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Fire Emblem: Brave Unknown OOC

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Throughout history, there have been countless heroes who valiantly took arms against a dastardly villain who eagerly accepted the challenge. Sometimes the stories about these heroes neglected the gray morality of the situation; sometimes the stories were missing big chunks of the truth. Either way, legends of hero-kings battling evil priests, radiant heroes dueling with dark knights, young warriors becoming a hero just like their parents, and armies clashing with world eating dragons have been passed down for generations. There has never been a time when children couldn’t sit around the fireplace gawking with wide-eyes as they listened to their elders tell tales of individuals great and cruel. To these children, these stories are merely that: stories from another era. What if, perchance these stories weren’t simply that. What if they were real, so incredibly real and a bit more convoluted that one might think.

Sometime during their adventure, whether to be a hero, villain, or something in between, someone from legends was suddenly blinded by a flash of light. They became dazed for little more than few seconds, but once they opened their eyes, they realized they were in a completely different place. No matter what sort of powers or knowledge they might have of crossing dimensions, they found themselves unable to return to their homeland. They, along with others like them, are victims of a series of abductions from an unknown force. Whether they like it or not, they are now residents of the dreaded Outrealms.

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Welcome to Fire Emblem: Brave Unknown! As you might have guessed from the intro, this is an open sandbox that takes place in various locations within the Fire Emblem Universe. Various characters from the FE series have randomly been teleported to the Outrealms, a series of worlds that are practically identical to the ones the characters come from. Here, you can play any canon Fire Emblem character you please, whether they be PCs or NPCs. You can take characters from any part of a game’s storyline such as taking Minerva while she’s in the middle of the plotline in War of Shadows or playing as Ike after the end of Radiant Dawn. As this is a sandbox, the general plot of characters being transported into the Outrealms will not be the driving force of the story. You are heavily encouraged to do as you please whether that be try to have your characters figure out how to get home, create relationships with other characters they would not have normally met, fight other monsters within the land, or any other storyline that you may come up with. Events will be drafted when necessary, but, for the most part, we encourage you to do as you please and have fun!

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The worlds that each of our heroes are transported to go by many different names although they are commonly referred to as the Outrealms. These Outrealms look suspiciously like the realms that the heroes lived in with a few key differences. All key figures within these worlds (such as monarchs, powerful figures, members of an influential army, etc) are completely absent. If a hero enters a world that is familiar to their homeland, they will not encounter and familiar individuals unless their fellow acquaintance also got sucked into the Outrealm.

Although only two Outrealms are opened when the first batch of heroes arrive, more will begin to open overtime. Heroes can transverse between the numerous Outrealms through Outrealm Gates that are located in a random location within an Outrealm. Outrealm Gates cannot be used to leave the Outrealms. Some of the locations below may not have an official map. If that is the case, please refer to any locations listed on the wiki page. Current locations are listed in the second post in this thread.

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As combat is an essential part of Fire Emblem, we’d have to be crazy to not include it, however not all skills in Fire Emblem translate properly into a writing format. To help solve this issue, we’ve created a basic system that allows you to use skills without having to deal with any complications that may appear. You should keep in mind that we won't be using any exact calculations for battles mostly because that's just no fun. Skills and weapons are mostly here just so people will know their characters' strengths and weaknesses. Figuring out skills and weapons is mostly just for fun and if you are having trouble figuring out a skillset/aren't having fun making one, talk to one of the mods and we'll be happy to help.

As seen in the character sheets, all characters are allowed five skills with a sixth personal skill. The five skills that a character can have must be one that they can obtain realistically in the game they came from (this may not apply to certain characters; contact mods if there is an issue with picking skills) so a male unit shouldn’t be able to get any pegasus knight exclusive skills unless he’s a special case like Subaki. If a character can gain access to a class by marrying or befriending someone or by using an item, that should be noted. If a character is in multiple games and can learn different skills in each game, then they may learn skills from either or both games. Please stay away from skills that are tied to EXP as we will not incorporate EXP into this RP. Skills, such as ones that specify a tile radius, should be written in order to make sense in the context of a real world scenario. Keep in mind that skills can be used out of combat so picking a skill for utility reasons is completely plausible.

