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Once upon a time, in a land of myth and magic...



...there lived two great civilizations.

One was composed of the forest-dwelling Arcanes, as we would call them. Every beast from all stretch of fantasy and legend comprised the population of the realm: serpents, centaurs, all manner of fae...each comprising their own diverse cultures, secluded in black mires and soaring above the mountaintops they reigned from. Above all, however, stood their king--the Glass Dragon Izhamaaq, who had risen from the molten core of the world during its creation, if legend is to be believed.


The other was the almighty dominion of the Humans. Though seemingly primitive and base by comparison, their command over the elements, as well as the mastery of both quill and cudgel, lead them to an eventual proliferation, resulting in the erection of sprawling burgs and cities spattered with industry and watched over by looming towers dedicated to the divine. At the crown sat the illustrious Queen Claire Effrert , timely and regal, known throughout the land for her stony visage and commanding presence.


And acting as the backbone of each was the omnipresent Sey’hr—a mysterious material found crystallized in the depths of the earth and occasionally collecting in tiny pearls around the roots of particularly old trees. It is the pure, unfettered essence of life itself. Shamen and mages often collect the substance for poultices and communion with spirits, while those responsible for carving the foundation of society used it to craft the elegant, yet withstanding palaces and monasteries most often seen in the human realm. Sey’hr is a way of life, a necessity without which the pillars of existence would surely falter.


Together, the two civilizations prospered, sharing resources and promoting relations between council and kin. It seemed like their peace was born with the conception of the world, intrinsic between them and never-ending.


However, this bond did soon decay. Over time, the presence of Sey’hr diminished across the land. Ripened crops withered to sludge in their rows, flowers became sparse and fell to petals before their time, and the insurmountable walls of forts and houses began to crumble. And when the Arcanes and the Humans went to search for the cause, they found naught but each other over empty mines and fractured ground. It was then, for the first time in their shared history, that the two turned on each other—first with their backs, and soon, with their swords. Each was banished to two sides of the world; never crossing the invisible boundary between them, lest a war arise that would tear the plains asunder.


Standing in the middle of it all, while the general populace simply averts their gaze, are the Kin—the half-bred children of the Arcanes and the Humans. Neither entirely tolerated by the halves of their blood, nor beholden to any distinguished rights of their own, they creep, lying hidden in the shadows under the watch of the sparse few who would sympathize with them. For the free it is a wretched enough existence. But there remain the Kin who are bought and sold as slaves, housed in brothels for their exotic nature or under the heel of a sadistic noble. These unfortunate souls are often stripped of their heritage by way of removing their more prominent features, such as manes, tails and horns, as a way of diminishing any hope they have of autonomy.


But now, a new hope arises. Rumors of twin siblings, each of Arcane and Human blood and heirs to both worlds, their claims to the two thrones traded through hovels and bars alike throughout the world. With the Sey’hr disappearing and the world slowly dipping into darkness, what could the appearance of this mysterious duo entail? And will they be able to reunite the two halves of their lineage and return the Sey’hr before the shadow devours them all?

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Three days, it had been a painstaking three days Ayrie had been here. He still remember the day Lukas tried to get him out of there. Down under the building they had gone, looking for a safe way out. How wrong Lukas had been.




He wouldn’t say that this was his fault, but he couldn’t help but be discontent with him. He had tried, but after the beating he had suffered outside. He couldn’t do it, he could barely look Lukas in the eye.


A shutter ran through him as the memory’s coursed through his mind for the hundredth time that day. He had no where to go, and he was locked in a room. They must have hoped to break him. After he blacked out from the pain before, during the beating, he was hauled inside.




There in one of the many rooms he had found out what the funny tools where for. Each measured something different, each telling secrets you didn’t wish to know. When he came to, the first thing to command his attention was the figure over him.


Again, he had been naïve and trusting. He had embraced Lukas, the look on his face breaking Ayrie’s heart. But then he felt it, and after that things changed.


He had fought, hard, to keep from falling into the claws of this world he was now a part of. Thus they locked him in here, a cold dark room with little light. It must have been a punishment room of some kind. And it was lonely.


Lukas came to visit every now and again, but is wasn’t the same. Ayrie mostly sat in the corner and kept to himself. How long would he last before he gave in, before he caved to the temptation of lust. The knowledge that it was better to do as he was told, than to sit and suffer the repercussions.


Ayrie turned his head to look out the window, it was the only source of light in the room. It wouldn’t be long.





Drake recalled the conversation he had had with his mother. She had wore her favorite pale green dress that matched her eyes. It was trimmed in gold with scrolling leaves and flowers on the sleeves. Her hair had been fashioned up into a golden braid that circled her head.


She had been standing by a stained glass window with a angel on it, guiding humans inland to safety from the ocean.


Light caught and reflected a prism of colors from diamond earrings she had. She was beautiful even as age started to show in her features. Faint wrinkles and laugh lines graced her face but that just added to her beauty and wisdom in Drake's opinion.


"Drake, do you know why I have called you here." Pausing she looked away from the window over at Drake.


"Yes I have some idea. Does it have to do with Armidell that you have taken a interest in." Drake smiled while his hands moved slightly with his words.


"Yes, yes you are very smart, I've not said a word about it to you but you still knew. You will make a fine king one day to rule our people. “She looked him over taking in his light tan skin and silver hair, he looked so much like her. But his slitted green eyes where like those of his father, the color was hers but the slits where those of a beast and clear horns decorated his head, those where thanks to his father.


But she could happily say that he had gotten his smarts from her and his courage and strength from him. And she was proud of him.


"Anyways I have hear some disturbing things from my sources in the are. The town has been lacking in paying its taxes and they are also bringing in more arcane slaves than permitted. I want you to go and investigate. And please don't bring any of those filthy creatures back. I know you find them interesting but they are dangerous."



With that she had turned back to the window, a sign he was being dismissed.


With the end of the flashback, Drake sat his horse looking at the town in front of him. It was such a contrast to what he was used to. Where he would have seen towers that stretched to the sky here they only towered a little over the castles small houses. The buildings for the most part was dirty and dingy a couple of the better houses where painted but even those the paint chipped off and gathered in piles, speckling the ground in colors of white and green.


Drake turned and motioned to his main force to go scout around. Hearing the steps of the horses leave that was his sign. Setting off at a brisk pace he made his way with 20 of his most trusted me. Silently slipping his mask on to hid his feature he made his way past buildings and houses. People turned to look at the small platoon of men coming in.


They must have looked intimidating on strong horses and full sets of armor. Each was polished to shine silver, his being the only set in red. Children scampered away and held onto there mother's as both shut them selves into the safety of there homes. He assumed that they didn’t see royalty much or even the nobles of this county.


His destination was the square. There he would talk to the mayor and get accommodations for the night for his men. In the morning he would set things up for a meeting.




Kohler had taken to lounging around and listening to Imil play. His music for the most part was soothing, and beautiful. Sometimes it brought on memories he would rather leave buried.


Turning over in his bed he spotted a maid leaving his room. She had come in silent, and had left silent. Her job was easy most of the time as Kohler didn’t spend time at home to make a mess.


Swinging his large clawed feet over onto the floor he stood and stretched. Working the kinks out as he walked to the door. A light pair of dark purple hanging pants draped around his waist, and his torso was left bare.


“meistr, mae gennych lythyr gan Triton. Gofynnir am eich presenoldeb.” A short, fat looking fish like man addressed him. He never particularly liked him but was unwilling to leave him behind when he left the palace.


” dirwy, gadewch i mi tra dwi'n gwisgo. yn y cyfamser yn mynd hyd i imil a helpu i gael yn barod. Ni fyddwn yn breuddwydio am ei adael.” Kohler watched as the fish bowed and left. A sigh escaping him.


He had never much been one to like his father, but a summons was a summons. No matter what form it came in. Dotting around for a few seconds Kohler shook the feeling away.


He made his was to a ornate wardrobe, riffling through it he pulled out a long sleeve simple gown. It was a dark blue with trimmings of silver. Small stars where sown into the edges around the sleeves and formed a trail from the bottom up to his waist on the right side.


Tying a small silver belt around his waist he wandered out in search of Imil, ready to leave.

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Blinding sunlight jolted the sleeping man awake as the thick curtains were ripped back from his window in his room. Sideway groaned and rolled over, trying in vain to block out the painful light with the thin sheets he covered his naked form with. Realizing that the day had come and there was nothing he could do about it, Sideway threw back the covers and bolted upright, glaring at the woman showing him so much disinterest. Her back was to him and was swapping out the towels on his dresser.


"You know it's past noon, right?" she asked, her eyes flickered to his reflection as he rose out of bed.


"yeah yeah. I know. But bossman hasn't sent any 'special' guests my way in a while. I....I just don't have the energy" he said with a pointing yawn.


