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Warped: Multifandom Academy RP thread

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"Excellent!" Doyle said to the seemingly very enthusiast student. "Very good how you're just ignoring the downpour! I think you'll do very good in my class. Just remember: danger - is just opportunity - in disguise! What exactly that means, will be explained in my lessons."




He nodded. She might have just protected him from severe bodily harm, and to show his gratitude, he nodded. How kind. No, you probably think this is sarcastic, but it's not. Any idea how rude some people in New York are? You can save their life and they'll be mad at you for breaking stuff. Now that more commonly happened to Spider Man, but still, that people showed some gratitude, was more than she expected. Not just because she couldn't allow herself to expect more, but because she really wasn't used to being respected by strangers.


Then she picked up on a conversation between three people, a girl and two boys who were all dressed in a way that suggested they were gifted in a way similar to herself and the others at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, although she was aware that clothing didn't mean anything in this place. And really, she hoped her intuition was wrong here, because the very reason she and Cloak went here after S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy was to learn about other dimensions and how they really work. And what threats can come from them. The rest of the team decided to stay on earth, so they could keep looking over New York.


The three people seemed to be... arguing? about who was the biggest troublemaker. They weren't doing things they shouldn't yet, but she'd be keeping an eye on them.

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According to many test results in its memory banks that the bot didn't know where they came from, animals were more acutely aware of danger than more sentient beings. A sentient is easily distracted by its own self-awareness, and is capable of lowering its own concerns for self-preservation to levels animals can't quite reach. So logically, when the Ragdoll cat became more relaxed despite everything, the bot began to feel more comfortable too. It kept an eye on Scary Lady, but was simultaneously confused by her casual tone. Maybe they were getting along?

Humans are strange.


The bot looked up at the ceiling again, eye dilating against the bright lights, curious as to why the sprinklers' water was going around the darkened patch like there was an invisible wall. Perhaps... the Scary Lady has a device that worked like an Excursion Funnel? Excursion Funnels created an active, semi-mundane force that pushed things in one direction, but this was more like a glass bowl was floating over them; a funnel would push the water up into the ceiling. Or maybe her device could control the force intensity?

Ooo, that sounds cool! But how was it casting a shadow? Energy is invisible!


Scary Lady suddenly began to laugh loudly, and whatever force that held the water back disappeared. The bot squeaked and hugged the disgruntled cat closer as they were doused; again!

WET! So much wet!! But Scary Lady said no running! But it needed shelter! But it didn't figure out yet what the force was! BUT SHELTER!

It finally took off in a random direction, making its captive dig claws back into its hull. It wasn't going anywhere in particular, yet it aimed for something it could hide under; the flaw of this was that the room was nearly vacated! It shot past a few chatting humanoids, scrambled over a tail, bolted underneath a tall, black creature, nearly tripped over a bag, and finally had its speed killed by hitting a large puddle. It skidded frantically on the wet surface, searching for an escape from the water.

Escape? Escape?! There! It spotted a rectangular opening in the wall; doors to outside! Safety!


With some more desperate scrambling and the grace of some deity, the bot finally managed to gain enough traction to shoot off toward the exit. Unfortunately, upon entering the area it proved to be a short hallway, with some sort of giant light beam at the end and the crowd growing denser near it. To keep from running into someone the bot ended up scrambling backward into a corner, darting glances between the door it came from and the rest of the room; thankfully, no one seemed to notice or bother with it. It looked around, and spotted yet another door; some people from the crowd would look up ahead impatiently, then turn and detour through that door instead in discontent. The trickle of people assured the bot that the crowd density would be lower past the door, so it moved more discretely toward it and peeked in.

STAIRS! Floating metal stairs! A dry hiding place!

Without any hesitance the machine bolted for cover, running under the stairs and squashing itself into the darkest corner. The place was too clean to hide properly, as an observant being could spot it huddled in the corner past the steps, but at least it would have some respite from the constant panic it has had. It held the Ragdoll cat for a moment longer, feeling comforted despite the kitty's objections, before placing it down and frantically wiping water from its face. The feline took the opportunity to run to the opposite corner and begin bathing to dry out its fur; it had enough for one day.

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Tchaikovsky meowed in protest when he felt the skidding of the weird spider-bot's legs. He was even more upset that his fur was soaked. So naturally, when he was set down under some shelter, he ran to the corner and started shaking himself up. Poor Tchaikovsky was quite upset.




"TCHAIKOVSKY? Dammit, WHERE is this cat?" Yuri continued to scamper around the vast Gymnasium, with his friend in tow. He grew more and more annoyed as the water from the sprinklers fell. "And WHEN are the janitors going to turn these sprinklers OFF?" Yuri was very much like a cat- he absolutely DESPISED the rain. Fire sprinklers were no better. Muttering obscene words in Russian, Yuri started walking towards a set of floating stairs. Oh, thank God. Shelter. As Yuri approached, still holding a grip on Otabek's hand, he noticed something. There was a weird, spider-like robot.He raised an eyebrow. Man, there are a LOT of strange folks here...


And in the corner, licking himself off and looking very annoyed, was a sopping-wet colorpoint ragdoll cat. He looked up at Yuri and meowed at him.


"Tchaikovsky!!!!!" Yuri ran towards his cat.




Why do I keep forgetting Spyro lmfaooooooo


Spyro simply sat and looked around. The rain didn't bother him too much. After all, he didn't have a need to use any of his Elemental Attacks. For now, the sprinklers were fine. He couldn't say the same for the others in the room, though- Of course there was a variety of students. The diversity of the student body here is so vast- he wouldn't be surprised if there were beings that simply can't survive in water. The only issue Spyro had was that the water was COLD.


And so, Spyro decided to fly out of the gym and towards his dorm. He hoped his roommate was welcoming- and not hostile towards dragons. Unfortunately, he ran into creatures like those all too often before Malefor's defeat...




"Excellent! Very good how you're just ignoring the downpour! I think you'll do very good in my class. Just remember: danger - is just opportunity - in disguise! What exactly that means, will be explained in my lessons."


