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Compulsive Posters' Anonymous Volume Nineteen

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Oh gosh. Facebook. Haven't been there in ages.


What are you currently working on?

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I hope you get more female dragons Rainbow!

I remember when I started I had the same problem.


A flower for my friend. I want to gift it to her but I'm really not good with oil paint or with flowers

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You can always try scouring the random drop threads Rainbow. Sometimes people gift/drop gendered hatchies they don't want.


Checking out your FB photos Spirit. That shot you took of the wall text has utterly confused me though. xd.png I am no artist or critic. I'm just like 'I think this picture is pretty and I like it'.

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Now you just need to become one of the top posters overall and knock fortune off her perch Rainbow.


Uhh warm chocolate fudge brownies are becoming the bane of my dinner... too... sickeningly sweet!!!


user posted image

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Considering I don't RP any more, that might be doable xd.png


Got the last DA trophy last night. Can go back to my female elf Inquisitor. But the question is, do I use the save before or after the final boss? RPwise it makes more sense to do it all after, but then I'm down a party member...

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Which party member did you lose? Solas? You lose him cause he's a mad dog...


Is it bad I wish the fem inquisitor upon meeting solas again would be like "Bad boy! Now you come home and mama will give you a treat tongue.gif

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Yeah, Solas. I'm still missing a lot of his party banter though. No one wants to talk to each other in my games xd.png


Did you play Trespasser MP?

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Lol how i'm I so good at niche I get strong creatures everytime I play

But I think the jungle biome is much harder than the demo

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I never finished tresspasser, I lost interest. That happens a lot with games.


God I really want to share A song about birds on this thread but... it contains naughty language tongue.gif It's so funny though... and TRUE

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OMG. You need to finish it. Or at least watch a youtube clip of the final scenes. It's going to be a while before I get round to uploading anything.

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Let Freezing sing something...

"Where did I go?

Where did they go?

Will I be left

deep in the snow?

Will they find me?

Will they leave me?

Will I be fine?

Will they save me?

When will I go

Home to my Clan?

Will I ever

See them again?

Will I be lost?

Will they remember?

Will my kit live

or join me later?

Will the storm stop?

Will it kill me?

Will I be safe?

Will I eat now?

Will I drown without my love here?

Will I keep thinking about this?

Will I ever go back down then?

Will I keep going

Will I stay here?

Will I trudge on

or give up all year?

The storm keeps going

I keep fighting

Cold is winning

snow is rising

Will I be buried

Under the snow?

Will I slide on

the ice now?

Will I be found?

Is it hope-less

is it hope-full?

Where is Falcon?

Where is Water?

Where are my friends?

Are they goners?

Will they hate me?

Will they leave me?

Will they save me?

Will they keep me?

I'm so cold

I'm so weak, now...

I feel so tired... "

*claps* preach

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I don't know what that song is...


Also I'm not gonna finish it, got too many other games, and I know what happens at the end. You face him, either talk him down (a bit) or don't and he cuts off your hand.

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That song is the lyrics of Serenade on a Snowy Night, a soundtrack from WC:UT.

Lol Freezing is named after it

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Mah pillow's nickname

WC:UT is short for Warrior cats untold tales, and it's a fan made warrior cats game. And it's free!

It's pretty fun too!

Check the forum if you play it

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Oh god warrior cats I haven't heard that in ages.


And why did you name your pillow?


I named my stuffed animals but not my pillow.

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Theres a pillow dragon!


What would that look like?


What would that feel like!!! Does it have scales?


You know there should be a mission in a game where yo uventure in a recently flooded area and you go in and it's eerily quiet, and all the stuff is in pristine condition but theres fish swimming around, like the leaves on trees are swaying in the water, and you can just see the glimpse of something dark lurking in the water just out of site as you slowly move between the objects.

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Look at my pillow hatchling, Freezing is him

A pillow dragon is basically a dragon but covered in fluffy fur

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Lol ikr

But they are soo fluffy that they are named pillow

Imagine a mature hatchling being used as a pillow.

The newborn has no fur tho

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I wouldn't want to rest on a small fluffy animal I'd be worried my head was too heavy and would bother it. Hell I get worried when my dog is lying on the couch with me.

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