"don't talk like that. You don't know who could be listening" she said, whirling around and catching is eyes.


Sideway raised his hands in defense, afraid she would hurl something else at his head.


"ok, sorry" he said quickly to avoid angering her more.


The woman glared at him for a moment before tossing a piece of cloth in his direction. Sideway was barely able to catch the cloth before it hit him in the face.


"get dressed and go find some food. You look terrible" the woman said as she began to strip the sheets off his bed. Sideway pulled the loose fitting pants and tied the drawstring around his waist. The pants were all she threw him so he guessed that was good enough. The rest of his cloths were dirty anyway. Sideway checked himself over in the mirror. She was right, he really did look terrible. His skin was pale and absent of it's usual glow and his eyes had dark circles that made his face look sunken. His chest and back were beginning to show the dark bruises that would begin forming. They covered his body in splotches like angry storm clouds. He shook his head and left his room so the housekeep could work in peace.




the man fumbled on his hands and knees, trying to dig out his field guide from his bag. He finally pushed aside enough bottles and scrolls to free it from the bottom of his bag. His shaking hands struggled to turn the pages as he frantically tried to find the thing that just attacked him.


He didn't even know what hit him. He had accepted a bounty for something that had been draining victims of blood. Seemed straight forward, every hunter worth their salt would know that's the signs of a rogue vampire. He had suited up ready to take down a stalker of the night and ventured to the edge of town where the last victim was found. The houses were beginning to thin out and not a soul could be seen on the street.


Without warning, the hunter was stunned by a earsplitting screech behind him. whirling around, he was faced with a humanoid looking creature with huge wings. The underside of the wings shimmered like sunlight on water and had the appearance of a set of massive burning eyes. The creature bolted for him and the hunter ran.


Now he was flipping wildly through his field guide trying to find a clue to what he was dealing with. He thought he found something promising when something small and glowing passed in front of his face. He stifled a scream and fell back on his butt. He hadn't noticed but twinkling blue fireflies were drifting silently through the air around him. He looked around in wonder, finding the blue light mesmerizing. he turned in a slow circle, watching the fireflies cluster and separate like a midair ballet.


What the hunter didn't notice was the fireflies that were beginning the swarm behind the man. The swarm grew thicker and thicker until the buzzing of their wings escalated into a light hum. the man turned around just as a hand shot from the mass and grabbed him by the shoulder.


As the monster exited the swarm, the swarm seemed to combine to create his physical form. This fact was lost on the hunter for at that moment, the Adze opened it's insectoid maw and fired a needle sharp probe deep into his left shoulder. The man's scream echoed through the streets as the Adze fed




Sideway padded down the hall with bare feet, the bangles on his ankle jingled with each step. He had a specific set around his right ankle so people know where he was coming. he was tired of hearing, "We need to put a bell on you" every time he walked in on someone. He couldn't help it, he could feel the customer satisfaction through the walls and it was alluring. Sometimes, he found himself sneaking a peek through the sliver of a cracked door.


A he headed for the stairs, he passed the only door on the hall that was open. As he passed, Sideway paused. This was Lukas's room and it was never left open like this. He was one of the more liked courtesans in Hamamelia's staff. Sideway envied the normal courtesans that worked in the brothel. He wished he could complain about a busy night or know for a fact he would know he would have a partner for the night.


Sideway knocked softly on the door frame, "hey Lukas? You hungry?" he asked the man, his eyes briefly flashing amber. Sideway eyed the man and smirked, there were other reasons why he was one of the more popular courtesans.

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A dark shadow loomed over the grass, as a man found himself standing alone in the meadow of shadow. Not a single sound, being, creature, nor speck of light interrupted the eery calm of the area. It was too calm for the man's liking, something here wasn't right. Willhuff could feel it as he stepped forward, his feet taking a crunch on the unforgiving grass. This land was unknown to the man, it wasn't a place he was too familiar with. That didn't help his situation.


Then he was approached by a wounded creature, one begging for help. Willhuff was quick to assist the being, and soon, he found himself not alone, but in the company of another. This was a relieving feeling, but as soon as he figured out what had wounded the creature, Willhuff was quickly put back on his toes. He drew his sword with a metallic screech, blade scraping against scabbard as Willhuff stood against the beast.


"Your mighty land will fall troubled lord. I offer only one way of redemption for you, kill the creature you protect, and your lands will be spared, and given prosperity and immense wealth. The choice is your's." The beast said in a booming voice. Willhuff was hesitant, as he turned back, to stare at the creature's quivering frame. He quickly raised his sword, the screaming of the creature not loud enough to stop his blade from connecting with the creature's head...


Willhuff awoke suddenly in his bed, standing up straight. He was drenched in a cold sweat, as he regained his bearings. Just a nightmare, still safe on the land he owned. Calmed down a bit, Willhuff crawled from his bed, when a knock on the door startled him. "Milord, Chief Miner Thorgast would like to speak with you." A maiden voice called. "Tell him I'll be down in a second... I have to dress." Willhuff replied, slinging a coat on. Ever since he owned the property and with it, plenty of servants, WIllhuff had made it a Sehy'r mining facility. Knowing the mineral was scarce, Willhuff knew if he could strike a vein or two, he could get rich, and spread his wealth to try and unite the humans and arcane once more.


Willhuff made his way down the stairs of his manor, to see the chief miner standing in the foyer. He was a squat, pudgy man, who was covered in tar. A hardworking person, one Willhuff favored and appreciated. "Milord. The men have been digging deep the night, and we have good news." Willhuff listened intrigued. Good news? "Go on Thorgast." Thorgast straightened his hat, before clearing his throat. "They were seeing something... strange in the caverns last night. Something mystical. We might just have found a Sehy'r deposit."


"Absurd." Willhuff replied. "There is no way what you might've seen could be Sehy'r." Thorgast looked taken aback by Willhuff's doubt. "But sir, don't you have any positive feelings about this? We might just have found the break we're looking for!" Willhuff shrugged his soldiers, resting on the wall. "Look Thorgast... don't get your hopes up. But if it happens to be such a treasure... be careful. Who knows who or what could be guarding it." With that, Willhuff dismissed his chief miner, going to his study to think. Could this be the big break? Nonsense! That was too easy... too easy...


Another day, another problem. That is how Michicko Katserie, an unfortunate kin's life had been since she had abandoned her home village. Nothing there but sorrow anyways, but at least she wasn't what she was now... a slave. Every day was worse than the last, the work just seemed to get harder and longer. The strain on her body and mind increased hour by hour, she felt like she was twice the age she really was. Yet, she had to constantly watch her back, just in case one of the slave drivers had their whip, ready to rip flesh from bone.


"Slave C-78. Why aren't you in your cell?" A patrolling slaver asked condescendingly to the sneaky Michicko. "Maybe I chose to not be in a cell." She replied, trying to maintain her calm. Being called "Slave C-78" wasn't something Michiko liked. She had a name, and a name you shouldn't forget. "That's going to be a lashing. You know the drill." The slave said, rearing back for his whip. He flung forward, but before the whip could rip into Michiko's back, she let herself go, falling to the ground, and landing on all fours...


as a fox...


The man stumbled over the transformation of Michiko, falling over his whip and onto the ground. Fox-Michiko leapt off the ground, transforming back to her normal form, and stomping on the back of the slaver. "Monster!" The slaver shouted, but Michiko just smiled, not saying a word as she knocked him out with a kick. Taking the slaver's keys and dagger, Michiko began to leave, her escape plan in progress.

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Drake reached the center of town and looked around. The place looked as if it had had a festival in the last day or so, the stand still stood in the middle. Men and women moved about cleaning and taking things apart, none looked as though they could be the mayor though.


“Excuse me sir, you look a little lost. Could you ….perhaps us some help?”


Looking to his left a small woman was standing with a basket of flowers, a smile gracing her delicate features.






“yes actually, you see I'm looking for the mayor. I was informed by a subordinate that there was a festival going on today.” drake waved his hand around to the surrounding areaut it seems that it is over. So if you could be as so kind to point a lost soldier in the right direction, I'll be on my way.”



Drake finished with a smile while taking her hand and bowing a little. A show of thanks and a pleasurable encounter.



A small blush spread across her face as she looked to the ground in embarrassment. She must not be used to knights being kind. That was something he would have to remedy. Having troops that were cruel to the public was no not good for the reputation of the queen.



“Oh my, aren't you just nice. Yes I can help you.” She turned and pointed to a larger house that could be seen over the top of the rest. “You see that house over there. That's mayors cumquat’s house. You can go there and request an audience with him.” Drake dropped her hand and backed away giving another small bow.


Turning he through one more smile over his shoulder at her before motioning to his men to move with him. Making his way through the streets, most moved aside to let them pass.