The professor's comment made Zabina grin. It was a good thing that she decided to ignore the frizzball her hair will soon become. "Thank you, Professor! I look forward to being in your class."




Blaster safety was going to be a priority in Han's class. If it weren't a total downpour out here, he would check his lesson plans. But now, he's just going to have to revise his syllabus a little bit.


Instead of two weeks of safety training, Han was going to extend that to five weeks.




Finally, Kouji noticed a custodian walking into the Gym. He looked quite irate- he must have been here for the incident last year. Kouji snickered at that one- he had to admit, it was a hilarious prank. Scaring a Flareon into using Smokescreen? Classic. The aggravated custodian simply took out a key and walked toward the closet, slipping inside to try and stop the sprinklers.


He looked at the crowd of girls who were asking him rather arbitrary things about close combat- Quite a few of them were crying that their hair and makeup were ruined. He secretly prayed that most of them were just trying to get a closer look and were not actually taking his class. To be frank, he was glad that he didn't announce that he would be a TA for a specific class last year- it made it easier to avoid having that same problem. Kouji knew all too well how annoying it was to have people take a class simply because of a teacher or a TA, instead of having an interest or a talent in the subject itself.


Oh yes, he remembered his Algebra class with Han Solo. Lots of fangirls from Earth chose his specific section because they wanted to meet the Han Solo. It was very irksome when a girl raised her hand to ask about Han's availability for after-class help, or a random geek started asking about the Millennium Falcon. And that annoyance was very plain on Han's face. But, as you do, Han got used to it. Kouji hoped that he would as well. Luckily, he wasn't as popular as some of the people here...

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Before he knew it, Otabek was being pulled around the gym by his friend through the downpour. The air was full of the shrieks and whines of students displeased with the water; he should've guessed that out of the large array of species, some would be adverse to water. Especially Yuri. Sometimes, it seemed like Yuri himself was a different species. Occasionally, Otabek almost slipped on the slick floor, but it was a bit too loud for him to try and shout at Yuri to slow down. Not like the figure skater would listen to him anyway.


Soon enough, Yuri was running towards shelter, in the form of a case of floating stairs. How could that possibly be useful? It was just a floating set of stairs. However, there was a puffy white ball of something that could be no one but Tchaikovsky. Once Yuri reached his cat, Otabek was freed from his friend's grasp, and he shuddered from being wet. "So, we finally found your cat." He commented while squeezing out his scarf. He looked at the bot curiously. "I wonder where it came from?" Right after he asked the question, the downpour ceased. "Finally. Zabina must've been freaking out over her frizzed hair."



Boy, was it a relief when the "rain" stopped. A sopping wet Luke made his way through the crowd, picking up a convenient megaphone. "Alright, please wrap up whatever you're doing and head to your dorms. Your dorm information should be on the paper you've been given when you got here." With that, he went to go find that bot. Xhirra Force-jumped over to him; a good deal of students watched her flip through the air in awe. She was a talented student, but even to his standards, it was hard to imagine her as an actual Jedi. Showoff, slightly arrogant...Han was rubbing off on her. She had loads of potential, but overall she was aggravating to teach.


"Yo, Master. What're we gonna do about that bot? It's...cool." She remarked, squeezing water out of her ponytail.


"Funny, I was just going to investigate it. We'll probably contain it, then Ziegler will decide what to do with it." Luke sighed, rubbing his face. Not even the first week, and already he was wishing for summer. The two of them walked over to the bot, under a set of floating stairs. The floating stairs were a relic from Aeris's rule; they were a pain to use, but also a pain to remove, so Lilanne kept them there.


"Looks cool." Xhirra began to approach the bot, but Luke stopped her.


"No. We don't want to scare it away, and if you fool with it, you're going to have a bad time." Luke warned. Xhirra stepped back and put her arms slightly in the air, but she still smirked. If he didn't know better, he would've thought Xhirra was Han's kid. The mannerisms were similar. And the last thing we need is two Han Solos running around.

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It took several wide swipes, but the bot finally managed to sweep most of the moisture off its hull. It let out a few discontented chirps and gave itself a quick shake to remove the rest of the droplets, only to stiffen up when a figure burst into the room, dragging someone with him.

Two humans; hopefully not looking for it...?

The first human shouted out something that didn't translate to the bot, immediately bending down to retrieve the Ragdoll cat it had snatched earlier; so the word must have been the feline's name? The person he dragged with him immediately began to wring out his scarf, commenting on the situation and the sprinklers "outside", yet looking at the bot. It seized up and sheathed its arms so they were protected, feeling the need to scrunch up in the corner to protect itself.

Please don't hurt me... It hoped. Please leave.


Against the bot's wishes though, two more people showed up! They also seemed human, although their clothing was different... actually, every human looked a little bit different here. Immediately the female of the two approached the bot without caution, making it shrink up into the corner with a frightened beep, pulling its legs up so close to it they almost blocked out its sight!

Please don't hurt me please don't hurt me please don't hurt me...! It chanted in its mind; or what one could arguably call a mind. Thankfully, the male who had entered last held out a hand and warned her:

" No. We don't want to scare it away, and if you fool with it, you're going to have a bad time."

The female paused, and eventually pulled back, but instead of being disgruntled she looked more amused. The bot watched her carefully; what did she want to do with it? Was she another Scary Lady?

Oh no, what if there were more Scary Ladies?! The third male was at least being nice, but the Scary Ladies weren't nice at all...


The bot didn't want to use its turrets, but it began to feel an impending need. The destruction of knowledge was despicable, but it had to preserve as much as it could... exploding and losing all of its information because it didn't defend itself was worse than gunning down one source! Yet, on second thought... how worried should it be? The first male was skinny and blonde, and his greatest weapon appeared to be this "Tchaikovsky"; the bot was already scratched up by the cat, but it was by no means hull-breach capable. The second male's possible weapon would be his scarf; not a threat, right? The third male had some kind of rod on a belt, but who knew what that did. The most concerning figure, really, was the female, as she appeared to have guns of some kind on her person. Problem was, the guns didn't match anything the bot knew...

