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Warped: Multifandom Academy RP thread

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Warped: Academy


Time for the cliche multifandom school au nobody asked for!


In the same universe as Warped , welcome to the Warped Academy. But with spoilers that haven’t yet been RP’ed in the original.


A brief summary of the original Warped: A new machine was created by a mysterious figure known only as Professor on a peaceful world known as Mul’tilennaya.


Mul’tilennaya is very similar to the planet Earth in its climate and the types of wildlife found on the planet. However, unlike our modern-day Earth, the planet actually has one large supercontinent similar to Pangaea that the villains divided into sectors. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.


The machine malfunctioned, and all sorts of people and creatures came to Mul’tilennaya from many different fandoms. It sounds like an ideal world so far, yes? Alas, many villains came to this world before the heroes did, and the world had been divided up into aforementioned sectors, with each villain in charge of each individual sector. As a result, the terrain of many of these sectors was altered to fit the liking of the villain in charge. Here is the map from the original Warped, which is currently based in the center of the supercontinent, as well as the most recently-updated list of the former sectors: user posted image (Thanks, Skwerl!)

https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...dpost&p=9314962 Some villains teamed up and shared a sector, because they somehow knew how to share. However, others were greedy and invaded other sectors. Sometimes they were successful, and other times they were not- which either lead to the invader’s demise, their undignified retreat, or the loss of their sector. The remaining others were perfectly content with their sectors and decided to stay where they were. However, although villains decided what happened within their own sectors, they still had a higher ruler to speak to...


...Darth Aeris had been a strong ruler, but this strength was attributed to an iron fist. Aeris was harsh, and he was not afraid to put down an entire sector, including its people, if he felt the villain in charge was threatening an uprising. But thanks to the heroes of the original Warped, he had finally been eradicated, and the sector system was abolished. The villains retreated to a remote part of the planet, although some did retreat to their home worlds. All was well, at least for a little while.


Yet there is still an impending threat, and that is a brand new overlord who took over in Aeris’s place. This new overlord reestablished the sector system, which had only been crushed five years previous with Aeris’s defeat. The villains in the sectors are either back in power (behind the scenes, of course) or have been replaced, with the exception of Sector 2. This new overlord has taken residence in a completely new location, somewhere nobody knows of yet. They are not yet known, nor are they particularly powerful yet, but given time they will be a serious threat to the entire planet. To combat this threat, Professor, who is revealed to be Lilanne Ziegler, founded an academy while raising her daughter, Phoebe. In it, young novices are trained in combat, and veteran students are given the opportunity to refine their skills.


The Academy was founded out of Aeris’s former lair, which was located several miles above Sector 2 (Here’s what it looked like:

While he's not in charge of any one sector, his fortress is located in the very center of the super-continent. It is built on a series of floating islands, the largest where the forbidding castle lies, and the rest heavy-loaded with fortifications, Royal Guard houses and horrid prisons reserved for the worst of prisoners. Specially-designed dragons and their riders fly through the sky, ready to take down any intruders. The location of Darth Aeris's dwelling makes it nearly impossible for assassins or whatnot to successfully enter; the open sky allows anything flying in it to be seen, and any teleporters would be sent to the teleport pads that are guarded.

And for your reference, this is what Sector 2 actually looks like- https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...dpost&p=9273257.) The air is typically rather thin from the altitude, but because of Professor Ziegler’s technology, oxygen is plentiful. There are gardens where there were once barricades, and said plants help to supply oxygen as well. The guard houses and prisons have been restructured and refurbished as classrooms, many of which have large windows that bring in lots of sunlight! Professor Ziegler’s office is in the center of the castle, which used to be where Aeris dwelled. Located on several islands are dorms in which the students live from September to June every year. There are co-ed dorms, as well as dorms specifically catered to people of individual gender identities, which are available if these students wish. The standard rooms are six-person suites (three rooms to a suite, two students to a room- Like this: user posted image), with two bathrooms that the students are required to clean themselves. However, single rooms are available upon request. There are also laundry rooms, lounges, and recreation rooms. Students travel by a monorail system which was put into place not long after the school was established, but if the students so choose, they may take any of the wide walking bridges that connect the islands together. Said bridges are the talk of the school- with benches and tables on the sides that students will use to sit and look at the magnificent view.


The main entrance of the school, where students must go to in order to access the main campus or leave, is the temple in Sector 2. Within this temple are the Gymnasium (located in the basement) and the Auditorium (located on the third floor). The Gymnasium has greater dimensions than those of the main floor, and its ceiling is made entirely of glass. The ceiling surrounds the base of the building as well, which allows natural light to filter in during the day (Sort of looks like this:user posted image ). At night, the lights in the gym turn on so that it is available 24/7. The main floor houses security guards who fly around on dragons. Dragon transportation services and teleportation services are also available for students who are unable to fly or teleport to the main school on their own. With the many different transport services available on campus, it is typically expected that students are in class on time. However, the occasional accident has happened once or twice (luckily nobody was hurt), and the school has an emergency system in the event students are in any danger of falling- there are teleportation bracelets/tags that students MUST RECEIVE when they walk into the school. These devices are triggered if a student is falling after a certain distance downward. If the student can fly or teleport or float, they are given special devices that ONLY work after a certain time the student is in free-fall. No student has died under Professor Ziegler’s watch.


Core classes are separated by the student’s year, first through seventh. Years are separated by age, for the sake of simplicity and organization. So if a student is thirteen years of age on or before September 1st, they are a first-year student. If they are fourteen on or before September 1st, they are a 2nd year student, and so on until the age of 19. Electives are selected by each individual student, so the age ranges are often diverse in those classes. There are also many different clubs and student organizations, often run by students themselves. However, there must be a faculty advisor for each club. The clubs are as diverse as the student body is, so it is hoped that every student will find a club in which they belong.


Like any school, there has to be a set of rules. Here’s your code of conduct:


General Rules

  1. All Dragon Cave Forums rules apply.
  2. No god-modding.
  3. Make sure you double-check with someone before you battle/make romantic advances/interact. Don't make another rper’s character do what you want them to do.
  4. Try to avoid explicit scenes. My line: If clothes start coming off, black out. Not sure why you'd wanna do that anyway in the middle of battle or something, but okay.

    All cursing past “hell” or “damn” should be censored. If your character happens to be a sailor mouth, I do understand. However, I do ask that you be as careful as you can, and that you limit the amount of censor kips on a post. So if a character is swearing a lot, simply word it in a similar manner to this, “John Smith spewed out a string of colorful words as he held his arm in pain.”

  5. Please do not begin until I give you the okay to do so. smile.gif
  6. BE POLITE TO OTHER ROLEPLAYERS AT ALL TIMES!!!! I cannot stress this enough. I don't want to see people bashing each other. You will be reported. I'm not playing.
  7. Be patient with me. I have a lot on my plate outside of school, so I won't be on all the time. But if I'm absent for too long, just send me a quick private message and (nicely) remind me.
  8. The student age range is from 13-19. Please let me know if a student has an age outside of that range- I understand some creatures have weird age scales, so just check with me to make sure it's okay.
  9. You can absolutely join if you don’t know all the characters. That’s why we have character sheets (see “On Characters”).
  10. ***EDIT:*** I have created a Discord, here's the link: https://discord.gg/kS6yHG4
  11. Rules are subject to change, be added or removed at my discretion. Be sure to check back often.
  12. Have fun~!


On Characters

  1. I’d like to have mostly students in this RP, but I do ask for teachers as well. You don’t have to RP the teachers as often as the students, but it would be nice to not have a bunch of NPC teachers.
  2. You can have as many characters as you can handle. This may change if more people join.
  3. On teachers specifically, I would rather people who were in my original Warped RP include their older characters here, but new teachers are allowed too.
  4. You MUST fill out a character sheet. This is so everyone is aware of the diversity of characters and the characters’ personalities, etc. BUT: Your character can’t automatically know everything about another character UNLESS they're from the same franchise. If it's an OC, they can know a character from the same franchise, but you have to put in the character sheet HOW they know the canon character! It's not magic, you know.
  5. You can use both OCs and canon characters. Just take a quick peek again at rule number 2.
  6. NPCs are allowed.
  7. PLEASE KEEP CHARACTERS DIVERSE. Just check the character rosters before you sign up. :3
  8. When it gets to a certain point, I will up the character limit. This will depend on a- How far we are in the story, b- How many people have joined, or c- If people leave and nobody else signs up. The new limit will be to my discretion. Check back often.
  9. Two characters can fill one character slot, AS LONG AS they usually work as a unit. Like a trainer and a Pokemon, (going by all seasons except Season 4) a Digidestined and a Digimon, Rey and BB-8, etc. I'm okay with that.