In accordance to Fate's personal skills, all characters will have a sixth personal skill that will tie into their personality. Characters that are not in Fates, and therefore do not have a personal skill in canon, must have one made for them. Personal skills, as the name suggests, ties in with their personality in both name and effect. If a pre-established personal skill would not work in a real life scenario, or if you wish to replace it with something else. you may make one up. When submitting a sheet, the personal skill you make will be analyzed and either be approved or rejected (although a rejection is more likely if the skills is just too overpowered). If you need assistance with picking skills or designing personal skills, please contact a mod.

All weapons will be available for use and, unlike skills, any character can have any weapon from whichever game you choose so long as they don’t have a legendary weapon, such as the falchion, they cannot feasibly wield. You are allowed to make up your own weapons, but they will need to be approved just as sheets do. Weapons require a description just as skills do and, for the sake of making things easier, legendary weapons will not have durability but other weapons will so characters will need to replace their starting gear as the RP progresses.

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  • If you ever have an inquiry or idea you’d like to share, don’t be afraid to contact the mods, Thaelasan and Doctortear. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and listen to any ideas you’d like to share.
  • Remember, our word is law. Please do not fight against a mod if they say something is final.
  • You are to post within two weeks of an interaction needing you to reply before continuing. If you are unable to post for whatever reason, contact a mod and we can arrange something. If you do not make a reply within two weeks of your last post and have not explained why you can't post, you will be skipped. If you are absent for long enough you'll be listed as inactive and the thread will move on as though your characters were no longer there.
  • You may join using any character from the Fire Emblem series, NPCs included; however, there is a limit of one of each character including the avatars (Kris, Robin, and Corrin). The latter does not apply to child characters like Morgan or Kana who are essentially different characters depending on gender.
  • As the characters can be from any reality within the Fire Emblem universe, characters that can have differing children, spouses, or parents or have different end cards based upon actions in the game can be of any variant you want. That said if you had, say, Noire, but didn't know who you wanted to have as her father or if you simply wanted to keep the default hair color, you can absolutely leave her father as "???" and make no mention of a name.
  • Characters can have classes that they do not have in the default storyline, however, please do not give a character a class they cannot have under any circumstances within the game mechanics. (Marth shouldn't be able to become a pegasus knight, Sigurn cannot be a manakete, etc)
  • Remember, not all characters are from the same reality. One person can have a Lucina whose sister is Cynthia, but another person can take a Cynthia who doesn’t have a sibling.
  • Since there are fourteen games within the Fire Emblem series, no one is expected to understand the lore of every single game and know all the characters within it; however, keep in mind that there is a wiki that summarizes every single part of every game. If you do not understand a certain character, world, skill, race, etc, please refer to the wiki linked
  • We reserve the power to change the rules at any time. Check back occasionally to see if anything is new.


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Character sheets below are arranged to make them easier to use. Sprites will eventually be added to character sheets; if you have questions regarding sprites, talk to the mods. If a certain category does not apply to your character (such as your character not having a spouse or any known family), please delete said category before submitting your sheet. On a side note, if you wish to take M!Kana, please PM Doctortear before submitting a sheet.

Character Name (Sprite will be added as needed; if you have a custom sprite you’d like to add, contact a mod)
Class | Main Parent, Secondary Parent (if any) | Siblings (if any) | Spouse/Lover (if any)| Child (if any)
Weapon: (Can have more than one; add a description for the weapon)
Personal Skill:
- Skill 1:
- Skill 2:
- Skill 3:
- Skill 4:
- Skill 5:

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- F!Morgan
- F!Kana
- Ophelia
- Nah

- Shiro

- Laurent




??? 7bvb4Sk.gif

A mysterious figure who has some connection to the force that is pulling Heroes out of their native worlds. Perhaps some investigating will yield more information about them.


??? GJ69N3V.gif

Commander of Nohr. They're keeping a close eye on the Heroes wandering around Macarath.


Leo 856tBtm.gif

Dark Knight | Garcon, Concubine | Xander, Camilla, Elise, Corrin, Azura

King of Nohr and wielder of the divine tome, Brynhildr. Still wrought by sorrow after the death of his elder brother and youngest sister. Cynical, especially in regards to his elder sisters (and to an extent his vanished retainer, Odin) who he believes abandoned him. Presents himself as stoic, calm, and somewhat snarky. Secretly craves affection. 

