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Great Lineages Found in the AP

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Hiya: I have some thank yous, but, as I've been on quite the AP kick recently, I'll split so that the posts aren't too large!


Thank yous part #1 


Thank you Ramani for voirm and

Thank you EvilSpectra for INpjR

Thank you Blue Latios for ToWV9

Thank you Sunfeathers for c5VEf

Thank you Random Dragon Collector for Faxcr

And possibly my best ever AP ninja catch during the Script Frenzy last week (which I swear. made my eyes pop out my head cartoon style) - thank you very, very, very much for 3veEB, 5ilence :D 

Thank you Anons for eLjJIh3gOcLQhzE 


All  much appreciated, and adored :-)


-- To be continued -- 

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5 hours ago, Astiana2011 said:

Hiya: I have some thank yous, but, as I've been on quite the AP kick recently, I'll split so that the posts aren't too large!


Thank you Anons for  LQhzE 


All  much appreciated, and adored 🙂


-- To be continued -- 


Yay! Happy to finally see one of mine here-you are very welcome!

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Thank you @Natayah for this amazing white. Wasn't originally going to keep it, but its parent's codes are so naughty!

and @lolahighwind (I think) for this lineage, it's a pairing I hadn't thought of, must try it!!! 

finally anon for this nebby, I hope it colors right!!! 

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My-Very-Late-But-Still-Super-Duper-Appreciative-List-of-Halloween-AP-Catches-Courtesy-of-the-Wonderful-Breeding-Community-of-DC XD:

(And an extra thank you to everyone who dropped Halloween CB's into to AP - they were a great help!)



2G from Pipio Thanks, anon!  I was hoping to find this combo during a time I had space to keep it.

2G from Mimic <---Swapped the one I caught that was the other way around gender-wise, so thanks anon for dropping that one so I could get this one! And thnx @Cokuruscana for the version I was really hoping to find.


Black Marrow:

3G checker w/Reds Thanks for this one, anon, I already had a mate waiting so I was thrilled to find exactly what she needed!

2G from Red Dorsal Luckily, the random grab of this below 3 days egg gendered correctly!  Thanks for him, @xForcibleFeeding, I needed a new Marrow lineage.


Shadow Walker:

2G from Boreal Another pretty combo I was hoping to find, & it's even my preferred way around gender-wise! Thanks for this girl, @Keileon.


Cavern Lurker:

2G from Purple Nebula Another lucky win from the gender lotto!  Thank for this combo, anon!



None!  How'd that happen?



4G checker with Bronze Shimmers A beautiful dumb luck catch!  Dunno if there's an unrelated mate out there, but I'll try to find it if it exists.  Thanks for the challenge, @Shadowdrake

3G EvenGen from ALL Spriter's Alt's Grandparents - THANK YOU, @TCA, this kid is gorgeous, & completely shocked me when I checked his lineage!  Hope I can locate a Christmas or Valentine version as a mate to compliment him!

3G checker with Pyro Xenos The exact lineage I can breed a mate for and it won the gender lotto, since she was under 3 days when I caught her!  Thank you, anon!



2G from Alt Caligene & Alt Snow!!! THANK YOU @Infinis!!!  My first Altkin from double SA's!!  She's stunning, think I almost fainted when I saw what I had caught!

3G checker w/Red Gemshards The lineage I started last year!  Now I can work on breeding the correct color of gemshard as a mate for this baby.  Thanks, anon!  BTW, I like the names :lol:!

2G from Kingcrowne Lovely new combo for me!  Thanks for her, @Sazandora!

2G from Gold Floret Yet another great new lineage for me that I was specifically looking for in this combo!  Thanks, anon!

2G from Harvest YAY!! The egg was below 3 days, but he gendered correctly for my existing lineage!!!! The other 3 I had caught - 2 2G's & a 3G in the correct combo - all ended up female!  Boo!  I really love the look of these guys, too, so THANK YOU @stagazer_7 for one of my favorite pairings!

