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Great Lineages Found in the AP

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On 2018-02-18 at 7:11 PM, Capricornus said:

https://dragcave.net/lineage/YmFd2- 3g Heartstealing x Kingcrowne. I was planning on looking for one of these since I've been building this lineage, and I ended up finding one right away! Thank you so much Terces!


https://dragcave.net/lineage/ktMdB- 4g Almandine x Heartstealing, again from Terces! The bottom half of the lineage is actually my dragons, but I neglected to keep one for myself last year, so this'll be useful for continuing the lineage.


On 2018-02-19 at 4:48 PM, rihannalexis said:

Thank you to @Terces for this pretty beauty.


You're both very welcome! Thanks for posting them here. :D


The rest of my finds now that everyone is grown up, first the stuff that I have (or can breed) mates for:

Soulstone from Gold, thank you breeder!

Soulstone from Yellow Zyu, thank you @hoodathunkit!

Soulstone from Sunsong, thank you breeder!

Valentine 09 from Almandine, thank you @jdj4639!

Heartstealing from Sunrise, thank you breeder!

Heartstealing from Khusa, thank you @SickThing!

Mutamore from Script, thank you @Singalana!

Rosebud from Almandine, thank you @shopfront!

Heartstealing from Blue Lunar, thank you breeder!

Heartstealing from Balloon, thank you breeder! I like the code.

3G Heartseeker from Gold Lunar, thank you @lovecats99!

3G Heartseeker from Light Lumina, thank you @Tish!

3G Rosebud x Silver, thank you again Tish!

3G Sweetling x Royal Crimson with alt base, thank you @cyradis4!

3G Heartseeker x Albino, thank you @angelicdragonpuppy!

3G Heartseeker x Moonstone, thank you again ADP!

3G Heartseeker x Black Tea, thank you @johnnalola!

3G Heartseeker x Magma, thank you again johnnalola!

3G Mutamore x Blue Gemshard, thank you breeder!


And the tough ones I need to find mates for:

3G Val 09 x Red, thanks breeder! I actually thought I had a mate ready for her but it wasn't the right gen.

3G Arsani x Silver Shimmer, thank you @Infinis!

Mutamore x Desipis, thank you Jnn breeder!

Soulstone from Silver Tinsel, thank you breeder!

3G Val 09 x Silver Tinsel, thank you breeder!

Soulstone from Bronze Tinsel, thank you @Syleye!

Heartseeker x Bronze Tinsel, thank you breeder!

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A few of my V-Day finds


My biggest, and best find was this https://dragcave.net/lineage/ujFKS  thank yo SO much @Process


Pretty RA w/ a SA https://dragcave.net/view/Afz0S thank you @Ylvanne


This pretty rosebud https://dragcave.net/lineage/ANLKx  thank you @tjenni


This shiny pretty checker https://dragcave.net/lineage/xLoHj thank you @Infinis


Pretty 2g alt sweetling  https://dragcave.net/lineage/UFBrS thank you @Suzamawolf-hoping this is you-lol


I caught a few alt sweetling checkers, but I think this is my fav. https://dragcave.net/lineage/T7JtS thanks @Terrafreaky

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Caught a beautiful checker White egg in the ap with several Spriter's alts and it's a Thuwed. Had to fog it tho cuz the poor thing is sick. Why would anyone try to harm this beauty? :( Fear not breeder, it's in good hands.

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Okay, so I know people are listing Valentines, but since my naming is slower than pond water, I'm still posting my Christmas finds.

Snow x Mageia, thanks anon

Snow x Silver Lunar Herald, thanks anon

Snow x Gold, thanks @kettene

Snow x Aria, thanks @erinthereader

- Snow x Gray, thanks anon

Snow x Azure Glacewing, thanks @sequiro

Snow x Guardian of Nature, thanks anon

Snow x Green Fire Gem, thanks anon

Snow x Script, thanks anon!

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On 2/19/2018 at 6:28 PM, natli said:

Thank you @Kelkelen for this Heartseeker


On 2/20/2018 at 9:44 AM, Gryphonic said:

Thank you @Kelkelen for him


You're welcome!  <3  Glad you like them! 
I'll be posting all my finds as soon as I have time... I went a little crazy this year!