Another soldier of Drake's was at the door, hand raised to knock again when it swung open. A blond haired butler stood holding it open, surprise at having guests at the door at this hour.



“Yes this is Lord cumquat's palace.” Raising a thin pale eye brow he glanced around. If the lord of this small shabby manor counted this as a palace he would hate to see what he labels his palace as.



“May I ask who dares to disturb Lord cumquat's peace?” Annoyance passed over the butler's features, Drake's face mirrored about the same. Annoyance written clearly, did this man not know who he was.



"Don't worry, I won't ask much of your Lords time. Just tell him that princes Drake Effrert is here to speak with him. If he must know, he has not sent in this town's taxes for a while.” With a satisfied smile he chuckled as the butler bowed and scrambled to move so they could enter.



“I am so sorry your majesty, please come in. Lord cumquat will be down shortly.” Drake followed the butler in and into a waiting room. Already he could tell that he did not like this man. To keep royalty waiting was not a good thing, specially the one who fights for you.





A small amount of time passed and drake could feel the telltale signs of fatigue setting in. He wished for nothing more than to seek a room of his own for the night, someplace where he could remove his helmet and rest.





Drake looked over to the door, a portly sweaty man was standing in the doorway. Hideous yellow clothes draw the eyes across, making him look bigger than he already was. A small scrap of hair was left on his head, the rest of it bald and shiny.



He waddled over to a large chair made of what looked like gold. It was ornate with sapphire and rubies set into it, the feet elegantly crafted. Drake was a little taken aback, for a place that has not been paying taxes they certainly had a lot of money.



“So princes Drake, I have been told I owe this visit to tax reasons.” The look he gave drake was of silent loathing, he obviously did not like him being here.


“What may be the problem.” His look turned to innocents, like he truly did not know what he had dont that was wrong.


A sigh escape him again, he hated dealing with this people. Standing he towered over him, looking ominous and threatening.



“15 years, not once have we gotten payments from you. Year after year we have given you the chance and benefit of the doubt to fix your mistakes and not once have you done it.” Turning he wandered to a window, setting a scence of security in his part.


“But you see” he picked at a invisible thread.


“The queen is mad now. If the back 15 years aren't payed, you will be stripped of your title of load. So what do you say?” He turned to the lord, his gaze hidden by the metal helmet.


“well my...my. Prince, you see I have been shorted from the people. I dont have enough to send.” More sweat rolled down his face in small beads.


Drake's eye brow twitched, disgust at the blatant lie. Did this man think he was stupid. No. With all the decorations, fine objects and attendees to the “palace” there was no way he could not have had the money.



“You dont honestly expect me to believe that do you? With the glamor of this place, it looks like you have plenty of money.”








“So let's try this again, why haven't you been sending payment?”. Standing close he leaned over a little, catching the whites of his eyes. He looked shaken, fear radiating from him. Drake knew, that he knew, that he was caught. Now it was if he could find a way out of the hole he had dug. He hoped he wouldn't, people like him didnt deserve to be in power.



“We….we...well yo...you se..see...e..” a steading breath calmed him as he held Drake's eyes. He would get this out, it would save him.


“There's a small place in town… it's…...a brothel. They make a massive amount of money and steal and kill to keep themselves on top. They haven't been paying and that's where a large portion of our taxes come from.”


“Really, what's it called? I'll go investigate and if I dont find anything I like I will be back.”



“Hamamelia, is a very nice place in town.”


A smile, and Drake turned sweeping himself and his men out the door.






The clearing with the shallow water was beautiful, clean and calm. Still though not a word was said from Khayran. He just sat there emotionally blank. What was she supposed to do, talk to a wall. That's what it was like talking to him. This was why she didn't like humans or human like people.


Slowly she rose up from the water and trailed back to the road. She would continue on, forget that she had ever met them. She had no purpose, or no reason to travel. Then again she had no reason to travel.


What would she do now, so much time had passed in her life and she was old. She had been around since the dawn of time, and she would probably be around at the end of the time.


But the time in-between was…. boring.



Stopping she looked to the sky, her form rippling in undulating waves. It would rain soon, the heavy clouds rolling in, and the subtle scent of rain hung in the air. It wouldn't be long, and she could grow if she wished.


Shaking her head in annoyance she continued on, she shouldn't be feeling anything. But she was, feeling of anger, sadness, and loneliness had bubbled up.


What did it matter, it wasn't like she would meet another human. And she specially wouldn't be traveling with them

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The thin sliding door clatted against the doorway gently, the familiar scent of his room--wood and country flowers, their nectar like honey--wafting to his nostrils and brushing against his scales. The warmth lent by the evening sun, usually comforting, served only to suffocate him, but he didn't hurry to remedy the feeling. Instead, he wandered idly through to his bedside table and rummaged through its contents to find a set of tins, each decorated in silver chrysanthemums against morning-blue shellac. One was larger, about the size of an almanac, and the other no larger than a deck of cards; he stacked the smaller on top of the larger and withdrew a folded sheet of silky turquoise fabric, sitting on the sill and pressing his leg and shoulder the window to absorb the sunlight. The fabric had already been pre-worked into the beginnings of a coin sack, and upon withdrawing its matched needle and thread, he began the tedious process of finishing the project by hand. Though his machine was broken--a bit on the inside; a bobbin or needle was easily replaced--his hands desired work. A downward stroke, sharp pin piercing between threads, breaking what was to be mended, pulling away the anchored strand and diving again. Automatic response. Second nature; assured.



If only his mind could be so certain.



Ymir. Ayrie.



The former...who could know his fate by now? Even a sure seamster as himself knew so little. It had been days since his disappearance, and though the halls were thick with gossip, he took none of it at face value. Dismissed, hiding, sold, dead...Lukas shook his head. The needle slid close to his thumb as he pushed through a stubborn bunch.


No...you're still there. He tugged the thread out until it went taut.


I still feel you.


The latter? The terms had been made clear to him through Cecil. Tomorrow--too soon--would be the day of his reckoning. For his deception, the greatest price-- Ayrie's autonomy, and to secure that, a fast to supplement his public beating. The needle struggled through another bundle of fabric, and he yelped as he made an error. A spot of blood rose under his skin, a freckle of red against sun-blushed skin.


"You would have never have suffered if I hadn't met you..." He wiped it away on his upper thigh. Sullying even his midclothes would be an excuse to be sent to the laundry room, and knowing who was on duty there for now made his stomach churn. His hand trembled and he grasped where he'd smeared the blood, bearing his nails into his thigh.


All because of me. I should never have overstepped my boundaries. My kindness offered you nothing but damnation.



The poor boy was almost certainly on the crux of breaking by now. He'd been given little but scraps of bread and stale water for days now, and all visitation rights had been revoked and forbidden. It was the treatment due to a misbehaving courtesan, not an accidental stowaway. Lukas could only hope Cecil would not subject him to the full horror of their trade in the meantime. An image of a gaunt face devoid of emotion as the body was pinned and violated, any reaction only a primal instinct of the organs divided from the mind...




He put the needle and fabric back to their containers and leaned onto his knees, his face hidden in his palms.










A light jingling noise coming toward the room made him turn, sucking in a breath to steady his guilty heart. The scent of orange blossom caused him to flinch; it had been a long time since he'd seen this specific courtesan, and knowing how rarely he'd seen him, he wondered what the occasion was. By the time he'd rounded the corner and rapped on his door, he'd divined that he was being graced by the presence of the Incubus Kin known simply as Sideway. The man looked him over with a suggestive gaze and smirked, that tinge of playfulness he was known for evident in his tone.



"Hey, Lukas? You hungry?"



Lukas smiled a bit, more bitter than intended, and rose up, setting his belongings on the sill.



"'Hungry'? Aha ha...how should I take that coming from you?" He walked over to the man, wary enough to keep a reasonable distance in respect of his...uniquity.


"In any case, no...I'm afraid I'm not in the mood for indulgence." Lukas bowed lightly to Sideway--a common courtesy he gave to his visitors. Afterward, he tilted his head slightly, eyes wandering his with questions.


"What brings you out of the shadows today, Robert?"

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(i'm gonna leave a post for Michiko, since Willhuff is going to remain idle until someone wonders on his land in the fields. Currently Michiko is in the town Drake's in, evading slavers by keeping low until she can find a way out of town.)


Michiko busted from the building she had been locked in, the bright sun of the day blinding her for a moment. Knowing a few slavers were hot on her trail, she transformed into a fox, running on all fours to increase her speed. Soon, her small size and increased agility allowed her escape for good, as she lost the pursuing slavers. If only she'd known about this power before, her escape would've been done so much faster, so long ago.


