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Wings of Change revised

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ciel ;; marketplace --> en route to janine's ]

For a brief second, Ciel considered the possibilities before him. So, he could either drag Vogel kicking and screaming to the baker's abode, or take Hector up on the offer of a free meal.


The scientist was quirky, and certainly an interesting person, but he valued Hector's offer of goodwill over holding a man involuntarily hostage, technically. With a sigh, Ciel loosened his grip on Vogel's arm and turned to look at him, running a hand through his hair as he did so.


"You win," he admitted lightly, hand dropping down to touch the small bag of coins he had snatched from a passerby earlier today, before his mishap with the apples. "Off we go, then. You too, Vogel."


As he began to walk off, he decided to lead the conservation so the scientist couldn't sneak off into the distance, and to keep pace with Hector, who walked with long, imposing strides. "Once a week isn't 'going outside'. Live a little! Making small talk with the street vendor or stealing a dog will bring excitement to your day, I promise." Now that Ciel was assured Vogel wouldn't call the authorities on him--and honestly, that was all he required--the thief made it a mental note to drop in a lot more often on the other's activities. A lot. Mainly because Vogel had both a cat and a fireplace.


"You remember Janine's, right?" he asked Hector, though it was more a question to fill the space than anything. He doubted Hector ever forgot; it was still strange to the thief how she seemed to be everywhere at once, have connections in all the right--and wrong--places. If anyone were to change the shift of society, it would be Hector and her axe and her seemingly endless knowledge of everything--the village, the people, medical aid and farmwork and everything in between. He would hate to be her enemy--which is why, all things considered, Ciel is grateful she was the one to save his life.


"She's patched the hole in her roof, I believe." He would repay her someday, he's sure--not aware of how, exactly, but with such a determined thought in mind. "I tried to rob her. Has it really been two years?"


There's an underlying tightness to his voice that Ciel dislikes, but remains still; he tries not to think of the past, especially how his life seems to work in increments; four years ago, his way of life shattered, two years ago, it broke completely. And now ...


Almost two years now, he thought to himself, shifting his gaze to look up at the sky. Above, the blue sky streaked with white, large clouds shifting through the vast expanse.


It disgusts him.


He makes a short laugh, and shakes his head. There was no use in thinking of maybes--a near death experience has taught him to be more reckless, more uncaring, more wild.


"Maybe things will change soon," he says to himself, laughing at the silly thought. He'll allow this one daydream, just this once.

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Vogel | Morning | En Route to Janine's


He nodded absently in response to Hector's question. "Mm. She runs a bakery; the raspberry muffins are really good." Despite the situation, he found he was rather looking forward to lunch. Ignoring his hunger had become second nature to him, but now that he was paying attention it was beginning to make itself known.


Vogel was curious about Hector's offer to Ciel. She had already paid for the apple he had stolen. Why pay for lunch as well? He hoped it wasn't for his sake. It was true that he much preferred to have his arm not be trapped, but he didn't want to cause a drain on her finances. Perhaps she and Ciel were knew each other well enough that this was simply a normal occurrence for them.


It took him a moment to realize that he could move his arm again. Once he did, he shook it out and let it rejoin the other in combing out his feathers. He sent a grateful smile in Hector's direction, then took a few hurried steps to catch up to Ciel before falling into step beside him. He could have taken the chance to run or jump onto a rooftop, but he didn't particularly want to when following Ciel led to food. "Sure it is," he said, letting out a huff. "Why do I even need to talk to- stealing a dog?" He paused. "More of a cat person, really."


"She has," he said, stretching a wing out in front of him to better tell which feathers need to be realigned. The action brought his thoughts to Ciel's wing- or rather, lack thereof. He had never found out what had happened to the other one, which was something he'd have to remedy. Being one-winged wasn't unheard of, but it was rare enough that he was interested- especially as Ciel didn't strike him as a banished noble.


One feather was sticking up oddly. He pulled it sharply to remove it with a wince of pain. Cocking his head, he wondered what Ciel meant by 'change'. He looked in his direction and raised his eyebrows briefly, but decided not to ask. Instead, he pointed his hand towards Janine's bakery and let the feather within it drift to the ground. "We're almost there."

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Nadia: Morning | Sylbalar Grand Foyer


"Is Gaeleath sharing his imaginative stories still?" Nadia replied. Aerie was always telling her about her day, the comings and goings of visitors, any odd behaviors noticed in the employees, and how her brother told her stories. She never did give more than vague details about those stories but, with the way she spoke of them, Nadia had been able to narrow down what excited her and what didn't. Inwardly, the librarian often thanked the brother for unknowingly helping her.


