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This is a lineage that brings together all the dragons, wyverns and drakes that significantly mimic natural animal species.

"All dragons are technically animals" isn't an argument for a breed's inclusion because there's nothing I've seen in the natural world that looks anything like a Depisi or a Brimstone! xd.png No, they have to look like something from your local farm, natural history museum or zoo, not something from Dungeons &…well, you get the idea wink.gif

For a breed to be included in this lineage, it must either have the name of a mundane, Natural animal in its name (e.g., Horse, Falconiforme Wyvern, Monarch) or a prominent physical feature must be mimicked (e.g., Albino, Water Walker, Solstice).



- No inbreeding! Inbreeding leads to extinction,

- No killing,

- No Biting,

- Freezing is allowed after the second generation.


Allowable Breeds:


- Albino (universal animal mutation)

- Blacktip (tern)

- Blue-banded (striped bass)

- Deep Sea (angler fish)

- Ember (tiger/wolf/cat)

- Horse (Friesian, specifically wink.gif )

- Monarch (monarch butterfly)

- Pillow (Himalayan cat)

- Swallowtail (various birds)

- Water Walker (jacaranda)

- Rosebud (horse/Pegasus)

- Yulebuck (goat)

- Solstice (elk)

- Tetra (tetra fish)

- Magma (brontosaurus, carnotaurus, allosaurus)



- Falconiforme Wyvern (falcon)

- Flamingo Wyvern

- Coastal Waverunner (pteradactyl)

- Bright-breasted Wyvern (poison dart frogs)



- Howler drake (howler monkey, moth)

- Greater Spotted Drake (leopard)

- Morphodrake (moth)

- Tarantula Hawk Drake

- Pumpkin (frogs)


Some ideas for lineages:

- Single species

- Checkerboards

- By animal type (fish, bird, insect, ungulate, equine, etc.)

- Biome-specific

- Chimaera (mix of different animal types)

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I think this sounds fun! Unfortunately, mostly just focusing on olives this year, so I won't be starting any lines, but I hope this gains some interest to stay alive!


When/if I start breeding, what I need most is naming themes and ideas. Maybe surnames based off Latin names of the animals? Or hybrid names of their common names as a surname?

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I've already started collecting dragons for my line and I've been using "Beast" in the names. Like, "Forestbeast."

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I've already started collecting dragons for my line and I've been using "Beast" in the names. Like, "Forestbeast."

Ooooh, I like that! Creature and critter don't have quite the same appeal, but maybe something similar with those.

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I like your idea of using taxonomic names.

I've also used Sanskrit, Dothraki and Basque in my dragons' names before so I might continue that here.

Sanskrit for "Beast" is "Pashu."

Basque = "Piztia"


Afterthought: A bloodline of Beasts with mixed species could be named a Chimaera, especially if we did it Epic-style!

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^^^ Oooh, all great! This is why everyone is so much better at naming than me. xP I really like the chimera idea.


Also, tetras are based off the tetra, so they could be added here. o3o

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Debating whether to include Magma dragons. They look like an amalgam of Brontosaurus and Carnotaur dinosaurs.

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Am I correct in thinking that all drakes except maybe Honey Drakes are animal-based? Glories look like butterflies to me and Ochredrakes remind me of anthelopes. This could be a nice way to do something with drakes. :D

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This is interesting. I find Fell dragons remind me of dinosaurs (I'm forgetting the species at the moment). Honey stakes would make good bees. They don't have a stinger, but they got a large club tail that's like the Dragon equivalent. And Mints are like lizards.


Do you plan on having a post for all the lineages people create or stuff like that?


I think I'll start a Pillow/Ember checker, since they are felines.

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