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When do rares spawn? Is there a pattern? I've been searching for the magma and electric dragons to summon the guardian of nature and I've not even seen the electric once.

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Welcome to DC!


I hope you enjoy the forums. There's a lot of great things here, like the Common Collector's Competition, where you can be given rares just for raising commons. Might be a good opportunity for you. ^^


Rares like golds/silvers spawn in every location. Trios (magmas, thunders, ices) spawn in specific locations, as they are more uncommon than rare. (Although note that the cave relies on some system of ratios and rarity such as common/uncommon/rare is more user determined than anything else.) You can find thunders in the desert.

You might find the dragcave wiki (fan-run, not official) helpful in searching for specific dragons: http://dragcave.wikia.com :3

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Greetings! Joining the Forum is the best thing you could have done as part of the DC Game. There is so much help, assistance, nice people and fun that is everywhere that it will make your game so much more fun & much easier & more exciting.


So if you are searching for rares, or want specific types of dragons, there are people who will be glad to help you and/or gift them to you for free!


However, the forums can seem overwhelming, so if you'd like a nice resource/list of some of the best places to get free dragons (especially very helpful ones, very beautiful ones, and even harder to attain one), various assistance, and tons of fun by reviewing some of the lists and Links in the Players Activity Thread - For Games, Events, Gifts and other Assistance and Fun!



You can click that link, or click the rectangular banner in my signature (with the red hand). Feel free to come say hi and people are always glad to help you find the best places to go and get help or help directly if you need. And especially for even more fun!

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