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Alternate Lives Raffles : Raffle Closed! {On Hiatus Until Post-Valentines}

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47 minutes ago, Dirtytabs said:

Welcome back!

The "Ash" stair is a Boreal. :)

Oopsies, you're right! It was...very late when I was going through these dargos last night lawl.

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Raffle Entries Closed!

The raffle is now closed for entries! Good luck everyone! I'll be posting the results soon!

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Raffle Winners!

Congratulations, everyone! Sorry that took a while, there was a lot of prizes and entrants! Due to the sheer numbers of this week's raffle, there are some folks who bypassed the 2-dragon limit. Don't forget to pick up your prizes within the next 24 hours, or PM me if you can't do so.


3EG Black (1 Blu Desi, 1 Grn Desi) > MaeTM

3EG Brimstone (2 Grn Snow) > osean

3EG Daydream (2 Tan SW) > marienine

3EG Khusa (2 Cali) > Dohaerys

3EG Lucala (1 Grn Desi, 1 BB Muta) > Terces

3EG Magelight (2 Pumpkin) > Tinibree

3EG Pink (2 BStr Muta) > Whirlaway

3EG Pink (2 Grn Desi) > XDLugia

3EG Pink (2 Pnk Omen) > Artius

3EG Ridgewing Checker (1 Blk RA) > Terces

3EG Thalassa Xeno Checker (1 Yulebuck) > LchTessMnstr

3G Stair Boreal (Black RA) > Dalek Raptor

3G Stair Gemshard (Green Snow) > marienine

3G Stair Lunar Herald (Blackbody Mutamore) > Winddancir2

4EG Black (2 Snow Angel, 2 Sweetling) > Tinibree

4EG Black (All RA) > Dohaerys

4EG Bleeding Moon (2 Cali, 1 Blu Arsani, 1 Garland) > BlueLatios

4EG Brute (1 Cali, 1 Tan SW) > N/A

4EG Deep Sea Checker (1 BB Muta) > Natayah

4EG Gaia Xeno (1 Grn Desi) > Orchi'dea

4EG Guardian (2 Val 09, 2 Arsani) > Ruby Eyes

4EG Kingcrowne (1 Yel Mistletoe, 1 RD) > Anneith

4EG Kingcrowne (2 Grave, 2 Pnk Omen) > Anneith

4EG Kingcrowne (4 Pnk Omen) > LchTessMnstr

4EG Monarch (2 CL, 2 Witch) > Aie

4EG Nebula Checker (1 Tan SW) > Andromen

4EG Nhiostrife Wyvern (1 CL, 1 Floral Crowned, 1 Ppl Omen, 1 Pnk Omen) > animatedrose

4EG Pillow Checker (1 Solstice) > N/A

4EG Pink (2 Val 09, 1 Yulebuck, 1 Tins) > Libbylishly

4EG Pink (2 Yel Mist, 2 Tan SW) > Andromen

4EG Pyralspite (1 Blk RA, 1 Blu RA) > osean

4EG Silver Checker (1 BStr Muta) *Fox Code > XDLugia

4EG Spirit Ward (All Aegis) > Orchi'dea

4EG Storm (1 Blu Arsani, 1 Yulebuck, 1 Floral Crowned, 1 CL) > Libbylishly

4EG Undine (2 Rosebud, 1 Cali, 1 Grn Desi) > MaeTM

4EG White (1 BB Muta, 1 Rosebud, 1 Sol, 1 Blu Arsani) > Aie

4EG White (2 Rosebud, 2 Heartseeker) > Abbeymore

4EG White (2 WW, 1 Solstice) > MiserablePileOfSecrets

4EG White (4 Snow Angel) > Okarnill

4G Stair Silver Shimmer (Shimmer) > Winddancir2

4G Stair Silver Shimmer (Shimmer) > banban007

4G Stair Undine (Green Snow) > Brynmala

5EG Bronze Tins (1 Grave, 2 Tan SW, 1 Grn Desi, 1 Blu Desi) > Brynmala

5EG Candelabra (All Mist, All Aegis) > Natayah

5EG Daydream (1 Shim, 1 Tan SW, 1 Yel Mist, 1 Witch, 1 Blu Desi, 1 Blk RA, 2 Cali) > Rememberdrgns

