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Wrriten and run by Me and Acornia!

250 Years ago


Introduction/War of the Mad Kings


There were 2 kingdoms, Telmaria and Ashheln.. Both kingdoms were living in peace, trading and helping each other out, everything was going good until the King of Telmaria passed out, naturally his son took over, but the new king was nothing like the old one.. He was power hungry and gold was his only motivation, he raised the prices of all Telmarian goods which caused the Ashhlen economy to slowly tumble and break and the King of Ashhlen was infuriated, he tried to reason with the young king but it was no use. Finally the King of Ashhlen decided he would have it all or nothing and declared war on his neighboring kingdom. Both kingdoms clashed in a bloody battle to the death which eventually led to the victory of the Ashhlen Kingdom, but during the fighting the Ashhlen king died in battle as well as his brother. 1 kingdom in ruins with no leader, several houses tried to claim the throne but none were strong to enough to hold it, until House Ruthernor, aided by several houses especially House Barristend and House Dawnfire stepped up and claimed the throne.


Years later the large kingdom was divided into 4 kingdoms (North, south, east, west) and a warden house was assigned to each kingdom.


The North:

Great House Dawnfire

Current lord: Jon Dawnfire

Former lord: Petyr Dawnfire

Sigil: A flaming sword of a mountain of ice Words: Fire and Ice

Ancestral Seat: The Flaming Tooth

History: House Dawnfire, currently the wardens of the north date to even before the Dreadful Age, all the way back to the First Age and the battle of the dawn. Founded by Robert the Morningstar after completing the prophecy of Azur Ahai and banishing the 12 clans of the Long Night as well as the Night King, it is said that he rode into battle on a grey direwolf with a flaming sword in his hand, the sword is still in The Flaming Tooth and is said to burn to this day. Lately helped House Barristend's claim to the throne in the War of the Mad Kings by forming the bulk of its army, in exchange for the title of warden of the north, which they still hold to this day.


Vassal Houses:

-House Greywind

-House Nymeria

-House Summer

-House Knightfort

-House Highfrost


The West:

Great House Redhorn

Current lord: Jaime Redhorn

Former lord: Astrix Redhorn

Sigil: A red castle on a blue sea.

Words: The old, the true and the brave.

Ancestral Seat: The Red Keep

History: House Redhorn was founded by Rickon The Watcher after taking the duty of watching the walls during the final battles of the Dreadful Age, warning the army as the Dreadful marched on them in the night. Started out as a humble vassal house but kept growing as they held one of the biggest fleets in all kingdoms, known as the Fair Fleet.. named after the woman which first commanded the fleet and had unimaginable beauty. Finally rose to power as wardens of the west under the leadership of Astrix Redhorn. Recently sacked Castle Horrorsend after dispute between House Redhorn and House Redrayne which led to the fall of house Redrayne, and lost the loyalty of their strongest vassal house, House Pyke.


Vassal Houses:

-House Redania

-House Knightedge

-House Jawraiders

-House Reed

---House Pyke (Not a vassal house anymore)


The South:

Great House Thornnard

Current lord: Eddard Thornnard

Former lord: Tytos Thornnard

Sigil: A red lion standing over a field of gold

Words: Onwards and upwards.

Ancestral Seat: The Stonehardt

History: There's not much to House Thornnard, they are the current wardens of the south but aren't familiar with the position.. They were however House Redrayne's most trusted allies and advisors. Founded by Ser Thorne of Edgeville after he saved a Lord of Redrayne from certain deat.. at the expense of his left arm. Became Wardens of the South after the fall of House Redrayne.


Vassal Houses:

-House Redrayne

-House Grimfield

-House Greenborne

-House Richriddle

-House Knightburn


The East:

Great House Ruthernor

Current lord: Edmure Ruthernor

Former lord: Karstark Ruthernor

Sigil: A black war hammer hitting a grey nail.

Words: Shaping the future.

Ancestral Seat: The Redkeep

History: House Ruthernor was founded by Ruth The Bold after he defeated the King of the Dread along with Barristan the Quick. House Ruthernor are considered kin to House Barristend and have always been known to be allies. Known for their excellent craftsmanship and creating the best weapons and armor in all of the kingdoms, as well as their bravery and honor in battle. They were once called The Red Kings but that was only briefly during the Dreadful Age. Recently the eldest daughter of Lord Edmure was betrothed to the eldest son of Lord Ralof.


The Royal House:

Royal House Barristend

Current lord: Ralof Barristend

Former lord: Brandon Barristend

Sigil: A golden crowned star over a field of black (originally didn't have the crown, got it when they became the Royal House)

Words: As High as Honor

Ancestral Seat: The Goldenfort

History: House Barristend was founded in the first era of the Dreadful Age by Barristan The Quick after he was able to outrun the Dreadful riders and warn the Royal House about the Dread. The house is known for its honor in life and glory in battle, they rose to power first as The White Kings when they eliminated the threat of the dread and eventually bent the knee to house Greywatch and were named wardens of the east (that was during the reign of the last White King and first warden Rodrik Barristend, also known as the king who bent.) Finally became the Royal House once more through political marriage.



If history has taught us a lesson, it's that peace never lasts long. Conspiracies have risen from houses loyal to old Telmaria to take down this kingdom and start over, just like old Telmaria. Plans have been set in motion as House Pyke broke their oaths as Vassal Houses and are massing troops for a rebellion, they wish to start by taking the kingdom of the west as they formed a huge part of their army. So will you remain loyal to your kingdom or join the rebellion?!


Character Sheets:




Normal DC rules

No Gary stus/Mary sues/OP characters

Romance is allowed just don't overdo it

Character Sheets and discussions go in the OOC or PM'd to me or Acornia

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