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Albino Nebula: "Spriter's Alt"

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As per the Nebula Encyclopedia:

It is entirely possible for a black and white patterned Nebula to exist, as a form of albinism via colour-blindness. This, however, is extremely rare.


Firstly, was an Albino Nebula was ever proposed or even Sprited? I suppose the Spriters would have more information on that front, but they all seem inactive.


I'm suggesting that we implement an Albino Nebula as the first Non-Holiday Spriter's Alt.


I suggest this rather than having Albino Nebulas for everyone because:

1. It would keep them "extremely rare."

2. It would give us the purdy Sprite/visual without additional color-worries. rolleyes.gif


As far as the inactive Spriters, maybe the Albino Nebula could be made by someone else (or a collaboration between people)? Permission would have to be granted obviously. Perhaps the Spriters could also have regular Nebulas, so they aren't stuck with JUST the "Alt" version...


Ideas? Suggestions? Is this a bad idea? Am I too excited thinking about a Black and White Nebula? Discuss. ^^

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It does not make sense to start randomly implementing spriter alts for random dragons.


If you would like to make a suggestion for another nebula color with a different method of implementation than spriter alts, I suggest contacting the artists first (I believe TJ should be contacted in place of skinst).

If you would like to make a suggestion for an alternate way to handle spriter alts, then you may do so. But please don't just make a list of random dragons you want to see more colors for (and note that if it's a spriters alt, the spriters will be choosing their own alt colors).


But as per my first sentence, I am going to go ahead and close this thread.

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