On second second thought, anything can be used as a weapon; what if they coordinated an attack?! First the Scary Lady holds it at gunpoint, then the cat is flung as a distraction, then the black-haired male ties it up with the angry cat with his scarf and then the brown-haired male tackles it and...! Oh no, this was BAD!!

As if that wasn't bad enough of an assumption, the bot simultaneously reminded itself that concealed weapons existed, which led it to remembering the strange force that the first Scary Lady had. What if these humans had it too? What if they weren't human at all?! It couldn't risk that... It couldn't risk any of this!! It needed another escape route! The stairwell was awkwardly narrow for any escape though, even a complex one of climbing around on the walls and jumping between landings; it might be able to scurry up the wall and follow the stairs upside-down, if it was lucky. At the moment though it was locked into its corner, surrounded by four large beings and feeling very, very hopeless.

Ohhh... this wasn't looking good.... better prepare another death log.

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Vulpes watched Arctic with a careful eye as they moved about to find their living quarters. He had chosen to come here because it would be a means for Arctic to have a better way of defending herself. Right now she was excitedly looking about as they moved.


It seemed like different beings from different places were coming together. Luckily he didn't see the one being that would irk him the most. Spyro. He considered himself lucky in a way before he paused. What would he do if he came snout to snout with the purple dragon? Would he simply ignore Spyro? Or would he try to fight him?


Vulpes was certainly much bigger than Spyro, he presumed. But if he fought Spyro, then what would happen? Would they be kicked out? There were so many things running through the orange and white dragon's mind right now it wasn't funny.


He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts as he focused on trying to find their room.




Blue stomped around irritable. She wished these humans would stop trying to touch her. At first it was amusing to her as she would growl and hiss at them just to watch them scatter, but now she found it annoying. Sheesh! Not even Zoey has tried to her this much. If there was one good thing about that human is that Zoey respected Blue's space.


If there was one good thing that could put her in a good mood was that she could memorise hallways and the such to find her room quicker than most.




Zoey looked around a bit busily as she was in her classroom. Globbers made sounds like he was happy to be doing this. "Of course you'd be happy," she said as he floated around. "Just try not to hug people when classes officially start. Remember that not everyone is used to a huge blob hugging them."


Globbers nodded before looking around slightly. Zoey picked up a book as she stared at Globbers. Maybe it was a good idea to catch new Pokemon, or maybe ask if she go retrieve the rest of her team first. What kind of a trainer would be teaching a Pokemon history lesson with only one Pokémon? She finally looked at the book to start preparing a lesson for when class actually did start.




He stood alone, looking out at the academy. He wasn't sure if anyone knew of his excistance. After all, he needed to stay hidden. Better to stay hidden than to be found out. He didn't want to go back to the Entity's​ realm just yet. He enjoyed his freedom here. Maybe if he asked kindly? No, that wouldn't work either. He couldn't speak.


What the Entity did to him, he had no idea, but one thing was for certain: he lost the ability to talk. He hesitated with the idea of going up into the building. He eventually did get to moving to the building, staying invisible. While Evan would advise against this, Billy might think it as fun and try to kill people. Philip gripped his weapon tightly as he began to uncloak himself as he neared.


He hoped they would let him in. Above all, he hoped he wouldn't get sent back.

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Professor Ziegler sighed. “All professors, please assist the students in finding their dorms. Then relax in your own rooms and dry off. We were supposed to have a meeting today, but we will postpone it for tomorrow due to today’s…. Shenanigans.” Lilanne started wringing the water out of her hair. Children….



Han looked up at professor Ziegler, then to the students around him. “Okay everyone, to the dorms! You heard the lady, let’s go!” Man…. The year without Leia was going to suck. But he knew what he had to do…. At least he had the night to relax and talk to her.



Looking around at the chaos, Lara Croft sighed and put her fingers to her temples. Christ, can today get any more chaotic? She secretly hoped not- It was already irritating enough that she was sopping wet. Sure, through her many adventures she was certainly used to it…. But she absolutely loathed the way her shirt fit when it was soaked…. To put it short, it was rather irritating. Lara hoped that her books weren’t wet- she hadn’t had the chance to put them in her office yet. Unfortunately transportation from her world to this one was… delayed.


She approached one of her fellow professors- a woman who walked with a… Um…. Lara was not sure what it was. She figured that if she were to be here for at least nine months, it would do her well to be acquainted with her colleagues. “Hello. Unfortunately I had some troubles getting to this world, so I missed orientation. My name is Lara Croft. And you?”


Hopefully this professor was not hostile…. That would make this interaction that much more awkward.



Lara Kashirin sighed as she felt her soaking wet hair weighing her shoulders down. Damn it. Of course my first day here is the day I become a walking frizz-ball. Joy. She passed one of the teachers and a fellow student harassing a small mechanical thing. Lara raised an eyebrow. “Um, pardon me…. But what’s going on here?



Kouji glanced over at Tara and grinned. “So…. What suite are you living in?” Tara shrugged. “Suite 3. You?” “Suite 1. Well, at least there’s someone I know on my floor. Hope my roommate’s chill, at least.” Tara sighed. “Honestly? Me too. I don’t want to be tormented all year by my roommate…. A rowdy suite mate would be bearable, but not a lousy roomie.” The two casually chatted as they walked in the direction of the suites.

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Just play it cool... Naomi didn't want to be like all the other girls all up in Kouji's face. It was impolite and inconsiderate to swarm him like that when all he wanted to do was get to his next class. And so she watched from a distance, like she had always done for the past year, standing near the exit, unnoticed but dry. Any event that drew attention away from her, whether it was a kid punching the ceiling or KKPP's 'harmless' pranks, wasn't a bad event.