Glancing over at Gaeleath, she smiled in silent greeting before returning her hazel gaze to Aerie. "The book? It's about a swashbuckling pirate and her crew of merry men, sailing the harsh seas, and getting drawn into a wild adventure. There's an underlying tone of romance that, in my opinion, is very tasteful. Not like some of the other stories that just throw the love affairs in your face and override the adventure that's supposed to be there," she explained. "I won't say more, though. You'll need to read it to discover the rest. Spoilers, after all," Nadia chuckled, a smile gently curving her soft lips.


Knocking caught Nadia's attention and she turned her head, eyes following an employee as they hurried to answer. Through the open doorway, a man in gild-edged armor stepped into the foyer, the symbolism in the suit's design very easy to understand. He was vaguely familiar and Nadia had to think for a few moments before realizing why. They had crossed paths here a few times before. However, the knight seemed to always be on business, taking Gaeleath away with him.


Eron Lionheart, that was how he announced himself at the door, prompting the quick admittance to the residence. To be honest, Nadia didn't know a thing about the man, not at all familiar with anyone in the King's army with the exception of Gaeleath. Though, even then, Nadia only knew what Aerie shared with her about her brother. Perhaps, some day, the librarian should remedy that. There was no point in remaining strangers with someone important in Aerie's life.


"It sounds as if your brother must leave for the day," Nadia commented, unable to avoid listening in as Eron and Gaeleath were very much in the room. "Shall Elis and I stick around to keep you company? Or do you have obligations to attend to?" she asked, hoping Aerie would prefer the former over the latter.


Janine: Morning | Home - Janine's Bakery


"Ow, shoot! No d-!" A gasp.


Ceramic shattered against the ground, a couple dozen pastries tumbling across the dirt and breaking into pieces. Janine groaned in quiet lament, her wings shuffling against her back in agitation. Dropping to her knees, the young woman started gathering what she could salvage. Only a few pastries actually remained whole but, with the amount of dirt clinging to frosting or jelly filling, they were no good for sale. Shards of what had been a display tray splayed out along the floor, sharp edges provoking the baker to be cautious as she swept them into a pile.


Rising to her feet, she stepped over the mess to cross the room, reaching under a countertop for the iron bucket she used for waste. It wasn't more than a foot and a half tall, requiring her to frequently empty it at the dump site. She had painted it, once upon a time, but age had seen the layer of color to gradually flake and fall away, leaving behind patches of faded creativity.


Returning to the mess, Janine carefully scooped the pile of ceramic and pastries into the trash until there was none left on the ground. With a sigh, she replaced the bucket under the countertop where it belonged. Dusting off her trousers and apron, she straightened the sleeves of her tunic before pulling them back up to her elbows. She undid the disheveled bun her dirty-blonde hair was tied in, letting the dusty strands fall to her shoulders in curls.


Like her hair, Janine's clothing lacked any luster, dyed in dull colors as browns, grays, and dark greens (to name a few). Her bright green eyes and crimson wings were really the only things that stood out in her drab appearance. At least, in her opinion.


Wings shifting, Janine retreated to her kitchen, opening the impressive pantry to take a quick stock of her supplies. If she had enough, she could start again and remake what she lost. Only this time, she would use a metal tray instead of ceramic. She would pity her loses later. (It had been a really nice decoration she had saved a lot of coin for.)


A smile of relief claimed her features when she discovered she had just enough to fix her mistake. However, she would need to buy more flour and jelly to replenish her shelves. Though, with how much cooking she had been doing lately, it could wait a day or two while she gathered the funds she would need.


A bell chimed.


Turning her head to glance over her shoulder, Janine closed the pantry and left her kitchen, entering the front of her bakery. "Hello!" she called in greeting. "How ca- Ciel!" She cut herself off when she recognized her visitors, her face brightening at the sight of a friend. "I'm glad you're okay! When I didn't see you for the past couple of days, I got worried!" she said quickly, hurrying around the counters to give the young man a tight hug.


Holding his cheeks between her hands, Janine kissed the top of his forehead, rising on her toes just slightly. Stepping back and still smiling, Janine glanced at the other two beside him. "Oh, Vogel! Good to see you outside of your house again. I might need to start charging you for delivery fees if this keeps up," Janine giggled. Turning to the much taller individual of the trio, Janine had to tilt her head back in order to properly view the woman's face. Taking a few more steps back so she didn't strain her neck too much, she grew uncertain. "I... I'm s-s-sorry. I-I don't... remember your name," she apologized, voice softening from a mixture of embarrassment, shame, and lost confidence.

