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Great Lineages Found in the AP

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On 4/12/2019 at 12:08 PM, Alisyn said:

Thank you so much to @Sunrunner for these beautiful nebulas! My only regret is that I was 6/8 full of eggs so I could only grab two. :(



Welcome!  And I see you got super lucky with the correct colors for them both.  If you need mates, I can breed again this Tuesday ;).

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@Alisyn I'll make a note so I remember.  I've several 2G pairs, so someone's bound to give up the goods :P.


Also thanks to the Anons who dropped a couple of my favorite breeds in the AP as CB's: Almerald & Imperial Fleshcrowne

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Sooo . . . Here is my extremely-late-yet-heartfully-appreciated-Valentine's-list-of-AP-grabs-thank-you-so-much-all-you-awesome-breeders!!! (Just pretend I didn't procrastinate on posting this for almost 2 solids months due to suffering from holiday burn-out :blush:.)  Unless they have a really cool code I can't stand to cover up, I will name all of these guys - eventually.  Also, long post is long, sry.


Val'09s -

2G w/Brute - thnx, Anon! I like their colors & poses together, the way they both have one foreleg lifted off the ground, like he's reaching out to her & she's tentatively started to reach back.

2G w/Stripe - Liked this pairing as soon as I saw it, so thanks @nerys

2G w/Frill - Here's a pairing I never thought to have for my own.  So happy the re-release of both Frills & past holidays made this possible!  Thank you, @Imago!

2G w/Tetra - Until I saw them together, I didn't really like Tetra with much of anything, so thanks, @OriginalMara

2G w/Gold - Thank you, Anon!  This pairing's a classic.

3G w/Ice - I can breed a mate to this!  Thanks @SickThing

3G Pure Thuwed - Couldn't resist keeping her when I caught her!  Thank you for this beauty, @Alectrona!


Sweetlings -

2G w/Boreal - There's something old-time-y feel about this pairing, like in the black & white movies that used filters to soft-focus a romantic scene. And their poses are nearly perfect reflections of each other.  Thanks for introducing me to this pairing, @PolarVortex

2G w/Purple Floret - Pretty!  I just really like the colors together.  Thanks, Anon!

3G w/Spring - Thank you, Anon!  Chased this in the AP for at least half an hour - people kept picking it up & putting it back & I couldn't catch it even though I needed it for a mate and we were getting down to the point where I knew I wouldn't find another one this year, but my perseverance paid off!

4G w/Daydream - I can breed a mate to this, so thanks Anon!


Rosebuds -

2G w/Aether - Thank you @Lantean_Pegasus!  This is one of the pairings I was hoping for, they're just so pretty together!

2G w/Bronze Shimmer -Thank you @Terrafreaky!  Caught this the day before my birthday - what a great early present!

2G w/Silver Tinsel - Thank you, SIAEL's owner (have no idea who you are)!  Caught her the day after my birthday - a wonderful late surprise present!  Hope to find a mate unrelated to all the Rosebud/ST lineages already out there (inculding mine!  Aoife's offspring w/a Rosebud is already in the wind :P)

3G w/Blusang - I can breed a mate to this!  Thanks @Iside!

4G w/Blusang - And then breed those 3G's & produce a mate to this!  Thanks @angelicdragonpuppy!  I love building checkers :D.


Heartseekers- (Can't help thinking of them as Chocolate dragons, though.  Why don't we have dragons made of chocolate?  There's cheese & paper.  I want chocolate!)

2G w/Imperial Fleshcrowne - This is the one pairing with a Heartseeker that I wanted this year!  Thanks Anon!

3G w/Imperial Fleshcrowne - Okay so I didn't catch this one in the AP.  I missed the one I was hunting.  But the kind soul @Nqli saw my post bemoaning the one I missed & graciously traded me the one she'd caught, so thanks go to her & @Lantean_Pegasus for breeding this line!  Love you both for this beauty :wub:.

3G perfect checker w/4 Spriter's Alts - @Infinis I cried when I caught this.  Hyperventilated a little.  Had to breath into a paper bag for a bit.  Sent my cat rocketing out of the room with my shrieks of unadultered joy.  Y'know, the usual.  THANK YOU XD.

3G even gen w/2 Spriter's Alts - Ahh!  I didn't have anything with the Chocolate Sweetling alt!!  And the navy blue Solstice is so beautiful!  Thank you for breeding it, @angelicdragonpuppy


Arsanis -

2G w/Lumina - Thanks for this pretty pair, @LadyAndreca (on forum?)

2G w/Bronze Shimmer - Thank you, @animatedrose!  Caught her on my birthday - a beautiful present!  And, thanks to @FAstudent12 for trading with me, now she has a mate!

2G w/Pyrovar - Thanks, Anon!  I like these guys together, though the Pyrovar seems to embracing his caveman (dragon?) roots & pouncing on his mate instead of wooing her!

2G w/Storm - Always admired this pairing, & finally managed to juggle things around enough to make room to grab this!  Thank for breeding them, Anon!

3G w/Storm - Yay!  Thanks @MiaLily!  Checkers are my favorite & I'll definitely breed it a mate to get to 4G!