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@Fly-by-Nightyou are very welcome and thx for quoting me because I didnt know that kind thread exist. :)

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Picked up some fantastic Valentine's babies, hopefully I didn't miss any out here. Also a big thanks to anyone who dropped CBs into the AP; I definitely benefitted from those!


2G Soulstone x Autumn, thanks breeder!


2G Mutamore x Storm, thanks @AmyLuthien!

2G Mutamore x Garland, thanks dersgub!


2G Heartstealing x Deep Sea, thanks breeder!

3G Heartstealing x Deep Sea, thanks @AmyLuthien

Another 3G Heartstealing x Deep Sea, thanks @Terrafreaky

3G Heartstealing x Gold Tinsel, thanks breeder!


3G Radiant Angel x Royal Crimson, thanks breeder!

3G Radiant Angel x Royal Blue, thanks @Kovia!

4G Radiant Angel x Gold Tinsel, thanks @Infinis!


2G Arsani x Almerald, thanks @Confused Cat!

2G Arsani x Storm, thanks @Margo555!

3G Arsani x Magi from SA, thanks @Ilune Willowlef!

3G Arsani x Snow from SA, thanks @Aurigena!

3G Arsani x Snow from SA, thanks breeder!


2G Val '09 Thuwed, uhh thanks @TJ09!


And many thanks to @sara4cows for these four that I nabbed just after the holiday wall ended:

2G PB Spinel

3G Greater Spotted x Ochredrake

3G Nhiostrife x Waterhorse

4G Mageia x Desipis

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Almost forgot to do this! Thanks to kindness, planning, and a huge AP wall I walked away with 88 Valentines this year, woohoo! :D Major kudos to everyone who gifted, bred, and traded with and for me, but now on to the AP finds! :P


Thank you @bloodonmyfangs for this Pink x Val https://dragcave.net/lineage/h3IeK , Striped x Val https://dragcave.net/lineage/TrDt2 , and Frilled x Val https://dragcave.net/lineage/4EcbO . You upped my Valentine collection quite nicely! I'll be able to get mates for all of these but the 6g :D 


Thank you @sylviamaris for this Magi x Val https://dragcave.net/lineage/ABjMP (ironically, didn't you ask for a 2g from that pairing from me? :D ) and another Pink x Val https://dragcave.net/lineage/Ek4P0 ! 


Thank you @arenee1999 for this Pink x Val https://dragcave.net/lineage/IIg2g , it's unrelated to the other ones I caught and hopefully I can piece them all together!


Thank you @johnnalola for this Heartseeker x Brute https://dragcave.net/lineage/vcvBx (and, of course, all the other nice things you did for me this Valentines :D )


Thank you @Imago for this Nhiostrife x Rosebud https://dragcave.net/lineage/C8Kpe ! Don't have this line, but I'm sure we'll be swapping some of our other Rosebud lines. LONG LIVE ROSES! ;) 


Thank you @Aleoleo for yet another Pink x Val https://dragcave.net/lineage/hNWdi ! Building, building, building... :P 


Thank you @Dragon_Arbock for this Striped x Val https://dragcave.net/lineage/XeHYO ! Unrelated to my other lines, going to see what I can do with her.


Thank you @Disolia for this Pink x Rosebud https://dragcave.net/lineage/rLKGn ! Unrelated to my 4g, going to try to hit 5g. :) 


Thank you @Gingehfish for this Black Tea x Arsani https://dragcave.net/lineage/HDWj6 ! I love Black Tea pairings to pieces. <3


Thank you @Singalana for this Heartseeker x Swallowtail https://dragcave.net/lineage/elOjO ! 


Thank you @Dirtytabs for this Fell x Arsani https://dragcave.net/lineage/9R52u ! 


Thank you @Confused Cat for this Mageia x Heartstealing https://dragcave.net/lineage/PGVU2 ! I was trying not to AP hunt at the start of the release since I had so much breeding I needed to do first, but I couldn't resist and got this pretty girl. Also got another from this combo, will have to go to 4g! 