It was kind of pathetic how she turned back into that girl of five years ago whenever she tried to talk to him, even though she learned how to let her anxiety pass right through her. Talking to people wasn't hard anymore, and she even felt confident and pretty sometimes standing in front of people. But him...


"Kouji! Tara! Hi!!" Biyomon leaped off of her shoulder and ran to catch up with the two. Naomi resisted the urge to hide her face, shrink into the corner, and completely avoid the two digi-power users (she thought merging was super weird until she experienced it herself). Instead, she gave them a wave and ran after her antsy Digimon, while the pink bird ran circles around her two friends. Biyomon always had trouble sitting still for too long. Her tail was fidgetting all assembly.


Friends? Well, she knew Kouji from the fight five years ago, but Tara was a recent development. Actually, she didn't think she exchanged more than six words with that girl last year.


"Hey! It's been a while!" She said with a smile, flicking her side-ponytail. "How was your break?" Act natural, she repeated like a mantra. Act natural, act natural!




Senko let out a laugh, this time more of a giggle. "Lookin' forward to it, Party Poison and Kobra Kid." She turned around and started making her way out, before the announcement to vacate the gym even happened. The sprinkler rain stopped, and so had their fun. "See y'all around."


Strange... They could see her stand. Did that mean they had Stand powers as well? Or was it just the mix of universes here that made them able to see spirits? A shame she didn't get a better look at their abilities, but she was sure that they would cross paths again.


And where had that spy robot gone? It could speak and understand her, but it had fled while she was distracted by the brothers. Unwrapping a lollipop from her pocket (relieved that it didn't get ruined from the water), she crunched through the candy in frustration, scanning the main hall. Where could it be?

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It had been a bit after they had waved a sassy goodbye to Senko, and now the two were off to their dorms, their rayguns swinging by their thighs in the holsters as they walked in sync with one another. Party Poison had his goggles over his eyes to block out the sun, Kobra Kid running his hands through his hair tiredly, whispering something to his brother about this place still making him feel more nervous than hearing the roar of BLI engines hot on their trails. Poison nodded and patted his little brother's shoulder in reassurance, knowing how he felt. All these strange monsters and spirit things and whatever did kinda give them a little bit of a nervous outlook to it all, even though they knew there was no way they could get ghosted here.


Soon enough, they got back to the suite they would be staying at for the time they would be here for, the two going into Poison's room for the moment. Closing the door behind the two, Poison flopped down on his bed with a tired sigh, taking his jacket off and throwing it somewhere else on his bed, not bothering for now to unpack the few items he had brought along to this school, choosing to leave it for later. They had just got here, after all.


"Who's this dude?" Poison turned his head to see Kobra messing around with Poison's suitemate's stuff, his long fingers playing with the laces of ice skates. "What the hell..." He had seen these kinds of things in old books, somehow left unravaged by the Wars, but never have seen one in real life before, as well, you can't really ice skate in a scorching hot desert. "Dude. This guy... I'm jealous." Got to spend all their time in the icy cold. Kobra growled to himself that that thought. "Frickin' ice guy dude. With goddamn edgy shoes."


Poison shrugged, a smirk overcoming his features as he focused on those skates. Reaching down into his stuff, he managed to sift out some sand from his clothing. "Kobra, you're the master at ****ing shoelaces up. Do your best." Poison giggled mischievously, watching as his brother nodded and went to work on the laces of the skates, Poison soon walking over and simply dumping the sand in. This was harmless and small compared to what they normally did (take the gym incident earlier for example) but it still satisfied the two to do a little something like this which was very good.


Stepping back, Poison admired his and his brother's work, deciding to nonchalantly walk out the room like nothing happened, for the other guy to find. Giggling to themselves, they didn't care that they were going to be a nuisance to the school. They had been doing it for years, hundreds of these little jokes and tens of those bigger pranks on the school. It's a surprise they hadn't gotten kicked out yet, but it was either this, facing the world uneducated, or falling back on BL's education. The latter two they obviously didn't want to do. And plus, this place offered protection from BLI, so they couldn't pass that up...


Sauntering away, they waited in the lounge-kinda area, laying back on the couch and turning on the TV to appear as calm and normal as the two could. But on the inside they were both giggling mischievously to themselves, wondering what would happen next...

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Zoey looked up when she heard someone talking to her. The person in question was soaking wet unfortunately. "Hi Lara! I'm Zoey, and this is Globbers, my faithful Reuncilus," Zoey said. Globbers made a happy sound to Lara in greeting. "Why don't I don't I help you dry off first? I wouldn't want to have you catch a cold before classes start."




She was could have been in a worse mood. She could have been still stuck in that universe with that stupid Quill slaving prince and that band of humans. It wasn't her job to defend the Earth. She paused. It wasn't her job to defend this planet either! So what the hell was she doing here? Oh yeah, the weapons. She choose to be a teacher to teach a weapons​ class. She wanted to explore and use all the different weapons out there. She started to walk again, this time with a purpose. The first person who wanted to talk with her better well damn have some coffee for her in their hands.




Philip kept flexing his hands nervously. He was going to the big building. He could just turn invisible and just sneak in, but he was done sneaking around. Looking up, Philip scanned the door for any signs on what to do.

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Kouji grinned. “Not bad, actually. My brother is here, but he's in a different building from us. So that'll be interesting. Then again, considering we live in different houses, it's not like it makes a difference for us, you know?” He shrugged. “Either way, how were your breaks? You excited for this year? I know I am. I mean… I can beat people up for the sole purpose of education! Perhaps I can ‘randomly’ select people who get on my nerves to ‘volunteer’. Hehehehe, that'll be fun.” Kouji grinned evilly and rubbed his hands together like some sort of mad scientist. He then leaned down and pat Biyomon’s head. “Hey there.” Tara sighed. “Mine was okay. Spent a good couple weeks traveling- I got some awesome pictures to hang on my wall… When I finally get my stuff.” Their residence hall grew ever the nearer, and Tara felt knots tie up in her stomach. Kouji was here, which is great- more than great, actually- but she was still nonetheless nervous.


