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2017-02-14 - Valentine's Day!

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Purple! I've been wanting a purple vday for years, let's hope it's good!


Event credits:


Area art (all): Wookieinmashoo

Area art (village): Wookieinmashoo, Process


Event link: Fiona BlueFire


Badge: PieMaster







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dawww those birds are adorables. Well Happy valentines day everyone :3


edit: oh I snagged 4 lol... whelp I bet those will probs be nabbed from me since TJ's post says take 2 lol oh well

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Good luck!


Wait. After trying to grab my two, I suddenly have 7?


Should i drop them?

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New eggs not dropping? Lot of people probably have misclicked... glad these are three days!




edit: There we go! Love the purple, glad for a deviation from the red and pink

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The new egg is so pretty! I can't wait to see it grown up. But I can't see any in the cave?

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