Transforming back into her hybrid form, Michiko took a moment to catch her breath, as she found herself standing in the streets. She kept her ears tucked behind a fur cap, and her tail was hidden in her baggy pants. That's when she noticed a few men exiting a rich looking manor, the men dressed in armor, looking like knights. Keeping her head low, she tried to not catch the attention of them, not knowing what they would do to a runaway kin slave.

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Sideway leaned against the door frame as Lukas put away whatever he was fiddling with when he came in. He hoped he wasn't interrupting him on his little bit of time off. Wasn't the dinner rush suppose to start soon? Most of the other courtesans valued their time to themselves and Sideway assumed Lukas was no different. Suddenly, he was unsure what he was doing outside Lukas's door. Sideway's existence wasn't exactly a secret but enough suspicious events have happened in and around his room. Cecil was tight lipped as far as Sideway could tell and of course generated plenty of gossip. He didn't mind, anything was better than being accused of murder. At least here it's acceptable. Sorta.


"'Hungry'? Aha ha...how should I take that coming from you?" the man asked, crossing the room and standing in front of him.

Sideway bit the corner of his lip and looked the man over. Now Sideway could see why Lukas was the most popular courtesan. Sideway glanced back up at the man's face, his eyes flashing amber. Lukas was beautiful. Well, Except the eyes, the solid black eyes were a little creepy.


Sideway laughed, a little loud from nervousness, "well, I mean....like, pancakes or something" he said with a shrug, "I mean, it has been a while and I...Never mind. You want food or what?" he asked. Not waiting for an answer, Sideway snagged the boy's hand and drug him down the hall


"What brings you out of the shadows today, Robert?" Lukas asked, as they walked. Sideway glanced at him from the corner of his eye.


Well, you know. I like to wander. No one can hold me back or tell me how to live" he said, flashing a smile and showing his chipped tooth, "well, that, and Iris kicked me out of my room so she could clean


Something was off With Lukas. He could feel it now that they were closer. Something was off. In fact, something felt off with the whole building. It was like everyone was on edge. The hall was abnormally peaceful. Sure, you could still hear muted conversations and the sounds of preparation for the night but something was in the air. He wasn't sure if others could feel it. He looked at Lukas by his side, "Something bothering you, hon?" he asked touching the man on the shoulder. His fingertips sending a jolt of warmth into his body. Though Sideway didn't notice, he was focused on Lukas.

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Being tugged along out of the safe privacy of his room was a little jarring, and he couldn't help but cast back a longing glance as he was led toward what he hoped was just the mess hall. I shouldn't be doing this...


His head whipped forward as he avoided a jut in the wall, and he caught the sight of Robert giving his best rascal-smile. "Well, you know. I like to wander. No one can hold me back or tell me how to live." He paused and considered for a second, and Lukas was wise enough to know it wasn't the whole truth. He didn't have to wait long for an elaboration: "Well, that, and Iris kicked me out of my room so she could clean." Lukas held a delicate hand to his lips to subdue the humor shuddering throughout him.


"I thought that felt too prose-y for you. That sounds more like it."



The little imperfection in his grin never ceased to nag at him, causing a drag in his stomach; What did that to you? he'd wonder, but he'd never ask. It could be potentially viewed as rude and invasive to do so, and though it was odd, it was a privilege by some right that Robert would show himself to Lukas. Not only because of his position in the brothel--oh, that was certainly its own can of worms--but Lukas's as well; so many of his "competitors" clamored about internal collusion that any slip at any time would be grounds for foul play. The weight of Ymir's passage--to where or what--had placed a heavier burden on him than the loneliness and heartache on its own, as now eyes once trained on him for similar reasons had fixated on him eagerly. That, paired with the sudden influx of patrons signing for him...he sighed heavily, unable to relieve that dragging sensation pulling down his lungs and heart.


Hah...but look at me being selfish at a time like this. When others are suffering or worse, all I can think about is my own misfortune... The guilt would surely have ripped his threadbare soul right then if not for the sudden mending heat that melded the fragile strands back into place. Lukas flinched to the side, bracing himself with an outcast arm to stop his collision with the wall. At some point, he must have stopped walking. When, he barely knew.


There was a question asked somewhere in the midst of his mulling, and he knew the expression Robert wore now to know it without ever hearing the words. He gently shook his head and closed his eyes, bowing his head downward.


"...if you have to ask, it must be obvious, huh?...hahh..."


He looked sidelong at Robert, diverting his eyes away momentarily to prevent the discomfort inside from growing any worse. He cupped his own cheek and leaned into it, a sad smile at the corners of his mouth.


"Though it'll do me no good to claim so, I'll say that it's nothing that time and patience won't guide me through. Such is fate."


And didn't he know it. Everything was little more than string in the greater scope of things. A thread worked and weaving until the spool was empty. That simple truth alone was enough.



Nothing more...



"Don't let my troubles become yours. I'd hate to become a bad association." He took away his hand and listened to the sound of the evening song. Soft rattles, pattering of padded feet, water in the baths...really, all things he should be invested in instead of entertaining the House's most infamous incubus. And yet...


...why can't I simply leave these things be?

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Drake had no intention of going to the brothel to sleep with someone, I just wasn't something he did. But the more he thought about it the more he realized that he would have to be shut into a room with a stranger- who was expecting sex.


Uncertainty welled in him. This wasn't going to be a good afternoon, not if he wanted to get the information he needed.


His armor rattled as he stepped up onto the small stoop of the place. It was a beautiful building for where it was, but the smells and sounds took away some of its grandeur. The bell rang as he made his way inside signalling his arrival.


It was still too early for most people to be showing up, and the look from the receptionist confirmed it. He was a tall man of dark skin. A main of thick shiny, silky black hair swung down to his waist black hair peeked out over tight mahogany pants. They billowed and looked like a skirt.


“Hello good patron, how may I service you today.”


Not sure what he was doing he said what came to mind first.


“I'll take your​ best.” The information he would get from anyone would be about the same so it didn't really matter. And he didn't seem to opposed to serving someone who's face couldn't been seen.


“You wish for the Yamabuki Ogon”?


He wasn't sure who or what that was but he took out a coin pouch that was tied to his waist and dropped it on the counter. Maybe it was too much but the satyr didn't say anything, he just looked with wide eyes at him.


Nodding his head he walked to a door that he was pointed to. The room was small in size with a large bed that took up a majority of the space. Off to the side was a bedside table, it's drawers full of scandalous things. Things he had no intention of using.


Uh what would happen if anyone found out I'm not human. In this kind of place, I don't think even my rank as prince would save me.


A sigh escaped him as he sat on the bed, folding his legs under him. He would have to wait and it shouldn't be too long.

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Sideway and Lukas stepped off the stairs that lead to the second landing of the brothel. It was rare for patrons to head up to the rooms upstairs unless they are regulars or paid extra for the privacy and intimacy. Sideway turned them left towards the kitchen. It was getting late in the evening so Sideway decided he needed to be quick. Their conversation in the hall took them longer than he expected. he didn't want to keep anyone waiting for Lukas tonight.


Lukas and Sideway took seats opposite one another at a small table outside the kitchen. Usually these tables were reserved for guests. The emptiness of the lobby told him that might not be an issue. Sideway had made two ham and cheese sandwiches, one for him and the other for him if Lukas wasn't hungry. He took a bite of his sandwich and the two were silent as he chewed.


"...if you have to ask, it must be obvious, huh?...hahh..." the kin said sheepishly. Sideway swallowed before speaking so he wouldn't be rude, "Of course It's obvious. To me, I can only pick up on happy and sad vibes. he said, settling back in his seat, " and you, my friend, are radiating some serious sad vibes.


"Though it'll do me no good to claim so, I'll say that it's nothing that time and patience won't guide me through. Such is fate." Lukas said, cradling his sad smile with one hand.


Sideway stopped chewing for a moment and stared across the table at the dragon kin. He was being poetic. That was never a good sign with Lukas. Sideway decided to drop it. If he wanted to talk Sideway would be here. If not, Sideway needed to learn how to mind his own business anyway.


Sideway decided it would be a good idea to switch subjects.


"Sooo...Oh! I heard that you have been getting an increase of traffic" he said with a smile, "Lucky dog. I would kill for that kind of client pool" Sideway realized the implications of what he said and glanced around to see if anyone was close enough to eavesdrop. Finding that they were actually alone, he continued,"Oops...you know what I mean. It's been a while. I mean really? How pitiful do I have to be before getting pity sex?" despite Sideway's upbeat and joking mood, he lacked the normal spring in his step and the energy in his voice was flat. It was as if he was attempting to keep up appearance despite what he actually looked like. Sideway hated when others worried about him. He was really feeling the effects of chi starvation and he was showing it with his physical appearence. Iris would have to touch him up with makeup before he was presentable to any clients. Right now, he looked like he had been living in the streets instead of being hid away in his room. Sideway offered the other sandwich to the man across the table. Lukas didn't seem hungry but he offered anyway.

