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Caligo Ejj

The World That's Left

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All civilizations must come to an end. Some are ended by natural causes, others are terminated by specific, intelligent design. Still, some civilizations come to an end because they gain too much momentum and self-destruct. That’s what happened to the people of Tumoroh, their disregard for their environment and planet eating up their natural resources at an unsustainable rate. Although they achieved many great technological advancements, they perished as a result of their actions. Now, thirty years later, in the ruins of their might, those that are left continue to strive forward in an effort to keep living.


What was once their claim to dominance over the rest of the planet is now the only thing that keeps them alive. Unlike Humans of Earth, the people of Tumoroh mutated themselves after their second millennia. Warping their genetic structure to include nanobot generation as an organic feature, the people could access their version of the Internet without any external aid. Changing the way their technology worked, power sources and triggers lost purpose as the Numans learned they could power their technology with their own life energy and activate modules with mental commands.


Armed only with their technogenetic enhancements and whispers of ancient relics, hidden in tombs deep beneath the earth, the Numans must fight with all their strength to survive. The biggest obstacle they face are the Vorgs, the given name for what was once the natural cybernetic organisms that roamed the lands now infected with viruses. Although their appearance was initially infrequent and rare, they began to come in numbers. Rumours fly with the winds of a leader, a being rallying the Vorgs and using them for selfish gain. With mosts of the networks down that once gave every Numan access to the vast library of knowledge gained from every Numan’s lifetime, they have no choice but to band together if they want to rebuild.




As long as anyone could remember, we were the prey. It did not matter if it was day or night, as even at our best, we didn’t come close to winning. All we could do was mitigate the damage. Once, we thought we could do it. We thought we could change things. One day, during an expedition in the Underwaste, we stumbled across a vault. Inside, we found a sword that was able to cleave through the Vorg’s without getting a scratch on it. We used it to arm our best warrior and had him download the necessary Battle Style to use it to his fullest potential. The results were staggering. Not only was the sword forged with real steel and not the cheap stuff we pulled from the air with our Aluminum Extractors, it was inhabited by a program that allowed the wielder to interface with it.


Armed with hope and vigor and the Zweihander Program, we tried to turn the tides. We failed. During that battle, in the ruins of our once-largest city in the world, we saw him for the first time. Honest Jim. He came from the smoke and debris like a phantom, his static-broken voice ringing in the wake of the destruction. That was the day when the message was finally beaten in. After slaying the wielder of Zweihander, Honest Jim took the sword and used it to single-handedly drive us back to our hidey-holes. I was separated from my group, but managed to escape with my life. As Honest Jim stood at the gate of the city, holding our treasure high in the air, the Vorgs laughed with voices that were simply metal screeching on metal.


Since that day, I’ve searched. I’ve walked more days than I could count, stopping only to eat and broadcast a message to anyone else that may be listening. Giving them my location and my mission, I hope that those looking to make a difference and set things straight will find me. Will help me look. There’s more than one of those swords out there. I know it. The vault that we found Zweihander in was numbered. I’ll be damned if I can’t find another, and when I do, I’ll face Honest Jim myself and reclaim this planet for us all.


Or I’ll die trying.

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Convention and Structure


This thread will be using the Ouroboros v3 Roleplay Mechanic System. Information on that can be found Here. Essentially, this is a system that breaks down statistical information, such as stats, skills, special powers, vehicles, etc for use in a DnD-type RP Forum game such as this one. The DM of the thread (that’s me!) will mostly be responsible for keeping track of this information and applying it to the story. As a fan of RPG’s in general, I like watching my character level up. This extends to my rp forum characters, and I’m hoping that there are others that like to see their character grow as well as develop in-story.


The purpose of this system is to find the best of both worlds. Always remember that the story comes first, and this is more of a guideline/structural tool. At any time, if you want to do something that the mechanics say you shouldn’t be able to, send me a pm. Chances are, you have a really good reason for that action and how it will affect the story, and I’ll see it your way. If I say no, you will have the opportunity to raise your character to the appropriate level and then do it, showing just how much your character has grown.


However, members WILL be required to claim a point in the ooc section for every post they make (more information about that in the docs link above). This also means that the Character Sheet you will fill out and PM to me to join will have a bit more weight to it, as I will be using the content you provide me to determine your starting stat layout. The only other responsibility the player will need to take from the above is their stamina pool. Although the dm of the thread (again, me) will be doing the calculation for you, you should keep in mind its level at the time of posting and let it help you reflect your character’s level of fatigue, etc. From there, however, the game is yours and you’re free to place points in whatever category you desire.


Because I just designed this system and this is my first time testing it, I will absolutely be prodding members to remember to make claims, inform them when they’ve unlocked something, etc etc.


General Rules


Aside from the rules and structures presented above, the following is the list of general rules all participants are expected to adhere to.


Rule 1: No Godmodding/Metagaming/Powerplaying


-Essentially, if it isn’t your character and you didn’t design it, you don’t get to move it. Your character can attempt to engage it, but you as the author do not get to state a change on the environment without the DM’s consent.


Rule 2: Respect the Setting - PG. 13 Content


-Posts should be devoid of explicit description on gore, sexual matters, drugs, etc. Furthermore, language should be kept at a respectable, literary level.


Rule 3: Minimum Post Length


-This rp should be considered semi/lit, and as such, a minimum post length of 4 sentences (50 words) is to be expected.


Rule 4: Post Permission and Order


-Please do not start posting until after your character has been approved and you’ve been given the go-ahead. Furthermore, a posting order will be built as players join and expected to be followed as well. Obviously this will be interrupted by opportune player joining, but this is at the dm’s discretion and should otherwise be respected.


