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Good evening.

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Uh.. Hey! I'm sirius, and I'm awkward. Like, siriusly awkward. I've been on dragcave for a bit now, but today I finally decided to to make a forums account. Soo.. Yeah! Still trying to figure out the settings, as they're a bit different then the ones I'm used to. My current goal is to find a chrono xenowyrm egg, and I've just gotten a weird upside-down one from some sort of "You've been caught!" menu. I'm somewhere between dead and alive, and I have a "mild" "obsession" with reading and cats. That's about all.

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Welcome to DC!


I hope you enjoy the forums. There's a lot of great things here, like the Common Collector's Competition, where you can be given rares just for raising commons. Might be a good opportunity for you. ^^


I like puns, and therefore I like you. =p If you have trouble with the settings, feel free to ask - either a mentor, a mod, or in Help.

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