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So, a quick keyword search revealed that there does not seem to be a thread for Subnautica. (If there already is one and it just didn't get caught by the keyword 'subnautica', then please close this one - and name the previous one appropriately tongue.gif)


Anyway! With all the weird and wonderful creatures and places you can see in this underwater world, and the game still in development, I have a few simple questions to kick off discussion:


- what's your favourite/least favourite biome/creature/plant?


- What are your bases like? (And where do you build them?)


- What scares you the most?


- And of course, lore discussion! What do you think of the Precursors? How did the Degasi crew die? Will there be new seabases?



Personally, I built my base in the Safe Shallows where I started, just a small swim away from the thermal vent. My favourite creature is the Jellyray, but I really love that the Reefbacks respond to the Cyclops' horn! smile.gif

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Okay, well I don't officially have Subnautica, but I have played it a few times, Love the game, to start I will say my favorite creatures are probably the big manatee fish, also my least favorite at times. tongue.gif


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