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The lost and found

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Ok, I'm not going to elaborate too much until a mod approves this, cuz I don't wanna waste time on a thread that Sock might kill.


This is for people to try and contact someone who is suspected to have lost an egg. Whether it may be an accidentally abandoned egg, one that was possibly accidentally transferred, etc. you may stumble across an egg that seems too good to be true.


Eggs/hatchlings that can be posted here include any CB rare found outside the main caves (ap), any 2g spriter's alt kin/ prizes, ND hatchies/eggs. Others may be posted, but only if the user who found it strongly suspects that they were accidentally abandoned.


Replacing lost eggs is allowed, but this should be noted.


Form structure is coming soon.


No posting scrolls.


No spam.


Only post a lineage link.


If the original owner is known, try to PM them. If not, they will probably be looking for it.


One bump per day.


No asking for lost eggs. If you don't see your egg here, chances are you may not see it ever again. Check back daily just in case. Also, leave a note in your sig (a screenshot of your action log might also help) and participate in the forum as usual. There are some nice people on here! Good luck!

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[*]Posting found egg:


I found a possibly lost egg!

Breed: Insert type of dragon here

Laid on/Stolen on: Insert the day it was laid on/stolen

Found: Date, time (to nearest 5 minute interval if possible), location (AP/leave and take an egg)

Egg lineage: Self explanatory

Have I PMed the original owner? Yes/No


I'll post more later.


BTW, has this been approved yet?

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I like the idea, personally, but I'm not sure if this is going to be approved.


We have a "missed connections" thread: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=158260


There's really no way to easily prove that an egg belongs to someone who might claim it here, and many people abandon eggs with great lineages just so that others can enjoy them. I know someone who abandons 2G Spriters Alt dragons pretty frequently.

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Once an egg leaves your scroll it no longer belongs to you. This topic is unnecessary.

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