Weapon: Brynhildr: An ancient tome that can manipulate earth, gravity and life itself. Cannot be broken.
Pragmatic: If Leo attacks or is attacked by an enemy whose HP is not full, he will deal additional damage and receive less damage.
- Malefic Aura: Nearby enemies take more damage when hit with a magical attack.
- Heartseeker: Lowers the avoidance of adjacent enemies significantly.
- Lifetaker: Replenishes half of unit’s health if an enemy unit is defeated.
- Seal Magic: After battle, an enemy unit suffers a reduction in their magic attack power.
- Astra: Allows unit to perform five consecutive attacks with halved damage.

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Click on a location's header to see a wiki page about the location.

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Outrealm Gate is located as specified on the map


The Northroad

Inigo/Laslow, Soleil, Lissa, Severa/Selena, Owain/Odin


user posted image

Outrealm Gate is located in Fort Dragonfall



Forrest, Jordan (M!Morgan), Elise, Priam


user posted image

Outrealm Gate is located in Hamill Canyon


Scorched Sands

Takumi, Ike, Soren, Leo [NPC]


(Ryuusah (M!Corrin), Ryuki (M!Robin), Selkie and Chrom are not at any known location.)

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Inigo/Laslow user posted image
Hero | Olivia, Chrom | Lucina | Soleil
Weapon: Killing Edge: A sword that boosts wielder’s critical hit rate by a substantial amount.
- Fancy Footwork: All nearby allies gain a slight increase of strength and speed when Inigo dances.
- Rightful King: Increases skill activation by a slight amount.
- Armsthrift: Attacks do not reduce weapon durability.
- Sol: Restores HP equal to the amount of damage inflicted upon the enemy.
- Good Fortune: Unit has a chance of recovering health at the start of an attack.
- Patience: Increases Hit Rate and Avoidance by a small margin when attacked.

Soleil user posted image
Mercenary | Inigo, ???
Weapon: Wyrmslayer: A sword that does bonus damage to any dragon units whether they be dragon riders, actual dragons, or transformed manakete.
- Sisterhood: Soleil's attacks become stronger and she takes less damage if paired up with another female unit.
- Strong Riposte: Unit does more damage if an enemy attacks first.
- Good Fortune: Unit has a chance of recovering health at the start of an attack.
- Sol: Restores HP equal to the amount of damage inflicted upon the enemy.
- Poison Strike: After combat, an enemy suffers additional damage.
- Locktouch: Able to unlock doors without a key.

Forrest user posted image
Strategist | Leo, Felicia
Weapon: Mend: A staff that heals a target for a decent amount.
Hexing Rod: A staff that halves the enemy’s maximum health until the end of battle.
Fire: A common tome that summons a weak fireball to attack an enemy.
Fierce Counter: Forrest does more damage when attacking a male enemy.
- Gentilhomme: Nearby female allies take less damage.
- Demoiselle: Nearby male aliies take less damage.
- Inspiration: Nearby allies take less damage and do extra damage.
- Rally Resistance: The unit yells out a rallying cry, increasing nearby allies' Resistance.
- Live to Serve: Unit recovers the same amount of health as the ally being healed.

Takumi user posted image
Sniper | Sumeragi, Ikona/Mikoto | Ryoma, Hinoka, Sakura, Corrin, Azura
Weapon: Fujin Yumi: A sacred yumi first crafted to aid humans in their battle against the First Dragons. Its magical bowstring must be summoned by a user with high concentration and great will. Raises the wielder's Resistance, lessens the effect of harsh terrains, and cannot be broken.
Competitive: If paired with someone stronger than himself, Takumi's attack power and critical rate will increase and damage taken will decrease.
- Quick Draw: Damage increases if the unit engages in battle.
- Bowfaire: Strength increases significantly when using a bow or yumi.
- Certain Blow: When initiating combat, unit gains a huge increase of Hit Rate.
- Amaterasu: Nearby allies restore 20% of their health over time.
- Astra: Allows unit to perform five consecutive attacks with halved damage.

Chrom user posted image
Great Lord | Emmeryn, Lissa | Robin
Weapon: Falchion: A divine sword forged from a fang of Naga that has been used by heroes for generations. Effective against dragon units.
Benevolent Exalt: Chrom’s climb to power would have never happened without the support of his friends, family, and the citizens of Ylisse. To return the favor, Chrom gives a marginal increase of damage, a decent boost to Hit Rate, and a moderate decrease of damage taken when supporting another unit.
- Dual Strike +: Increases the chance for a follow-up attack when supporting another unit.
- Dual Guard+: Increases the chance of successfully defending from an attack when supporting another unit.
- Charm: Gives all nearby units receive a support bonus to Accuracy and Avoid.
- Aether: Two consecutive hits; first strikes uses Sol (restores HP equal to the amount of damage inflicted upon the enemy) and second strike uses Luna (halves enemy's Defense and Resistance).
- Rightful King: Increases skill activation by a slight amount.