Who would her roommate be? Would they get along? Or would they make each other’s lives a living hell? Only the next few minutes could tell...



Yuri was looking forward to flopping on his unmade bed and taking a nap after Otabek left him to go to his suite. So when he opened the door to his suite, the silence was almost pleasant. He walked through the lounge area- there were two guys in odd-looking outfits watching TV. Yuri shrugged. Oh well…. They probably already moved in, no doubt. As Yuri approached the door, Tchaikovsky pawed his leg and meowed. “Okay, okay, I'll feed you in a little bit.


He opened the door to see the most horrific sight. He saw his stuff was rummaged through- and whoever did it did a very lousy job of covering up. On his bed were his skates- and what Yuri saw made him shout with anger. They weren't too badly damaged, but god were they a mess. The laces were pulled out of the shoes, with the exception of the last set of holes. They were also tied in knots all the way up to the ends. When Yuri picked one up, sand poured onto the bed, and Yuri let out a string of Russian curses.


W h a t the actual HELL???


“Hi Lara! I'm Zoey, and this is Globbers, my faithful Reuncilus. Why don't I help you dry off first? I wouldn't want to have you catch a cold before classes start."


Lara gave Zoey a small smile and nodded. “I would appreciate that very much, thank you. Where will we go?


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"The usual, went to see mom, did some drawing... Can't say life has been really exciting since we saved the world, but I can't say I miss the fighting." Her voice trailed off, embarrassed by the fact that she preferred a peaceful life over fighting for survival. She shook her head, changing the topic. "I can't believe we're graduating soon."


In a rehearsed motion, Biyomon climbed her tamer's clothes and perched herself on Naomi's shoulder while the group made their way to the dorms. They passed a hall where she heard russian screeching behind one of the suite doors. Naomi turned, watching the door with concern, but the shouting seemed to have stopped for a little while.


"Sounds like he's having a fifth-life crisis," Biyomon helpfully commented. "Too high pitched for a quarter life."


Nevertheless, she continued upward on to her own assigned place, checking her slip from time to time to make sure she was going to the right one. When she was sure he had the right door, double checking the note a few more times just to be sure, she finally took a breath and entered.


No sooner had she clicked the door open did Naomi feel something slam into her, knocking her down and sending Biyomon nearly tumbling back down the stairs. She shouted in surprise and kicked her legs to try to throw off her attacker, but her heart only raced faster when she stared into the creature's threatening red eyes and uncanny ear-to-ear smile full of sharp teeth.


"Meow," it said. "Tao got locked in that room forever! Thanks for saving me, ironing board!"


Ironing board...? The cat creature had two completely covered paws that were placed firmly on Naomi's chest, as if surveying the landscape. The girl's entire face turned red and she went limp, wishing that she could sink into the floor and cease to exist.





There you are...!


Her target was surrounded by no less than four other people, many old enough to be teachers, but Senko was never really the type to listen to obey authority. She schemed her next move -- would it be easier to come in from above? Sneak past from behind one of the teachers and have her Stand grab it again? Or choke the entire area with shadows? Her constructs weakened the further they were from her, and at this distance anything she could throw would dissolve before it hit anything.


Where were the Cool Guys when she actually needed a diversion? That kind of stuff seemed to be Party Poison and Kobra Kid's specialty.


Climbing up the stairs partway while Luke was too busy talking, she snuck up along the railing. Her Stand materialized, also looking downwards, and the spirit phased through the bars -- right at the edge of her range -- and snatched the bot, throwing it up towards the ceiling.


Seko jumped, using her feet to push off the guardrail, and caught the turret in mid-air. Once she hit the ground, she immediately began running like a star quarterback who just caught the ball, down the hallway and turning two corners before she deemed it safe to put the robot down.

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The bot simply shook in terror at all of the attention it had garnered, looking back and forth between all of its observers. A new log hung open in its mind, ready for editing, but it had learned from last time that it might actually survive this. It heard footsteps on the stairs above it, which only made its tension heighten... and accidentally send the empty log.

Wait, "send"? To who? It didn't have any connections open!

There was a long pause. Then it felt a sort of strange something in its head that certainly wasn't there before. It stopped shaking, curiosity taking over it as it tried to debunk what the thing was. It felt like the things it was looking at were being shared with the something, but every time it tried to examine the presence it was blocked by a firewall. So it was a remote connection of some kind...


In its distraction, the machine didn't notice something grabbing onto it. Not until it was suddenly dragged and flung upwards!

"A-HAAAAAAA!" It squealed, flailing about. The world spun sickeningly around it; it couldn't hear or see or make sense of anything!

The unusual presence withdrew, and in sheer terror the bot popped open its turrets and began firing. Round after round after round! Except it was pretty sure it wasn't hitting anything! Did it matter?!

Something crashed into the bot in midair, the two colliding into the wall. Miraculously, the stranger managed to avoid being filled with bullets, wrapping its arms around it and collapsing the turrets. A few spare rounds of miscellaneous calibers tumbled to the ground as it rushed off with the bot.

It responded appropriately: "AAAAAAAAAAA-!"

Everything was a blur! None of it made sense! Pearly white corridors rushed past as the bot struggled fruitlessly against its captor, now ironically in the position of its previous prisoner. It couldn't exhaust itself, so it just kept screaming, and screaming, and screaming...

Until its captor slowed and dropped it.


Clank! The bot's threads hiccuped as it hit the hard floor, silencing it. It scrambled for a bit, managing to do an impressive somersault before backing up against the wall, turrets opening back up to face its offender.

It.... IT WAS THE SCARY LADY!! With her pink hair and weird clothes and a lollipop!

"Who ARE you?!" The bot demanded, its laser sight trained on her nose. "Why are you doing this?"

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"You heard them, let's go to our dorms." Cloak said to Dagger eventually, a little while after they were told to, having spent some time looking around the gym, in case they'd ever have to fight there again.


"Yes, of course." Dagger replied.


