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2017-02-14 - Valentine's Day!

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Whatever happened,... happened. TJ had his good reasons to replace them.


Shame, cause I kind of liked the original hatchling sprites.

Didn't get to see the other adults, so I can't really comment on that. It's cute though.

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I've been at work all day and I've tried reading back - what exactly has happened? Why? I did prefer the original hatchies, the new ones look very fuzzy and peculiar.


I think we are owed some explanation. You can't dangle new dragons in front of us and then take them away.

I was in the same boat earlier myself. Apparently there was an issue with the original sprites and they were changed. No one knows why as a reason hasn't been given and many people have varied issues with it.


I myself don't mind because I can understand and relate when things don't work out. I did like the original sprites better, but I'm not about to grab my torch and pitchfork and riot down the cobblestone street.

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Such a shame about the original hatchies, I really liked them. But wow - beautiful adult!

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I do still like the adult, so I'm not disappointed. I really am not a fan of the hatchies though, but I don't usually freeze holidays anyway.


I really liked the paler purple though, I can't help but think what could have been? I feel very sad for the original spriters

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It's just a very strange situation. If the originals were unable to be used for some reason, why replace it with such a similar but distorted design? I understand if it was rushed, but then why not just go with a whole other dragon?

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I think the current adults are beautiful. They will probably end up becoming one my favorite V-Day dragons. I kinda wish they had a regular dragon tail but that is only my personal preference. Honestly, I'm just grateful we got a dragon this year that wasn't some shade of pink. tongue.gif I'll still hold out hope for a darker V-Day dragon like the Alt Sweetling... someday.


I didn't get to see the original adult sprite before the change (was there a different adult confirmed?), but I liked the original hatchlings better too. The new hatchies are more cute looking, while the originals were more elegant. Whatever reason for the sudden change, it seems it was a necessary one? So there's probably not much use in complaining. Is there room for improvement in the new sprites? Well, yes. Hopefully the artists will take any constructive criticism posted here into consideration. But I'm happy with the dragon as is, too.


To everyone that worked on it, thank you for the new holiday dragon. smile.gif

The change happened 2 hours before TJ's grew up.

TJ's dragons never had the original adult sprite, the change happened 2 HOURS before his grew. This bruouhaha is ALL about the egg, s1 and s2 sprites that we had for less than 2 days each.



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And amongst all this drama, the AP is *still* filled to the brim with Heartseekers. Wow. I'm refreshing just in case anything else shows up, but Heartseekers everywhere.

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It's just a very strange situation. If the originals were unable to be used for some reason, why replace it with such a similar but distorted design? I understand if it was rushed, but then why not just go with a whole other dragon?

I feel like there'd be even more backlash in that case, because people were already getting attached to the design in hatchling form?

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EEF and I made these girls back in very late 2012/early 2013 for that year's Vday. It was only this year that we brushed them off and gave them a touch up to submit them for a final time to be a Vday dragon

Maybe this is not a new sprite but the old one they submited earlier. Or sprites from the development progress.

Might have been someone helped for this years update and didn't want to give permission for their part of the work. Just my thoughts on this.


I do like the Adult. Even if I just want to see how they would have looked like before the change. The s1 hatchie is not my thing but I don't freeze s1 hatchies so I can live with that.

Nice work still.

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My updated guide found here.


(Edit: NOTE! Day 2 stuff is NOT an extra day! It's just additional things you can do that weren't there yesterday.


Also, if you do not want to read the guide and just want a list of commands to follow, please check the "Other Guides" section. It shows a variety of lists that you can use to complete the game as well as some specific help.

- Also, check "Other Guides" for the Horse scene, Spider scene, and Bramble Bush scene help!

-  Thanks to everyone posting easter eggs!.


Next off, is anyone keeping a script for the game? The wiki is having trouble getting the script for the Valentine's Event 2017.


Can anyone help out? Contact bluesonic1 if you can help!


And, lastly, Thank you everyone involved in this event! It was fun!! biggrin.gif)



First off BADGES!


Made by Shokomon:

A badge representing everyone's frustration with the game:

- Transparent background: user posted image


- Scroll background: user posted image



A badge for getting to the end of the game. (Well, what we know is the end so far.)