Joshua 9lkjwgY.gif
Swordmaster | Ismarie, Deceased King of Jehanna
Weapon: Audhulma: The Sacred Twin ice blade. Effective against monsters; adds a bonus of five points to its wielder's resistance.
Mercenary's Gamble: Although a cheater in his own right. Joshua will never worm his way out of a bet. When attacking, there's a split chance of doing either double or halved damage.
- Vantage: When the user's HP is reduced to below half, they will always be able to attack first during the enemy's turn.
- Duelist's Blow: When user triggers battle, their avoidance increases significantly.
- Astra: Allows user to perform 5 consecutive attacks with halved damage.
- Swordfaire: Unit does extra damage when a sword is equipped.
- Shove: Allows user to push allies out of harm's way.


Owain/Odin Dark user posted image
Dread Fighter | Lissa, Ryuki (M!Robin) | Morgan (F!Morgan) | Severa/Selena | Ophelia
Weapon: Solas: A Brave sword that increases the speed of Owain’s attacks.
Mystletainn: A Killing Edge that increases the critical chance/damage of Owain’s attacks.
Nosferatu: A tome that allows him to drain the health of foes after time taken to speak the spell.
Legendary Desire: Owain’s personal want to be a hero drives him to achieve greater goals for each person in his group. He becomes stronger the more people are around him.
- Galeforce: Inherited from his mother. For the sake of this RP, simply allows him to strike more often than most. Every attack deals a second attack behind it, propelled by the wind, the following attack dealing no elemental damage.
- Aether: Allows Owain to use a strike known as Sol to heal himself for damage to the enemy, and then strike with the fury of the moon for more damage. Severa must be near him for him to cast this.
- Ignis: Inherited from his father. Allows him to deal a medium amount of damage more than normal.
- Resistance: Gained from being a Dread Fighter. Gives him more resistance to magic-based attacks. Stronger if Severa is not close by.
- Astra: Gained from his years as a Swordsmaster. He can choose to attack five times in succession for less damage. For the sake of this RP, those attacks may be dodged or countered. Extremely dangerous if Mystletainn is equipped when used, as the attacks can crit.

Severa/Selena user posted image
Dark Flier | Cordelia, Frederick | Owain/Odin Dark | Ophelia
Weapon: Lunis: A Brave Lance that increases the speed of Severa’s attacks.
Mjolnir: A lightning tome that Severa can cast for a strong blast of electricity.
Rivalry: Severa likes to be above the rest - a cut above. The more people around her, the stronger she becomes, especially if Owain is doing well near her
- Galeforce: Allows Severa to have follow up attacks, the follow up attack dealing no elemental damage.
- Aether: Harkening to her time as a Great Lord. Severa can strike a target for basic damage and heal for half of the damage done, then proceed to strike with the fury of the moon. However, she can only use this skill once every so often depending on the length of the battle. Owain must be near her to use this.
- Relief: If no enemies are nearby, she can begin to heal over time more rapidly than most.
- Dual Guard: She has a higher chance to defend Owain from a strike, using her own weapon to parry rather than risking him being harmed.
- Patience: In game, the ability granted Hit/Avo +10 when attacked. For the sake of this RP, it will be changed: Due to her aerial status, it is a lot harder for Severa to be hit, and easier for her to damage her foes if they are in the air.

Ryuusha (M!Corrin) user posted image
Hoshido Noble | Anankos, Mikoto | Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, Sakura, Xander, Camilla, Leo, Elise | Selkie | Kana (F!Kana)
Weapon: Omega Yato: A divine weapon that he forged ages ago to save the world from his own father. Strong, almost godlike. Especially strong against the dark.
Sun Festal: A healing staff.
The Scripture: A fragment of a long-lost tome that was given to Ryuusha by a Nohrian brother he loved dearly. It allows him to use a water based spell influenced by his own draconic power. Inscribed in the back is “Devil’s Own Luck.”
Dragonstone: Allows Ryuusha to take on a draconic form.
Long Live the King: Ryuusha's years of leadership and rule have strengthened his desire to help others to survive. Those who follow him feel stronger, more precise.
- Replicate: Ryuusha can create copies of himself, a far more advanced version of a spell he learned long ago. For each clone created, the clones do half damage. They no longer hurt him when they are wounded.
- Dragon Ward: Ryuusha can conjure draconic defenses for those near him, increasing their resistances. Damage taken is weakened by half.
- Galeforce: Ryuusha can strike more quickly, this skill being stronger if he is not supported.
- Dragon Fang: Ryuusha harkens to the power of his draconic lineage, transforming parts of his body into draconic armaments.
- Strengthtaker: Ryuusha gains might from fallen foes, and has for a long time.

