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Alternate Lives Raffles : Raffle Closed! {On Hiatus Until Post-Valentines}

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Donations Closed!

Thanks to everyone for your kind donations! The raffle will open for entrants soon!

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Raffle Entries Open!

The raffle is now open for entries! Many thanks for all the wonderful donations! I hope everyone finds something they like!

Enter Here!

And for those unable to login to Google, please PM me with the PM title ALR Entry and the form in the box below (copy the Dragon Line Numbers in correspondence with the “Current Raffle Entries” document as many times as needed):


Forum Name:

Scroll Link (Actual Link, not just Scroll Name):

I would like to enter for the following dragon(s):


Line #

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Bad news, I jacked something up and missed several donations. Good news, I have fixed it and added them to the sheet. However, this means the old information has been clobbered, and if you have already entered, you will have to do so again. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Entered for a few, would love to enter for more but tight on slots (and no Zs... yet!)

They're all gorgeous, which is amazing! :D

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Entered for more than I can win, but they are just all so pretty!

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Wow what an incredible round, so much nice stuff for everyone of every level so much to love and donated so that means a lot to win, so get entered! I entered and this round is really very nice, so don't miss out! And plenty to go around!

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such good stuff. fun to look at and see some lineages that i didn't know exist! :D i am really going to have to up my game for future raffles. :3


Edited by miaou

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Ain't a lot of time left to enter, so if you want to get in, you better do it soon, or you won't even get a chance to win several tons of lovely lineages and vouchers for lineages of your choice! How can you lose, you can't, it's free to enter! Keep an eye on this raffle so you know when they are always coming up next for both donations and entries and share the news and show support!

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Raffle Entries Closed!

The raffle is now closed for entries! Good luck everyone! I’ll be posting the results soon!

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Raffle Winners!

Congratulations, everyone! PMs will be going out to the winners shortly. Don’t forget to pick up your prizes and PM your voucher donor within 24 hours of receiving your ‘Congratulations’ PM, or let me know if you can’t.


Now. We're starting to creep back to the point where we have around 40-50 prizes, and about 20 of those had 5 or less entrants this time. While I was able to pass all of these dragons out (with a little flubbing of the rules), this makes drawing take significantly longer. Because of that, I'll likely be tightening donation restrictions again. Don't get me wrong, I want people to be enthusiastic about donating, but I feel it would be best in the long run for the majority of the prizes to appeal to the broadest demographic. Please keep an eye out in the coming days as I figure how I want to proceed.


3EG Avatar of Change (1blkArs, 1blkArc) Miltank

3EG Avatar of Change (1FC, 1gSW) Dalek Raptor

3EG Brute Checker (1pO) Seriva Senkalora

3EG Guardian (2bluArc) natayah

3EG Kingcrowne (1yMis, 1golSno, 1Cali) Dask

3EG Magelight (2Pmkn) PoppyseedMuffiin

3EG Mint (2pO) Osean

3EG Moonstone (1blkArc, 1bRA) Qualeo

3EG Script (1wbRB, 1bluArc) Dohaerys

3EG Script Checker (1pO) Terces

3EG Spirit Ward Checker (1Grv) bonvoyage

3EG Turpentine (1WW) *Thuwed lolahighwind

3EG Yellow Zyumorph (1blkArs, 1Grv) UserOfShadows

3GSS Mariner (1Pmkn) Dust

3GSS Mint (1pO) Kiev

4EG Aether (1sSS, 1bluArc, 1bGar, 1bMis) Taginix

4EG Black (1WW, 1bRA) deadbymidnight

4EG Celestial (1yMis, 1bMis) Rememberdrgns

4EG Chrono Xeno (4blkArc) Kiev

4EG Falconiform (2Sak, 2blkArc) Mow

4EG Falconiform (1Shim, 1bluArc, 1bO, 1gDes) > purplehaze  

4EG Gold Lunar Herald Checker (1gSW, 1pSW) > Terces  

4EG Green Stripe (2WM, 1Grv) wheeloftime13

4EG Lucala (2gDes, 1bbMut, 1grnSno) deadbymidnight

4EG Magelight (2Pmkn) Qualeo

4EG Moonstone (1Shim, 1Sol, 1Tin) wheeloftime13

4EG Nhiostrife PAIR (2Cali, 1bbMut, 1bRA, 2gDes, 1bDes) MoonShark

4EG Nocturne (1gSS, 2WL, 1bsMut) Dust

4EG Pillow (1Sol, 1wbRB, 1pbRB) *Thuwed cheesecake__

4EG Sapphire (1Sak, 1blkArc, 1gDes, 1bMis, 1pSW, 1pbRB) Rememberdrgns

4EG Script (4bluArc) deadbymidnight

4EG Silver Checker (2bMis) Dask

4EG Skysilk (3gDes, 1bbMut) AliceMcGee

4EG Spirit Ward (2pO, 2gDes) Kiev

4EG White (2gSW, 2pSW) 1 Dracaena

4EG White (2pSW, 2gSW) 2 MoonShark

4EG White Checker (4SA) AliceMcGee

BlueLatios Voucher Osean

Kastriia Voucher The Dragoness

Marrionetta Voucher tjenni

MoonShark Voucher Dust

Naraku Voucher Terces

Osean Voucher Dask

Qualeo Voucher rinoa26

Rememberdrgns Voucher PoppyseedMuffiin

Rosastrasza Voucher Rememberdrgns

Terces Voucher Qualeo

The Dragoness Voucher borntobefree

Tish Voucher BlueLatios

tjenni Voucher bonvoyage

wheeloftime13 Voucher > Sunrunner

Edited by Rosastrasza

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Congrats to all the winners! There were a lot of fine eggs in that lot!

Thank you @Rememberdrgns for my pretty egg!

And thank you @Rosastrasza for another terrific raffle.

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Now that I count again, there is indeed a lot! Hopefully you'll figure something out soon, and thanks for the raffle, Rosa! :D

(and yay, so many winners!)

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I won a gorgeous egg, thank you to whoever donated that Turpentine! 💛

Congrats to all the winners :D 

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oo yay I won a voucher! woohoot! and Thank You Rosa and to all the donors, and Congrats to all the winners!

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Thing is that there wasn't a one of those eggs that I wouldn't have been glad to have on my scroll, but I hate to enter for everything! XD


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Thanks for another round of spriter's alts lineages, Rosa.  Thanks Natayah for my new egg, I'm always a sucker for shadow walker lineages.  


As to the entries, I don't have a google account so I have to PM Rosa for my entries. I try to winnow it down to the ones I am most interested in, in an effort to minimize her workload.  Not to say there aren't ones I didn't enter for that are just as nice.

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