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Great Lineages Found in the AP

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I'm starting to like the Red-finned Tidal sprites more and more. So I grabbed a bunch of them in the AP.

Red-finned Tidal x Wrapping Wing Thanks tishavara!

Red-finned Tidal x Silver Thanks obelisk_light!

I don't like Coastal Waverunners that much, but this one's really gorgeous. Nice code too. Thank you FunStuffLolz!

I don't know if these are supposed to be references or something, but it's great. Thanks Rally Vincent!

Striped River x Silver Didn't expect these two to go that well together! Thanks AngelsPunishment!

Nhiostrife x Arsani Thank you mysterious person!

Almerald x Caligene Nice combi, thanks Ramani!


Just remembered that I forgot to influence nearly all of them ._.


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35 minutes ago, Tomato_Juice said:

Red-finned Tidal x Silver Thanks obelisk_light!

You're welcome! I'm glad you like it and I hope she genders correctly. :)


I found a 2G Celestial with exercise-savvy coded parents. Thanks, @Ruby Eyes!

I also found an incuhatchable CB Tsunami Wyvern a couple of days ago, so thank you to whoever dropped it. :)

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3 hours ago, Tomato_Juice said:

Nhiostrife x Arsani Thank you mysterious person!


That's one of my bebe's, glad it got a nice home! :D

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On 6/26/2018 at 4:40 AM, Sunrunner said:

Sapphire x Aeon - thank you @sorenna!  I was already trying for this exact combo, & if I can ever get my Aeons to cooperate, he'll have a mate eventually ^_^.




You're welcome!  I'm glad you plan to continue the lineage.  Keep an eye on the AP and there will probably be more; my Aeons aren't very cooperative when it comes to breeding Aeon eggs, either.  :)

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Thank you SO much @Predat0rs for this gorgeous 3g Silver Tinsel baby! What a wonderful AP surprise! Found him yesterday while killing time in the AP.  💖


And another big THANK YOU to the anonymoose person who dropped these two pretty hybrid babies into the AP as well.



ETA- Welp, clearly I don't know how to tag someone. 😆  (Why are the emojis showing up as black and white now?)



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Thank you so much to the breeders who dropped these lovely babies:

4th gen PB Setsong from anon

3rd gen Striped River from anon

another 3rd gen Striped River from anon

2nd gen Almerald from Garland from anon

3rd gen Waterhorse from checker with female Moonstones from DragonHeart1999

5th even gen Tangar from purplehaze

3rd even-gen Fleshcrown from Porkchop12

3rd even-gen Deep Sea from Terrafreaky

another 3rd gen Deep Sea from Terrafreaky

3rd gen Black Tea from checker with male Cavern Lurkers from Terrafreaky


Special thanks to those who dropped these 2nd gen PBs, because you helped me with a project there :)

Blacktip from leoak

Antarean from alupe99a

Purple Dorsal from Snowstar1711

Yellow-crowned from Porkchop12

Fever, Olive, Royal blue and Plated Colossus from Spikey

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Well I wasn't expecting this: the messy first child of a CB Silver Prize


Perhaps it was a misclick or a plan for a deadline? Either way, thank you, anon!


Additional thank yous to:

 @EternallyShadow for this EG shiny! I'm not sure what i'll pair it with, yet, but i'm sure i've got something on my scroll for it. :) 

@Belisar for the Doctor Who waterhorse!

@Daiyachiri for the codey waterhorse! I hadn't realised there were other 'lovey' male waterhorses out there so i'm going to carry it on with him in mind!

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