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Aerilaya ; Sylbalar Residence; Grand Foyer


"He is, my brother has had such an interesting life." Aerie replied eagerly to the other young women. She had not revealed to her friends the full backstory that belonged to her mysterious brother that had suddenly appeared four years ago. She hadn't told them that he was perfectly healthy as a child, that he had lived and thrived with a community of groundlings, that he wasn't actually her full brother, and that his mother wasn't a noble, wasn't even a skyling but an obscure groundling women.


It felt wrong, to keep anything from her friends. She had known Elis and Nadia almost straight out of the womb her mother had often told her, remarking that it was a wonder that the girls were still so close, especially at the age they were. One of her first memories in fact was not of her father or her mother, but of Nadia, reading to the two younger girls, showing off her new ability to read and expansive vocabulary, especially for someone of that age.


Aerie knew that the gods themselves must have blessed her with those two. Her older sister and mother both had broken up with their childhood friends over one matter or another and through the numerous stories that she had read and had been told to her, she suspected that a collapse of friendship was rather common between the female members of skyling society.


Elis and Nadia had stayed though. Even when Aerie's father gradually reduced her exposure to the society, when she became more and more refrained from leaving the parameters of her home, Elis and Nadia had not disappeared from her life as many others had. When she could no longer come to them, they came to her


She knew her father would be livid if word got out though, if it were found out that Gae was not a legitimate heir. Aerie feared her father and she would not risk his wrath although she trusted Nadia and Elis explicitly, it would not bode well if the staff, or worse yet- her father overheard any conversation between the three of them regarding the matter of her brother's true origins.


She returned her thoughts to the present, hugging the book to her chest and nodding as Nadia explained the contents of the book to her. She couldn't wait to read it. Dear Nadia knew her so well. Once upon a time Aerie had loved purely romantic books, books about innocent maidens that would fall fast and hard for a strong and handsome knight or prince who would carry the beautiful maiden off into the sunset.


She would like to think that her tastes have approved since then. Maybe being confined to her home showed her how revolting it all truly was. To be free from one prison and then quickly placed in another, under the control of a different man.


Nowadays, she preferred books about strong willed women who had responsibly or adventure thrust upon them! They played no second fiddle to some man but instead stood by their side as their equal. The stories allowed her to escape. In those stories the princesses and noblewomen were intelligent, able to fully exercise command over all the limbs in their body. These women did not have to worry about the stain that their adventures would leave on the reputation of their mothers or older sisters.


The sudden arrival of Eron Lionheart commanded everyone's attention. The knight was a great man and one that Aerie had known since she was a young child. She admired the man and enjoyed his numerous stories although it was always a disappointment to her when the knight took away her brother, especially since they had planned on spending the day together. Father would be having guests over for an extended stay and it would be awhile before she would be able to interact with her brother as father expected his son and heir to entertain the guests.


"Yes sir, I am honored that you have chosen me for this mission. I will report to the barracks immediately after I inform my father of the news." Gae replied and with a respectful bow to the knight and a nod in acknowledgement of the ladies, he departed. Aerie knew that their father would be delighted to hear that his son has been handpicked for a mission that seemed so important considering the air of urgency that Lionheart was giving off.


"Yes a shame, I was hoping the four of us could spend the day together." Aerie replied a tad bit wistfully but quickly able to perk up. "It is almost noon, have the two of you eaten yet? Perhaps the two of you could join me for lunch outside in the gardens?" Aerie suggested, "I am not expecting any visitors and I've completed all my lessons this morning."

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Evelyn - Market/Janie's - Mid Morning


As Evelyn debated returning home for the day and forgetting about people in general, the most delicious smell halted her thoughts. Fresh bread, pastries, pies, cake and oh dear, it had been so long since Evelyn had had any fresh bread or any sweets to speak of. During good harvests, some of her former patients would bring her bread but it smelled nothing like this heaven on earth she was experiencing. She looked around and tried to pinpoint where it was coming from and settled on a small bakery nearby. Entering, it seemed some sort of odd reunion was happening; a tall woman and two other men (for some reason she automatically clutched her coins closer upon seeing one of the men) seemed to be chatting with the baker, a smaller woman. Eve decided to stand back and wait a bit for her turn, not wanting to interrupt. Oh but those pastries look so good…

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Hector | Morning | Janine's Bakery


