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Sooooo, I'm lokittyhazahulk. You can call me Lokitty if you want. I've actually been part of Dragon Cave for... eons, wow. Several years, since before 2012, I think. Got the dragons to prove it. I've only just now signed up because I've encountered a glitch in the Valentine's '17 event and would dearly love to join everyone else who've been caught in the same bug. The thread is very amusing to read and I wouldn't mind adding my own two cents. I'm not actually planning to be on here very often, but I figured a little socializing won't kill me.

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Welcome to DC!


You agreed to the site terms when you registered for the cave: http://dragcave.net/terms so it's a good idea to have read them. I know they're long and very legal on most places you're used to, but they're very legible here.


Sorry it took a game glitch for you to join the forum. D:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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