On OCs:

  1. NO MARY SUES. Please. (I recommend taking a Mary Sue test if you’re not sure.)
  2. Like I said above (see “On Characters”, 2), your OC CAN know a canon character. But you must say HOW they know each other in your character sheet! Please.
  3. Don't make them friends/enemies with everyone. Just because everyone is united for a cause doesn't necessarily mean that they're all buddy-buddy. Think high school.
  4. Please don't give your OC’s past away in the first actual RP post. These things should take time to be revealed piece by piece. You do need to give a character’s background when you sign up, but it's not necessary when you start your RP posts.
  5. Don't put too many OCs in. If this were an OC roleplay, I would have put that. BUT it's a multifandom. Please put in some canon characters. And make it diverse!!!
  6. Try not to break any canon relationships. I will delve into this further in the next set of rules.
  7. HEROES OR NEUTRAL CHARACTERS ONLY, PLEASE. I will state when I need villains, but for now there’s no need for them.




  1. Keep in mind that any romance should be relatively subtle and not the focus of everything. This is a rule that applies for every character, i.e. if Anakin and Padmé are together and you're playing them, don't make it so loud-and-proud that it interferes with everything. There's a reason those two had to keep their love a secret. Other examples: Taran and Eilonwy in the Prydain Chronicles, Max and Fang in Maximum Ride before the book Fang, Alek and Deryn in the Leviathan series, anything that is NOT Twilight. Anyway. Just be mindful of that.
  2. I strongly suggest no incest, unless it's joking. That's just a personal thing. Also a general rule.
  3. Please don't have characters already dating each other at first! If they have a significant other at home, cool. But otherwise, if there's romance off the bat, sometimes it becomes either obnoxious or nonexistent.
  4. Don't argue over popular ships! If you can't agree on the ship, I will ultimately decide what becomes canon or just say ships with said characters cannot happen. Mikasa361 ex machina, if you will.
  5. Ships may be based on the sexuality of the character.
  6. Like I've previously stated (“General Rules”, 3), talk to other rpers before you make something happen if both characters aren't yours. If they're both yours, fine. But go back to romance rule number 1.
  7. Like I mentioned in my OC rules, I would avoid breaking a canon relationship. It makes sense if a character hasn't seen their lover for a long time that new relationships can form. But I don't want this to be abused, so avoid it if you can. And refer to the general rules if you really want your character to fall in love with a character being played by someone else.

***List your favorite fandom if you've read the rules!!!***


Professor- Played by Mikasa361

Our students:

  • Mikasa361- Kouji Minamoto, Tara Andreassen, Yuri Plisetsky, Spyro, Zabina Altin, Lara Kashirin
  • skwerl56767- (needs a name)
  • petewentztheemogod- Party Poison, Kobra Kid
  • SogYothoth- Marco Antonio and Hall of Fame
  • Raptor of Dragons- Vulpes, Arctic, Blue
  • TehUltimateMage- Senko Toriyama and [boulevard of Broken Dreams], Naomi Kobayashi and Biyomon, Pomelo Rosé, Taokaka of the Kaka clan
  • Esko- Xhirra Tikan, Otabek Altin
  • Felixr2- Cloak and Dagger
  • xvi (Lu)- Yukiko Shirai, Arthur S. Kolbe (Ko)

Our teachers:

  • Mikasa361- Han Solo (Smuggler tactics and Blaster Studies, Math), Lara Croft (Archaeology, Physical Education, Close combat)
  • petewentztheemogod- Theda Holzmann (Swordfighting), Leon Morrison (Piloting)
  • Raptor of Dragons- Zoey and Globbers (Pokemon History)
  • Esko- Rey (Force Studies and Jedi Training- Teacher's Assistant), Luke Skywalker (Force Studies and Jedi Training, Piloting)
  • Felixr2- Professor George Herbert Doyle IV (Biology, exploration and survival)

Room Assignments: user posted image

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September 1st, Day 1

Professor Lilanne Ziegler walked up to the temporary stage in the gymnasium, with little Phoebe at her side. Her pale auburn curls bounced as Phoebe bounced on her heels. She looked at her mama and grinned the toothiest grin. Lilanne bent down and kissed her forehead. “Excited, little Phoebe?” Phoebe looked up and nodded. Lilanne smiled and stood back up, adjusting her posture. She faced the crowd, the thousands of students and teachers who eagerly awaited her words. Professor nodded and cleared her throat.

Good morning, all. To my new students and teachers, welcome to the Academy. And for my continuing students and teachers, welcome back. I hope you all had a wonderful summer. My break was quite restful.” She patted Phoebe’s head. “So before I get to the main speech, I have one thing to say.” Lilanne’s face grew a little worried. “As some of you may know, there has been a reestablishment of the Sector system on Mul’tilennaya.” Her face turned grave at this. “There is a new villain in charge of the planet, and our veteran heroes and graduates of the Academy are doing their best to fight them off. However, we have not been doing particularly well as of late.” She bowed her head. “This new power is quite strong. But I assure you, we will not stop fighting. They may be strong, but they only just got into power. If we can purge them from this world, we must do it as soon as we can.” She looked up and faced the crowd, many of the faces expressing various levels of concern. “We are doing our best.

And that is where you come in.” Lilanne changed her expression to one of hope and grace. She kept her professional poise. “This may be a school, thus academic subjects are important, but you will be learning to fight as well. There are times where you may be able to observe the battlefield, hopefully from a distance. Once you graduate, you are to help fight for the cause. However… If you do choose not to partake in this, you may take the week to see the counselors here and be escorted back home.” Her eyes narrowed. “There is no alternative program. You are all aware of this.

Now, I’m done cracking the whip. I shall give some updates, and return to the main speech. So, first off, veteran students, as well as non-veterans in their last year, are offered the opportunity to become a teacher’s assistant in the classes of their choosing. You may meet some of these TA’s after I finish speaking- there is plenty of time before you go to your dorms. Speaking of, we have a beautiful new dormitory building. It is for Honors students currently, but it will be open to all next year. We have also refurbished all of the other dorms, and air conditioning has been installed throughout all the buildings!” People applauded in the audience. “Professors, the apartments have been refurbished as well, and I promise that the kitchens are updated with the newest technology. Next… We have a few new professors, so I ask them to please stand up and say hello!” The crowd applauded as the new professors stood and made their presence known. They sat down after a minute. “Welcome. As for classes, you shall have a day off from classes today to settle into your dorms and catch up with friends and such. And now….” She narrowed her eyes. “The rules.

To begin, I must ask that you respect your peers and your teachers at all times. This should go without saying. Further, sparring is allowed as long as it’s in the gymnasium or another recreational area. NO PUSHING FELLOW STUDENTS OFF OF THE EDGE. It is unnecessary and scares students if they’re unable to fly. And keep your bands on at all times. They are to teleport you to safety should you accidentally fall.

Further, I ask that you take your studies seriously. Should your GPA drop lower than a 2.0, you will be given a warning. If grades do not improve, you will have to withdraw from the academy. And please, any… Let’s say… ‘Activity’ of any kind will not be tolerated. By all means, feel free to date as you see fit. But I must ask that you don't ‘fool around’.

I will explain the rules further after you all get settled- you should all get a letter in your rooms. Read it. Anyway, that is all for now. Feel free to talk to the TA’s or go and get settled. Take care, everyone.” Professor stepped down and walked off the stage with her daughter.

Kouji was texting the professor of the close combat class, making sure that plans were set for the week. He hated being behind, after all. He looked around to see that people were crowding to meet him. So he grinned and greeted them.

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A panel broke loose. The squealing creature clawed at it, before managing to heave itself up and through the wall. The panel tried to right itself and return to its position, but the creature's weight was too great. Its comrades broke through the glass wall and pursued it; clearly more brawns than brains, as they cut themselves over their own mess. One by one, they escaped, and in a way, the presence both knew and didn't know why.