3G checker with Gold Lunar Heralds Genders are exactly the right combo for my existing lineage, & it won the gender lotto, being below 3 days when I picked up the egg!  Thanks for him, @angelicdragonpuppy, he'll get a mate when I remember to breed in the GLH cycle :P.

3G checker with Gold Lunar Heralds Another gender lotto win!  Thank you, anon, for the last minute breeding of the lineage I was looking for!

3G checker with Gold Lunar Heralds & a Spriter's Alt! Thank you @11th!  He won the gender lotto, fits into my existing lineage, and he's a lovely Altkin!

2G from Gold Lunar Herald Aaannnddd another win in the gender lotto!  So glad, since it's the only 2G I managed this year, & boy did I need a 2G!!  Thank you, anon.



2G from Green Nebula Couldn't resist grabbing this early into the event & then keeping it when I saw it fit into my existing lineage, though I really shouldn't have been AP hunting right then.  Thanks for providing an irresistable temptation, @Tomtom92 (are you on the forums?)

2G from Green Nebula She won the gender lotto and she's what I needed for my lineage!  Was so happy to find another of these so late in the event.  Thank you, @Meo-Rie!

2G from Bronze Tinsel My jaw dropped when I checked the lineage of this dumb luck AP grab!  AND I noticed the breeder kept the only other egg!  AND THEN HE WON THE GENDER LOTTO.  THANK YOU, @Kiyoura!  I should have a mate for him soon, & I'll figure out a good name, too!


2G from Green Firegem THANK YOU, ANON!!!

3G checker with Green Firegems - THANK YOU, ANON!!!

3G checker with Green Firegems THANK YOU, @bloodonmyfangs!!!

3G checker with Green Firegems THANK YOU, @Imago!!!

SERIOUSLY!  Was like, WHERE ARE ALL THE WITCHLIGHT X GREEN FIREGEMS??!!!  I kept catching BLUE Firegem mates!!  And Green FG's that were the wrong way 'round, gender-wise, for my existing lineage!   These lovelies luckily all won the gender lotto & were my very last catches of the event along with a couple Caligenes!  SO MAJOR THANKS TO ALL OF YOU LATE BREEDERS!!!  You guys really helped me out with one of the main lineages I wanted to expand on this year :D!



2G from Aether My first Omen AP catch of the event, also when I should've been breeding instead of hunting, but just too nice a combo to toss back or trade.  Thanks, @lolkatz16 (On forums?)

2G from Radiant Angel Spriter's Alt!!  THANK YOU AGAIN, @Infinis!!!  Pretty much just spaz clicked on this at the same time as the Caligene one - think I was trying for any Omen I could grab, & hunting for Caligenes w/Harvests or Gold Lunar Heralds, & somehow managed to be in the right place at the right time to nab them both!  Hmm, they're both female, though!  I NEED A MALE MATE :o!

2G from Almerald Thank you, anon!  I didn't know I'd like this combo until I saw it, then didn't want to part with it!

2G from Horse Another combo I wasn't sure I'd like until I saw it!  Thanks, anon!

Messy Spriter's Altkin Oh @Process, I get the trick, it was a good one, & I laughed at it, but still, why oh why?  *sigh*  I like my little messy stair from a Gold x Zombie origin, anyway!

2G from Purple Nebula Pretty combo that won the gender lotto, yay!  Thanks for my last Omen catch of the event, anon!



On 11/4/2018 at 5:24 PM, GhostMouse said:

Thanks, anon!


3G Black Marrow x Heartseeker

That's from one of my pairs!  Can breed a mate at Valentine's if you need it, just PM me a reminder ^_^!



On 11/6/2018 at 6:34 AM, Astreya said:

So, here's my probably last haul of the AP:


 Desipis x Pyro:  https://dragcave.net/lineage/TIWQe - thx anon

She's from one of my pairs!  I can do a mate if you need one, & if you want the parents named, just let me know!


THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL HALLOWEEN EVENT, @TJ09, @TCA & @Malcorium, & all the treat spriters, Haunted Forest creators, organizers, mods, & participants!!!

