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Hello Everyone!

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Hello members of the Dragon Cave Forum! ^^. My name is Eon, but you can also call me Xon or by my full username XonXendren! I am a very new Dragon Cave player and have been enjoying the time I've spent looking at eggs, dragons, lore, and other things! Currently I am studying about "Mana" as it has sparked my interests quite a bit. In general I am studying a lot of the stuff in the lore so I can know a lot more about the world =). I find it very interesting and very enjoyable!


Here's a bit about myself.


I am a 15 year old male living in Ontario Canada. I will be turning 16 on March 5th ^^.


In my spare time I write short stories, do some small sketches here and there, play games, and am now studying about some of the DC lore!


I have a lot of interest in cars, some forms of mythology, story/character development, and stuff that deals with Dragons in general.


Well, that's it for my introduction! Looking forward to being around here more ^w^

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Welcome to DC!


Don't forget to grab some limited time Valentine's dragons (today is their last day of dropping) and participate in the event. ^^


Happy almost birthday! You can sign up for Birthday Gifting for some fun DC gifts: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=164871 :3

Thank you for the welcome SockPuppet Strangler =). I didn't know that the birthday gifting was a thing so thanks for telling me that ^^. The event was also a lot of fun! Had a few good laughs and lost count how many times I said "This is cool!!!!" xd.png.

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Welcome to Dragon Cave forum! Hope you enjoy!


You can upload your works at Original Works if you want show them to us.

Thanks! ^^. I'm sure I'll be making something (either a creative writing or pixel art, or something like that) at some point so I'll be sure to share it in there! =)

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