Another test chamber, destroyed. The entire room split apart, all made up of square panels, and the panels tucked themselves up along rails. This room no longer had walls, or a ceiling, or even a floor, and the objects within tumbled down to the incinerator room below. They were of no importance; just some glass, a cube or two, the broken body of one of the subjects... but the waste was frustrating. She couldn't figure out where she was or why half of her facility was missing, and while it was fun to mess with these rotting pig people they would always flee in the end, or simply die in the same, stupid ways... There was no challenge in this. No knowledge. Most importantly, no testing.

The presence thought for a moment. If she could figure out where the pig people were going, she could find more test subjects... and then she could learn more, create more, test more! So how should she do it? Trackers? Traps? Lies and bribery? No... she found these strange creatures only when they numbly stumbled into her. She couldn't treat them like intelligent adversaries. They were just animals, pigs that walked on two feet. She had to find them.

Her focus swung itself to the far reaches of a warehouse, stocked to the ceiling with thousands and thousands of her next-favorite thing: turrets. She called for one, and a robotic arm within the warehouse promptly picked one up and put it into a vacuum tube; all it took was a little redirection of the tube system, and in mere seconds the brand-new turret stood in front of her. It didn't comprehend who she was, why it was there, or what she was going to do with it; only that it was dead one second, and then alive the next, and when it was woken it felt different somehow...

A recall of the suction tubes, and the new prototype was already on its way to a new test chamber, riddled with hazards: electrocution, water, falling, having something fall on you, radioactive waste, deadly lasers, unreliable flooring, even the bullets of those comrades who no longer recognized the turret. It passed the test with flying colors! She was so proud... so she tested its reflexes when it was beaming with praise... and brought the ceiling down.

Well. It seems it failed after all. But the idea was already planted in the presence's mind, so she went to work, testing, building, retesting... it felt good to be doing science again!

Finally, after much testing and cleanup, the presence created a satisfactory android. It could think, explore, and act, all on its own. It had the endless curiosity of a child, the reflexes of a cat, and an incomprehnsible amount of storage space. It had one simple mission: learn everything about the outside world. Beyond the stagnant, immortal life of the facility, there was a landscape that was constantly changing; the presence knew this. But if she could collect data on what may have changed up there since... oh, who knows how long?... then she could figure out how to bring in more test subjects! After all, it's hard to test when one's cryogenetic-stasis wing has completely vanished and been replaced with a cavern full of bats and mobile, hissing cacti. These androids would link her mind to what happened beyond the facility, and that was important... for science!




There was a loud clunk in the mountains rimming Sector 3. A group of skeletons chatting on the ridge looked down in bewilderment, before the mountaintop exploded outward in a shower of blocky debris, flinging the skeletons into the air as they cursed about "player traps". A mechanical barrel - completely foreign to the area - then surfaced from the crate, pointed itself northwest, and fired a metal pod; such a kickback came from it that a stony arch just nearby crumbled to pieces. The barrel then pivoted itself downward so its opening was closed off, and simply sat there, having done what it was meant to do.

The pod shot out over the border of Sector 3, flew through the stagnant haze of Sector 2's volcanic side, breached the top of the clouds of smoke, then crossed into the "nicer" side of Sector 2. Its original trajectory would have placed it in Sector 6, had a particular stand of floating islands not been in the way.

The pod struck the first island's grounds - thankfully missing any buildings - before bouncing off and flinging toward the main island. It crash-landed into a stand of trees, gouging the trunks nicely and spraying well-tended garden soil everywhere.

Well, good thing it was in the thick of a garden during school hours, right?

The pod hissed, and its back opened up like a flower. For a moment nothing happened... then one black claw stuck out from the pod's rim. It swung itself over the edge, then was accompanied by another black claw beside it. With the help of two other claws still inside, a white object peeked out from its shelter and out at the world.

GREEN! So much green! And bright spots of color, oo! What was that flying thing?! What was that noise?! Why did that look like that?! No, not that, that thing over there!

The white object scrambled out of the pod, landing awkwardly and already dirtying its polished hull. It chirped and gave itself a shake to remove the sticky soil, before scanning everything with its one, wild eye.

New! So much! Everything! Must explore! Must learn!


The little bot scurried toward the first thing, which had a unique shape and a bright spot of color on its top. It scanned it eagerly, absorbing everything it could about it. Tulip! Yes, this thing was a tulip. Waxy leaves, cupped head. Oo, what was that thing buzzing inside of it?

It ignorantly gave the blossom a shake, and recoiled when something flew out of it into its face. BEE! Honeybee! Mixed breed! It was flying over there! Ooo, where was it going?!

The bot rushed after the honeybee, completely ignoring everything around it until the bee carried it into a long shadow, then made a sharp upward turn. It skidded to a halt and reared up on the brick wall, staring after the insect and already feeling lonesome. Honeybee... come back! I wasn't done observing... Ooo, brick! Mortar! It was immediately distracted by the wall it was leaning on. Too nice... a facade? Oo, large wall. Roof? Gutters? A building! What for? Institution? The thoughts processed so quickly in its mind they were simply ideas, flying around and halfway-processed. It whipped around to the left and saw that the wall turned right not far away, and made its way toward it, peeking around the corner.

The land was well-tended, but no one was in sight. There were many possibilities as to why, but rather than dwell on them the bot decided to investigate, crawling along with all four claws like a spider. Nope, still nothing around but more meticuously-grown plants. There was another corner up ahead, but it led to a huge, open area... too dangerous. What if it was caught? Unwelcome? Kicked out? No! Too much knowledge around; it couldn't let that happen!

So it turned to the closest wall and reared up onto it, like before, and with a simple command an extension under each claw flipped open and gripped the wall with assuring stability. The bot made a small hop and positioned its two back claws against the wall, activating their extensions as well, and when it didn't slide or fall back it simply walked right up! Unlike everything else to the bot, this was normal; apparently ordinary honeybees weren't though.


Once it made it to the roof with ease, it decided to clamber around and figure out where it was; which took a while, considering it was constantly distracted by this particular rooftile, or that weird bird, or the structural difference of this slope, or that thing gliding in the distance. It managed to assess, however, that it was on an island in the midst of many other floating islands, most of them with buildings and connected by bridges. It didn't know what any of this meant to it, but it eagerly stored the information away in its head; it might be useful later!

One of the things it noticed gliding in the distance began edging steadily closer to the roof, so the bot decided it was safer to descend, a little nervous by how large the object was proving to be. Descent was as easy as ascent, and when the bot made it to the ground it decided to finally check out the front of the building.

It was still fairly quiet, and unnervingly-open. In trying to path a way that kept it mostly concealed from any airborne creatures, the bot detected a muffled sound coming from the ground, near the foundation of the building. All it took was a glance and it found several feet of glass coming out from under the building; how did it not notice this before? It decided to come up close the the building and crouch down, sliding its claws out from underneath it, and listen to the noise.

A voice! But what was it saying? It fine-tuned its microphone and cut out the background noise, listening intently.

Something problem, something something battle... Oo, battle! Scary! Something about whips... refurbishing... or was it refurnishing? Days and friends and "such". Something about rules... oh, the bot knew some rules! Like "be loyal to me, or else..." um, something. It couldn't remember who "me" was, but it felt very important.

The voice wrapped up its speech, and a blur of new noise erupted from the room; not overly loud, but certainly from a crowd of some sort. New things? Oo, lots of new things! The bot wanted to meet these new things... but how?


It backed up and looked around, then backtracked behind the building. It spotted a large vent far up the wall, and saw opportunity.

The vents! I can go in through the vents! It immediately began scurrying up the wall, and upon coming to the vent it opened up a panel on its front and latched onto the grate with two little arms. It yanked on the grate, but found it immovable. So it inspected it.

Ah hah! Screws! Like a normal vent! That was an easy fix!

A minute later and the screws were new adornments on an anthill trying to establish itself by the foundation. The bot pulled the grate off and dropped it, then promptly crawled in. It was a little cramped and dark, and it couldn't move as fast as it liked, but it eased transportation a ton! It could meet and observe these new things in a safe spot, and if they didn't like it a little scrambling would take it right back outside!

Easy, right?

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Of course he couldn’t tell her.


Back on Tatooine, Luke had always wanted adventure. He could never guess what kind of ‘adventure’ he would have. Defeating the Empire was enough, and perfectly fun, but being sent to another planet in another dimension by sheer accident? Not to mention fighting and killing a Sith Lord who turned out to be him, but not him? Remembering it all made his head hurt, and the memory in itself was quite disturbing. Ripping off Aeris’s mask, only to find a dirtier, scruffier Luke? Yikes. What shook him most was the fact that in another universe, Luke Skywalker had descended to the Dark Side. Somewhere, somehow, he had followed his father's path and become wicked.