May all of you have found some kind of love, be it platonic, romantic, or just plain weird. xd.png

- Transparent background: user posted image


- Scroll background: user posted image



Lastly, one last badge for people who are or were trapped by the BRAMBLE BUSH OF ENTRAMPMENT! (+Taunting Squirrel)

- Transparent: user posted image


- Scroll background: user posted image



Made by Others:

---- Bush Party Banner Made by Cygnis:

- Banner: user posted image



---- Bush Party Button Made by AceLizard:

- Original: user posted image


- Bigger Buttons: user posted imageuser posted image

- Bigger Button: [IMG=http://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/df76868f-f406-11e6-a976-974da715d879.gif]
- Biggest Button: [IMG=http://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/05dac75e-f407-11e6-aafe-974da715d879.gif]


---- "True Love" Valentine's Day 2017 Made by dragonwinxzodiac:

- Button: user posted image



---- Old McDonald Had a BUSH Banner Made by Sinon Kabe

- Banner: user posted image





Shokomon's (not so) Quickie Guide

(Highlight for Spoilers; Gray because kinda spoilers.)


Day 1 Hints


For the Nest


1. Try investigating around the NEST. "EXAMINE NEST"

a. You may be able to investigate and pick up some things. ex: "EXAMINE SKELETONS" or "TAKE COINS"

b. You should look at your PLANNER. "EXAMINE PLANNER"


2. To leave the NEST, you gotta try to leave. "LEAVE NEST"

a. You should be specific on how you should leave the NEST. "CLIMB DOWN" OR "CLIMB BRANCHES"


For the Mountain Path, Path Fork, and Cliff


1. Follow the pathway. "TAKE PATH" or "GO <insert direction>"

a. Don't forget to collect stuff! "Take Armor"


2. Eventually, you will be blocked the TREE.

a. You could try to remove the tree. "USE AXE ON THE TREE" or "CHOP TREE WITH AXE"

b. Or you could just take the fork in the path on the LEFT. "GO LEFT"

c. If you take the fork, make sure to investigate and pick up stuff. ex: "TAKE ARMOR" or "EXAMINE PICKAXE"


2.If you take the fork, continue forward until you are at the CLIFF. "GO FORWARD"

a. You will see a horse.

b. Engage the horse. "EXAMINE THE HORSE"

c. There are reports of people being unable to engage the horse. Do not worry if you cannot engage the horse. It doesn't affect the game right now.

D. Reports have come about the CLIFF, instead of the HORSE. Maybe you should look at that?  "EXAMINE CLIFF"


3. That's it. You have to turn around and GO BACK to the pathway with the TREE. Then, you gotta get rid of the TREE. "USE AXE ON THE TREE" or "CHOP TREE WITH AXE"

a. Then you can go forward! "TAKE PATH"


4. Once you get around the TREE STUMP, you will reach another dead end.

a. There are a couple things you can investigate and collect there. ex: "EXAMINE STICKS" or "TAKE ROCK"

b. You will see a pile of dead LEAVES with something shiny inside! Be sure to check them out. "EXAMINE LEAVES"


For the Caverns/Tunnels


1. Now, you are in a new place, so might as well investigate and take a memento. ex: "EXAMINE ROOTS" or "TAKE LEAF"

a. There are two TUNNELS to explore! Pick one! "EXAMINE TUNNELS" and "GO EAST" or "GO SOUTH"


2. The eastern tunnel ends in a strange grotto.

a. Be sure to investigate. ex: "EXAMINE WALLS" or "TAKE LANTERN"

b. There is an ALTAR there, too. Maybe you can OPEN it? "OPEN LID"

c. Go back and check the other tunnel. "GO WEST"


3. The south tunnel leads to a cavern full of crystals.

a. Maybe you should investigate and keep one.  "EXAMINE CRYSTAL" and "TAKE CRYSTAL"

b. There are two dark tunnels attached to the cavern of crystals, one going SOUTH, and one going EAST.

c. You can explore the those tunnels. "GO EAST" or "GO SOUTH"

d. However, you can't to explore the tunnels without a light source. "EXAMINE INVENTORY" and check if you have the CRYSTAL.


For the Spider:


1. If you have run away from the SPIDER, then you need to explore some more. Try exploring the other tunnels. "GO <insert direction here>"

a. If you find the LAKE, you should see a SKELETON. Make sure to investigate it. "EXAMINE THE SKELETON" and "TAKE THE BOX" and "TAKE THE SWORD"

b. Don't know what to do with the FUNGUS, though you take a look at the LAKE, and maybe take a swim? "EXAMINE LAKE" and "ENTER LAKE"

c. Now you can go back and face the SPIDER!


