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Great Lineages Found in the AP

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*cracks knuckles*  


It's almost Thanksgiving.  I think I'll go through my Halloween finds.  


3g Arcana x Fall checker by @Aie (correctly gendered)

3g Arcana x Water checker by @catzrule1990 (incorrectly gendered, but with an Alt Arcana, so that's pretty cool)

2g Arcana x Bronze Shimmer by anon (incorrectly gendered, though)


2g Black Marrow from Thunder by @sara4cows (gendered correctly!)

2g Black Marrow from Obidar by @Ramani (gendered incorrectly, but 2gs are nice in that it's easy to make mirror lines- plus, what a nice pairing)

2g Black Marrow from Equinox by @Ramani (another incorrect gender, but still 2g)

2g Black Marrow from Equinox by @Infinis (gendered correctly - and I could breed it with the above, if I wanted, next Halloween)

2g Black Marrow from Labradorite by @Saartje - Labby's are my new favorite dragon!

3g Black Marrow x Bronze Shimmer checker by anon

3g Black Marrow PB by anon (I have a possible mate for it, I do believe)

2g Black Marrow from Sinomorph by anon (incorrectly gendered)


3g Caligene x Candelabra checker by @Terrafreaky


2g Cavern Lurker from Aquilo by @SilRav

2g Cavern Lurker from Elux Lucis by anon (incorrectly gendered, but that's okay, because I found two!)

2g Cavern Lurker from Elux Lucis by anon


2g Desipis from Labradorite by @Dharak (incorrectly gendered, but Labby!)

2g Desipis from Carmine by @tiktokism (incorectly gendered, but since I have two . . .)

2g Desipis from Carmine by @tiktokism

2g Desipis from Ke'Maro by anon


2g Grave from Astaarus by @dragonsforbreakfast (another new favorite dragon)

2g Grave from Elux Lucis by @Lithunati (misgender)

2g Grave from White by anon (misgendered)


2g Kohraki from White Zyu by anon (misgender)


3g Omen from Mint by @Rememberdrgns (I'm assuming they are the same as RememberingDragons) - with Alt Omens!

2g Omen from Staterae by @_Hinata-Hyuga_ (misgendered)

2g Omen from Umbra by @Aqub

3g Omen from Lacula checker by anon 

2g Omen from Elux Lucis by anon (misgender)

2g Omen from Pharos by anon (misgender)


2g Pumpkin from Red Pargulus Pygmy by @GhostMouse

3g Pumpkin from Dark Myst checker by @tnoelemaK (I'm relatively certain I have a mate for this one)

2g Pumpkin from Blue Pargulus Pygmy by @Kaityn (misgender)

2g Pumpkin from Blue Pargulus Pygmy by anon (I bred this exact pairing, but ended up dropping in the AP)

2g Pumpkin from Red-Tailed Wyrm by anon 


2g Shadow Walker from Silver Shimmer by anon (misgender)


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all who bred these lovely dragons!!!

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Oh wow didn't know this thread exist. Haven't been hunting a lot in AP recently, but I do remember two of my most precious lineages being from AP


https://dragcave.net/view/pf0dm 2G prizekin from three years ago

https://dragcave.net/view/rkB2S 2G salt from three and a half years ago


I actually hunted the AP for them...because I saw that their parent had children and thought huh why not watch out : D

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Last year's most memorable AP finds>>>

Loki's Bottle of Gin

Loki's Christmas Caroling

I don't know who bred them but thank you!

And now this year's incredible AP finds>>>

Mewtwo Tenebrae

The Hulk Tenebrae

Dracula Tenebrae

Smaug Tenebrae

Legolas Tenebrae

Ravenclaw Tenebrae

Loki Tenebrae

Loki's Twilight Hymn

Loki's Ghostly Song

Loki's Joyful Element

I don't honestly know what to say, I feel like thank you is kinda small considering, but seriously, thank you @Infinis & @Fiona ! :wub:

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On 11/9/2020 at 12:31 PM, Aie said:

Time for the Halloween haul thank-yous! So, I'd like to express my gratitude to...

'Twas a happy Hallowe'en :D

kinda late, but so happy to hear someone enjoys my halloween buggers. XD

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On 12/1/2020 at 2:09 AM, miaou said:



On 11/30/2020 at 1:56 PM, DarkellaLord said:

My Lihnseyre army is growing steadily. Found this super-pretty lil fella😃 Thank you @schenanigans!



You are both very welcome, I am glad you enjoy 😉

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