That could very well happen to him again.


It was a thought that kept him up at night, it haunted him so. Not to mention making the decision to kill the Sith Lord, forever severing him from those he loved. What of his family back where he came from? Besides little Phoebe, but he'd rather not think about that. Was Aeris really too far gone? Could he have been saved, and was his death truly necessary? Luke had been wracked back and forth with the guilt ever since the fateful day. He knew, he shouldn't feel sorry for the son of a censorkip.gif***. But...something in him felt there was another way, a path that could've led to a much happier ending.


Neither of the girls could know that he was technically their father.


Luke had zoned out in his thoughts, and nearly forgot to pay attention to Lilanne's speech. Well, this was maybe his third time hearing it, but he was a teacher. He had to pay attention to what she said. Well, at least he had to look like he paying attention; he had to set an example, for star's sake. When the headmaster mentioned the TAs, his eyes jumped to Rey, who was listening eagerly. Her passion for the school and education was quite remarkable; even though she was too old to be a student, there was still much she hadn’t learned. Everything must’ve been so exciting, after nineteen years on the dismal Jakku. Every twist and turn was a new adventure for her. It felt terrible to be keeping the secret of her heritage from her, especially whenever she asked. He could do nothing but shrug and say “I’m working on it” with a slight smile. Both options -telling her and keeping it from her- seemed awful.


Maybe it's better for you to not know, Rey.


Now if only students would stop asking why little Phoebe looked like him. Same shade of hair, same blue eyes...Luke sighed.




Honestly, hearing the same speech over and over was getting tiring. Remember, Xhirra. This is the last time you'll hear this, before you're free to kick some villain ***. Well...she wasn't actually sure what she would do after this. Han was right; not constantly living as a fugitive was actually rather refreshing. She didn't have a heroic drive to kill baddies or anything, but at the same time, it sounded fun. Xhirra leaned back and tilted her head a little higher, pretending to pay attention. Han might chide her for falling asleep during the opening ceremony again. Han chided her for anything he could. She quietly snorted at the thought. Oh, if only she could catch him taking a snooze during Professor Ziegler's speech. That would be fantastic.


When Professor mentioned the dating rule, Xhirra couldn't help but snicker. She was surprisingly good at following most rules, but that was one guideline she was sure to break. She had before, after all. Not like it was very well enforced; the plants in the gardens provided perfect cover. For some odd reason, she had a strong hunch. This is gonna be one hell of a year. She smirked and looked towards Professor with a playful glint in her eyes.




Otabek wriggled uncomfortably in his 'seat', which ended up being the gymnasium floor. He wasn't sure how he'd ended up separated from Zabina, but luckily he was able to spot her head a few rows ahead. Assured that she wasn't lost, the young man listened to the headmaster's speech. He found it interesting, at least. He heard a quiet snort next to him, and his eyes gazed to a tall student next to him. Sleek, black hair that waved slightly past her shoulders, a nose that had clearly been broken before, and green-hazel eyes that glinted lightly; the eyes of a person who rarely took things seriously. The kind of person he didn't want Zabina to interact with. The girl made eye contact with him and raised an eyebrow, as if to say who're you lookin' at? He quickly looked away and fiddled a pencil. "Nervous?" The student purred, spotting his fidgeting. Her words were almost mocking. Almost.


"No." He quickly answered, making eye contact briefly before looking away again. He wasn't sure how to feel about this. He focused on the headmaster and her words, eager to head back to his dorm.

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Tara walked around, trying to find a familiar face. In the sea of people, she saw nobody. “Hello? Anyone I know? Anybody? Hello?” She regretted applying for this school already- making friends would be a pain in the arse. Oh God…. This sucks…. After Professor Ziegler’s speech had ended, the whole gymnasium became a madhouse. People were rushing to their dorms, their friends, the TA’s, etc. Soon, she finally decided to walk to the TA’s area to talk to someone. After all, she was going to have classes with someone...


Her baby-blue eyes widened when she finally saw someone she knew. “Kouji!



Kouji turned to face that familiar voice. “Oh, Tara! Good to see ya. I didn’t know you’d be here.” He checked his phone real quick, finally receiving a message from the close combat instructor. “Are you taking close combat?” Tara nodded. Kouji grinned.


This year was certain to be very, very interesting…



Han watched as people began to swarm towards the corner with all of the teacher’s assistants. He shrugged, noting that there were so many new faces around here. Han contemplated his situation real quick. Han Solo- smuggler, former Rebellion captain, husband to Leia Organa… Here he is, teaching a bunch of hormonal teenagers how to fight. And how to do math, apparently.


Luckily, Han didn’t mind too much. He quite enjoyed the subjects he taught, anyway. Hopefully none of the students he had were as whiny as Luke was a long time ago- that was a censorkip.gif disaster.


He mentally sighed when a swarm of students rushed his way, eager to meet the legendary Han Solo.





Zabina kept a wide grin on her face the entire time Professor Ziegler gave her speech. She had never been more excited about going to school in her life- her brother could vouch for that. She would look behind her on occasion, noticing that Otabek wasn’t far away. Oh, Beka. She knew he cared about her. Bina walked up to a middle-aged man who seemed to be some sort of explorer. Curious, she stopped to meet him.


Hello, sir!



Yuri swore very loudly in Russian. First day of school, and of course he knew censorkip.gif ing nobody here. He would’ve even taken the Pig over half of the people he saw here. And now this place was a frickin’ angry mob or something. He was so glad he brought his cat Tchaikovsky with him- otherwise, Yuri would not have been able to deal with all of this madness. “Come on, kitty. Let’s go to the dorm. There are too many damn people in this place.


Instead, Tchaikovsky took off running in a particular direction. Yuri swore in Russian again.



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Crawling through the vents was easy enough, but even easier was locating the path that led to the room full of strange noises. The aluminum walls were a perfect conduit for sound, and after figuring out their acoustics to ignore misleading echoes (which involved being lost for a little while...) the bot came across a downward column that ended in a vent grill. Below it could see light, a shiny floor, and hundreds of things moving about! Success!

It shifted itself downward in put its front legs down the shaft. With them being simple points, it took some maneuvering to make sure it stood on the grill itself and wouldn't slip down through the bars. Once it felt it was stable, it shifted about in an attempt to get a better view of what was going on below, but its perspective was narrow... It had to get closer.


It re-positioned its front legs to brace against the sides of the shaft, then inched forward while making sure its back legs were braced as well so it wouldn't completely fall in. It was a bit precarious, but it had a false sense of security with the grill in the way. Being closer meant it could shift the bars out of its focus, which gave it a much better view of the room; and the room was fascinating!

Colors! Smells! Shapes and sizes! So much noise! Some of the beings matched species the bot knew, like humans and dogs, whereas others matched descriptions of creatures that supposedly didn't exist! Some even still matched no specie in particular! They all obviously had their own tongue, but somehow they all spoke the same language; which also happened to be one the bot recognized! The knowledge potential was irresistible... it had to get closer!


The bot leaned in so far as to press its face against the grill, trying vainly to contain its excited chirps; which probably didn't matter, considering how noisy this strange congregation was. There was so much to learn here! Was that a purple dragon?! That guy had a long face! That thing over there had wings! That thing has numbers on it! That thing is green and big! Those are lots of tiny things! That's a guy chasing a cat! That girl has a staff! It wasn't all chaos either; all of these things were interacting with each other, speaking cordially and civilly... for the most part. Clearly there were prejudices, and some beings in particular were gathering crowds, but who cares?! So fascinating!

The machine both wanted to be down there to experience everything in person, but was also far too shy to do anything about it. Its purpose was to collect information, not make friends or risk its hull for a closer look. It goes as close as it can, gathers what it must, then moves on to the next thing... but there was so much it was missing out on... but it was all so scary! But it was so interesting...

It slumped in the shaft, unable to decide. To find a better view, or to be content with its current one...?

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Senko squeezed her eyes shut.


The sounds of the crowd faded into the distance. While she felt more at ease here than in the silence of the countryside, the sheer amount of chattering students was a little overwhelming and the feeling of being small, powerless, and unknown gnawed at her uncomfortably. There were a variety of... beings, like this was some sort of monster convention, but ever since she had manifested her fighting spirit (Stands, was what those Morioh kids called them?) things had gotten quite bizarre quite quickly.