Thank you @DorkJulian for this Radiant Angel x Golden Wyvern https://dragcave.net/lineage/wclu7 ! Love the dad's name.


Thank you @Undomiel for this Radiant Angel x Golden Wyvern https://dragcave.net/lineage/0OGzF ! Got this right before the above line, so while I'll probably not try to build up that far it was pretty cool to find both, haha!


Thank you @xForcibleFeeding for this Shadow Walker x Rosebud https://dragcave.net/lineage/gZJew and this Sweetling x Terrae https://dragcave.net/lineage/jX4cl ! I have an unrelated SW x Rosebud line that I hadn't done anything with, but I'll keep one this year to get her a mate :) 


And then the crown jewel... thank you @Tish for breeding this Bronze Shimmer x Heartstealing https://dragcave.net/lineage/wCVVs , but thank you even more @Zimtie for gifting it to me out of the blue! <333 I had been kindly given a different Heartstealing from this pairing, but during swapping and getting hatching help, it ended up vanishing into the AP somehow, leaving us all clueless... and then I traded the catcher for it thinking it was a sibling to that line, and gave it to the owner so they could have one too. It wasn't until later that I realized I'd somehow ended up completely without one, and no one knew what had happened, and it was a real bummer on an otherwise amazing Valentines. Then I woke up to Zimtie offering me this one out of nowhere. It absolutely made my day. THANK YOU. <333


And thank you as well to all the people without forum accounts who I picked things up from, too :D <3 

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11 hours ago, Fly-by-Night said:

You're welcome, glad they went to a good home :)

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22 hours ago, angelicdragonpuppy said:

Thank you @sylviamaris for this Magi x Val https://dragcave.net/lineage/ABjMP (ironically, didn't you ask for a 2g from that pairing from me? :D ) and another Pink x Val https://dragcave.net/lineage/Ek4P0 ! 

I sure did, and now with the 2g from you I have everyone I need to breed a 5th gen next year!



@natli thank you for this 4g Rosebud from Green Copper - I've always loved Rosebuds but never really found a mate I liked them with, but this is so gorgeous!


@cerimonster thank you for the 4g Rosebud from Daydream - same as above, the colors and poses complement each other so beautifully!


Thank you, breeder, for this 4g Sweetling from Terrae.  I've decided Terrae are pretty with everything.  That's just the way it is.  These two together look like delicious ice cream!


Thank you everyone else, for breeding so many amazing lovelies this year - I wish I'd had enough room to keep all the beauties I saw and admired.

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Valentine AP finds, Part 2: The last minute catches


Val '09's - Only one, beautifully unrelated to my others: 5G checker w/Golds Thank you, Anon breeder!


Sweetlings - Another single, but very happy to find it in amongst all the messy ones! 2G Pink w/Spring Thanks, @Keepiru!


Arsanis - Of which, surprise, surprise, most of the last minute catches are :P

2G w/Tsunami Thanks, Anon breeder, I wanted this pairing & didn't think I'd be able to fit it in this year!

3G checker w/Cavern Lurker - YAY! Needed this one, so thanks a ton for waiting to breed the parents, @natli!

3G checker w/Almerald - One mate out of two isn't bad, so thanks for this one, @Omen

4G checker w/Verdigris Copper - Thanks for helping to expand my newest little hoard, @FayriTayell!

4G checker w/Nhiostrifes - W00T!  Another one I needed & didn't think I'd manage to find!  Thanks so much for the late breed, @Azhure!

4G checker w/Silver - Another lovely addition to another new hoard!  Thanks @DarkLadyNyara


Radiant Angel's - A few lovely lucky grabs here. as well ;)

3G checker w/Golds - and I was gifted a 2G, so I can breed both of these mates!  Thanks, @jdj4639!

3G checker w/Sunstones - Mate #1 I needed & didn't expect to find!  Thanks again, @Azhure!

3G checker w/Sunstones - Mate #2 I needed & didn't expect to find!  Thanks for this one, @Kith!

And a real beauty, I truly was not expecting when I was hoping for an unrelated higher gen mate - 4G checker w/Rosy-wing Solstices and 2 Spriter's Alt's in the base :oThank you so much, @Snowwall!!!