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@Sunrunner Yay!!! I'm so happy for you! :D I love Male Witchlights soooo yeah, I kept the other egg hehehe. :)


Congrats on all your other catches, too! That double SA Caligene is beautiful~!

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I've been hunting the AP a lot this month (while totally procrastinating on my own lineage building oopsie) and caught a few goodies!


Not really lineages but two great 2g I found within a few hours are these two 2g Aethers from male Black Truffle: here and there. I love finding things independently like this, I'm impatient to start a lineage! But Aethers are sooo dominant while breeding right now, it might be just short of impossible. Nonetheless, thanks @dooblepurple and anon :P 


And speaking about finding similar non-related lineages ... Three purples found within a couple of days, all of them with Witchlight mates (which I love unconditionally) : a 3g femaleanother 3g female and a 4g male. I know which lineages I'm building next Halloween :P Thanks @Terrafreaky and anons!


Now that Christmas is approaching, I caught a couple of great holiday kin: this lovely Terrae from Mistletoe and this beautiful Solstice * Indigo Lunar Herald (this must have been a pain!). Thanks @lovecats99 and @Ramani!


Some other lovelies I caught:

This great 3g Imperial * Gold. Thanks anon!

This beautiful Hellhorse with hybrid lineage! I really like it, thank you @Claudii.

This Nebula * Terrae (gosh, I love Terrae). Here's hoping it will color accordingly! Thanks anon!

This cutie: Mageia with Striped-River. Wouldn't have thought about the pairing but I like it! Thanks anon :)

As always (and once again), thanks @Terrafreaky for both this 3g blue Zyu from Water dragons and this cool Red * Ember babe (I love the colors together!!).

And lastly, this lovely Pyralspite with SA Shadow Walker in the base. That is one of my favorite SAs ❤️ Thanks a lot, @littleangelamy22

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9 hours ago, relaks said:

This Nebula * Terrae (gosh, I love Terrae). Here's hoping it will color accordingly! Thanks anon!

This cutie: Mageia with Striped-River. Wouldn't have thought about the pairing but I like it! Thanks anon :)

Heehee, they both be from my bebes!  Hope that Neb colors right for you *fingers crossed* ;)!

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(I had to hide it for a while because Zyumorph eggs are stubborn and easily sick)


A few days, an anonymous bred some 4Gs to the AP, I got one of them. Couldn't take more than one because of scroll space XD


Whoever you are, thanks!


Also, even if this is a 3G Black alt attempt, it still looks pretty good :v

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12 hours ago, Terces said:

Thank you @Nakeisha for this Silver x Soulstone checker! I found it as a hatchling and was very pleased when it gendered right.


You are very welcome. I'm glad he gendered correctly; I did influence him, but you can never be 100% certain.

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I'm getting around naming more of my Halloweens just now, so bear with me...


Shadow Walker x Monarch, thanks @Nakeisha

Shadow Walker x Balloon, thanks @Ladywizard

Cavern Lurker x Aether Wyvern, thanks @Aleoleo

Chrono Xenowyrm x Desipis, thanks anon

Coastal Waverunner x Despis, thanks @Sachiel

Gaia Xenowyrm x Desipis, thanks anon

Gold Floret x Caligene, thanks anon

Caligene x Gold, thanks anon

Caligene x Black Truffle, thanks @Zephyr_Drake

Candelabra x Caligene, thanks @Zephyr_Drake

Caligene x Antarean, thanks @abbi2996

Gold Floret x Caligene, thanks @Tasokie

Caligene x Caligene, thanks @celis

Alpine Zyumorph x Caligene, thanks anon

Witchlight x Witchlight, thanks @UnhappyWalrus

Chrono Xenowyrm x Witchlight, thanks anon

Witchlight x Candelabra, thanks @xForcibleFeeding

Script x Omen, thanks anon

Fell x Omen, thanks @xForcibleFeeding


Thank you all lovely breeders!

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