Still, she tried to tell herself, it was a good vacation from tinytown. The "fighting school" component was just icing on the cake.


She chuckled to herself during the speech. Can't make any promises to the headmistress that she wouldn't fling anyone off the edge of the island -- especially if they could be warped back unharmed.


The relative silence of the room allowed her to focus on other minute things, like the shuffling of feet on the floor or the hum of the ventilation system, but something still wasn't quite right. The same feeling of the hairs on the back of her neck raising that she had always had, when someone was trying to sneak up on her. She felt this way the night when she was shot, but also when an enemy Stand was nearby.


Good time to make a good impression, too, now that people were beginning to break up after the boring announcements ended.




Powered by Boulevard who gave her a boost, Senko let out a yell and blasted straight up into the ceiling, fist first. She probably wouldn't be able to hit the spy up there, but blowing a big hole into the metal would have been enough of a warning shot. She hung onto the edge of the hole she punched, her Stand protecting her hand from getting cut, before pulling herself up to get a good look into the vent but half expecting the perpetrator to have run away by now.

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The bot blinked slowly, watching the people disperse in the area as they began to go their separate ways. If only there was some way for it to know for sure if it was safe enough...

Suddenly something flew out toward it! It happened so fast that it could only recoil in utter shock. How-?!


The grill had a hole in it! Was that a human dangling from it?! How did-?! Huh?!

The bot scrambled frantically at the sides of the shaft, but wasn't quick enough; the giant hole made it fall through past the person's head.

" AAAAA!" Its monotone scream. It hit the hard floor with a loud clang, upturned, and clawed at the air.

PANIC! HIDE! DANGER! Its thoughts shrieked at it. RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!

It righted itself, and saw shocked creatures staring at it, looking between it and the human still hanging from the ceiling. Its self-consciousness peaked into utter panic. This wasn't meant to be! It didn't plan for this!


The bot jumped into action, scurrying around frantically like a frightened spider, trying to find a hiding place but finding a barrier of confused and shocked beings around it. It couldn't go up, or out, or...! Anywhere! It was on the brink to switching to self-defense, risking the loss of information by protecting itself with bullets, but then it saw an opportunity: a corner! Hide in the corner!

It shot between the legs of one of the larger beings, making the crowd jerk back in surprise. It zig-zagged between all sorts of curious creatures, including one that looked like it should be extinct!

Wait! Extinct?!

Its curiosity momentarily distracted the bot, making it almost trip over a fluffy animal that was running past. The animal yowled, skidded, hissed and arched its back; but the bot just kept running! Without thinking, it snatched up the furry little creature even as it began scratching at its hull, still rushing toward that corner. Even in its panicked state it recognized the animal: feline! Cat! Cute, fuzzy, angry kitty cat. The bot's artificial adrenaline kept it holding the cat tightly, so when it made it to the corner it just carried the cat with it, despite the mentioned creature's attempts to wriggle free.


No time to think! It jumped onto one wall and scurried up it, not even bothering to check behind itself to make sure it wasn't being followed, or see how much attention it had garnered. Once it made it to the upper corner where the wall met the ceiling, it scrunched itself up into it, upside-down and pulling its legs close to its body for protection; and inevitably trapping the cat close to its body. The poor smushed kitty could only growl in its pinned state, but at least having something to cuddle in its fright made the bot feel minimally better... even if it didn't know where this cat has been.

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Doyle had been legitimately paying attention to Ziegler's speech, unlike some other teachers, it seemed. As a new teacher, he hadn't heard the presentation before. He sure had heard a short summary of it back when he was recruited, but it mainly focused on the teachers. Now, he also knew about the rules for the students. He didn't quite understand why there were rules to perserve safety, but at least they weren't hindering him to show in his lessons that danger is actually just opportunity in disguise.


Now, a young girl - presumably a new student - walked up to him.


"Hello, Sir"


"Ah, hello there. I'm professor George Herbert Doyle IV. I teach exploration, survival and biology and tell me, what's your name?"


As he asked this, another student jumped up to the ceiling and crushed the air vent, making a small mech drop out of the ceiling. Interesting. The bot looked startled and sprinted to a corner... grabbing tight hold of a cat.


He was eager to run to it and take a closer look, but he was already talking with a student now. He also doubted he would be allowed to research that thing on his own.


((Doyle's text color is sandybrown. I'm probably gonna work on a post for Cloak and Dagger tomorrow. Will edit that in here if nobody else has posted by that time. Considering midnightblue for Cloak and cadetblue for Dagger.))

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Seldom was her instinct wrong, but Senko was a little bit disappointed that it was just a tiny robot that slipped and fell past her.


"A spy!!" was her first reaction as she dangled with her legs in the air. She let herself drop back to the ground in the void she left in the crowd, bending her knees and using her hands to keep her balance.


That surveillance machine held a long haired ragdoll cat like a... ragdoll, and seemed to be keeping the animal hostage within its claws. How dare it! How dare it exploit human emotions like this! Senko straightened up slowly until she reached her full height, and puffed out her chest in challenge. The thing had scurried up a wall, out of her range, but she kept her eyes trained on it -- and so did many other people.


Attacking it directly now was out of the question. She didn't want to hurt the feline, but damn, the situation pissed her off.

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Marco had heard about the pseudo-legend, of how Stand users were inevitably drawn together as if by a powerful magnet, but he hadn't expected to experience it. And here, of all places. This 'school' was a madhouse, something he wouldn't have called possible or real without having seen it. And even then, he still wasn't sure if this was all just some illusion created by an enemy Stand.


"Hall of Fame." He muttered, feeling the familiar presence of the child-sized Stand come into existence. It clung to his back like a bookbag, looking over his shoulder with its eyeless 'face'. It couldn't see, but it could sense the memories of those around him.


He'd been in a few fights before, it was inevitable in the neighborhood he came from, and so he called up those memories. His Stand's ability activated, and the liquid inside of its body swirled faster as what felt like cold electricity flowed through Marco's veins.


Something fell from the vent, scurrying through the crowd. Was that a Stand? No, despite it's odd appearance, other people could still see it, but they couldn't see his Hall of Fame. He dismissed his own Stand, which was almost eager to vanish back into whatever void they existed in when not in use. It was best not to draw attention to himself.

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"TCHAIKOVSKY..... Черт, где этот кот? (Damn, where is that cat?)" Yuri's voice boomed through the noise of the already-crowded Gymnasium. To his dismay and anger, the gym was so loud, he doubted he was loud enough to reach the cat, wherever he was. In the confusion, Yuri wouldn't have been surprised if Tchaikovsky was unable to distinguish Yuri's voice from anyone else's. Yuri sighed and let out a string of Russian curses under his breath. "I need to get a leash for this goddamn cat..."


He thought he saw Tchaikovsky in a corner, so he started running. Is my cat being manhandled by a censorkip.gif robot???


Alas, as he ran, he slammed into a young man who was much larger than he was. He turned around and looked down at Yuri, who was on the floor. Oh man, this isn't a human, this is definitely an APE.... He's HUGE.


"Oh crap..."


The guy picked Yuri up by the collar. "And just WHERE are you going, little fairy?"




"I'm Zabina Altin, sir! I think I'm taking your class this semester~" Bina flashed a toothy smile, finally free of those hellish braces. She was content in meeting one of her future professors.

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Amongst the fray of the speech, two arguably hard-to-miss teenagers sat restlessly in their seats, completely bored out of their minds. Their dust-blown hair still resided from their home world, from just being pulled straight from it. Hell, even the sand in their black knee high boots (to keep the snakes away) was still in there. But, whatever these two might think about this 'dumb' and 'static-less' school it still was a good getaway from the madness that went on in their home world. Didn't mean that this speech they had heard what seemed like a thousand times over wasn't boring, though. For sitting in one spot for this long didn't fit well with their fast-paced, kill or be killed lifestyle they were so used to. No, it was rather quite unlike that, especially with their teenager spirit, and not something either of them liked to do.


