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I've been on dragon cave since it's beginning but I never made a forum account, or if I did it was under an old email I don't use anymore. My favorites are the eastern dragons, but I also love the golden wyverns. I very much regret my choices many years back to get rid of the two or three other alt blacks that were kinda common back then as well as a few other now rare dragons, but I guess I can't moan and groan about that forever. I also like to draw dragons. I may start something up if there is an art area. My dragon cave scroll is the same as my username if you are interested in looking. I'll breed anything I've got if you want an egg of something.

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Yep I found the art area, but thanks again guys for the warm welcome. Maybe I'll upload some of my non pixil dragon art up for people to see. <3

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Welcome to DC!


There's just two days left to the Valentine's event, so don't forget to play if you want to play. You get a badge just for participating: there is no change to the badge upon completion. You can play the game as many times as you want until it closes, so if you do want to replay, get it in now while you can! ^^


I was here when alt blacks were released and also wish I had hatched more!

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