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Terrible Indroduction

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We all know you'll probably ignore this, but I'm required to by the forums rules.



Well, yeah. This is a horrible indroduction to a person who's horrible at indroducing himself.


I'm an infinity year old part Brazilian, Japanese, Spanish, Jamaican, African, and American Dutch warrior with ten legs and 10 arms with 100 toes on each. Each hand, I mean. Yes, toes on my hand. I live on Mars with all my other alien buddies like Mr. Sprikkinfarts and Ms. Tootiebahootie.

(Did you really think I was going to tell you my age, location, and looks?)



My favorite color is coquelicot.

Figure that out.


I haven't really tried any of these kinds of forum-based "games" before. So... I am a total noob in that area of the internet. Not the whole "Forums" thing, though. I've been using forums for other things for as long as I've been playing online video games.


Oh, also, since I'm so dang new to this whole area, anyone have any tips on anything?

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Hello and thank you for making me smile. You made a great introduction.


For tips, I recommend using fan sites to hatch and raise your dragons. I use Valley Sherwood, Allure of Neglected Dragons, and Silvi's Lair. You shouldn't need to use more than three; one good thing to remember is that while clicks are good and worth a lot of views, it's possible for dragons to reach adulthood with zero clicks.


Have fun!

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That was one of the most humorous things I've read on this site. It wasn't horrible at all~ xd.png


I'm not really sure what to offer as a tip since I'm far from an expert on most things, but if you're interested in RPing there are a few open RPs in the Freeform section. I haven't touched the other sections in a while, but I've seen some pretty interesting things there in passing as well.


If you're looking to participate in true forum games, then all you have to do is pick a thread in the Forum Games section and jump right in.

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Welcome to DC!


You must have a biiiig chest and huuuuge feet to accommodate all those limbs. =p If you give me some more specific area (grabbing desired eggs, raising eggs, raising eggs faster, lineages, etc.), I can give you some tips. ^^

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Thank you all for these great welcomes! They make me feel way more appreciated than I know I am, which is always kind of a bittersweet thing, knowing people like you but knowing you don't deserve it.

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