As they were heading towards their dorm, walked across a woman ~ the woman they had decided to keep an eye out for ~ violently handling some sort of robot.


Dagger was eager to teach the woman a lesson, muscles contracting in an effort to hold back-


"Leave it be." Cloak said, bringing her back to reason. "We don't know what she can do. It's best to wait picking a fight until we do. Let's leave this up to the teachers."


"I... guess you're right."


A little while later, as they stood in front of their dorm's door, they were greeted by loud shouting in a foreign language. Dagger somewhat carefully opened the door, only to see the two other troublemakers from before watching TV.


"Oh my." Dagger whispered to Cloak. "We're sharing our dorm with them?"


Steadying herself again, she decided to make contact with them. The more she could get to know of them, the better.


"Well hero there, boys. Since we're sharing a suite here, I porpose we introduce ourselves. I am Dagger, and this is my friend and companion Cloak. He's not quite the talkative type. Now who are you guys?"




Groot was rather disappointed when the sprinklers were turned off, he was quite enjoying the downpour. But hey, at least he got to go to his room. He was curious to find out who his roommate was, or if he even had one. Back when he got the room assigned to him they told him it was possible he'd be in there all alone, but there would still be other people in the suite.


Once arrived at what should be the door, he saw a seemingly human girl and a girl that had some humanoid features and some feline features, holding the chest of the other girl. They probably didn't see him, so he thought it best to introduce himself.


"I am Groot!"

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Tara walked in to the room to see Naomi. Oh, she’s my roommate? Cool! She seems really nice, if but a little shy.Oh, Naomi! Good to see y---- What the actual HELL?” For when she looked in the room, she noticed a human-sized cat creature pinning Naomi down. What…?Um…. Who is this? Are you okay, Naomi?” Her gentle voice was officially the only noise in the room, and it was one of the most awkward things that she ever knew. 

She wondered what she signed up for when she decided to go to this strange school… 

Tara looked down and noticed something even more odd- some stick-like thing? A twig? And it talks? And MOVES? She waved awkwardly at it, not sure what to even say. This school continued to surprise her...

Yuri’s cursing became louder as he barged into the lounge with his skates, Tchaikovsky lazily following in tow. Tchaikovsky hopped onto the couch with the troublemakers and fluffed himself up. He faced the television with interest and began to purr. The Russian, however, was less than amused. He held up one of his skates and screeched, 


Spyro hopped on his new bed and tested it out. Interesting. This bed is surprisingly comfortable… And custom made. Wow. I suppose this wasn’t a bad idea after all. He sighed. I wonder who I will be rooming with. Hopefully they’re not hostile. The nagging voice of Cynder poked into his mind- If they were, would they even be here? He assured himself that they would not, and closed his eyes to get some rest. The lag that ensued from traveling between dimensions was really getting to him. 


Zabina was already done unpacking, getting to work on decorating her room. She was glad that the limits on decorations were much more lenient- as long as she was able to escape in the event of an emergency, she was fine. She already loved her color schemes- mostly cool colors- shades of blue and purple with the occasional pop of white. Hopefully her roommate wasn’t intrusive, because if one thing gets broken…

Lara Kashirin lugged her bags into the suite and looked at the different rooms. One was already occupied by a purple lizard-like creature. She shrugged and dragged her things into the nearest room. Lara looked around. The room was spacious enough, with two beds on either side of the room. Perfect. She tested the mattress- it was much more comfortable than those damned barracks during the 104th training corps… 

Immediately after she started unpacking her clothes. She wanted to be out of her roommate’s way when they arrived, after all. Spacious as the room was, there was only so much space for them both to be unpacking. 

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"I'm... okay..." Naomi wheezed. She was a little sore on her backside from falling down from the tackle-pounce, though her ego hurt a lot more. Ironing board?!?! She wasn't particularly eager to speak to anyone, much less have Tara witness her lying prone on the ground. Biyomon wasn't particularly helpful either: the bird had recovered from her tumble and was now rolling on the ground with laughter.


For a moment, Naomi wished this catgirl would take a chunk out of her digimon.


"I am Tao!" Taokaka enthusiastically replied to Groot while simultaneously answering Tara, grinning ear to ear. She finally bounced back onto her feet (after a time which to Naomi felt like an eternity), and swung one of her... paws? up to her forehead in a makeshift salute. Was she some kind of cosplayer...? Though, from how strange the rest of the academy was and how realistically her tail was moving, Naomi was sure that Tao wasn't just a human girl wearing a creepy mask with glowing eyes.


"I'd have expected you'd have gotten used to cross universe shenanigans by now," said Naomi, still on the ground. She had little will to get up at this point. "All of this is pretty much normal at this point. You kind of embrace the weird, after a while." Then again, she had many more years than the other girl to have 'embraced the weird', starting from universe shenanigans five years ago.


"I'm Biyomon!" The pink bird digimon introduced herself to both Tao and Groot and extending a wing in greeting. "Looks like we'll be living together, so nice to meet'cha!"


"Nice to eat'cha!" Taokaka echoed.

"Don't even try it, hairball," Biyomon flatly replied.



The robot's voice was kind of cute.


Scratch that. It was adorable. Its voice was high pitched but flat, and like someone shouting under their breath. When it questioned her, Senko couldn't help but laugh a little. And it did a really cool flip! It was more agile than its clumsy hull looked.


"I thought you were a spy at first, but you're a pretty bad spy," Senko admitted. Despite the laser dot shining right between her eyes and threatening to riddle her skull with bullets or lasers or whatever, the girl crossed her arms and relaxed her stance by shifting her weight onto leg, bluffing her confidence. It was a deliberate show of her defiance and how little she cared about the threat on her life, which was enough to unnerve most aggressive humans -- though robots probably wouldn't understand the body language very well. She was confident, however, that her bravado was backed up by the hidden power of her Stand which made her practically invincible to normal people.


Then again, nothing at this school was really normal.


