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The Voracity Brawl

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Welcome to Nexus City! You have been invited to take part in, or spectate, the largest competition of the year: The 179th Annual Voracity Brawl. The Voracity Brawl will test your strength, stamina, and your own unique abilities. As there are infinite dimensions, only one individual from each dimension can compete, and only a few dimensions will qualify this year. All are welcome to come watch though. The competition is tournament styled with competitors being placed in a double bracket roster. Their positions will be chosen at random at the beginning. They will not know who they're fighting until after all the flags have been drawn and they're in the arena. The grand prize is your stone likeness in the Hall of Victors and a fortune in your home world’s currency. So to the contestants we say good luck, you will need it, and to the spectators we say enjoy the show, no matter how it ends.


Additional Description


This is a battle/survival based RP. It will begin tournament styled and then evolve past that later on. There are NPC's battling too, so don't be too worried about getting eliminated in the first few rounds. When not in the arena, the town is lively and full of things to do. Anything from a food eating contest to shops to carnival acts of strength are accepted. You can play as a contestant or a spectator as things outside the arena should be going on as well.




Nexus City is reminiscent of an old Scottish village. The homes and stores are made of stone and thatching with large, wooden doors. The streets are made of cobblestone pressed unevenly together from centuries of use. Although there are many people and creatures from worlds far more or less advanced, Nexus City is planted near the center of the universe’s timeline of constructional advancement. Technology is heard of and sold in some of the stone-clad stores and shop booths, but it is in the steampunk/gearpunk/alchemical styling. Magical relics and abilities are rare, but exist in the land. Those who live in Nexus City are refugees of broken planets or rejects from far off dimensions who have come to lead happy lives in the accepting and racially diverse planet. Yes, Nexus City is on a planet. The planet is small and located in a torn dimensional nexus. A nexus, in the case of this story, is a road to another dimension. Most nexuses cannot be accessed directly, as they are only seen in flashes of colour on your trip through a portal. This one, however, was ripped out of place by an unknown entity, making it accessible when you know where you’re going. Word spread when it seemed to have developed a planet that a large variety of life forms could inhabit.


The sky is varying shades of green and the sun is a pale blue. The moon and stars still reflect white, and the grass and other “green” foliage are shades of orange. While all other fruits and vegetables will resemble their otherworldly shapes, flavours, and textures, they’ll never seem to be the colour that you were expecting.

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Starting after the RP is approved, you will have one week of inactive story time for everyone to compose their characters and join. After that, there will be two weeks of your character’s life before coming to Nexus City. This will allow you to up your stats and create the world you are from. You can be almost anything. This is an infinite amount of dimensions we’re talking about, so you can get creative.




We will be employing a stat based system that was completely created by Caligo Ejj. To QUOTE him DIRECTLY:


“Essentially, this is a system that breaks down statistical information, such as stats, skills, special powers, vehicles, etc for use in a DnD-type RP Forum game such as this one. The DM of the thread (that’s me!) will mostly be responsible for keeping track of this information and applying it to the story. As a fan of RPG’s in general, I like watching my character level up. This extends to my rp forum characters, and I’m hoping that there are others that like to see their character grow as well as develop in-story.

The purpose of this system is to find the best of both worlds. Always remember that the story comes first, and this is more of a guideline/structural tool. At any time, if you want to do something that the mechanics say you shouldn’t be able to, send me a pm. Chances are, you have a really good reason for that action and how it will affect the story, and I’ll see it your way. If I say no, you will have the opportunity to raise your character to the appropriate level and then do it, showing just how much your character has grown.

However, members WILL be required to claim a point in the OOC section for every post they make (more information about that in the docs link above). This also means that the Character Sheet you will fill out and PM to me to join will have a bit more weight to it, as I will be using the content you provide me to determine your starting stat layout. The only other responsibility the player will need to take from the above is their stamina pool. Although the dm of the thread (again, me) will be doing the calculation for you, you should keep in mind it’s level at the time of posting and let it help you reflect your character’s level of fatigue, etc. From there, however, the game is yours and you’re free to place points in whatever category you desire.

Because I just designed this system and this is my first time testing it, I will absolutely be prodding members to remember to make claims, inform them when they’ve unlocked something, etc etc.”


I will be acting as the Game Master (GM) of this RP as well as having a character as my own. I enjoy and agree with what he is trying to bring into the role playing and collective story writing world, and he has allowed me to assist in bringing about the new system. (He’ll be helping me, of course. I wouldn’t want to mess it up.) I believe that it will be a fun and structured way to go about things. The direct link to his stat system is here:


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As if the stats weren’t enough, here are my RP rules.

• No Godmodding

• Swearing and gore are permitted to a reasonable extent. (You can go creatively around the censor-kips.)

• Romance is allowed, but reasonably.

• No flaming, spamming, or advertising.

• Semi-literate at the minimum: Only post small posts if you have to.

• Stay active, especially during the first two active weeks of posting.

• PM me your applications

• General respect for all other RPers.

• No Gary or Mary Sues.

• Keep OOC in the OOC thread unless asking someone to check it.

• You can only have two characters, for now.

• I reserve the right to add or alter rules as the RP progresses.


I am a reasonable person. Any slight bending of the rules, for a reason, can be permitted if you can justify it to me. I am not above removing someone for blatant disregard of the rules or harassment of other RPers.

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Character Sheets

Your starter stats will be determined through PMs after the submission of your character sheet.



Character Name:





Home Dimension Name:

Description of Home Dimension:

History/Life Story:


I'll post player character sheets here as well.

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