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The heavy clopping of hooves on the wooden floor alerted Cecil to someone approaching his door. Not many were stupid enough to venture to his room uninvited. The only ones he had ever allowed in his room, for anything, was Zole and sideways.


Something about Zole had held his fascination for a while, he had always liked the tall satyr. Maybe it was the dark skin,or maybe it was the hair so inky black that it reflected a spectrum of colors in the sun. It was he alone that Cecil had slept with on a regular basis, and very rarely did he hand him out to other customers. Generally he would put him to other things to keep him out of the way. And that was how he liked it


The other person to ever grace his room was the annoying incubus. Never had he given him permission to enter, but he couldn't stop the little censorkip.gif out of he wanted in.


But he couldn't afford to get rid of him, he had only taken him in because of his powers. And they had made him filthy rich with little to no competition from other brothels.


Zole was surprised to see Cecil’s door open. He reached the doorframe and paused at the threshold. He was pretty chummy with the brothel’s owner but he was still careful not to offend the man that has taken so much interest in him. That fact made his time in the brothel much easier. He was often assigned to the front desk or lobby work. The front desk was where he was minutes before.


“Hey boss. There is some guy here that has never paid for recreation” he said, jerking his thumb in the general direction of the front desk, “He dropped triple what we charge on the counter. Want me to send him to Lukas?”



Cecil Looked from him to the door. Someone had paid that amount, who would have the money. That was enough to buy Lukas and then some, maybe even two if he bought one of the lower ones in the house.


“who was it, for that amount of money he must be a noble of some kind. A very high or just extremely wealthy.”


Standing he made his way to Zole, who was standing in the middle of his room. He gave him a once over thoughts running to areas that were better left for another time. Still it didn't stop his skin from heating slightly and for his hand to touch the side of zoles face.


Zole only shrugged at the question. He had never seen this man around and he wasn’t dressed as a nobel. “I don’t know. He looked like any other customer to me. I think he is just new and doesn’t want to look stupid” he said with a chuckle. Zole sucked in a breath as Cecil touched the side of his face. He leaned into the touch and looked the taller man in the eye, what he wanted apparent on his face.


“Tell me, where is Lukas right now. For someone to pay that amount, well he will surely get what he payed for and then some. He need to crave this place by the time he leaves. In the future, hopefully he will continue to grace us with his presence.” Cecil pressed himself up against Zole, bringing his tall from down to lock him into a kiss before pulling away.


“I think I saw him coming down the stairs with Sideway. They were heading towards the kitchen last I saw” The satyre said with half lit eye. On his way to inform Cecil, he had fantasized about something like this happening. He never thought it would actually become a reality. Cecil leaned down towards his face.

yes he shouted in his mind as Cecil pressed his lips into his. It was a welcomed, but short, gesture before he pulled away.


Gesturing to the door he made for Zole to lead the way. He would find Lukas, and whoever he was with. If it was another customer he would have him finish up quickly to wait on this potential new patron. If it was another member of the house, then he would through both in with this man.



Zole turned smoothly to the door and exited the room to find Lukas.



Cecil followed closely behind Zole down the halls being lead to where lukas was. His mind was preoccupied with other thoughts, some straying to the slave in front of him. Others to the amount of money he could potentially get from the man.


The sweet smell of food bringing his attention to the area in front of him and Zole. They had come to the kitchen area, it was small but still served its purpose. The only people who were in there were Lukas and Sideways. A perfect combination for the task at hand.


A could of steps brought him to the mouth of the kitchen where he stood beside Zole. The other two had yet to notice him, which was fine. Leaning into whisper into a large furry ear his tongue snaked out, A quick lick and it was gone. His hand that was closest to him ran to the small of his back.


“Thank you, why don't you go wait in my room for me. I'll be up in a few, and don't think about it. You know how I like it.” Cecil rubbed the base of Zole’s tail before walking away, leaving him in the doorway.


Zole seemed to purr as Cecil touched him. The front desk had been so boring today and getting attention from Cecil was the perfect reward. On top of the playful gestures he was showing him, he also wanted him to wait in his room. Zole felt like a schoolboy and excitement bubbled up in his chest. He gave Cecil a respectful bow before practically skipped around the corner to Cecil’s room.


“LUKAS, SIDEWAYS. Come here” Cecil stopped a little ways from the. He found great joy in watching them scramble to his call, knowing if he waits to long a punishment is in store.




Sideway flinched when a certain someone roared their names from across the mess hall. Looking up, his heart skipped. It was Cecil standing in the doorway, waiting impatiently for them to come to him like trained dogs.

“Don’t look now. Bossman needs us for something” he said, nodding towards the dark haired man, “Wise not to keep him waiting. He has gotten...creative with his punishments as of late”.


Sideway rose from his seat and snagged the other sandwich from the plate in front of them. Summon or not, Sideway was still hungry. He crossed the room confidently, stopping a few steps from the owner of the brothel he called home.


“Afternoon, boss. What can we do for you?” he asked, folding his arms behind his back, a sign of respect as well as a way to hid his sandwich. A salute and a snap of the heels felt appropriate for the situation but Sideway had learned first hand that Cecil did not find him as cute or as funny as the people sent to his room. He kept it respectful, safer that way. He would find a offhanded way to get back at him later.

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'Serious sad vibes?' Lukas found Robert's overly simplistic observation of his mindset to be humorous. It was incredible how someone could find any happiness or ease in a place like this; he feared he might almost hate him for it. But he didn't--to take away someone's smile and comfort was anathema. Even if it was arguable that it was because Robert had a significantly easier time than he and the other courtesans, admitted even by himself minutes later due to his dearth of customers, Lukas would not hold that against him.


What you've been made to do is just as unsavory. Being a pawn of Cecil's wrath is a hard way to go given your proclivities, I'm certain.


He felt himself beginning to slip back into silence as he stewed on his issues, supplementing Robert's growing unease.


"Oops...you know what I mean. It's been a while. I mean really? How pitiful do I have to be befoe getting pity sex?" He said it with the usual upbeat inflections, but Lukas could tell the difference. The may not have known each other with the intimacy of himself and Ymir, but judging by the crinkling at the edges of his eyes and the tightness in jaw, he knew it must be serious. The ins and outs of Robert's needs were a mystery to him, yes, but the body was too frank, too open to be perfectly hidden. The other sandwich Robert had gathered for them was offered out, but he lifted a hand and waved it in dismissal. It would do little to sustain his needs, but he figured Robert could use it worse than him. Besides, he'd rather vomit bile than an entire assemblage of masticated foodstuffs if his stomach betrayed him in the heat of it.


That brought his thoughts back to Robert's complaint about being starved out. He knew it would never happen, but...


"Don't be. Given my workload, I hardly have time to recover before being tousled mercilessly by the next ten or so clients for the entire night. Perhaps I could somehow manage to have Cecil direct my patrons your way?"


The shadows under his eyes were especially prevalent giving the lean of the windows and the sunlight. He studied him for a moment before considering another possibility.


"...or, I suppose I could make an exception to my rule and offer you my assistance?" It would be trying his prior luck with Ymir, and given his streak of misfortune, it was admittedly foolish to consider...but...





His thoughts were severed as the familiar bellow of the house master rang out into the nearly-empty mess hall. Lukas was grateful he'd refused the sandwich about now.




“Don’t look now," said Robert, his voice hushed, "Bossman needs us for something. Wise not to keep him waiting. He has gotten...creative with his punishments as of late." He stood and Lukas followed suit, casting an incredulous look at the incubus as he stole away the sandwich to carry to their summons. Lukas remained postured as usual, bowing before Cecil when they came to a stop and rising only when directed. He felt the pointed intention behind those eyes, how they looked upon him with such scorn; for now, he would do whatever it took not to incur his wrath. He knew too well how "creative" Cecil could be, and he dared not to chance his artistic liberty at a time like this.


"It's good to see you, Cecil," Lukas said, "how may we be of service this evening?"

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Cecil smiled gleefully at the two as they approached. They were the perfect team to throw at a ignorant noble fool. Lukas's innocent act would draw him in, give him a false sense of security while sideway drowns him in pleasant bliss. If he himself wasn't hooked then his body would be.


“Lukas, you have a customer already. Sideway, you may accompany him for tonight. Just don't kill him. The fool has paid enough to buy both of you, fortunately he doesn't know what he's doing. He didn't ask to buy you, he just asked for Lukas for the night. Sideway you may accompany him as a side dish.” Grinning he turned and left his business done.