2. If you are stuck at the SPIDER and you don't know what you have, you should take a look at your stuff. "EXAMINE INVENTORY"

a. Maybe, you should try asking the SPIDER what's wrong. "TALK TO THE SPIDER"

b. If you have the SWORD and you don't like spiders, maybe you should try using the SWORD. "USE SWORD ON THE SPIDER" or "ATTACK SPIDER WITH SWORD"

c. If you've talked to the SPIDER, you'll know what's wrong with it. Maybe you should give it something if you have the BOX. "GIVE BOX TO THE SPIDER"

d. Side note: If you love spiders so much, maybe you should marry it.After talking to the spider, "ASK SPIDER ON A DATE"


For the Forest Cave and Forest


1. To enter the FOREST from the Forest Cave, you literally have to enter the FOREST. "ENTER FOREST" or "ENTER THE FOREST"

a. But before that, you can investigate the FOREST too! "EXAMINE THE FOREST"

b. There is some stuff lying around. You can look at that stuff as well. ex: "EXAMINE GOLD" or "TAKE GEMS"


2. Once you are inside, you should a RIVER and a BRIDGE connecting to a GAME TRAIL.

a. Investigate your surroundings and then follow the RIVER. "FOLLOW THE RIVER"

b. The GAME TRAIL and BRIDGE are new. They will be covered in Day 2 stuff.


3. If you follow the river, you'll encounter a friendly WOODSMAN.

a. The prompts here are fairly self-explanatory. You can either help him. "INSIST HE TAKES YOU"

b. OR ditch him. "IGNORE HIM"


4. If you ditch him, you'll end up in at an old, abandoned MILL.

a. You investigate the area and go inside. ex: "EXAMINE WATERWHEEL" or "GO INTO MILL"

b. If you check out the mill, try investigating. You may find something. "EXAMINE DESK" and then, "TAKE RECORDS" and "TAKE PAINTING"

c. You can also follow the Path next to the MILL.


For the Beaver King


1. You will end up following this part of the story regardless if you help or ditch the Woodsman.


2. The prompts are fairly self-explanatory. Just follow the capitalized words.

a. Hint: BEAVERS don't know mercy.

b. Hint: Insults to character, insults to moms, and implications of compensation are generally frowned upon.

c: Easter Egg: The painting...THE PAINTING!


For the Battlements and the Village


1. You can see the GATE. You should make a break for the GATE. "RUN TO THE GATE"

a. It turns out there IS something else you can do; since this dragon is so obsessed with music making, maybe you should give it a taste of your own voice. "SING TO THE DRAGON"

b. THEN, you can make a break for the gate. "GO TO GATE"


2. If you didn't scare away the dragon, once you are in the village, the dragon will follow you and try to get you to listen to him.

a. You could give him a taste of his own medicine. "SING TO THE DRAGON"

b. Or you can toughen up the STREAMERS that are on him from crashing into town. "CAST SPELL OF RESILIENCE ON THE STREAMERS"

c. Once the dragons gone, you can go to the cafe! Meet your love! "GO TO CAFE"



Day 2 Hints


Everything is the same for day 2, except there is a new section.


For the Forest Detour


1. If you made it to the Forest, you will have noticed the BRIDGE extending to the GAME TRAIL on the RIGHT.

a. Take it. "GO RIGHT" or "CROSS BRIDGE"

b. If you follow the RIVER, you may miss this section. I'm not sure.


2. You may find yourself in a bit of pickle with a BRAMBLE BUSH

a. There are some items around. Investigate them. ex: "TAKE ACORN" or "TAKE MUSHROOMS"

b. You won't be able to leave until you free yourself from the BUSH. "CUT BUSH WITH SWORD"

c. Make sure to repeat for good measure. "CUT BUSH WITH SWORD" again

d. You can go back to the river now or continue forward. "GO TO RIVER" or "GO FORWARD"


3. If you continue forward, you will run into another dead end with an oak tree.

a. Try investigating and maybe pick up something. ex: "TAKE MOUNTAIN"

b. There isn't much else to do. Head back to the RIVER. "GO BACK"


4. I found out when you can assault squirrels! You can assault them when you are stuck in the BRAMBLE BUSH. "THROW ACORNS"

a. Throwing them once calls them; them twice scares them.

b. Once you free yourself from the BUSH, You can also follow the squirrel to the oak tree dead end with the MOUNTAIN of ACORNS. "FOLLOW SQUIRREL"

c. If you didn't scared the squirrel away, you can also engage squirrels. I haven't confirmed this though. "PET SQUIRREL" or "TOUCH SQUIRREL"


From then on, the story progresses as is from yesterday.