Selkie user posted image
Onmyouji | Kaden, Sakura | Ryuusha (M!Corrin) | Kana (F!Kana)
Weapon: The Necronomicon: A book of the dead, filled with dark pages of spirits and how to traverse the world of the living and dead. But Selkie would never use it for cruel or dark purposes. Allows her to summon spirits for her attacks. She’s very protective of it.
Rescue: A staff which allows her to call an ally unit back to herself.
Sun Festal: A healing staff.
Beaststone: Allows a beast unit to transform.
Spiritual Attunement: Selkie can use her fox form even without being a Nine Tails/Kitsune.
- Warp: Ability to teleport to other allies or short distances. However, due to how long she’s had it, this is basically just a teleportation to anywhere she pleases (which can get slightly overbearing since she’s easily distracted).
- Rend Heaven: Brings the FURY OF THE HEAVENS upon foes, using their own might against them.
- Grisly Wound: Whenever Selkie battles someone, her spirits leave even more dangerous wounds on a foe. All combat done to her results in damage to a foe, even if she doesn’t hit them.
- Future Sight: Instead of experience gain, this ability allows Selkie some precognition of foe attacks and events to come. She may try and predict even farther into the future if she’s given time to chant and perform her rituals.
- Rally Luck: Selkie creates charms and supportive scrolls to bless her allies with good fortune. Those blessed find it easier to land critical hits on foes and also seem to have better luck in general. Must be replenished daily.

Ryuki (M!Robin) user posted image
Dread Fighter | Lissa | Morgan (F!Morgan), Owain/Odin Dark
Weapon: Ragnarok: A Brave Sword named for the end of all things. Seems to possess strong powers, quite like Owain’s…
Famine: A Silver Sword.
Lethality: A Killing Edge named for a legendary skill.
Tempest: A powerful Wind Magic.
Tactical Superiority: Ryuki’s mindset for strategy makes it easier for him to foresee enemy plans. He has a better chance of dodging moves.
- Ignis: A powerful blow based on magic or strength.
- Lethality: A strong, almost lethal strike. Can only be used on weakened enemies or enemies with obvious weak points.
- Lifetaker: Killing enemies fills Ryuki with renewed vigor, almost seeming to heal him. He absorbs their life force to mend his wounds.
- Rally Spectrum: Ryuki lets out a battle cry, making those around him feel increasingly powerful in all regards.
- Sol: Ryuki heals himself with a quick strike, dealing some damage as well.

Lissa user posted image
Sage | Chrom, Emmeryn | Ryuki (M!Robin) | Owain/Odin Dark, Morgan (F!Morgan)
Weapon: Brand: A strong flame-based spell.
Mend: A healing staff.
Supercell: A strong lightning-based spell.
Making Mischief: Lissa is a very playful spirit and normally uses her magic to play tricks on all enemies, using illusions of things ranging from the amazing to even frogs.
- Healtouch: Lissa has a strong mastery of healing magic.
- Galeforce: Allows Lissa to strike faster.
- Miracle: Lissa can survive a powerful blow if she wasn’t previously weakened.
- Rally Magic: Lissa can improve the magic of those around her with spell.
- Tomefaire: Lissa is extremely proficient with her tome-based magics.


Ophelia 8ZSasf6.gif

Sorcerer | Owain/Odin, Severa/Selena | Shiro

Weapon: End of Days - A Ragnarok Tome that has somewhat been modified to create a larger explosion of fireworks for some… inexplicable reason.

Final Squall - A Disrobing Gale Tome that has been modified to tear through flesh instead of clothes when the full chant is spoken… if it can be.

Odin Dark’s Tale of Adventure - Odin’s Grimoire, REMADE! It is a tale written by Ophelia of her father’s grand exploits, in theatrical detail with quite a lot of things exaggerated beyond possible belief. Used to grant a shadowy aura of damage to all allies and their attacks. Empowers Severa the most.