They both knew what to do and to not keep the customer waiting. If he lost this man because of them he would have a harsh punishment set aside for them. Glancing over his shoulder he waved to the to, to happy to care that it was out of character for him.


“His in lukas’s normal room. I expect him back tomorrow, so both of you do what you do best. Spread those pale legs and let him have his fun”.


He left with a pep in his step, money in his pocket and tall dark and handsome in his room. He would never admit it but he really liked Zole. He was perfect in every sense of the word. And he was waiting for him.

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Sideway fell uncharacteristically quiet a Lukas's suggestion. He was already a kind of black sheep when it came to the other courtesans. To them, it was a carnal sin to enjoy his time at the brothel. Part of it was possibly because he got a fraction of the clients than the rest of the staff. Even the lower cost ones have his quota beat. It wasn't from a lack of trying. Cecil kept him hidden away until some pesky noble or competitor wants a good time. Then they get sent to Sideway for his particular brand of sexy assassination.


Sideway shook his head, " No no. I couldn't ask that of you. I wouldn't want to wear out the most popular lay in the building" he said, nudging the man playfully,"thank you anyway. Not many people would even consider something like that"


As they approached Cecil, a devilish smile spread across his lips. That smile made Sideway uneasy. It was his Do-As-I-Say-And-Like-It smile, “Lukas, you have a customer already. Sideway, you may accompany him for tonight. Just don't kill him. The fool has paid enough to buy both of you, fortunately he doesn't know what he's doing. He didn't ask to buy you, he just asked for Lukas for the night. Sideway you may accompany him as a side dish.”


Sideway giggled and clapped his hands together in front of his mouth to hid his stupid grin. He was starving and Cecil not only delivered one but two chances to get his fill. He had never been asked to tag team a client. Sideway's eyes flashed amber with hunger and excitement. He blinked it away quickly, hoping Cecil didn't notice. He needed to get a grip on himself. If he goes in too excited, it was safe to say he would get a little to rough and drain one of them to death.


He glanced sideways at Lukas by his side. Rolling around in a few minutes meant he couldn't go see Iris for a touch up on his face and chest. The makeup would get everywhere and be quite unprofessional. He would have to improvise to make himself presentable.



" I'm sure that together we can get this man coming back on his knees" Sideway said with a laugh. He didn't know what he did to deserve something like this but he thanked whoever responsible silently in his mind. Sideway took a few steps towards the stairs to head to Lukas's room when he stopped dead. He jumped back in line next to Lukas and gave a quick, awkward bow, "Thank you. Cecil" he said quietly. Cecil turned on his heel and went upstairs. To go romp with his satyr boy toy, no doubt. Sideway looped his arm through Lukas's, "Ready to go, partner?" he asked, liking the ring it had. The two men headed for the stairs, Sideway's anklet jingling as they went.


They were almost to Lukas's room when Sideway slowed to a stop, "Hey. Hold up a sec" he said, facing Lukas. Sideway bit his lip and glanced down either end of the hall. They were alone. Sideway looked back to the man's solid black eyes, "Look, Cecil has strict rules against using my abilities in the house but....". He was unsure how to continue and he took a deep breath. "Well...things might get....weird. If I start getting aggressive, whack me over the head with something" He said, his joking tone absent. Cecil had special orders not to kill this man. Unfortunately, it wasn't always up to him. Especially in the state of hunger he was in now.


Sideway reached Lukas's door and pushed it open. Sitting with his legs crossed on Lukas's bed was a muscular man with silver hair. Sideway paused to look him over. Clear blue eyes, sun-kissed skin. It didn't take long for Sideway to decide that he liked what he saw. He smiled, showing off his row of pearly teeth, "Hello. My name is Robert. Or Sideway. I'll answer to both eagerly" he gave him a stiff bow, copying what he has seen Lukas do, "We will both be taking care of you this evening". Sideway didn't go straight to the bed like he wanted. Instead, he tured away as his eyes changed to amber. He started thumbing through Lukas's collection of Sonoscapes.


The sonoscape machine was a marvel of human and arcane technology. How Sideway understood it, it started with a human machine that played recorded music on black disks using a needle. The arcane got a hold of it and retrofitted it with a magic encryption system that played music on smaller, square plates. Together, thought neither side would admit it, they invented a much more compact music player that was in almost every household. Sideway picked out a disk from Lukas's collection, "did you buy all of this ironically?" Sideway teased playfully. Lukas seemed to be into nature sounds and classic composure. Sideway had some more upbeat stuff in his room. either way, Sideway slid in a plate and switched on the speakers. The soothing sounds of harp and piano drifted softly around the room. Already Sideway was beginning to calm down with something else to focus on. Sideway turned back around and leaned against the dresser. Sideway made his way towards the bed and gave their client a sly smile. The man was still wearing combat ready armor complete with a horned helmet. Sideway wasn't used to a guest being this clothed. Sideway didn't push it though, He would disrobe in due time. Sideway laid on his stomach beside the man and traced his finger along one of the seams of his thigh bracer, "So Mr. Solider. How can we be of service?" he asked, cradling his chin in one hand and looking up at the man hidden by a visor.


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Robert nearly jumped for joy at the prospect of the night's fair. He could see it not just in his eyes, but in his muscles and brow. This had been exactly what he'd wanted and needed, and to have it handed to him without so much as a coy remark was unbelievable to the point of near disbelief. He wasn't Ymir, but it didn't take an empath to feel the sheer radiance permeating Robert's form.


He was happy. Lukas was happy for him. But it was that remark that brought familiar sickness to Lukas.



"...enough to buy you..." "...he didn't ask..." The corners of his lips slipped inside his teeth.



B*stard, was all he could think. Were it not for his call to duty, he would have dropped to his knees and sobbed. It was bad enough that Ymir was gone, and he was left without a single confidant, and that the poor boy from the streets lay half-dead in a torture chamber just underfoot--now, to be so underhandedly teased with the possibility of release...it was nearly unbearable. Forgo the punishment--he'd rather take it a hundredfold than undergo the obsessive wondering his mind succumbed to. Enough to buy...but you didn't...why?...if I had seen you first, could I have convinced you?...


But no. The opportunity, if it had ever existed, had passed. And though his expression remained bitterly joyous, a quick study of the threads strung before him confirmed his fears.


...it seems...I was too hopeful.


He gave his master the customary curtsy before following Robert, arm-in-arm no less, to the assigned room--by no happenstance, it was his own. He barely registered his cheery inquiry before acknowledging it with a slight nod and a hum. His movements remained mechanical until Robert abruptly stopped him, facing him directly. Lukas was unsure if it was just latent exhaustion or surprise, but his words following sent a shock of anxiety throughout him.


"Look, Cecil has strict rules against using my abilities in the house but...." he breathed, "...well...things might get....weird. If I start getting aggressive, whack me over the head with something."


Lukas eyed him warily. If they were really going to do this, the both of them...then there was a decent chance they would both be "involved" with the customer at the same time. And given his preferential modus operandus...there was an exceptionally high chance that he'd be on the receiving end of Robert's "ability".


"I'll be sure to keep an eye out," but he wasn't sure if he'd really be able to. He'd worked alongside other courtesans, but he doubted Robert ever had. There were methods in place, a certain flow of events...but Robert, through and through, was an incubus, be that only halfway. If he reached an apex of excitement, there was no guarantee he'd be in a position to stop him, literally and metaphorically.


Robert went in before him, and it occurred to him that he had no idea how to approach this situation. Usually, they would gather information from Cecil on the client and formulate an approach, but he'd completely forgone that most important step. There was no time to stew on it, however, as the client was already situated on the bed...


All dressed in armor. Hm. Is he shy?


That could certainly be the case. He appeared to be a soldier of some color, very well even one who had succeeded on his first mission and was being treated by his men. That would explain the lack of information and the unreasonable amount of money thrown at Cecil's feet--this was a perverse indulgence for the man, like being taken to a gentleman's club but significantly more scandalous. Revealing his face could be compromising; that wouldn't stop Lukas, though. It simply wasn't feasible to do his job with the man armored and clothed. Of course, he would approach it with delicacy and gentleness...provided Robert's slinking onto the bed before him didn't ruin that. The way he looked at the horn-helmed man was akin to how one would view a crawfish--something to be shelled and sucked down, teeth optional. Lukas took the approach in a much more demure fashion, diverting his eyes in a leading manner and loosely closing his hands, holding them close to himself. He let his gaze become curious, as if he hadn't acted this part a billion times, and his lips parted slightly, wetting them a bit to give them attention.


Once he was at the man's knees, he bowed as to enter his customary pose, but feigned a bit of wobbling and a gasp as he let down a hand to "catch" himself. The hand landed on his calf, which he quickly replaced on the floor with a quick glance up at the man's eyes.


