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Seeking help for the Valentine event

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Hey everyone! Not sure if anyone will see this, but I need help with the Valentine event (Agh I feel stupid, haha)

Im currently on "Forest Detour". Its when you reach the river and cross the bridge. I did the acorn thing and the squirrel showed up. I wanted to leave but was stuck in brambles. I used the sword to get out. The message I got ended with "You use the blade to saw away at the brambles and free yourself."

But when I enetered "GO BACK" all I got was "You try to go back the way you came but fall unceremoniously back down into the bushes. You'll need to free yourself first."

Is there anything else on this part of the game? How do I get back? I tried looking at the wiki page but there wasnt anything about this part.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks. smile.gif

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Hello and welcome! You're not the only player stuck there right now, and I don't know how to get past it. I would keep checking this thread to see if anyone comes up with the answer.

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Welcome to DC!


Don't forget to grab some limited time Valentine's dragons (today is their last day of dropping) and participate in the event. ^^


Unfortunately, there is no fix for that glitch yet, but I am talking with TJ to try and come up with a solution, even if it's just a reset option so you can restart from the beginning.

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Welcome to Dragon Cave forum! Hope you enjoy!


As I wasn't stuck at there, I have nothing to say. For me, the method that you tried was worked.

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