Severa Moonlight’s Tale of Intrigue - A new magical book, rewritten to speak of her mother’s grand stories, in far too much detail with many things exaggerated. Used to grant a light aura to all allies and their attacks. Empowers Owain the most.

GRAND TEMPEST! - Always spoken in heavy shouting. A Mjollnir Tome.


Personal Skill: I Have Ascended Beyond Book Love - Ophelia’s long years of reading and research have given her a very special talent: Infusion. Reading a book turns Ophelia into something representative of that book’s power, however, this makes her weak to opposing elements. (Ophelia’s tomes follow the general GBA magic system of Light > Dark > Amnia. So for example, when using Odin Dark’s Tale of Adventure, Ophelia becomes more susceptible to light magic but more resistant to amnia magic and so forth. If a tome does not fit into the magic triangle than this skill does not apply.)  

- Skill 1: Galeforce - I believe we have seen this too much to have it described again.

- Skill 2: Aether - Inherited from Severa. A strike infused with Sol and Luna.

- Skill 3: Ignis - Inherited from Owain. A powerful attack that allows her to deal a medium amount of damage more than normal.

- Skill 4: Seal Magic - For the sake of the RP, allows Ophelia to bind the magic of a single entity if she succeeds.

- Skill 5: Vengeance - Ophelia may deal more damage based on the amount of damage she herself takes. To wound those who wound you, after all...

~ Sugar-Free ~

Ike user posted image
Vanguard | Greil, Elena | Mist | Soren
Weapon: Ragnell: A legendary weapon; blessed by a goddess and cannot be broken. Can deal ranged damage via fiery blue shockwaves.
Blunt: This unit does extra damage to enemies of royal or high standing.
- Aether: The combined skill of Sol and Luna. The first hit restores health equal to damage dealt, and the second negates Defense.
- Nihil: This unit cannot be affected by status conditions.
- Heavy Blade: Enemies struck by this unit may become paralyzed. Low-level/low health enemies will be instantly killed.
- Counter: When attacked, may deal back quarter damage.
- Pavise: This unit takes half damage from melee weapons.

Soren user posted image
Wind Archsage | Almedha, Ashnard | Ike
Weapon: Rexcalibur: A devastating Wind Tome, blessed by a goddess; it cannot be broken. This SS rank tome, used at full force, tears at enemies with bladed wind and spires of ice.
Bolganone: A Fire Tome brimming with a volcanic heat. This S rank tome, used at full force, splits the ground beneath the enemy and engulfs them in molten rock.
Physic: A staff which restores medium healing to distance and near targets.
Restore: A staff used to cure poison and lift Silences.
Prodigious: This unit has excelled beyond exceptional capability in the arcane. This unit may cant any Anima magic they have read without a tome; however, without a tome, this unit will take damage equivalent to the strength of the spell they cast.
- Flare: Negates Resistance, and restores health equal to damage done; enemy is partially blinded.
- Imbue: This unit recovers significant health when first bloodied or knocked unconcious.
- Beastfoe: This unit does extra damage to beast-type enemies.
- Tactical Advice: Whenever this unit supports another (defends/attacks with), the supportee gains Defense.
- Countermagic: Any elemental attacks against this unit take small counter damage.

Libra user posted image
War Monk | Alex (F!Robin) | Jordan (M!Morgan)
Weapon: Bolt Axe: A Thunder-imbued axe. Draws off of the user's Magic, and can be used to loose bolts of electricity for ranged attacks.
Brave Axe: Allows user to get in multiple hits.
Mend: A medium-healing staff at close range.
Naga's Will: Libra has taken up his patron's mantle. This unit does extra damage against dark/evil aligned enemies, but cannot harm his allies.
- Healtouch: This unit can heal more than typical with staves.
- Renewal: This unit regenerates over time.
- Miracle: May survive an otherwise lethal blow.
- Rally Luck: All nearby units have their Luck boosted.
- Magic +2: This unit has boosted Magic.