"W-we of the blossom hamamelis are as its namesake--um-- un-n-nassuming in form as we are in potency. I'm...I mean, I am Lukas, the Yamabuki of the House. It's nice to meet you, my lord." Lukas rose slowly, slightly more composed this time than before, and met his hands in front of his waist.


"I'm rather new at this, so I hope you'll forgive me for any mistakes...b-but don't misunderstand! Master says I have a lot of potential, I just lack experience." With that said, he knelt down between his legs and sat on his knees, placing his hands on his own thighs and looking up. Lukas loosened his face, letting an adoring smile cross his lips.


"I just know that, with our time together...you will teach me so much."


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He felt that the beating of his heart could be hear from outside the room. He had had a lot of bravado coming in here but his nerves were starting to act up. What was he so scared of, sex, being found out, being in the presence of kin that were not his.




Someone was coming closer, he could hear jumbled whispers from somewhere outside of his room. Where they other patrons coming to have their fill for the night, to delve into what he himself wouldn't. Or worse yet the poor souls of the ones stuck in this place. Forced to open up to strangers time and time again, night after night. When the door started to slide open his heart stopped in his chest, a breath of air getting stuck in his lungs. It was the workers of the house that had come in. There was two!


Why was there two. He had only asked for the best, so shouldn't there only be one. Pulling in on himself he watched the two file in. The first as a strapping young man, his outward appearance was that of a human. But common sense told him he had to be kin, what kind though was hard to find as no outward appearance showed telltale signs of his parents. He also looked a little thin in his clothes. His eyes trailed the length of his body as he put on some music. His clothes fit him good leaving little to nothing to the imagination.


As he climbed onto the bed beside Drake he made his intentions clear. A finger running up his armor. Pulling his leg away he way meet with the other. A small hand on his calf was snatched up before finding a place on the ground.


"W-we of the blossom hamamelis are as its namesake--um-- un-n-nassuming in form as we are in potency. I'm...I mean, I am Lukas, the Yamabuki of the House. It's nice to meet you, my lord."


"So Mr. Solider. How can we be of service?"


Glancing between the two he suddenly felt very over his head. He knew what he was hear for, and he may have been able to handle one - his eyes slide back to the one on the bed, scratch that. He may have been able to handle only the younger boy who was between his legs, but the one on the bed was too much. Already he was touching him with leasher, and his eyes seemed to bore into him.


"I'm rather new at this, so I hope you'll forgive me for any mistakes...b-but don't misunderstand! Master says I have a lot of potential, I just lack experience.I just know that, with our time together...you will teach me so much."


Backing away from the one in front of him his back touched the one beside him. The look in his eye said he didn't mind at all.


”well you both seem like nice people, and I don't need anything to important from you guys. How about we start with just some idle chatter.” he slapped at the hand of sideway that was trailing over his thigh bracer. It was more contact than he permitted even his maids at home to touch him with. He just wanted to talk, getting information straight from the source if anything odd was going on. He was beginning to think he had made a grave mistake, surely one of his men was better suited for this stuff.


” My name is Drake, by the way. Feel free to take a easy night, no worries ok. I don't plan on doing anything I don't have to.” He had hoped to sound as reassuring as possible, for them and for himself.

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Sideway watched Lukas run his scam of innocence on the armored man with equal wonder. His attention had shifted from their client to his partner.


"W-we of the blossom hamamelis are as its namesake--um-- un-n-nassuming in form as we are in potency. I'm...I mean, I am Lukas, the Yamabuki of the House. It's nice to meet you, my lord." Lukas stammered. If Sideway wasn't so sure that this was a part of his act, he would have fell for it. Irregardless, he was falling for it anyway. Amber flashed across his vison when Lukas caught his eye. He gave a crooked smile that showed his chipped tooth, "I forgot how cute you were, Lukas" he told the meek man on his knees in front of their client. you really are a professional. You sexy dog he said. Sideway was ready to jump Lukas at this point. This man wasn't being very...receptive to Sideway's small advances. Maybe after Lukas softened him up.


The man still did not remove his armor but leaned into Sideway. jeez. Finally he said. Sideway brushed his fingers against the back of the man's neck, dancing down the bumps of his spines. Sideway laid on a little of his power, letting the comforting heat pulse from his fingertips. The contact was brief and he hoped that would excite him a bit. Sideway's power only worked on direct skin to skin contact. With the tin man sitting here ready to siege the castle, Sideway was looking for the chinks in his armor, literary.


”well you both seem like nice people, and I don't need anything to important from you guys. How about we start with just some idle chatter.” the man said. He swatter at Sideway's hand, causing him to look up and him with his bottom lip sticking out. He snagged the man's hand and let his power flow into him. He loosened his grip and rub his wrist gently, "You sure? I was thinking maybe I could make better use of my mouth" he said smoothly, winking at the man. He pulled his hand away gently and rolled onto his back. This was not what he had in mind when Cecil told them to take care of him.


” My name is Drake, by the way. Feel free to take a easy night, no worries ok. I don't plan on doing anything I don't have to.” Drake said. Sideway pouted again and threw his hands over his head, letting them dangle over the side of the bed. Sideway was getting frustrated and when his hand brushed against Lukas's thigh, his pleasurable touch arced into his bloodstream. This was a unconscious act that Sideway did not notice.


" Well Drake. You're certainly...different" Sideway said, rolling off the bed to his feet and crossing back to the dresser, "either of you wanna drink? House of Hamamelis makes some kicking wine" Sideway poured himself a glass and followed it with another two for Lukas and Drake.


Sideway spun around and leaned against the dresser, smirking at the two men over the rim of his wine glass. A plan leaked a smile onto his face. Sideway snagged the two remaining glasses between his fingers and crossed the room. He set them on the bedside table and walked back over to stand behind Lukas. Sideway took a seat, ignoring Lukas's personal space. He set his glass of wine on the floor beside them. He sat with his knees flanking Lukas's sides. One arm draped almost protectively over his shoulder and came to rest on the man's chest. His other arm snaked around his waist to rest on his lap. Sideway's lips brushed against ear. His eyes flickered up to look at Drake, "lets give this guy what he paid for" Sideway purred, his voice just a murmur against Lukas's ear. The incubus kin radiated warm pleasure from his fingers and lips and letting it drip into Lukas.

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This was not what Lukas had expected.


Difficulty of breaching a person's insecurities was one thing. This, though? This was an entirely different beast. In his experience, by now, there should have been some relent, but this man...who wore his armor inside and seemed to have no intention of stripping down...was asking to simply talk? If he was any less versed, he would have let his disbelief show through. This was barely the beginning of his engagement. Talking usually subsided until the deed was done, when the patron was broken down to his basic parts, subjected to the weight of the world his pleasure lifted from them. What was there to consider now?


Unless you have conditions for my release, but said nothing to indicate his scandalous thoughts. They were well fortified enough as he felt Robert's presence land behind him, and with it followed connecting arms that clutched and held him close. The plaintive gasp that escaped him was not wholly innocent.


Ngh...I can't allow him to ruin this. Even if it's a long shot, the man must be here for some reason. That sum...is it possible...?


Lukas shrugged out of his grasp and broke form, the first time in forever he could remember doing so. It was a gamble--he was very easily, very likely to be misreading his patron--but he had to take it. The threads before him were undefined and grey. There was a chance. But he had to be cautious. These things required delicacy--an escape for him to fall back into if he was wrong.


"Sir...perhaps we've been unclear? Um...we're here to pleasure you. Our mouths have no other purpose than that." He feigned round-eyed concern.

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The sound of knuckles rapping on the door brought Drake's attention away from the sight before him. To say he was expecting this was….a understatement. Yes he had been expecting the sex part, it was a brothel after all. But the practically physical demand for it from Sideways, that he was unprepared for. Lukas seemed to be ok with backing down, of going with the flow but sideway just wanted in his pants.


Lukas took sideways hands off before going to the door. His boss must have called for him as Drake was left in a empty room with Sideway, tension building in him. Reaching down he started to unfasten his armor, starting with the legs and working his way up.


The room had felt like it had warmed considerable, with a thin sheen of sweat on his skin he sat looking at the door waiting for Lukas to come back, if he was. Taking the helmet off he set it on the edge of the bed before finally looking to Sideway. It was funny, his head felt slightly muddled.


“So I guess if he's not coming back I'll ask you some questions then. If that's ok.”

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Sideway held out the extra glass of wine to the man after he was done getting comfortable. Sideway smiled up at the man from the floor, And then there were two he purred. Sideway rose to his feet and gathered up his bits of armor and his helmet. The incubus kin neatly stacked the plates in his hand and placed them on the nightstand by the bed with the helmet on top. He knew eventually he would get into his shell, he always was able to break a customer's shell. This time it was more literal. Sideway sat next to him on the edge of the bed. He kept his distance this time. It was clear that this man was not too keen on Sideway touching him. He would come to him on his own time.


