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Hello! I'd like to introduce myself, you can call me Horse~ I am not new to Dragon Cave, as I've had an account on there for quite some time (though I've only been active for the past year or so on it.) but I am new to the forum and am still learning things here and there about how everything works.

I'd appreciate any helpful tips about the forum that anyone has to give.

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Hello and welcome! My tips for using the forum:


1. News: This is the forum where TJ posts game and forum updates, including new releases.


2. Suggestions/Requests: In this forum we members suggest improvements to the game and forum, including new BSA (breed-specific actions) for dragons, and new dragon species to be introduced to the game.


3. Help: This is where members post questions about bugs we find and general questions about the game and forum.


4. Site Discussion: This is where we discuss all things Dragon Cave related. Here is where trading happens, fansites are discussed, and where you can chat with us moderators.


5. General Discussion: This is where everything not Dragon Cave-related is discussed.


6. Video Games: Here we discuss any and all video games.


7. Multimedia: Here we discuss various forms of media, from television to TV to our own original artwork and fanfictions.


8. Forum Games: This is where we just have fun and play various games, some Dragon Cave-related, others are giveaways, and others are just pretty random.


9. Role-Playing: Here is where we role-play with each other. The kinds of offerings we have include Dragon Cave RPs, freeform RP (which is more relaxed), unapproved RPs (where members float new RP ideas), and other role plays (where anything is RPed).


I hope you have fun!

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Welcome to DC!


I hope you enjoy the forums. There's a lot of great things here, like the Common Collector's Competition, where you can be given rares just for raising commons. Might be a good opportunity for you. ^^


If you ever get confused what a forum section is for, just check out the short description under its immediate link. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask us over in Help.

The board rules can be found in the upper left hand corner of the forum, above where it says "Logged in as: _Username_" and "Log Out". You can reference them at any time, but they're mostly common sense. The only surprise in there might be that you can't post your growing dragons for clicks/views here on the forum. =3

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