NOTE: If you are stuck in the BRAMBLE BUSH, and tried everything above and cleared your cache, then you can report the problem here.

- Others have had the same issue.

- The BRAMBLE BUSH OF ENTRAPMENT has been reported, and it seems like people are becoming free now.




- Feel free to correct me if any of these are wrong. I'm going from memory. Anyone is free to add more tips.




OTHER TIPS (Highlight for spoilers)


1. EXAMINE <insert creature/person/object here> or EXAMINE THE <insert creature/person/object here> ex: EXAMINE THE ROOTS, EXAMINE THE SKELETON

- usually helpful in investigating stuff

- doesn't work on everything


2. TAKE <insert object here> or TAKE THE <insert object here> ex: TAKE THE COINS, TAKE THE ARMOR

- you will use this a lot

- you can use it on random things too

- collected items will be added to your inventory EXAMINE INVENTORY

- Can also be used to take paths


3. USE (THE) <insert object here> ON (THE) <insert object/person/creature> ex: USE AXE ON TREE

- good for using items

- make sure you indicate what you are aiming at, or it won't work


4. GO <insert direction> ex: GO BACK, GO FORWARD, GO UP, GO EAST

- it will help you get around

- it doesn't always work

- it's often situation specific


Easter Eggs:


TAKE COINS (after taking some already)

EXAMINE COINS (after taking coins)



EXAMINE CLIFF (after horse is gone)

EXAMINE HORSE (after horse is gone)

CHOP TREE WITH AXE/USE AXE on TREE (after already cutting down tree)




TAKE SKELETON (at the lake)

TALK TO SPIDER (after spider is gone)

ATTACK SPIDER WITH SWORD/USE SWORD ON SPIDER (after attacking the spider already)


CUT BUSH WITH SWORD (after you freed yourself)

PET SQUIRREL (after throwing more acorns)


GIVE PAINTING (to Beaver King at the Beaver Court)

SING TO DRAGON (after dragon leaves)



And that's it for Shokomon's quicky guide. Feel free to modify.



Other Guides:

1. WoLfgIrLyS' Possible Day 1 Walkthrough

2. LaHaine's List of Actions

3. Raindear's List of Actions

4. Kovia's List of Actions

5. Bugzilla's List of Actions

6. A Possible Day 1 List of Items

7. Shadowfang's Possible Day 1 Walkthrough

8. quack0709's Possible Day 1 List of Items

9. Varekis's Possible Day 1 Walkthrough

10. Arwen17's Possible Day 1 Walkthrough

11. VixenDra's (+VioletWhirlwind's) Possible Day 1 List of Items

12. Alternate Inventory Commands

13. Aurigena's Possible Day 2 Walkthrough









And that's it for now. If I missed anything, feel free to add it.


I will add new day stuff after I actually play the new stuff.


Edit: Finished updating the guide! It's not really a quicky guide anymore, but oh well.

Edit2: Adjusting the guide some more.

Edit (2/17): Adding badges and updating guide. And putting a plug for the Wiki.

Re-posting because updates.

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Um, businesses do not reveal their dirty laundry, and, as there are contracts involved, the Cave is under no obligation to reveal what happened, either. It would actually be really unprofessional of TJ to give more detailed explanation. It would also probably scare off spriters to know that behind-the-scenes issues could be made public.


user posted image


I can guarantee you that in the almost 9 years I've been hanging out here, we've never had an explanation of behind-the-scenes goings-on unless the spriter him or herself revealed it.


Also, spriters have lives. They do not sit at a desk, drawing 24-7. As I doubt TJ would let the release go forward without thinking everything was in place, I'm guessing the need to change the sprites happened in the last 24-48 hours. So, some spriter sat down and worked something up in-between work/school/kids/sleep/etc. Spriters have tweaked the art after a release before. It seems likely it will happen again with these newest sprites and the dragon description. Patience.


In a professional or school setting, critiques are required to contain both negative AND positive statements. I think it's a good idea to say, specifically, what does not look good to you and how to fix it. But remember to throw the spriter a bone when you're commenting, and say what you like about the art as well.


Personally, I love the idea of the pearl being at the bottom of the sprite, held jauntily in the paws. It reminders me of rhythmic gymnasts who work with the ball. Also, thank you, thank you, thank you for a purple, somewhat frilly female adult! I'd been wanting a purple Valentine forever, and I had been longing for a more feminine-looking adult after a long spate of buff-looking releases.