Rule 5: Keep Us Notified


-If it’s your turn to post and I’m not going to get a post until Thursday because you’re busy with stuff, that’s totally fine! But it would be really cool of you to let us know in the OOC board.


Obviously, I’m mostly concerned with keeping a proper etiquette for the sake of seamless flow and as little drama as possible. As long as one follows common sense (and doesn’t have a problem with asking questions! My inbox is always open), then we shouldn’t have any problems! Below is the result of blatant rule breakage, but please keep in mind that this is more toward etiquette dismissal rather than misunderstanding the mechanics system the thread will be using. You have an infinite number of free passes on that.


Consequences for being rude and stuff are as follows:


Infractions 1 + 2 = I will send you a pm to discuss what you did and let you know why it’s an infraction. Chances are it was an accident and will have a quick, organic remedy from that point.


Infractions 3 + 4 = A pm will be sent and you will be given a time frame to edit or have your post deleted and be skipped. Better luck next time.


Infraction 5 = Should have tried to get along with others a little better. You’re out of the thread until further notice is given.

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Character Sheets


Please fill out the character sheet below and pm it to me. I will then host it on a google doc and post the link to it below. This doc will also host the character’s stat points, skills, traits, items, and any other relevant information for quick, clean access. Also keep in mind that Character Sheets are listed in Posting Order.


Character Sheet Template


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Starting Location:[/b]


-Character Link-

-Character Link-

-Character Link-


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OOC Thread


-Link to OOC Thread- This is where you will claim any points for your character, as well as discuss the usual metagame stuff (late replies, story questions, suggestions for circumstantial responses, etc)

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World Description and Terminology


-Watch this spot as it will be updated as the story progresses. Anything new will be placed here, pushing older stuff to the bottom of this post. Thank you!-


Tumoroh - The World you inhabit. This can be considered an alternate future Earth, in which technology overrode their human masters. After a technological singularity merged man and machine into essentially the same thing, a final war between the two factions resulted in the post-apocalyptic mess you now call home. As for geographical descriptions, consider it very Earth-like, with many of the same structures you would find here. Mountains, cities, rivers, forests, etc. Unlike Earth, however, a thick curtain of smog blocks out most of the natural sunlight and anything that once stood now lays. The most notable technological advancement was the ‘Network’, a system of information relay towers that could be interfaced with remotely by the people, allowing each of them to access the entire bank of knowledge their people have accumulated instantaneously.


Numans - The human equivalent of the planet ‘Tumoroh’. Unlike you or I, the Numans have long-since warped their own genetics to allow for merging with machinery. The only difference between a ‘Human’ and ‘Numan’ at first glance may be the occasional visible circuit pattern that runs across their skin.


Vorgs - After the natural wildlife that inhabited Tumoroh was destroyed in the war of man and machines, they were replaced with larger cybernetic versions to fill that niche in the environment. After the rise of artificial intelligence caused the machines to rebel, complicated virus algorithms infected the cyborg animals and assumed control of their bodies. The resulting entity is the Vorg, who’s only desire is to fulfill their core programming (which is commonly to destroy a human construct, as a virus does).


Interfacing - The ability that allows a Numan to activate and power technology. By accessing the motherboard’s virtual space and uploading it to their own brain, the user is able to gain a deeper connection to object and use it with extreme precision and focus. This can be particularly devastating with a weapon, but is also able to be applied to simpler things, such as a house or vehicle’s control panel, allowing for them to control lights and steering with mental commands.


Underwaste - A layer of civilization deep, deep beneath the crust of the planet. In the catacombs of a people long since dead, ancient relics and the occasional treasure can be found, so long as one looks out for the many Vorg that roam the caverns.


Starting Locations


As well as choosing to have none, opting to be completely nomadic in nature, there are four main starting locations to choose from. Aside from these strongholds, small bands of Numan are scattered about the ruins of the world. Each of the three starting locations provides a different "perk" in regards to quality of life, so special consideration should be made in regards to which is chosen. For sake of clarity, all three starting locations are held on a single continent. After the appropriate elements are in place, new starting areas will be accessible on different continents.


Open Continents: Hu'Bain


Aurorealus - By constructing several large walls around one of the few functioning Network Spires that remain, a small town has sprung up in the middle of an otherwise desolate city. Although a lack of food and water require frequent scavenging parties, the powerful generator in the Network Spire keeps everyone's gadgets functioning at full capacity. Making shelters in the rubble of toppled buildings, the people strive to reach out with their technical prowess and reconnect with anyone they can.


Ra'al - Despite the rampant destruction on the ground level of the planet, many underground structures survived with minimal damage. One of these was a compound devised specifically to extract fresh water from the air and yield crops in less than suitable conditions. Although the underground greenhouse was intended to help terraform new planets, it would do just as well at rejuvenating the broken planet. Unfortunately, the people that live there require fuel and seeds to successfully utilize their equipment, and must frequent to the surface for supplies. In terms of dwelling, almost 15 conference rooms are able to be converted into apartments with minimal effort.


Irull - Hidden deep inside the twisting mines of a stone quarry, a set of functioning Aluminum Extractors allowed a group of Numan to reinforce the area until it was a stronghold capable of holding an entire community of people. Their machines require a constant supply of energy, however, requiring them to go out and hunt for fuel frequently. Likewise, there isn't much for food in the mines, requiring their expeditions to yield plentiful results. Because of their ability to conjure steel from the air, families and individuals alike are able to construct their own living cells with modular plate walls.

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-Will Fill this in as questions are asked and answers are given. As I am new here and just designed this system, I am sure there will be questions. Regardless, none of them are frequent at the time of writing this.-

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This will be the first post of the actual story after critique edits have been deleted and the thread has been moved.

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