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Hello, Hello!

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Hello everybody! My name is Rubinaito, and I come from the humble website Warrior Cats Online, in which this game is a pretty huge hit!


|| About Me ||


I love roleplaying and writing stories, even though most of my stories end up in the trash/delete folder because I just can't get into them. I'm known for being a bit of a grump, easily agitated, and I can sometimes be pretty depressed sometimes.

I'm pretty good at HTML coding, which is something I'm proud of!

My username, Rubinaito, is inspired by the Japanese word "Rubīnaito", or "ルビーナイト" which means Ruby Knight.

I love the color red, and I love roses. But isn't it ironic that I don't like Valentines Day? It's an interesting conundrum, isn't it?

I hope I can get to know you all!


|| FAQ ||


Q: Why do you like the color red?

A: Well, it's a color that can reflect almost every emotion. In Egyptian Mythology, red is an evil color, instead of black. It can mean anger, frustration, and other negative emotions in that category. However, it also reflects the feeling of warmth and comfort, the color of beautiful flowers such as roses.


Q: Do you like blue?

A: It flip-flops between the two, to be honest. I can like blue, various shades of it, but I just love red!


Q: Can I ask more questions in the comments?

A: Of course! Feel free, I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability.


Q: How much will you be on these forums?

A: I don't know. It depends on how busy this site is.

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Welcome to DC!


Great intro! We have a small RP section here that you can jump right into if you want. And you can share any stories that don't end up in the trash in Original Works. We'd love to read them. =)


P.S. I really love the introspective reasoning you have for liking red.

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