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Great Lineages Found in the AP

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I haven't been here in forever and have totally forgotten how to code, but I had to drop by so I can hugely thank lolahighwind for this dragon I picked up. I grabbed a Candelabra Dragon for Encyclopedia purposes, and ended up with a lineage that not only has my second ever descendant from a Spriter's Alt (and I think this one is the closer to it) but has no less than 5 Spriter's Alts in the line. I'm stunned at my luck, thank you so much!


This little dragon will be well looked after❤️

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Just grabbed this pink, because, it's pink...looked at the breeding, which is MASSIVE, it's only 13 gen but it has dragons going back to 2008, to the Thewed lines AND, ten years ago, one of my first bred Alt Blacks that I APd, from one of my first breeding pairs, and one of my first dragons!! So ten years to the month (and fourteen days of being 'to the day') I get an egg with some very old DruidStone breeding! THANK you, breeder :) there isn't a name on the dragons page or I'd be sending you a direct message.

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7 minutes ago, Rememberdrgns said:

I’m not big on lineages, but I quite like this.


Wow, that took me a second to realize what you meant (my eyes basically only recognized one colour and my brain went "purebred?")

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Caught a few nice things recently I've been remiss in putting up here, so -

CB Green Nebula <---miraculously nabbed this as a hatchie who had so many views the poor thing was sick!  But he got better with a long fog, so thanks to the anon dropped him, he's just what I need for my Terrae x Green Nebula project :D.

3G Royal Blue x Gold Shimmer thanx @bonvoyage for dropping this perfect checker shiny fail.  Was just lamenting a little while ago how few Gold shimmer/kin checkers I had.  Now I've got one more XD!

3G Almerald x Silver Shimmer thanx to the anon who dropped her, she's lovely!

3G PB Green Baikala thanx @Terrafreaky for the 3rd sea serpent I needed for the raffle.

2G Seragamma Wyvern Shimmerfail thanx to the owner of the Bronze Shimmer 'Princess Ashne' for AP'ing this pretty kin combo!  Was a pleasant surprise.

4G EG Spriter Altkin I really this one, so thanks, anon, for giving it to the AP!

2G Terrae x Green Nebula thanx @Confused Cat for a perfect fit to my Terrae x Green Nebula project!

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Hiya, so I have some more thank yous (it's part #2):


Random dragon collector for XgMi9 (don't know how, but I managed to miss it off last time, apologies for that!)


Oilbird for zZEDA and KOKZL


EvilSpectra for INpjR


Sunfeathers for asJga 


Joker 22 for sgJ2I and iPEmX


Laura_Lana for this very pretty nhiostrife, Dj92W


TerraFreaky for 2qVeg (yay, it's white wing, like mine :D


And tjenni for vuDPv


Anons for 3MV5dzAVKnGk4B4eLjJI


I do have more thank yous - so I hope that I'll round off soon, before the holidays start. 


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3rd gen. Khusa from Caligene! https://dragcave.net/lineage/Qs8ED TY Empoleon4070


And someone's been breeding a lot of Autumns!

4th gen. Autumns: https://dragcave.net/lineage/uCdPS & https://dragcave.net/lineage/kOOo3

2nd gen. from Arcanas: https://dragcave.net/lineage/hcjbq & https://dragcave.net/lineage/BrtUt & https://dragcave.net/lineage/zsTPe


Thanks so much!! 

❤️ The Arcana-kins will find Arcana mates in the future since the Autumn pairing is my favorite~!

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I just found my first lyrical lineage on the AP this morning. Thanks anon! Chrono x Aeon is just plain gorgeous so I've been waiting to get a lineage with the pairing. I never knew the song before, but I deemed it pretty agreeable on my first listen (something I will probably go back to) and as such didn't want to toss the egg back into the AP. I've been thinking about building some of my own lyrical lineages lately so I'm also pretty intrigued to have caught someone else's for that reason. I really appreciate the work that must have gone into making it.

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