Senko crunched straight through her lollipop with an audible crack, rolling the paper stick between her teeth for a bit before answering the questions. "I'm Senko Toriyama, if you were payin' attention earlier. This place is full of weird crap, and I was makin' sure you weren't too much of a threat to be reported. Although... you have been getting the attention of some of the teachers. I was just saving you from a pickle over there."

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Party Poison took one look at his brother and immediately tried not to snort at his roommate's screeching, holding the best straight face as he could. Kobra Kid, who was the master of stone faces, just kept his cool and gently looked up to Yuri and gave him a look. "You alright there bud? Feelin' a little-- hot?" Poison was desperately trying to keep in his laughter, trying his absolute best to internalize it, as he knew Kobra was forcing back a pun that'd be a dead giveaway he did it, despite however good his straight face was. "I think you need some-- ice to cool down!!" Poison bursted out laughing at that stupidly executed pun, quickly covering himself up as Kobra continued to stare at Yuri over his sunglasses, holding back snorts of his own laughter. Ohh, this was gonna be bad...

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   To the bot's shock and confusion, the human didn't look the least bit phased about its threat! She actually relaxed in the face of it, shifting her weight as if none of it even mattered, a small smile on her face.
   "I thought you were a spy at first, but you're a pretty bad spy," the Scary Lady said. The bot kept its sight on her, but was beginning to hesitate: was it a spy? Did it spy? It honestly wasn't sure; collecting information was collecting information, right?
   The confidence of the Scary Lady intimidated the bot, but it was frozen between deciding she was a threat, and deciding she was simply cocky. The strange things that happened around the Lady were unpredictable... but even after opening fire it didn't seem to stop them... was there really a point in provoking it any further? Aside from the fact that the Lady was also unpredictable, proven by the sudden attack as it observed everyone through a vent grate?


   The Scary Lady seemed to sense that the bot was referring to her rather crudely as "Lady" in its mind, and decided to introduce herself:
   "I'm Senko Toriyama, if you were payin' attention earlier," she said. The bot turned off the laser sight in curiosity of the new information: an English speaker with a Japanese name? "This place is full of weird crap, and I was makin' sure you weren't too much of a threat to be reported. Although... you have been getting the attention of some of the teachers," the Lady - er, Ms. Toriyama - mused. "I was just saving you from a pickle over there."
   The bot was stupified by the cordiality; was Ms. Toriyama being nice to it? Even after the assault, and the chase, and the cornering and struggling?
   This human is impulsive, the bot decided; though in classifying Ms. Toriyama's behavior, it piqued its curiosity enough that it closed up its weapons, staring blankly at her. As the woman crunched down on her lollipop, the bot's eye dilated in a pseudo-blink, giving her a full size-up.
   "I'm..." the bot began, but faltered off when its threads defaulted to zeroes. "I'm... I'm....... um..." It shrunk up in embarrassment, vainly searching its mind for any kind of ID, or a name, or even what it was supposed to be! "I don't know..."


   It became uncomfortable at the silence that descended, and it didn't want to leave Ms. Toriyama with nothing; that was just rude! It had to give itself some kind of identity, right? Something that others could call it by... but what?
   It looked at the ground, thinking. Well, according to its database, it was a girl: it sounded like a girl, and had more feminine traits than masculine ones, so it must be female. It was also small, and white, and was armed with turrets...
   "Turrets". That rang a bell in this context. Why though?
   "I am a girl. With turrets. I think..." it said... no, she said uncertainly. To try and divert from the awkward topic, she then asked: "Was one of the teachers a pickle? Why did you save me from it? I didn't know pickles were deadly."

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As Groot introduced himself, a girl appeared in the room that looked at him estranged, but then suddenly started to act normal again. The girl with feline features was the first to respond to his introduction, saying she was Tao. He decided to say it was nice to meet her: "I am Groot!"




The source of the screaming they heard before had become visible, and it was not happy. Seems the troublemakers were at it again, this time ruining this poor boy's ice skates. Wait - that boy seemed familiar. He's the one she saved earlier today! Well that's some coincidence. Would he still recognize them as well? That would be very likely. Either way, if this situation would escalate, she wouldn't hesitate to interfere again. The boy needed to learn to fend for himself, though, so unless the troublemakers would decide to go for a two on one fight, or pull out a possibly dangerous weapon of sorts, she'd let it go.


"Cloak", she whispered. "Remember that guy?"


"Yes, Dagger. Helping him might not have been that bad a decision after all."

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Something must have worked as the bot stood down, exchanging the hostile stance with a more openly curious one. Its spindly legs skittered and it withdrew its guns, making a motion that Senko could best describe as 'shuffling nervously'. The shutter of its single red eye readjusted itself. The teen tilted her head to the side and furrowed her brow, unimpressed. She wondered if it could do anything else that was interesting, if only the person who programmed it didn't make it so shy.


"I'll just call you Thing for now," she scoffed. Even though it was programmed female, the name Little Girl Turret just brought up images of a child with guns for limbs -- which was awesome in its own right -- and Turret-chan didn't really have a ring to it. "You're metal, have weird legs, sound like a girl, and fire bullets... You're a thing. A turret thing."


"Pickles kill," Senko played along with the robot logic, "though maybe Professor Luke is sour if you lick him. Best not engage unless you can run fast." At the word fast, she was suddenly reminded that the ultra-fast delivery service would have prepared her room by now, and that she had to hide all the cute stuff from her roommate before they found out about her soft side. It was only too late that she discovered that rooming was to be in pairs.


"Well, I gotta check on my stuff so see you later, Thing," Senko waved without looking back, trying not to betray her urgency by walking quickly. If they find out...!




"I am Tao!" Taokaka replied, waving her tail and grinning. She was having the time of her life replying to Groot, who for some reason was still introducing himself.