5EG Deep Sea (2 BB Muta, 2 Grave) > MiserablePileOfSecrets

5EG Khusa (2 Blk RA, 2 Blu Aegis, 2 Cali, 1 Tan Snow) > Dohaerys

5EG Nhiostrive Wyvern (2 Tan SW, 2 Ppl SW, 1 Pnk Omen, 1 Ppl Omen) > Rememberdrgns

5EG Pyralspite Checker (2 Tan SW) > Natayah

5EG Razorcrest (1 Blu Mist, 1 Yel Mist, 1 Tan SW, 1 Ppl SW, 4 Aegis) > Rememberdrgns

5EG Red (2 Ppl Omen, 2 Pnk Omen, 1 Yulebuck, 1 Val 09, 1 Rosebud, 1 Ppl SW) > Echithan11

5G Stair Lumina (Shimmer) > Okarnill

5G Stair Undine (Green Snow) > Orchi'dea

6EG Candelabra (2 Rose, 3 Grave, 2 Arsani, 1 Shim, 1 HrtSkr, 4 Aegis, 4 Cali) > Libbylishly

6EG Pink (2 Tan SW, 2 Ppl SW, 1 Pnk Omen, 1 Blu Omen, 1 Blk RA) > animatedrose

11G Stair Silver Tin (Penk) > animatedrose

Andromen Voucher > Rememberdrgns

Draco Knight Voucher > Echithan11

Orchi'dea Voucher > Terces

Rememberdrgns Voucher > Andromen

Ruby Eyes Voucher > osean

snakehands Voucher > BlueLatios

Terces Voucher > Dirtytabs

Tinibree Voucher > Abbeymore

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I'll happily take that pillow checker if no one wants to claim it! 🙏

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I have no problems with the donators of the unclaimed eggs giving them away through the thread here :3

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7 minutes ago, Dirtytabs said:

I'll happily take that pillow checker if no one wants to claim it! 🙏

Sending off to you in a moment!

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Mkay, all prizes should be sent out! If you did not receive something though the list says you should have, please don't hesitate to let me know! I'm off to a hard-won sleep now.

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Lub you, Natayah, thanks for the bonus pillow!


And thank you, Rosa, for the raffle. As always. :) 

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Oh wow, that's made my day. Thank you so much for organising this, and to the donors of the eggs I won, they will be absolutely treasured. White is my favourite dragon, and to have one with such gorgeous breeding is amazing, and I think the Lumina will be my first one. Both of them will be cherished, and named as soon as they gender. This has made my day :)

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Thank you and congratulations to everyone!

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Thank you so much! I am over the moon! My new eggs will be treasured. Thank you for organizing the raffle and to the generous people who donated. :) 

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Thanks to everyone for participating and the fun!

I haven't known who bred the egg that was rewarded to me, so a thanks to whoever you are :D

Now hopefully, I'm able to donate in the next raffle :v

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I am so delighted to see Rosa back with this really awesome raffle. Cuz let's be honest, there are a few things almost everyone perks up about in raffles: CB RARES/Shinies, low gen Prizes, lines from special dragons, and MOST of these involve sprinters alts. We have and have had games, events, giveaways and raffles that have focused on NDs, CB metals, 2G Prizes, but with the rare exception of chat raffles, not so much on spriters alts. so I am so happy this place exists since there are so many demands but people have weird preferences on lineage formation patterns.  I know I'm a huge snob on some things.  And I was not only impressed how SUPER MANY donations but there were dozens and dozens I was happy to win and not just begrudgingly accept. Thanks to all who donated and participated. I love my prizes and thank all who donated. This was an amazing round and I hope people will consider following, bookmarking, and sharing so we can make sure we don't miss another great round in the future and get even more people involved as it grows and Rosa PinkLady has time to organize this gigantic mess of loveliness!!

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10 hours ago, Rememberdrgns said:

Thanks for hosting. And lol, Andromen and I got each other’s voucher.

yep, i find that funny as well lol


thanks rosa for hosting! next time please tag me so i can breed mine again lol

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Thank you MaeTM for my Ridgewing and to the mystery breeder for the Lacula. :D


So good to have these raffles running again!

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11 hours ago, osean said:

Thank you all!  I will treasure my new babies!!

You still need to tell me what you'd like me to breed for you.

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Too late, but thank you Rosa for my pretty prize and this amazing raffle. ^^ 

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