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ANSWERED:Vampire Progeny

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Okay, so, vampire ancestry aside, I would love to see a Vampire Progeny put in place because one of my vampires has well over twenty bites and that number is just going to continue to grow once she's free to bite again. Now, her page is looking a bit full because of the fact some of the names are rather long, but if it continues to grow, all people are going to see is who she has bitten.


So to shorten her page, I think the Progeny should be like dragons, but it should be different than the Dragon Progeny.


It should be:


Bitten (or view bitten if she has a lot)-->list of dragons vampires have bitten-->Show/Hide Bitten if any of the dragons she has bitten has bit an egg successfully.

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Absolutely agreed. I'm wondering why this was never implemented in the first place. Obviously Vampires' pages are going to get really cumbersome if the list of "bitten" doesn't start getting redirected somewhere else after a certain number.

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