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Hello (DC) World!

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Hello there, everyone! I am Sophie (not my real name, but a nickname, so feel free to use it!), Finch, or my username on here and on Dragcave itself, Alrexwolf!



I remember DC from a million billion years ago, when it was still an itty bitty site. Unfortunately, I didn't stick around for very long back then!



But I'm back and excited with all the new dragons to choose from! Out of all the new breeds, the Magelight Pygmy has got to be my favorite, and I've started what will hopefully prove to be a long lineage project with them already c:



I'm happy to meet all of you!

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Welcome to DC!


There's just two days left to the Valentine's event, so don't forget to play if you want to play. You get a badge just for participating: there is no change to the badge upon completion. You can play the game as many times as you want until it closes, so if you do want to replay, get it in now while you can! ^^


Magelight is one of my favorites, too - as is SU.

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