“So I guess if he's not coming back I'll ask you some questions then. If that's ok.” Drake asked, looking to the door as if expecting Lukas to come back in the room.


Sideway walked his fingers towards the man's bare knee, "Well...how about we trade. I'll tell you whatever you want to know and you give me something...I want" Sideway said with a sly smile. He was trying to be a good courtesan, he really was, but if this guy wouldn't hurry up and get turned on. Sideway was going to start pulling out his own hair in frustration. He was just so hungry. In the back of his mind, he was afraid that without Lukas to run interference, he would kill this man.

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Little by little Drake had taken his armor off till he sat on the bed only in his undershort and tight like shorts. They left little to be imagined and with the heat that Drake had building and Sideways ​seductive gestures, everything could be seen.


Glance at Sideway as he stood and collected his armor, he took the glass of wine where it was offered. It would help with his nerves and possibly serve as an excuse to not do certain activities. Now that he was alone with Sideway, he didn't think that was a option. One was or another there was a good chance Sideway was going to leave here having taken something Drake hadn't handed out to anyone.


"Well...how about we trade. I'll tell you whatever you want to know and you give me something...I want"


Glancing at him he drank the last of his wine in a few gulps before putting the glass back on the stand. Scooting back away from sideway he leaned against the headboard with his legs crossed Indian style. He was trying to put on a very non bothered front, but the look in sideways eyes told him it wasn't working, that he could see everything. Drake took a pillow and placed it in his lap before leaning forward.


Oh how the men would make fun of him in the morning.


”Ok, I will go first then. Are you being feed properly, you look a little sickly and thin”? That had not been the question he had wanted to ask, it had just slipped out but Sideway did look a little sick.

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Sideway caught Drake's eye, his momentarily flashing amber once he was armorless. He knew he would break his shell sooner or later, his power made it easy to sway the unsure. It was about time, this soldier took longer to crack than other patrons sent his way. Well, most other customers weren't as interested in talking as Drake.


The man scooted away until he was at the head of the bed leaning against the headboard. He placed a pillow in his lap protectively and Sideway had to admit, he was having fun with this. Now that Sideway could get a better look at him, he noticed that the man's horns were not a part of his helmet like he originally thought. Oh? A kin? Now I feel less bad he thought, swiveling around so he was facing Drake with his legs crossed.


”Ok, I will go first then. Are you being feed properly, you look a little sickly and thin”? Drake asked.


Sideway's eyebrow shot up in surprise. What was this guy here for? His motives were not lining up with what Cecil had told him. Was this normal? Like a health inspection but for brothels? Sideway was not sure how to answer the man's question that would be believable and not anger Cecil. Sideway did not speak. Instead, he gave Drake a toothy smile and crawled towards him. He reached out and gently caressed the side of the man's face, his hand trailing up to one of his horns. They were smooth and warm, like stained glass in a church window. Sideway leaned closer and pressed his lips against his. Sideway flicked his tongue against his lips, beckoning them to part. Once they did, the incubus took over.


Sideway began to inhale slowly, pulling the chi from Drake's body. Sideway broke away and pulled back a few inches, a trail of amber smoke flowed from Drake's mouth and into Sideway. Sideway sat back, already looking like his old self. His face filled out and his skin regained it's youthful glow. In a few seconds, Sideway went from looking like he had a terminal illness to a healthy man. Sideway smiled, "Damn you taste good" he breathed, "It's like...I don't even know. Sweet with a smokey finish?"


Sideway sat back on his knees, his eyes were stuck amber as he looked the man over. His eyes lit up, "Oh! Your question. Well....that's hard to answer. I eat plenty but..." Sideway bit his lip, was he suppose to tell customers this? Cecil made it clear what would happen if he didn't keep his abilities under wraps. Sideway's brow furrowed in silent annoyance. Cecil was also the one that kept him hungry so he would kill the people he sent to his room. "But food isn't all I need to stay alive. That, the thing I just did, is how I feed... sideway said carefully. He had never told a stranger what it was. Usually at this point Sideway had drowned them in bliss to the point of compliance. Cecil flashed back into his mind, causing a wave of fear ot roll through him, "Please. Don't tell my boss I told you that" he said quietly, "If you promise, I'll do it again"

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Drake watched the confusion slide across sideways face. It was like he hadn't been expecting the question so he didn't know how to answer. He must have found his answer as he crawled closer. He was practically in his lap and Drake had to move his legs to keep from getting in the way, one on each side of Sideway as he gazed into his eyes. Color fluctuated in them, flashes of amber burning in them.


Drake missed seeing the hand that touched his face, but he felt it. Warmth flowed from the gentle touch as it traced up his face and grazed a pale horn. hmmmm leaning into the touch he was surprised at the sound he had made. But his touch felt so good, warm and inviting, caring almost. But this is what he was paid and owned to do and he didn't seem to hate it.


Eyes closed as Sideway leaned in pressing rough warm lips to his, a wet tongue asking for entrance. Complying without thinking he sighed into Sideways mouth, a whimper escaping when he pulled back. Opening his eyes he seen a amber dust like substance flow from him to Sideway, leaving Drake taking a few heavier, deeper breaths. It felt like the air had been sucked out of his lungs, a tingling sensation setting into Drake as Sideway filled out infront of him. His sickly parlor filled out, his skin taking on a light glow.


"Damn you taste good" he breathed, "It's like...I don't even know. Sweet with a smokey finish?"


Drake's hard swam as Sideway sat back on his knees, amber eyes watching him. It made shivers travel up and down Drake's back, the preditory look in them. ”Oh! Your question. Well....that's hard to answer. I eat plenty but...", he didn't want to tell him something, brake could see it. Worrying his lip and forrowing his brows though gave him a slightly…cute look. Not that he had ever thought another man was cute, and he defiantly would never say it.


"But food isn't all I need to stay alive. That, the thing I just did, is how I feed…”




What was he that that was how he ate. There where a few demons that ate that way, but they were far and few between, them having been Hunter almost to the point of extinction. They were dangerous to have around in large populations, specially human populations.


From sideways demeanor he didn't seem like the kind to kill someone, but there was always the possibility. With the fear seeping in at this point though Drake couldn't see it, all he seen was a young man looking afraid in front of him. "Please. Don't tell my boss I told you that" his voice dropped as Drake listened, "If you promise, I'll do it again". He wasn't that kind of man though, he wouldn't tell anyone what transpired here. Partly for his own pride and to keep his business private, but why was he afraid of his boss finding out.


” I won't tell him, but what are you? There are a few demons that can suck like out of someone, which one are you.” Drake reached forward and patted Sideway on the shoulder, a comforting gesture, one of reassurance. ” Also, why are you afraid of your boss. looking down and off to the side he confessed, “You'll have to excuse me, I'm…. Inexperienced in these kind of things.


Drake's hand dropped back onto the pillow in his lap as he tried to hide the slight red that was dusting his cheeks. He was sure his apparent innocence was disgusting to someone who lived this kind of life. “ Well, I guess it's your turn. hanging his head down he wanted to be childish, to bury his face in his hands. Refraining he glanced up through his eyelashes at Sideway, his face starting to burn more as he got hotter.



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Sideway kept his distance even though he could feel Drake's blood running hot. That alone would have had Sideway diving back in for more but something made him pause. God forbid he was maturing. Something about this soldier made Sideway feel something he never felt from his partons, Comfort. Sideway is always physically comfortable around people, he would be dead if he wasn't. No, Sideway was comfortable being around this man for another reason.


” I won't tell him, but what are you? There are a few demons that can suck like out of someone, which one are you.” Drake asked, causing Sideway to flinch. That question has held a lot of venom in his past. The way Drake asked had honest curiosity in it. No hostility or demanding, just gentleness. Sideway closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he let it out, he leveled his eyes on Drake's, Please. Don't tell him" he said again, "Cecil says I am part incubus. I...I won't drain the life out of you" He promised. The next question, the one about Cecil, was harder to answer,"He treats me well. I'm clothed, fed, and sheltered. I should thank him more honestly. If he didn't pick me up...." Sideway trailed off, glancing down at Drake's pillow.


“You'll have to excuse me, I'm…. Inexperienced in these kind of things." Drake said, crimson dusting his cheeks and neck. It was something he was used to but haven't seen lately since Cecil started controlling when he could eat.


It was Sideway's turn after all. He leaned forward again and planted a quick kiss on his lips and sat against the headboard next to Drake, "It's alright, sir. That should hold me off for a day or two. We can talk if you would prefer' he said with a chuckle, "Unless you don't want to walk out of here with your armor on a little tighter".

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