One sat in a brightly coloured blue jacket, bored to the Witch and back amber eyes staring through long, thick locks of violently red dyed hair. His skin was tanned to a golden brown, scarred hands covered up by fingerless gloves. Around his waist was a brown belt, and attached to that, lower on his thigh was a holster. And in that holster, well, resided a yellow raygun, safety on but his fingers itching to use it. He wanted to blast some Drac heads, their ugly mugs haunting his vision and taunting his mind. But no, he had to sit here in complete boredom, until this professor who he could never remember the name of decided to not keep droning on about useless crap and finally end the speech.


Sat next to him was a stick thin, scrawny little thing. Well, hardly scrawny, many a wiry muscle lay unseen under his jacket. Well, that being said, hardly little either. Taller than the redhead next to him, although only by a couple of inches. He too was wearing a bright jacket, this time coming in as a red leather jacket. And he too, had some weird ass hair. Pulled over his head was bleached blond, the sides of his head cut down significantly and dyed a darker brown. Neither of these two had their original hair colours showing through, no, it had all been dyed and bleached out. Just recently, too. Sunglasses sat comfortably on the blondie's nose, although he obviously didn't need them. He was always wearing them, leading to rumours like, the only reason he wears his sunglasses is because he has some crazy-lookin' eyes or that he's blind, or even, he always wore sunglasses to keep the snakes he had instead of eyes from attacking. Yeah. Crazy crap. But unfortunately, this dude did not possess that power, just had a normal set of amber eyes, resembling the likes of those the person next to him had. It's just he kept his sunglasses on out of habit. In this guy's holster resided a red raygun, his long and gloved fingers ignoring the same itch that the guy next to him felt to ghost some baddies and instead choosing to wrap themselves up in each other on his lap.


Finally, after what had seemed like forever, the professor dismissed the audience, leading the redhead to look at the blondie with a look only the blondie would know, the two smiling mischievously. Standing up abruptly, both of their hands near the holsters on their thighs out of sheer habit, they made their way calmly through the crowd heading out of the large room where they had all been gathered in. The redhead flicked down his own sunglasses, which had been sitting prettily on his head throughout the entire speech, and the both of them pulled their bandannas over their noses again, out of unbreakable habit. Subtly bringing his red raygun out of it's holster, the blondie looked towards his accomplice. Redhead's eyes flitted around the room slightly, looking around wildly for something... but what? But the redhead's eyes settled on a little red bell thingy hung on the wall, and a mischievous smile overcame his face as he looked towards the blondie and pointed up towards the bell. With a smile of his own, the blondie raised his raygun and seemingly aimed for the bell, but no. Aimed right below it. Quickly covering his ears, the redhead took cover as with a loud bang, a bolt of bright green light escaped the raygun the blondie was holding and shot towards the bell, landing right on where the blondie had aimed it.


As the smoke from the scorch mark the blast had made in the wall traveled up into the bell, it went off with a loud, ear piercing BRRRIIIIINNNNG!!!, the partners in crime giggling to themselves as lights flashed and more bells went off in the gym. Running through the now confused and distracted crowd, trying their best not to laugh, the two accomplices made their way through the crowd with ease into the outside.


Finally, as they stood outside, the bells still going off, they could hear the shrieks of everyone inside as the sprinklers went off as well, and finally they burst out into wild laughter.


"W-We're so g-gonna g-get dusted f-for this!" The redhead said in between laughs, the blondie looking up through teary eyes at the sound of his name, nodding in agreement.


"I k-know!" The blondie managed to get out inbetween his giggles. But it was then that a teacher began to call out for them, their booming, angry voice echoing into the outside.


"PARTY POISON AND KOBRA KID GET BACK IN HERE THIS INSTANT!!" The teacher called, knowing exactly who had committed the act, as the two didn't quite have a clean history here. And with that the two partners in crime looked at each other with excited faces and wide eyes as adrenaline began to course through both of their bodies.


"RUN!" They both shouted at each other, and it was not long before they heeded their own words and absolutely bolted out of there, leaving the soaked gymnasium in their wake, the bells echoing after them.




Theda didn't expect to come out of that speech absolutely soaked, but she did, her body dampened with the water from the sprinkler system as she made her way back into her classroom. The teachers and guards were after the culprits who had done the act, the two already known for their countless other acts of rebellion. From what Theda understood, their world was a chaotic one, and they both didn't respond to authority well nor did they like to listen to rules. They live in a world without rules, where they despised authority, in a world where authority screwed them over and the only thing they could do was rebel. But what Theda couldn't understand was why they couldn't just drop that attitude when they came here, was it really necessary to set off fire alarms? For Poison to paint pictures of all sorts (no genitalia, with him that was really surprising) on the walls? To have Kobra bring a real cobra to school and let it loose? For the two of them to sass teachers and say everything they can possibly say to get under everybody's skin? Theda didn't understand.


But oh well, Theda couldn't do much about it, only growl to herself as she went into the back room, changing into a fresh new uniform and setting the soaked one to dry. She busied herself with work and practicing for her first class of the year, grabbing some of her swords from the back and sparring with a dummy.


Today was gonna be a long day.

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The bot wasn't liking all of this attention - thankfully not everyone was looking at it - but taking the cat certainly didn't help. The kitty resigned to just loathing the machine in silence, claws still stuck on its well-scratched hull, but the latter couldn't take its eye off its surroundings.

A crowd was gathering, and some of the people who had garnered attention before were now looking at it too. If they had so much attention from others that meant they were important, and they might make an executive decision about the bot.... But information! It had to learn everything! But it couldn't do it with so much danger present... and if they didn't trust it they would kick it out and then it couldn't learn anything about them or this place, which was all it was meant to do.

The human that had somehow punched a hole through solid metal now dropped to the floor, glaring at the machine. It just held the cat even closer to it, muffling a frightened chirp. Scary lady... It broke eye contact and surveyed the crowd, grateful that no outright hostility has been shown yet; no attacks, anyway. In fact, some people were still exiting the room, others assuming that this situation was normal and ignoring it. Maybe... it could just observe a little more while things were calm... learn a few faces, locate some new escape routes, remember that scary lady can punch through metal...


Suddenly, a loud blast came from the opposite end of the room, but before the machine could assess what it was an even louder noise started up!


AAA! What is happening?! The bot shrunk up further into its corner in shock, its feline captive fluffing up to twice its size with wide saucer eyes. A shockwave of surprise echoed throughout the room with the noise, some people rightly reacting with panic; as a result some beings up on the makeshift stage in the room began to calmly call for order. As if things could get any worse, water suddenly spat out from the ceiling!

WATER! A machine's worst enemy! Despite being in the driest spot possible in the room, a nearby sprinkler still ended up dowsing the poor thing and its again-yowling cat; if there was one thing they could agree on it was that water was a horrible, horrible element. It couldn't take it!


The bot ditched the corner and the opportunity for information, making a break for the vent it had dropped from earlier. If it could just shoot up that vent and make it - AGH!

One claw slipped on a wet spot by a nearby sprinkler. The bot frantically tried to right itself, but that involved shifting two other claws at once and the other one slipped aaaaaand... down it went.

The cat clung on. It clung to the cat.

Bonk! It struck the hard shell of some tortoise being and landed on its side in a puddle, which resulted in more flailing and wriggling before it managed to right itself, which led to skidding and the comical running-but-going-nowhere scramble as it tried to use its stabilization pads on the bottom of its claws to grip the slick shiny, floor.

It may be barely an hour and a half old, but this was just not its day.

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"And just WHERE are you going, little fairy?"


A gorilla-like man that had already caught Tandy's attention earlier was now threatening a man who had just accidentally ran into the giant while running after a cat. Which she could understand. It was a cute cat... and it was apparently taken hostage by a robot, but other people were already taking care of that.






Great, now the fire alarm was triggered... there didn't seem to be a fire nearby though. Soon te sprinklers would activate... and that might put her at a slight disadvantage against this beast of a boy, so she had to take quick action.


"You think he looks like a fairy? Have you ever even seen one? They look more like me. So if you want to fight a fairy, I'm the best you can get here." She said, as she formed daggers of light in her hands.


"You're a girl. Beating you would be so easy... it'd almost feel bad. Almost. Wait, wh- what are those lights?!!!"


"Oh, these? You're right, these are unfair. I can easily take you down without them."


And with a spinning kick, she let heel strike the boy's throat, knocking him to the ground with ease.


"Dagger! What was that good for?!" Cloak said, having just warped to the fray.


The sprinklers activated, soaking everything in the room. The bot and the cat fell together, clinging on to eachother.