Jordan (M!Morgan) user posted image
Grandmaster | Alex (F!Robin), Libra
Weapon: Cereal Killer: An old Wind Tome; an artifact of his mother's existence. It is highly accurate and has a high crit rate, but it is not very strong.
Ilyana: An old Levin Sword; an artifact of his mother's existence. It is highly accurate and has a high crit rate, but is not very strong. Prone to fits of inactivity or bursts of power.
Forsety: An almighty Wind Tome forged in legends past. Jordan has mastered its prose, but is hesitant to use it.
Katzbalger: A Fire Tome written by a master sage. It does extra damage to beast-type enemies.
Momma's Boy: Jordan takes very good care of his mother's only remaining legacy. Weapons that belonged to Alex will not deplete.
- Ignis: Powers up Magic or Strength correlating to held weapon.
- Solidarity: Improved dodge and critical rate when alone.
- Renewal: This unit recovers health over time.
- Rally Spectrum: When this unit cries out, others listen; all comrades nearby have all stats boosted.
- Miracle: This unit may survive an otherwise lethal blow.


Priam XBuvV4L.gif
Hero | "Descendant" of Ike
Weapon: Ragnell: A legendary weapon...but doesn't it look a little abused? Can be thrown for ranged damage and has durability.

Urvan: An axe of honorable repute...but doesn't it rather resemble a tomahawk? Belonged to Ike's father. Can be thrown for ranged damage.
Chaotic Annealment: Having the blood of a legend has its perks. When in a pinch, Priam draws upon chaotic energy to bolster his defenses and enter a berserk state. Friendlies beware the Blue Flame!
- Swordbreaker: This unit does extra damage against this weapon type.
- Axebreaker: This unit does extra damage against this weapon type.
- Lancebreaker: This unit does extra damage against this weapon type.
- Sol: A technique brimming with the benevolence of the sun. This unit restores health equal to damage dealt. Cannot be used in conjunction with Luna.
- Luna: A technique that channels the dominance of the night. This attack entirely negates the opposing unit's Defense. Cannot be used in conjunction with Sol.




Elise iV7uYMI.gif

Strategist | Garon, Concubine | Xander, Camilla, Leo, F!Corrn, Azura

Weapon: Moonlight: A somewhat weak tome that heals its wielder when the wielder attacks if they weren't counterattacking.

Mend Staff: A staff that heals a nearby ally.

Freeze Staff: Prevents an enemy from moving for a short duration and reduces their ability to dodge.


Lily's Poise: Nearby allies gain slight increases to their attack and slightly greater increases to their defense. This unit does not receive any benefits from the skill.

- Live to Serve: When this unit heals an ally, they are also healed for the same amount.

- Rally Resistance: This unit increases the resistance of nearby allies for a short amount of time.

- Inspiration: This unit slightly raises the defense and attack of nearby allies.

- Rally Defense: This unit increases the defense of nearby allies for a short amount of time.

- Swordbreaker: This unit becomes more accurate and evasive when battling a sword-using opponent.

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For those curious, the realm Ryuusha has entered is not available to anyone unless they PM or message me otherwise. It's known as a Nightmare Realm, which will be explored further on by the curious.

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Hey guys, just a quick head's up, there are now links to the IC and OOC on the first page of each thread. Just click the headers that say "OOC Thread" and "IC Thread" to get to the selected topic.


I've also put up a character location guide on the second page of the IC. That page will be updated as posts come in and characters more from one place to another. Please note that if you do not tell me where your character is or if you say what world your character is in but neglect to mention the location your characters in then, your characters will either not be added to the list or placed in an "unknown location."


If anyone has any suggestions on how to make the OOC easier to navigate or if they have any questions, please feel free to speak your mind!



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Just a reminder that the events doc is pinned in the Discord. If you need the link to it, check the Discord.

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Garbage the Character



Hero | "Descendant" of Ike |
Weapon: Ragnell: A legendary weapon...but doesn't it look a little abused? Can be thrown for ranged damage and has durability.

Urvan: An axe of honorable repute...but doesn't it rather resemble a tomahawk? Belonged to Ike's father. Can be thrown for ranged damage.
Chaotic Annealment: Having the blood of a legend has its perks. When in a pinch, Priam draws upon chaotic energy to bolster his defenses and enter a berserk state. Friendlies beware the Blue Flame!
- Swordbreaker: This unit does extra damage against this weapon type.
- Axebreaker: This unit does extra damage against this weapon type.
- Lancebreaker: This unit does extra damage against this weapon type.
- Sol: A technique brimming with the benevolence of the sun. This unit restores health equal to damage dealt. Cannot be used in conjunction with Luna.
- Luna: A technique that channels the dominance of the night. This attack entirely negates the opposing unit's Defense. Cannot be used in conjunction with Sol.

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