3G w/Almerald - I can breed this a mate!  Fits right in, thanks Anon!

3G w/Tsunami - Another one I can breed a mate for!  Thanks for this lovely checker, @Iside!

4G w/Tsunami x 1 Spriter's Alt - @Kiyoura thank you for this beauty that fits right into my existing lineage with bonus Spriter's Alt!  The blue Arsani is gorgeous!

4G w/Bronze Tinsel - Beautiful catch!  Thank you @Sycamore!  Dunno if there's an unrelated 4G mate out there - maybe I should try for 3G's?


Radiant Angels-

2G w/Kingcrowne - Thanks Anon, they're so pretty together.

2G w/Fever Wyvern - Thank you @PolarVortex, I like these two together, they're nicely colored.

3G w/Kingcrowne - Yay!  Checkered lineage building!  Thanks @Laura-Lana

3G w/Fever Wyvern - More checkered lineage building, woo-hoo! Thanks @bloodonmyfangs

4G w/Silver Shimmer - @tjenni, this is actually unrelated to a couple 3G's I have, so I can breed a mate!  Thanks!

4G w/Gold -  Only had up to 3G, so I can breed a mate & build my checkers, thanks Anon!

5G w/Gold - Unrelated to any of mine, yay!  More checkers, higher gens, thank you again @bloodonmyfangs!


Heartstealings -

2G w/Green Gemshard - Thanks @greycat, this pretty thing fits right in with the lineage I started last year!

2G w/Blue Gemshard - Thank you @blah, I like this pairing too!

2G w/Sapphire - Love the Sapphire mate, he's perfect!!!  Thanks Anon!

2G w/Silver Tinsel - THANK YOU @Cindy-LouWhoWho!!!  Caught this baby as a spectacular surprise on Valentine's Day & did a happy dance up & down the stairs & all around the kitchen I was so thrilled :lol:!

2G w/Frostbite - I can use this for my existing lineage!  Thanks @Hells_Bells

3G w/Sapphire - More Sapphires, YES!!  Thank you @Nakuru!

3G w/Blue Gemshard - Challenging to get the right color not just once but twice, but it will be done!  Thank you, Anon!

4G w/Blue Gemshard - And again!  Can't stay away from the difficult ones when they look this pretty.  Thanks again, Anon!


Mutamores -

2G w/Spriter's Alt Grave - He's a beautiful one & lucky me was in the AP at the right time to grab him when I didn't even know he was coming through!  Thank you for breeding @aangs-sister!

2G w/Khusa - Thanks @Aredt (on forum?), this pairing looks fierce together!

2G w/Indigo Lunar Herald - Think I like this color pairing the best out of the 4 LH's, so thanks Anon!

3G w/Indigo Lunar Herald - Checkered lineage building, ftw!  Thank you @tjenni!

3G w/Undine - I can breed this guy a mate!  Thanks @MaeTM!


Soulstones -

2G w/Green Firegem - Thanks Anon!  Like the colors, & am gonna try to think up a clever 'Mis-' name for her after her parents.

2G w/Terrae - Very fond of Terraes, & like these guys together very much, so thanks Anon!

3G w/Terrae - Thanks @meirelle!  Easy-peasy lineage building with this lovely.
3G w/Gold - Can breed this beauty a mate, so thanks for the help in taking my line to the next gen, Anon!

3G w/Sunsong - Thanks @Daiyachiri, I can breed this lovely thing a mate!

3G w/Kingcrowne - This guy is also one I can breed a mate for, so thanks Anon!


Floral-Crowned -

2G w/Garland - Thanks @stuka (on forum?), I needed a mate for the one I caught at Christmas.

2G w/Garland - Thanks x2 @bluetiki (on forum?), I had another caught at Christmas that also needed a mate.

2G w/Silver - So pretty together, thank you @quinney!

2G w/Green Firegem - Ah, another pair that's real pretty, thanks @Thunderwing

2G w/Undine - These guys somehow work when I wouldn't have thought so!  Thanks for thinking of the pairing, @blueheaven (on forum?)

2G w/Gold - A beautiful classic pair - gold works with anything!  Thanks @Aussiemum!

2G w/Bronze Tinsel - @Duysterwald, thank you for this sweetheart!  Caught & hatched him on my birthday, he was a beautiful present, & now, courtesy of the great trade I got from the wonderfully patient @Dalek Raptor, he's got a mate (she's just gotta finish growing up)!

2G w/Green Siyat - I like this combo, @lilysally!  Thanks for thinking of it.

2G w/Green - Hahaha, this pair makes me laugh, actually!  He looks like he's side-eyeing her & at the same time looking down his nose at her histrionics while she's throwing a fit & yelling her head off about something!  Thanks @araminta



Aaaand DONE!  Finally B).

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Thanks @Sunrunner :) 

her sibling will help make a 7g from the same check next year (in theory!!) 

If you want any others from the val09xstripe line just shout 🤗🙃





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I have never been able to get on the list or even findout when it's open, but looky what I grabbed from the AP: ~0> 9t9Ix <0~


I missed an even prettier 2G thuwed from a green copper pairing, so thank you to the person who abandoned it! ❤️ "9t9Ix" is my first 2G thuwed! 🤗

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