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Great Lineages Found in the AP

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Ah - thought that might be the one ! I dropped a lot that day - it was a TERRIBLY day for ridgies !

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16 hours ago, Sunrunner said:

@ninish!!!!   Thank you for thiiiiiiiisss!!!!!



Haven't had a Vine alt for me for AGES.  Just grabbed it from the AP tonight on the off chance that it would, AND IT DID!!!!  Crazy happy right now!  Gonna go breed my Vines/Blacks/Undines for the AP & maybe someone else'll get as lucky from my stuff as I did from yours :D.

I'm glad!!! ヽ(´▽`)/ I was hoping someone would smile with the stuff I bred to the ap, so hearing this from yoy makes me feel accomplished :'D



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17 hours ago, Naughtrish said:

Ohh I had no idea you were flurp, @Fuzzbucket Thank you so much! Yes I usually hide my babies at night.



Would you like an invite to our slimy group ? ;) 

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5 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:


Would you like an invite to our slimy group ? ;) 

Ohh there's a group? Hope there's not a dress code 😂

Sure thing, I would love it, thanks! :D

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Thank you catzrule1990 for those babies :wub:

Thabk you mystery breeder for those Silver:

https://dragcave.net/lineage/h5vHG :wub:


And thank you mystery breeder for those Lunar Herald: :D 



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On 7/18/2019 at 12:49 AM, Ribombee said:

Glad you like my code babies. :D :D

I love them!  I think I might have a few from another breeding run, and will be looking for the next one!  :D


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1 hour ago, becondethuong1307 said:


I can breed you a mate for that if you want :Dsibling to this

That would be so awesome man, anything you want in return? 

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13 hours ago, Sunrunner said:

I do not regret the currently wonky AP.  Like At All.


wow congrats, if I had known that you could find this in the Mint Wall, I would have checked it myself ^^

I got 2 lineaged vamps (thanks @wbmorgan for biting) This one and that one

this Prize checker Almerald, thanks @bonvoyage (now to work on a mate)


I also found a 2nd gen Gold from Thalassa, I influenced and hatched it and traded for another 2nd gen Gold with a mate I did not already have ^^

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@tjenni- it just popped into that first spot where all the void eggs have been showing up when I clicked into the AP the other day, & by now I'm conditioned to auto-click Mints in case they have Upside-Down/April Fool's Day lineages.  Image my shocked face when I saw what it actually was :o!


Speaking of Upside-Down Mints, @Lagie - you meant to AP this, right?  Right?!  Cuz Imma keepin' it, no take-backs XD(No, but, you can have it back if you need it.)




8 minutes ago, Lagie said:

I did, yes! Enjoy! 

Thank you, I most definitely shall :wub:!

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