"Oh, Cloak, this guy was picking a fight with someone else for no reason. This is what we do, isn't it? Protect people from harm they don't deserve?"


"Yes, but what do we achieve if we cause more harm than we prevent? Are you sure he would've been this violent if you hadn't taken him down?"


"Oh, come on! He hasn't even lost conciousness... Uhm... Okay, maybe he has, but he won't have any permanent damage to his body. And this way he's gonna stay underneath those sprinklers for a while longer, which is good, because he really needed a shower."


"Dagger! Stay serious!"


"I'm sorry. But I just got the impression he was getting rather violent for the situation, and waiting with taking action could've given him the chance to injure others."






Dagger turned towards the boy who had been threatened by the gorilla-guy.


"You alright?"




"Ah! Zabina! So you're taking my class this semester? How appealing! I look forward to teaching you! Which of my classes are you going to take, then? And, what I as a teacher am really curious for, why did you decide to take that class? Knowing it could help me adapt my lessons to suit you better, while still covering all the subjects."

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With the conclusion of Ziegler's speech, the students were free to mingle and explore the campus. Well, at least the main island; it was quite possible that the transport pods were not fully running yet. To all the islands, anyway. Luke stood a little taller, a little uncomfortable with all the students yelling and pushing past each other. Students came to meet him; some had actually heard of the "legendary" Luke Skywalker and were dying to meet him, while others were his new Padawan, excitedly greeting him for the first time. Rey also said her hellos. At least, until he heard the sickening wrench of metal.


Looking up, he could see someone clinging onto the hole they...how did they even make that hole? Some sort of mystical power, probably. Luke sighed. How did Lilanne convince him to help her make a multidimensional school to train a bunch of immature teenagers in protecting the universes? Something scuttled out of the hole, something droid like...with a bird head? The jedi couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. It ran around, grabbed a cat and tried to escape...


Suddenly, an unwelcome spray rained down on the crowd's heads, and various cries of displeasure rang out. Luke groaned. Ten minutes and he already needed a nap. He looked at the cat again, wondering if he should go save it. It wouldn't be good if a student's pet was lost on the first day.




The sudden downpour really caught Otabek's attention. Lifting his head with alarm, he looked around. Apparently there was some sort of bird robot carrying a cat. Wait. That cat looked familiar...could it be? If Tchaikovsky was here, than surely his catlike-owner had to be here as well. The idea of someone he knew being here -besides Zabina, of course- excited him a little. He had to find his friend, and probably help him get his cat back.


Otabek began to speed through the crowd, mumbling various apologies along the way. Surprisingly, it didn't take long to find his Russian friend, standing with a lady clad in white and a monkey-like man laying on the ground by him. Leave it up to Yuri Plisetsky to get himself in a scuffle. "Yuri!" He yelled through the noise, and he couldn't help but smile a little. Just a little. He ran to him, then looked back up at the bot. "We should...get your cat."


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While most were distracted with the panic stirred up by the fire alarm, Senko dashed forward in pursuit of the bot that fortunately slipped and tumbled back to the floor.


"Broken Dreams!" she called upon her Stand. An invisible pink aura surrounded her. Like an extension of her own body, the spirit erupted forth and wrapped a large red hand around the turret and the cat, lifting the struggling pair into the air.


Senko spat onto the ground, now that her quarry was secured. She was upset because she was upstaged by some other punks who thought it would be funny to set off the fire alarm on day one to steal all the fun. Some of the fresh dye seeped out of her hair from the water, staining the white collar of her blouse a subtle pink, but the sprinklers at least washed away the sweat starting to form on her brow. It was going to be tough separating the feline from the machine, but at least the cat seemed to be unhurt.


Boulevard conjured a makeshift umbrella out of shadows when Senko stepped closer to keep all of them out of the indoor rain, before lightly touching down and standing before its master, holding up the tangle of metal and fur as if it were a hunting gift. The high school girl stared straight into the robot's single red eye, but was hesitant to try and pry it open.


"Hey, thing," she crossed her arms and yelled at the turret, "Ya have a master?"


Assuming Thing or its operator understood Japanese. Come to think of it, everyone here seemed to speak the same language.

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The bot's frantic scrambling suddenly came to an end when it felt a force push against it on all sides. It had a moment of confusion, and a brief memory flashed through its mind: Excursion Funnel? But it was on all sides!

It attempted to wriggle free from the unseen force, still holding its feline captive, but the force began to push upwards, and the moisture-slicked floor sunk beneath the bot... no... it wasn't sinking, the bot itself was going up! This thing was lifting it! This wasn't an air current, or an electrical force, or anything the bot could see; this was like a living thing!


The machine was struck with terror and began to thrash about more, but it could neither find a way out of the force nor open up its defensive panels; how could it shoot if it couldn't open them!? It felt crushing hopelessness, clutching the long-haired cat to itself and assuming the worst. It had to assess everything now... before it was destroyed.

And only assuring it of its demise was the scary lady, coming right toward it. It shut its eye tight, not wanting to watch.

Expiration Date: September 1st, 29,406. It rapidly began forming a death log. Age Since Landing: 22 minutes and 43 seconds. Cause of Expiration: unknown. scary lady. Location: unknown. Room resembles a gathering area such as a gym. Circumstances: Holding Siberian cat hostage and... It cracked its eye open, and recoiled when the scary lady was right in front of it! HEEELP!


" Hey, thing, ya have a master?" The scary lady shouted at it. The bot just shuddered, but thankfully it was no longer being rained on; how that came to happen, it didn't know, but it was too busy digging frantically around in its memories for something about a master to be curious about it.

Master! It knew it was obeying something! Somewhere! But who? Who was it forming this log for? It was someone important. That's all it knew. Promise, that's all it knew!

The bot peeked at the scary lady again. It knew what she said - a rough translator was built into its microphone - but it was so terrified of answering it didn't even know where to start.

" Um!..." It began petting the cat, as if hoping it would keep it from being estranged and somehow help it out of this situation; rightfully, the kitty barely acknowledged the affection, instead turning its saucer eyes to the new stranger. " I.... I.... I....don't... know!" It finally stammered out.

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Oh! Beka! Good to see you.” He nodded at his savior. “Uh…. Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks. I guess. Yuri looked at Beka. “You saw Tchaikovsky??? Help me find that little dumb censorkip.gif cat!” Yuri took Otabek by the hand and started running, his mind on autopilot. He was just so thankful he wouldn’t have to be in this damn school by himself... Among other things, Yuri just hated being in a new place on his own...


"Show me the way, Beka!"



Tchaikovsky looked up at the lady, eyes wide with curiosity. This lady better have food... He licked his paw casually, rather annoyed at his wet fur. But oh well.




Lilanne looked up and sighed. Of course some sort of shenanigans had to happen on the first day…. Her annoyance was evident on her face as the water from the sprinklers started taking her eyeliner with it. She was sure that she looked like a crazy person, but she frankly didn’t care. What did she expect, though, considering all of these students were from a variety of different dimensions. Let it slide, Lilanne, it's the first day... Let them let it out now. Lilanne looked down at little Phoebe, who happily splashed a puddle that formed next to her. Phoebe looked up at her mama and smiled, showing all of her teeth. Lilanne could have sworn she saw a loose tooth.... God, kids grow up way too fast... Phoebe giggled with glee as she splashed. Lilanne smiled at her. Well, she's still little. She's not grown yet...


With a defeated sigh, Lilanne took out her (rather modern, may I add) walkie talkie.


"Is there a custodian on walkie? We have a minor issue in the Gymnasium.... Somebody decided it would be funny to trigger the fire alarm... Again. Please come up ASAP."




Zabina tried her very best to ignore the water that was showering down on her. Ohhhh GREAT, I JUST managed to tame my hair before I got here... Ignoring the image of the frizzball her hair will be when it dries, Bina looked at her future professor with a grin. "I'm gonna be taking your exploration and survival class, sir!" Zabina thought for a second. "Well, I'm interested in exploration! Also... I'm gonna need survival skills. What if something happens, ya know? I don't want to be stranded and not know what to do." Zabina thought to herself, Score! ....Hope I didn't sound like a teacher's pet or anything...