So, I know this post is going to get buried in the avalanche of drama, but I wanted to say all this "out-loud", if only for the record. happy.gif

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I feel like there'd be even more backlash in that case, because people were already getting attached to the design in hatchling form?

I'm not an in-cave spriter, but if any ever of my sprites got in but then had to be removed - even if I myself requested their removal - I would HATE for their replacements to be imitations of my design. Furious. Obviously I cannot speak for the spriters of these dragons, but I think to replace them with a clone is not ideal.


I also couldn't resist...

user posted image

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Pulling an event dragon half way through the event isn't going to be something that anyone wanted to do. It's going to be something that was done because it absolutely had to be.


Details might be sparse because the situation's ongoing. TJ might not be at liberty to talk about it in depth until things settle. I'd suspect more information will be made available when it can be, but I also get a sense that this is something that you'd do only if it was your only option.

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I really feel like a comment here and there isn't really "hysteria", a handful of people are bound to freak out, though no one should be bashing the new sprites. This happens in every large community, no matter where you are.


Expressing disappointment is okay. Bashing isn't. But it's okay to dislike something and comment about it, which I think the majority of comments are doing. So let's not paint everyone with a broad brush when they don't deserve it.


I'm not happy about it, that doesn't mean I blame anyone either. tongue.gif I'm sure it's a very unfortunate situation for everyone. It's also very confusing and no one likes being kept in the dark, even if it may be necessary if there are personal details involved.


I too was rather into the lighter purple. But I still like this dragon very much. I would be very pleased if there were some tweaks here and there. If we could have had some information about whether or not these will be the finished sprites, that might have been helpful. I think it may have been better to fog them or perhaps use something as placeholders until new sprites/designs/remakes were decided upon.


Also something to consider -- it's possible the artist themselves decided to refrain from having their name on the dragons, possibly because they were concerned about criticism and dislike directed towards them. Maybe even because they'd rather wait until they finish them, if they haven't already I mean. Something to think about.

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This bruouhaha is ALL about the egg, s1 and s2 sprites that we had for less than 2 days each.

Normally I agree with you, but this time I don't. Regardless of the amount of time we had the sprites, it still remains that we dislike this particular change. I don't care that I had my S1 less than a full day; I greatly dislike the new one. I'd rather a change to it to make it more elegant. I know there are reasons, good reasons, valid reasons for the change. How I feel about THIS change isn't impacted by the reasons, given or not. I don't like the new S1 baby. I don't like the harsh colours. That is only highlighted by the fact that I *did* love the original, for the one day I had it.

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But really, with NO explaination it is just outrageous... WHAT can possibly lead to such a thing? it is CRUCIAL that we know...

not only so we can understand and feel less bitter but also so noone from the current userbase might find themselves and their sprites in a disaster like this...



BTW TJ technically can everything in this game(excluding using trademarked characters which he learned the hard way:P), so I don't want to see a lame 'reason' like 'because the 'rule' of secrecy was broken'(pfft as if it was indeed more important than the sprites themselves..) because that would NOT be at all worth the scrapping the, so far, perfect sprites...

I want to be reassured the reason was VALID enough, or I will feel worse than bitter that a good sprite was released just to be removed...


Right now I'm having the lamest excuses floating in my head(even including TJ realising he doesn't want debut in-cave spriters have a start with having spriters alts anymore - no matter how riddiculus that sounds but this is what can happen if no reasons are revealed and everything is such a mystery...) and can't help feeling the reason was NOT valid if TJ didn't reveal it... only the lamest excuses are kept secret like this and called 'unforseen circumstances' and alike...

It's not that all the details should be given, but at least the crucial ones... because right now NO excuse had been actually given... 'some sth' means nothing... As long as there's no reason given, there wll be some drama... either in here on in people's heads...

It is probably something like those legal cases that CANNOT be discussed. If a case in court is sub judice, you get to go to jail for talking about it. There may even be some kind of injuction. And we do not have a right to know everything, anyway. The spriters may not wish it discussed either - even if it were legal for them to do so. Those reasons would be perfectly valid.


I suspect we will not get an explanation, and I think it is high time people accepted that. TJ has his faults - lord knows I've complained about him, and to him, at times - but on this occasion I accept that this had to be done and unless TJ or one of the artists involved comes out and tells us why, I am happy to accept that we don't get to know. I am sorry you find it so hard to trust the poor guy, VixenDra - but I do, for once. I am quite sure, like Stromboli, that this was something where he had no choice.

