all, I wish you much enjoyment of him!  Desperately needed the scroll space :lol:.

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Donations Open!

The Donation Form is now open! Thanks in advance to any and all who donate, I'm sure we'll all love your precious babies!

For the moment, I am not tightening breeding restrictions more, though I am still considering it. We'll see how this round goes.

Donate Here

And, for those of you unable to login to Google, or if you'd only like to put in a breeding voucher, PM me with the PM title ALR Donation and the form in the box below (copy the lineage/transfer links as many times as needed) :


Forum Name:

Scroll Link (Actual Link, not just Scroll Name):

I would like to donate the following dragon(s):


Donation Lineage Link:

Donation Transfer Link:


(If you’d like to put in a Breeder Voucher, please fill out the section below and include it in the same PM:)

Group/Doc Link:

Additional Caveats:

Edited by Rosastrasza

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Put my donation in, now that my eggs hatched & I had space to breed.  Hope your raffle goes smoothly this week, Rosa.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the great entries from everyone once again ^_^.

Edited by Sunrunner

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Ah my new pair no egged - Still got to donate though! Excited to see what everyone has come up with, thanks again for organizing this Rosa :) 

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Donated my last-minute entries! I should really give a week of break, I bred my dragons nearing the end of the raffle's deadline, same time last week >.<

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Donations Closed!

Thanks to everyone for your kind donations! The raffle will open for entrants soon!

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Raffle Entries Open!

The raffle is now open for entries! Many thanks for all the wonderful donations! I hope everyone finds something they like!

Enter Here!

And for those unable to login to Google, please PM me with the PM title ALR Entry and the form in the box below (copy the Dragon Line Numbers in correspondence with the “Current Raffle Entries” document as many times as needed):


Forum Name:

Scroll Link (Actual Link, not just Scroll Name):

I would like to enter for the following dragon(s):


Line #

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There's so many pretty lineages in there! Once again, this round made me enter for more than I should XD

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we have so many prizes this round it is crazy awesome.... but there is a down side to that too - if we have that many prize, but not enough people entering for those prizes, there is going to have to eventually be some pull back to make more people wanting to enter for the prizes that are donated. not just a few here and there for various prizes and then only a few get lots of entries.


Best way to do that is to find people who don't have the decked out super platinum rich people got everything scrolls, or even if they do, people who are still trying to collect things that show up in these raffles. So that is a TON of players. We just need to be willing to reach out to them and get them OVER here to enter for free! It grows the raffle, but really .... if we are going to have large turnouts of amazing donations, we also need large turn outs of people wanting to enter to win to really make it worth the time and effort. Because there is a "limit" on how many a person can win, but if only a few people enter for everything... that makes that rule really difficult.


So I entered - and I unfortunately have to turn in for bed. So if you ENTERED, please make sure you made a post to share you entered so we keep this thread in the minds of people, and also consider sending out some invitations to people, especially gold and under trophies or anyone looking to collecte and grow nicer and rarer dragons because these dragons certainly fit that bill. many people would die to have these dragons for anything, much less free.... they just have no idea!


So reach out! Or at least post and make sure to participate! Don't spam the world, just make a reminder to send out a reminder to X amount of people every so often. Every little bit helps!!

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I entered and there are so many beautiful lineages in this raffle. Thanks to all those who donated!

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Raffle Entries Closed!

The raffle is now closed for entries! Good luck everyone! I’ll be posting the results soon!

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Raffle Winners!

Congratulations, everyone! PMs will be going out to the winners shortly. Don’t forget to pick up your prizes and PM your voucher donor within 24 hours of receiving your ‘Congratulations’ PM, or let me know if you can’t.



3EG Aether Hatchling (1bbMut, 1bMis) > The Dragoness

3EG Aria (1bluArc) > SHINee

3EG Avatar of Change (1blkArc, 1grnSno) > natli

3EG Avatar of Creation (1blkArc, 1YB) > Tinibree

3EG Avatar of Creation (1Shim) > miaou

3EG Black Tea (1bluArc, 1pO) > Aqub

3EG Brimstone Checker (1Cali) > Tecca

3EG Chrono Xeno (1bDes, 1blkArc) > Solaries

3EG Chrono Xeno (1pO, 1sSS) > Rainstarkitty

3EG Gaia Xeno Checker (1Cali) > Endyr_Serifi

3EG Galvanic (2gDes) > simkim

3EG Green Firegem (1blkArc) > Sazandora

3EG Guardian (1bMis, 1bluArc) > Kastriia

3EG Mint (1pO, 1Cali) > tjenni

3EG Mint (2pO) > Taginix

3EG Mint Checker (1gDes) > Seriva Senkalora

3EG Moonstone (1Shim, 1Sol) > Dracaena

3EG Nilia (2Pmkn) > Kiev

3EG Razorcrest (1bluArs, 1bMis) > Rememberdrgns

3EG Rift (2bluArc) > _DeadPool_

3EG Trihorn (2bluArc) > Osean

3EG Yellow Floret Checker (1Cali) > Terces

3GSS Sapphire (1gSS) > nordana

4EG Aeria Gloris (1WW, 1HStr, 1bluArc, 1pO) > Xuanxuan

4EG Astrapi Xeno (2Sol, 2gSW) > velvet_paw

4EG Black (4gSW) > Aqub

4EG Blacktip Checker (1yMis, 1bMis) > natayah

4EG Galvanic (2gDes, 1pO) > Kiwiana

4EG Lucala (3gDes, 1bDes) > Taginix

4EG Monarch (2FC, 2WL) > rinoa26

4EG Nhiostrife (1sSS, 1Sol, 1bGar, 1bbMut) > Dohaerys

4EG Nhiostrife (2bGar, 1pV09, 1wV09) > BlueLatios

4EG Pink (2bO, 2pO) > Whirlaway

4EG Silver Tinsel (1WW, 1HStg, 1pSW, 1pbRB, 1bRA, 1Cali, 1YB, 1Tin) > Qualeo

4EG Storm (2Grv) > SHINee

4EG White (1gSW, 1pSW, 1wbRB, 1pbRB) > Corseiss

AliceMcGee Voucher > Rememberdrgns

BlueLatios Voucher > rinoa26

miaou Voucher > Osean

MoonShark Voucher > Sunrunner

Naraku Voucher > Qualeo

Osean Voucher > TerraAnne

Qualeo Voucher > natayah

Sacred_DuskRose Voucher > Tinibree

Sunrunner Voucher > BlueLatios

Terces Voucher > The Dragoness

Tish Voucher > Terces

tjenni Voucher> AliceMcGee

wheeloftime13 Voucher > simkim

XDLugia Voucher > Taginix


Edited by Rosastrasza

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