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mafia. ok.


anyways, come on in. this is mafia, a game about guessing, shenanigans, and private messages. there are two ways to win the game.

  • if the mafia gets the most votes during the voting phase, everyone else (the town) wins
  • the mafia kills everybody but one person

you probably want to learn more about these 'phases' or this 'mafia' so go and look ahead.


i will announce when the game is open. to join, just make a post in the color blue. once i get you onto the list of people playing, i will private message your role to you. do not reveal your role to anybody. i will start when at least 6 people join, but after 6 people are on the list i will allow a 10-minute window for anyone else to join before it starts. i allow a maximum of 10 people playing one 'game'.


each round contains three phases. they are the following:


night phase - this is when the roles other than innocent pm me for reasons, which you'll find out about later. this phase ends when i get all the pms.


story phase - i write a little bit about the 'death' that happened to the victim or about how the victim was saved. this phase ends immediately after i post the death/save. if anyone 'died', i will reveal their role.


voting phase - everybody votes in the thread about who they think the mafia is. i tally the votes, and once you've made yours, you can't vote on anyone else. the user who gets the most votes is 'killed' and disqualified for the game until the next one. i will reveal the disqualified user's role. if the disqualified user is the mafia, the game ends and the 'town' wins.


after the three phases, the round ends and another begins. this continues until someone wins.


yup, everyone gets the roles. here they are:


innocent - the normal user. the only role where there are multiple people who have it. no special abilities.


mafia - the killer. they pm me every night phase who they'd like to kill.


detective - they pm me every night phase who they'd like to reveal the role of. i pm the target's role to the detective, who cannot directly state they are that role in the thread. this can be used to have the detective vote on the ACTUAL mafia.


nurse - they pm me every night phase who they'd like to save. anyone who is saved cannot be killed for the round.


that's all you need to know. if you do not understand i can pm you the information you want to know. get ready!

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game info


these are the players






current phase: none


more to be added here

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