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Great Lineages Found in the AP

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@Evilnecromancer (On scroll)


Thank you for my beautiful holxhol lines ❤️ Found them almost immediately, and you helped me fully cross off almost all my grave x Valentines lines:





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When I see people post some mega-saltkins in here, and I come here like


well this is really pretty 😶


(And will be female, too!)

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I caught something I never expected to. I can never afford to trade for them, so I never bother. The best part is it precogged correctly.

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I got three more wonderful lineages I'm really happy about:


- 3EG Grave x Gold (which will have this Gold girl as mate, and their offspring will go with him) - thanks, HeDy

- 3EG Caligene x GoldFloret (for whom this GoldFloret boy already waits) - thanks, Syiren

- 2G Omen x Fool's Mint (which still needs a mate, but I already got an offer ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ) - thanks, anon

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I always freeze name coded Halloween hatchies from AP, but I was very tempted to leave this one unfrozen - this checker looks really nice! Thank you, anonymous breeder!


20 hours ago, Iside said:

I'm not very much into PB holiday, but - as a Baldur's Gate saga lover - when I cought this https://dragcave.net/lineage/xKWgm from the AP I decided I had to keep it and look for a proper mate. And a couple minutes later I found this https://dragcave.net/lineage/JIj6p  

Thank you very much @ Auriene  !!


Oh my! You're welcome! When I checked on my Bhaalspawns progeny and noticed names of those two - and realized that they ended up on the same scroll - I literally squeed ❤️ BTW, before this Halloween, all my Arcanas were still unnamed. I was looking for a lineage inspiration - and since I'm on Baldur's Gate marathon (again)...

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So, here's the next batch of my fortunate lineaged AP finds:


- 4 EG Desipis x Avatar of Destruction - thanks bloodonmyfangs! And I already have a mate for him!

- 4 EG Desipis x Bronze Shimmer - thanks, anon!

- 4 EG Shadow Walker x White - thanks, anon!

- 2G Black Marrow x AeonWyvern - thanks, anon!

- 3 EG Caligene x Avatar of Destruction - thanks, natli!

- 3 EG Shadow Walker x Balloon - thanks, natli!

- 3 EG Witchlight with two male Zombies - thanks Rinoa!

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