Last but not least - Mutamores -

Another beautiful unexpected dumb luck catch that I don't know where I'm gonna find a mate for - 3G checker w/Bronze Shimmers - Thank you, Anon breeder! @rinoa26!  And thank you, @Toyo for solving my mate dilemma!XD

And one little messy I kept for freezing - Thanks, @Deus_Suetonius!


Double thanks to everyone who traded with me, or gifted things to me, or even kept an eye out for things they knew I was looking for - I hope you found everything you were looking for this holiday! :D

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I... am sure I can stop any time.


New lines:


Enticing Colours (2G Arsani from Aria), thank you, @Tsukiath! Bright pink x bright pink is a winner on the dark Portal2 background.


Pearlescent Tide (2G Arsani from Undine), thank you, anonymous! I always enjoy greens, cyans and blues with Arsanii, and I don't think I would've thought to pair Undines with Arsanii before I tripped across this. Nice!


Peaceful Ideals (2G Arsani from Gold Wyvern), thank you, @thiefofhearts! Surprisingly nice combo. Though admittedly I'm not sure why I'm surprised, Arsanii look delightful with regular golds as well. Nonetheless, this was somehow unexpected.


Forgiven Flaws (2G Arsani from Spinel), thank you, anonymous - love the parent names, too!


Vivid Spirit (2G Arsani from Spirit Ward), thank you, anonymous. I am not much of a fan of spirit wards due to my timezone making anything but their darkest form a rare sight, but I can't deny that the dark sprite helps the Arsani pop. :D Reminds me of the cavern lurker x Arsani pairing, and I took that up to a pair of 4Gs, so...


Beloved Reflection (2G Arsani from Speckle-Throated), thank you, @TempestSea! Would never have thought to put these together, but I like it. :)


River's Regards (2G Arsani from Striped River), thank you, anonymous! I really like this combo - two rather emaciated sprites, colour-complementing each other nicely! I wonder how this will look on higher generations.


Playful Ambush (2G Arsani from Caligene), thank you, @Starbit-Plushie! Oh lordie. This is way more pretty than I would have guessed. I've always loved the Caligene sprite but lamented that it doesn't go all that well with most other sprites in lineages, but x Arsani is really nice! I grant I am Arsani biased obsessed enamoured and this may be muddying the water here, but regardless, I really like this.


Surely Embraced (2G Arsani from Witchlight), thank you again, @Starbit-Plushie! This is gorgeous as well and I'm going to have problems this year's Halloween, because...


Earnest Affection (2G Arsani from Grave), thank you, @spoke_spider! Graves are not usually my thing but the white in the grave lineage tile makes such a good pairing to the white in the wings of the Arsani! But I can only breed two CB halloweens to my two CB Arsanii come Halloween so I don't actually yet know if I can continue this. XD And if this wasn't enough...


Creeping Affection (2G Arsani from Omen), thank you, @Arkacia! I utterly adore Omens and I am absolutely unsurprised that they look fantastic with Arsanii. I have no idea how to handle the coming Halloween, but thank you so much for making it difficult for me. XD This is just the best dilemma to have.


Transparent Joy (2G Arsani from Albino), thank you, anonymous! I really like Albinos but never really figured out what to do with them in lineages. I guess now I know! :D


Deinonykhusa (2G Arsani from Khusa), thank you, @Shadowdrake! As you probably noticed, I love the Khusa parent's name. And I really think these two sprites look astonishingly gorgeous together. Thanks for smooshing them into a lineage for the likes of me to find!


Fabulous Bordeaux (2G Arsani from Guardian of Nature), thank you, @Orchi'dea! I was really surprised when I noticed I don't have a checkered line with Arsanii and avatars of creation yet, so I guess I better get started!


Specks of Love (2G Arsani from Spotted Greenwing), thank you, anonymous! As I already mumbled above, I think teals complement Arsanii nicely, so I really enjoy this line and am looking forward to continuing it. :)


Bright Ink (2G Arsani from Chrono Xenowyrm), thank you, anonymous, and also aaaaaaaah oh my gosh that code! I actually caught a sibling that also had an awesome code, which leaves me to wonder if you might have been breeding your CB Arsani for the AP intentionally, in which case, thank you so much. I really, really love the code!