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To all involved with these, you have a heartfelt thanks for all your work, effort and time. I'm sure the reason behind the change is a very good one. I can't see a HOLIDAY getting so massive a facelift during its release for anything other than a very serious reason. There probably wasn't much time to do these sprites, and that makes this effort all the more impressive to me.


So, for whoever had a hand in this, whoever had to make these changes for whatever reason they needed to be changed; THANK YOU. YOU ARE APPRECIATED.


user posted image

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My comments are not because I miss the sprites we had for two days. My comments are *mostly* because these new sprites, no matter *what* sprites they are replacing, are simply not up to DC standards. At least I *hope* this isn't considered DC-standard. There are a lot of things wrong with these sprites, both in anatomy and shading and posing, and I really really hope that they will be tweaked.

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Huh....apparently the sprites changed on the new V-day dragons. Well, I haven't checked my little ones yet to see if they are now hatchlings, but I think the adults are cool!It's like a mix between a purple dragon and a glistening speckled reindeer holiday dragon (with some asian Lung genes). It's so filled with energy, and the pearl<3 It's a bit small, but it's a nice accent.

As far as the ingenuity, this was a marvelous feat. It's not easy to add deer-like features to a distinctly serpentine figure when they aren't the horns;) especially when not making any distinctive tail whatsoever! I don't know if I would ever be brave enough to try that, and I LOVE drawing dragons!

Well, I hope all those 'scolding' complaints die down soon, I was shocked at the few I saw.... Such an upset for such a little thing.

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It is probably something like those legal cases that CANNOT be discussed. If a case in court is sub judice, you get to go to jail for talking about it. There may even be some kind of injuction. And we do not have a right to know everything, anyway. The spriters may not wish it discussed either - even if it were legal for them to do so. Those reasons would be perfectly valid.


I suspect we will not get an explanation, and I think it is high time people accepted that. TJ has his faults - lord knows I've complained about him, and to him, at times - but on this occasion I accept that this had to be done and unless TJ or one of the artists involved comes out and tells us why, I am happy to accept that we don't get to know. I am sorry you find it so hard to trust the poor guy, VixenDra - but I do, for once. I am quite sure, like Stromboli, that this was something where he had no choice.

This. I do not normally trust TJ, but its brutally clear to me what TYPE of situation had to have led to this, and its not a good one. I wish people would realize that some situations are best left in the dark.


I also wish people would think, really *think* about this.... And remember the Great Fog, the bullet we (barely) dodged with Dovealove, and what nearly happened with the Frills.


Do you guys really want something like that to happen again?




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Let me just say, thank you spriters for all your hard work in making art for us on your spare time. Sometimes, things happen and we might not like the results at all, but I would like to say that I still appreciate your work.


And on a different note, the topic at hand:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the released sprites had to be changed. I apologize for any inconvenience that may cause, though thankfully it has no chance to impact lineages, since all dragons are CB and none have bred yet.




user posted image --> user posted image (Provided by Aurigena)

user posted image --> user posted image

Even the egg sprite was modified a bit


user posted image New Egg Vs. Old Egg user posted image



Form your own opinions, but please, don't insult the artists.

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Welp. These aren't reindeer-y at all. Gotta change my babies' names. Kudos to the spriter though for the super quick replacement skills (even if they aren't my fav).

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Well, after coming here to make sure I wasn't losing my mind~


I don't think we will get an explanation myself, but since the reasons for a drastic change mid event would be fairly limited, I don't see a problem with that. It sucks though, because I adored the s1 sprites that I had. They looked like little fawns and they were cute as buttons - and I hugely dislike the replacement sprite for s1. It's rough and the colours are harsh and, it just doesn't seem finished. Although considering the circumstances, that may well be because it isn't finished. I still really love the adult sprites, they're gorgeous - big pearl in one paw is funny to me, but they've still got that cute little deer tail and gorgeous lavender and gold.


I do have to wonder if those were the original adult sprites though, since they have the old colours and they still have those antlers and tail, and the patterns of the colours are the same as the original s1 hatchies. If it is the original adult sprite, is it the one we'll get?


EDIT: After getting a look at the new s2 hatchies, I'm less disappointed. While still clearly not as polished as the originals, I really like the newsame s2. I still like the old colours better, but the pose of the new s2 is wonderful, lots of character!

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