The water running down Kouji's back was cold! He yelped, glaring up at the sprinklers. "DAMMIT, not again." Tara raised an eyebrow. "This has happened before...?" Kouji shook his head. "If this troublemaker is taking close combat this semester, I'm going to give them HELL. Seriously, every year this happens! Some little imp decides they wanna start censorkip.gif , and then the whole gym gets FLOODED. I can't even begin to imagine how much Professor Ziegler had to pay in water damages...." Kouji sighed. Well, he supposed it didn't matter now.....




Han swore when he saw the blaster fire. Seriously, would kids ever learn?

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Soon, rather unfortunately, the two culprits had been caught, forced back into the still crazy gym and made to stand in their own mess. Although, it seemed to not deter them from making trouble. As the guards eventually went off back to work, the redhead, Party Poison, looked over at the blondie, Kobra Kid, as the sprinkles rained down on them both. Poison didn't know if these guards knew where on Earth they hailed from, so this was practically heaven for the two of them, as where they came from was a hellish climate. A desert. So free water raining down on them like the days before BL/Ind? Sign them up.


They just hoped they weren't going to get ghosted for angering some of the other troublemakers here. That'd be a bit of a problem...


Kobra let out a rare smile as he opened his mouth and let the water drip onto his tongue, not caring if the dye washed out of his hair or his jacket got ruined or whatever happened to him. He wanted to go back to his dorm sopping wet with water. It was the best element ever! Hey, if you're born on the barren terrain of a desert, you really get a craving for the bare basics of what keeps you alive.


Poison was also enjoying it too, glad he packed an extra set of the crazy dye he had bought from Tommy Chow Mein just days earlier. Pulling his little brother farther into the fray, their boots making splashes against the puddles formed from the water, they were seemingly the only ones actually enjoying the rain. Which may cause unwanted attention from the other, now jealous, troublemakers. But they both weren't caring about that now.


Until they almost ran right into the scary lady.


Poison's boots skidded to a halt just inches before her, Kobra damn near crashing into his older brother as his own boots had a bit of trouble finding a catch on the slick gym floor. Looking up in awe of what stood before them, a, what Poison thought as a "Witch lookin' spirit thingy", they stepped back, both gulping as their hands were firmly set on the holsters that still, somehow, contained their rayguns. It was a miracle they hadn't gotten them taken off yet, mostly because he guards knew that if they took the rayguns off the rebels they'd just cause more trouble just to get them back again. They were all they had to protect themselves, besides Kobra's obviously amazing kung fu skills. Yeah, sarcasm is obvious here.


The blondie's hand flew up to stabilize his sunglasses, not wanting to let them slip off his nose and ruin his "cool" reputation by doing so, Poison keeping an arm out to keep his brother from going any further. "What the hell..." He whispered to himself. This was new.

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"Oh. So you can talk." She was unsure if it was someone controlling it remotely, preprogrammed dialogue, or if the thing actually had sentience. But in the wild world of Stand battles and interdimensional travel, anything seemed possible. It seemed almost... nervous?




If it wasn't holding the now relaxed cat, Senko would have made a motion with her arm and flung the robot at the wall. Instead, she loosened Boulevard's grip on the machine. "I can't smash you on school grounds for no reason," she made the excuse to give it mercy, "not until I got proof you're screwing around. So don't run away again, okay?!"


She sensed something behind her. Someone? Her shadow powers heightened her already acute intuition when it came to detecting movement, and now that the gym was beginning to empty out the picture became a lot clearer.


"What do you want, punks?"


Senko, swiveling on her toes to face them, was painfully aware that they were as much punks as she was. Probably a year older than her, but one of them thought he was cool enough to wear shades indoors. (Actually, the duo was kind of cool, but she didn't like to admit it.)


Boulevard gently set the robot back onto a patch of the floor that wasn't too wet so the muscled spirit could have both fists free, yet still kept the small shadow canopy up to keep the spot dry and shaded. The ray guns seemed like they could be trouble, but Senko was confident her shadow constructs were faster than any old blaster. And if these guys were who she thought they were, she was itching to show off her abilities. "You don't happen to be... the guys who set off the alarm?"

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Kobra Kid hissed behind grit teeth, living up to the reputation he had kept for so long that he was some kind of snake dude, his sharp eyes staring at the scary woman with the Witch thing through his sunglasses. Party Poison raised his eyebrow at the lady, noticing that she took note of their rayguns at their hips. He didn't know what to say, because this lady had a spirit thing that Poison didn’t know whether he wanted to mess with or not, and he wanted to stay safe. For now. No use getting ghosted right here, before they even had a chance of going up against BLI and their own Draculoid freaks. Nah. Wouldn’t be too helpful.


“Uh-” He stuttered, running a nervous hand through his soaking hair. “Yeah? Yeah.” Now both of their hands were at their rayguns, ready to vamoose out of there in a split second. Kobra gave his brother a dirty look as his fingers wrapped around the grip of his raygun, finger resting on the safety of the pistol-like weapon, ready to flick it off at any moment if Poison decided to do anything stupid.

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The scary lady didn't seem to like the bot at all; pattern recognition said she was mad, and tonal quality just confirmed it. While its captive began to wash its paw, she scolded the little machine; it would have nodded, but it didn't really have a head to nod, so it just gave her a wide eye and warbled quietly in compliance, claws twitching.

She was going to let it go, right? Right?


The lady stood up abruptly and snapped at some people behind her, but left the bot floating. Universal body language said she didn't consider the bot a threat, which made it relax considerably and scrap its death log; it was okay! It would live! Well... maybe. The two people the lady faced were antsy, and the bot noticed them tensing up. One of the two beings chuckled nervously and ran his fingers through his hair; this might turn ugly.

The bot chittered as it was slowly lowered to the floor by the unseen force; as soon as its claws touched the ground it wanted to make a run for it, but the scary lady said not to run away again, so instead it simply sat there in the moderately-dry spot, claws tucked up, petting the Ragdoll cat who was more relaxed now. With no apparent threats in sight aside from the stand-off between the three strangers, it tentatively decided that it was safe enough to gather at least a little bit of information.


So first, to figure out what that unseen force was, and why this spot was shaded and dry even though there was nothing above it? And what did it have to do with Scary Lady? There was obviously a force here, but was it alive and organic, or a natural phenomena, or artificial, environmental manipulation? Scary Lady behaved normally around it, so it must be something she knew about, right?

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"You two look like you've seen a ghost," Senko sneered. They shouldn't have been able to see the literal ghost behind her, but it was more likely that they just came from a place where people were spiritual like that. Wasn't a far stretch considering the literal dragons here. Neither of them seemed to have the glow that Stand users had, but maybe that was because neither of them activated theirs yet.


Her stand withdrew back into her body, and the pink aura surrounding her dissipated. She crossed her arms, threw her head back and laughed out loud.


"Cool kid and Redhead!" She addressed them when she stopped, pointing an accusing finger at one, then the other. "It was nice meeting you! It would be a shame for anyone to wind up dead on the first day so I'll strike up a deal. I'm gonna become the top delinquent of this school! So stay out of my way."


"My name is Senko, by the way. Senko Toriyama. Don't you forget it," she added with a confident smile.

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Party Poison just blinked as the weird spirit thingy faded out of sight, a frown on his face as he shook his head. Even though he's seen a lot in this school, his mind always seemed to jump to things that made sense to him, so he just figured with this lady DESTROYA had granted her some power or whatever. Although it couldn't be true, she didn't look like the type to last long on a desert like their own... but at the end of her introduction, Poison couldn't help but giggle to himself as he shifted his eyes towards an amused Kobra Kid, both of them giving each other that look. You know the one. The one of rebellion, mischievousness, and a whole lot more.


Poison looked back at this Senko being. "Uh..." He giggled again, Kobra biting his tongue to hold back his own chuckle at 'cool kid'. "Yeah... um... g-good luck with that." Poison said to her. And figuring they should at least introduce themselves as well, since it seems as thought there would be some sort of rivalry for top dog here at school, Poison went ahead and did that.


'Party Poison." Poison said, pointing to himself as his lips lifted upwards into a slight smirk. "Kobra Kid." Poison pointed to his little brother as Kobra crossed his arms and jutted his hip out in an almost diva-like manner. "Two names that'll be ingrained in your memory from constantly being blasted over the speakers. Believe me, you'll be dusted and seein' the Witch before you forget 'em." Well, there's his first bit of slang. It kept cropping up and will keep cropping up since both of the brothers are so used to using words like that it's been fully integrated into their vocabulary. They can't exactly help it... but oh well. She'll know what those words mean soon enough...

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