Finned Embrace (2G Arsani from Deepsea), thank you, @Nectaris! ;_; Two of my favourite sprites, smooshed together. And they look so pretty together, what with the muted blues of the deepsea and the bright pink of the Arsani. I love this so much!


Strode Far For Love (3G Arsani from a waterwalker checker), thank you, anonymous! I... have no idea how to continue this, I have no 2G to continue it with. XD But I love waterwalkers so much and I just could not let this go back to the AP.


Foxfire Tyn (3G Arsani from a blusang lindwurm checker), thank you, @Kaityn! This lineage gave me a nosebleed. For some reason I can't continue it yet! I don't know why the blusang x Arsani combination managed to just... not hit my scroll in previous years. It is super gorgeous!


Sweet Family (2G Arsani from Sweetling), thank you, anonymous! I... am never going to be able to get myself to breed this a mate, due to my Arsani obsession demanding yearly sacrifices from my CB Arsanii for totally unrelated projects, but! Who knows! I might be able to catch a mate next Valentine. :D It's really pretty!


Altered Emotion (2G Arsani from pink zyumorph), thank you, anonymous! In honesty the pink zyumorph isn't my favourite by a large margin, and even this particular pink doesn't seem to work out so well, but... it's a 2G Arsani. I just can't say no. Thanks very much for breeding her!


Help making mates for existing lines:


Lamellar L'amore (4G Arsani from a Nhiostrife checker), thank you, Ramani! Together with Insanity's Tempest (traded from tjekan <3) and Stormsong Aru'ak (traded from Sethiss <3), this lets me build a mate for A Warm Rain! This is super valuable, thank you so much! :)


Winter's Allure (2G Arsani from Winter Seasonal), thank you again, @TempestSea! Together with Conjuring Heart (traded form tjekan <3), this lets me build a mate for Strings of Frost! Thank you so much!


Vibrant Sympathy (3G Arsani from a Ridgewing checker), thank you, anonymous! Together with Pirouette Aru'ak (traded from Sethiss <3), this lets me build a mate for Caballo's Spell! Thank you very much!


AP catches I can make precise mates for already:

(All of these were surprise catches I wasn't hunting for, but really appreciate having snagged, regardless, because it's a free ticket to taking the corresponding line I have up by a generation. Thanks very much to all of you!)


Cautious Snowfall (3G Arsani from a Frostbite checker), thank you, Eleeveen! Hopefully, once grown, this little one will like her. :D


Moonglobe (3G Arsani from a Moonstone checker), thank you, Dark_Cynder! Hopefully, once grown, this little one will like her. ^_^


Red Crunch (3G Arsani from a Royal Crimson checker), thank you, @Earth Gurl! Hopefully, once grown, this little one will like her. :)


Dark Chalk (4G Arsani from a Black checker), thank you, anonymous! One of those cases where one is glad the prospective mate did not alt; here's hoping they like each other once he's old enough. ;)


Twisted Spring (4G Arsani from a Spring Seasonal checker), thank you, @Ribombee! It's not the season to breed a sibling to this just yet, but once Spring rolls around (and that's not much longer, to be fair), this AP catch is getting a mate.


Kelpie's Kiss (4G Arsani from a Red-Finned Tidal checker), thank you, anonymous! I am cheating a bit by putting this here. I do have Whirlrose, as one parent for a mate, but I still need a mate for and a baby from Polizistensohn (traded from Tweekypie <3) before I can breed Kelpie's Kiss a mate in earnest. Still, this is just a short matter of time. :D




That's my haul this year, excluding trades (except where mentioned for context). No, no no no, I don't need an adult. This is fine. **bottoms out on a bottle of Arsanii** ;_; So delicious.

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Found two scroll --> forum name correspondences I'd missed :)

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One more Valentine I didn't mention last time: what a pretty Rosebud checker! Thank you, breeder :)


And here's the first Rock I ended up keeping on my scroll, despite playing since 2009 when those were one of the only breeds :D I guess I couldn't say no to the lineage! Thank you, @Confused Cat.

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