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Compulsive Posters' Anonymous Volume Nineteen

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On Thu Jan 17 2019 at 7:25 AM, Fortune86 said:

Can you take them off her?


Going to go to lunch.


*puts out hugs for Lagie*

*collects them very late* Thanks! *hugs back*


Sorry. I had a weird day yesterday.


Toppage, page 656! B)

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Hope you are all feeling well. And Lagie i hope it was weird in a good way or is now getting better and/or solved.

I learned that i have more time left then i thought for clearing snow in front of the house. But hey i was not that loud at around 6 o'clock in the morning a few days ago. My sense of how much time has passed is disturbed by my sleeping pattern. *sigh*

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Good afternoon, CPA! B)


Have fun with the snow clearing, Tigerkralle!


Slightly quiet for a Saturday but my weekend has now begun, hooray!


Edit - VERY wet Sunday afternoon downpour! The Strut Your Mutt walk has been rescheduled, alas.

And someone left the gates unlatched at our shelter and we've had a cat disaster.  :( (And some other idjit crashed into one of our roadside walls.)

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