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Alter Fog

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In a nut shell: Lots of viewbombing going on lately, and lots of suggestions to fight it, ranging from massive over-hauls to BSAs.


So, why don't people use Fog more often? When I have eggs I'd be sensitive about dying, I promptly fog and leave fog for over a day. After the first day, eggs become far harder to kill (I've tried it with my own).


Answer: people want to trade their eggs, or forget about them, or..... any number of other reasons. So, this suggestion is two-fold, modifications of Fog:




1. Make Fog transparent

This would change fog so that you can see lineage links and teleport eggs while fogged, and they'll stay fogged until the new owner un-fogs them. It works just like fog does now: the egg can't get any views until its un-fogged.



2. Add a Scroll-wide transparent Fog Bank.

This will prevent all of your growing things from getting views and such, but you can still trade them and view them.




The reason I don't want to remove sickness is the same reason TJ posted in the other thread: it makes the game too easy. Altering fog like above, it lets targets of viewbombing continue to trade while also protecting their eggs. And if you forget to fog your eggs? Well, that's on you.... Just like it was on me when I've had eggs killed by bombers. I learned, quickly, how to protect my scroll and then I used the bomber to help me raise my eggs. Have I mentioned I can be a bit lazy?




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There's a sorta similar suggestion for a fog that would be able to interact with trades where it stops views but allows the trade to stay in tact. However, I like this idea that isn't just restricted to trades - it does not require an additional fog option, just alters the already existing fog option.


I support, although I'm still for removing sickness completely.

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I support this suggestion completely. There are many times I've had to cancel a trade because I had to fog something or I needed to fog multiple things, but it just took too long.

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I support this idea. The only times I have really had a problem is with eggs in teleport. I also like the scroll-wide fog bank. It does get tiresome doing them one at a time.

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