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Maybe it's just me, but it gets tiresome opening a bunch of tabs to see which of my Reds has an incubate available. Or going through my action log to see when I can use Splash again. Meanwhile I can go to the Active Transfers page and see which of my Magis can teleport, without checking them all individually. I can even use a teleport on the page, I don't have to got hunt down the dragon on my scroll!


Simply put, I'd love it if the Active Transfers page was expanded to include Aeons, Pinks, all dragons with a BSA. It would be a lot easier to see what's on cooldown, not to mention people wouldn't have to wade through their BSA armies to see what they have available.

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does the filter feature not work for you?

...Well, I'm an idiot. I've never used the filter feature, so I never knew that existed. Guess this can be closed now.

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Even if you have Javascript turned off, you can always manually type https://dragcave.net/dragons/1,4,0 to get the same result as with the filter. Or, if you know exactly what page you need, just put it in place of the number 1.

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