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   Ms. Toriyama scrutinized the bot for a second, and for a moment she suspected that she had said something wrong; there were many possibilities as to why she had that reaction. As she waited though, Ms. Toriyama eventually gave her a scoff:
   "I'll just call you Thing for now."
   "...Thing?" the bot echoed.
   "You're metal, have weird legs, sound like a girl, and fire bullets... You're a thing. A turret thing," Ms. Toriyama justified.
   "Turret thing," the bot mused. It wasn't a bad choice... it was accurate, brought the right image to mind, had no etymology to influence anything, and on top of it all, it was appropriately ambiguous!


   The bot perked up enthusiastically at the title. "I like this name... Turret Thing. It fits!" she said happily. Her mood was lowered again at a new idea though: "Is that why I was saved from a pickle? Because I am a thing?"
   "Pickles kill," Ms. Toriyama readily said, surprising her, "though maybe Professor Luke is sour if you lick him. Best not engage unless you can run fast."
   "I can run fast!" Turret Thing said, "I can run 23% faster than the fastest human on Earth!" She then faltered and added: "...Who is Professor Luke?"
   Ms. Toriyama didn't respond, her eyes lighting up in indication of a sudden thought. Turret Thing watched expectantly, but the woman only looked over her shoulder.
   "Well, I gotta check on my stuff so see you later, Thing," she suddenly said with a wave, turning and walking away.
   "But-! Wait!" the bot scuttled after her, "what is this place? I don't know where I'm going..."


   Too late. Ms. Toriyama rounded a corner, and she was gone. Turret Thing slowed to a halt, feeling overwhelmed about what just happened; all she could discern from it is that the teachers were pickles who wanted to kill her. She didn't want to be killed by pickles!
   The bot looked around, searching for someplace to go, and found a comforting solution: another vent in the ceiling! With the moisture from her hull pretty much gone, she willingly dashed up the wall to it, listening for passerby. Lucky for her, no one showed up; and in a couple of minutes, a vent grate clattered onto the floor, the machine pulling herself back up into the reassuring confines of the HVAC system. It was a bit warm from dispersing heat in the building, to combat the September chill at this altitude, but it was bearable.
   The only downside to the ventilation system is that it's practically impossible to tell where you're going; as such, Turret Thing was very surprised when she opened up another grate and found herself staring outside.
   That's not what I wanted, she thought, despite not actually knowing what she wanted. Before pulling back into the vent though, she noticed a commotion to her right, and looked over to find a wide variety of curious creatures all moving in the same direction! Some of them were flying, while others hovered, or teleported, or simply walked across a vast bridge connecting to a nearby island. Others sprinted, or hopped, or crawled on its underside. The bot watched in amazement as someone picked up a smaller companion, just to throw him over for the full length! Wasn't that dangerous?!
   ...It sure looked fun though.


   Turret Thing was now faced with a dilemma though: should she stay inside the building that was emptying out, or follow these zany beasts? Surely the excitement of new things was leaving with them? After all, despite the building's curious architecture, its inner structure followed the same, basic rules that all buildings she knew had, so there wasn't much to discover there. It would be more worthwhile to tag along with the horde.
   Yet, she felt self-conscious about doing such a thing. Yes, it was fascinating, but did she really want to expose herself to that much danger? It wasn't exactly a good idea... At the same time, she had to ask herself: would anyone even notice her in a crowd that diverse?
   You know... probably not!
   With her mind made up, Turret Thing crawled out of the vent - not bothering to screw the face of it back on - and scuttled over, her lack of confidence showing as she neared. She let her curiosity guide her though, falling in the shadow of a large, lumbering mammal and going across the bridge with it. Just as she had expected, no one cared to acknowledge her, too busy chatting with friends. The social contact, curiously enough, wasn't as diverse as the species present; it bored the bot, but also helped to keep her calm.


   The trip to the next side was relatively calm, and as soon as the solid Trex planks turned to soil, Turret Thing darted to the left, going alongside the building. It wasn't exactly the least conspicuous getaway, but it worked! After hesitating by the side of the building for a moment to ensure no one followed, she dashed up the side of the building, noticing the false rock facade that has been placed to perk up the dark concrete. What an interesting use of contrast...
   Her racing was interrupted by a break in the facade, which led to her nearly falling into a room; instead though, she simply yelped, half-in and half-out the window, arms unsheathed and held out to break her fall. Luckily, she didn't fall... but she did find something that captured her attention.
   The sounds of conversation outside! The room itself was vacant; it had only a bed to the right, plus its accompanying nightstand, and a desk to the left, with the same setup being mirrored on the other side of the room. However, she could hear a quiet, feminine voice, then a more distressed one of similar quality. Then some more high-pitched voices, with the distinct introductions of "I am"; each voice floated out from the room outside.
   Who were these people? Were they interesting?


   Turret Thing clambered through the window, landed semi-dignified on the carpet, then inched toward the door, listening intently to the conversation.
   "...is pretty much normal at this point. You kind of embrace the weird after a while," one girl was saying. Then another voice piped up:
   "I'm Biyomon! Looks like we'll be living together, so nice to meet'cha!"
   Biyomon, Turret Thing recorded in her head, taking note of each, distinct voice.
   "Nice to eat'cha!" one of the overly-enthusiastic people replied.
   "Don't even try it, hairball," Biyomon said. Turret Thing peeked out the door to try and get a visual of the strangers, but found that this room was at the end of a hallway. So she snuck out further, pressing up against the opposite wall to decrease her chances of being seen.
   "I am Groot!" another person greeted. Turret Thing noted this as well, stopping at the wall's corner. The hallway had opened up into a larger room, set up into a lounge area. In the furthest corner was a kitchenette, and a door was set in the wall opposite of it, but the conversation was taking place in front of another door in the wall next to it; most of the bot's view was blocked by a tall, fully-clothed figure with a perked tail and ears.
   "I am Tao!" the figure said playfully. Turret Thing was so intrigued by the scene, she decided to idle there and observe, even though she was in view of the two humans in the group; or at least, they were presumably human. It as stupid to assume things, especially since a kind of tree golem and a large, pink bird were also present in the group. As long as they kept talking though, she could learn each of their names, and then what they were! So much possible information!

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