Satisfied that Ciel had agree to her terms (and that Vogel appeared more comfortable without an arm intertwined with his own), Hector mumbled out a soft, "Good!" before following Ciel's lead. It appeared once the commotion had settled, the market returned to adjusted and returned to the normal state. Hector imagined that if she were not around, Ciel and Vogel would have problems with bumping into merchants or locals swarming through the crowd. Hector wasn't entirely sure what it was that spooked strangers into leaving a reasonable open space between themselves and her. It could be anything from her stature, physical condition, lack or wings, or the fact that she was both lugging around a hefty axe and equipped with a generous amount of armor with its fair share of battle scars. Either way, it made traveling through a crowd a lot easier—as well as making it easier to spot her out in the open—which, in turn, helped both her and her and her "guides" navigate the crowd with ease.


Upon hearing Ciel speak up, Hector glanced down at him, taking a moment to return Vogel's appreciative smile, before replying.

"It certainly sounds familiar," Hector admitted with a slight shrug. "Some sort of bakery or something, yeah? I usually go to local bakeries to stock up on bread before training. Never practically liked it much—I've always found rice to be a better staple food—but it's good if you want something to fill you up and give you enough energy to last until your next meal." It didn't surprise Hector in the slightest that Ciel had apparently stolen from Janine. It seemed as though every relationship Ciel had somehow included him meeting someone by either getting some some precarious situation with them. What Hector didn't expect was to stare soulfully (or as soulful as Ciel could look) at the sky before giving a harsh chuckle. Hector, having her own share of pain and understanding the importance of privacy on the matter, remained silent as her and her traveling companions reached their destination.


As soon as they pushed by entrance door, a jingling bell announcing their arrival, an array of wonderful aromas filled Hector's nostrils. She looked at the display of pastries, humming in appreciation as she stared at the well-decorated baked goods. The owner of the bakery, Janine Hector presumed, walked into the room to polietly greet her guests only to gasp with delight and rush towards them to give Ciel and Vogel and warm, if not familiar, reception. Hector offered an easy smile as Janine took several steps back and assessed Hector with a more nervous manner.

"The name's Hector," she said. "There's no need to apologize, ma'am. I hardly stay in the same place twice so there's no reason you'd recognize me unless you were absurdly good at remembering faces." Hector didn't bother mentioning that she herself was superb at memorizing faces, names, places, and objects. That wasn't a skill everyone possessed and Hector had gained the skill through natural aptitude and from the necessity of survival. Hearing the bell to the entrance ring, Hector peered behind her to see who had entered. The woman who stepped instead didn't appear to be a threat nor did she seem in need of assistance. Giving her a courtesy smile, Hector turned her attention back to Janine. "I promised these two a meal," she explained as he nodded towards the two men in front of her. "I'm afraid I haven't been here in a while. Would you mind showing me what you sell? I haven't been to such a lovely bakery in quite a while."

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ciel ;; janine's ]


Ciel stared up at the bell that had sung out a quick few notes of a melody as he opened the door; the sound was familiar, comforting, and something he hadn't heard in all too long.


He stepped inside the room, allowing Vogel and Hector entrance. For a moment, the thief stood there as the overwhelming sense of fresh baked pastries swarmed him; there was something about Janine's place that comforted the silver-haired male beyond words, and Ciel doesn't think he'll ever get tired of the initial warmth that fills his chest upon being greeted by the lovely small shop.




His name greeted him with a familiar face, and Ciel chuckled when he saw Janine rushing around the counter, greeting him with a hug which he gleefully returned, almost like a child hugging an older sibling. There was a light dusting of white powder on her fingertips, and Ciel wondered if they had interrupted the baker during her craft.


He was stunned into silence when Janine leaned forwards to give him a light peck on the forehead, the warmth of her fingertips across his cheeks a welcoming gesture. Though it wasn't unusual for the older woman to be so kindhearted and lovely to her friends, Ciel still felt something clench up in his chest at the thought. Two years ago, he'd tried to rob a certain, seemingly-helpless baker for people he assumed were his comrades. And now here he was, with those people long gone and more kindness than he frankly assumed he deserved.


"Me?" he questioned, blinking, before he elapsed into a classic smirk, taking his hands between his and lowering them, giving a light squeeze of reassurance before letting go. "Really," he said, "you don't have to worry. I always come back, Janine."


A pause. Ciel certainly hates to lie, but he's not one to trust the passage of time.


"But you won't believe what I've been doing," he announced, before giving Vogel a light pat on the back. "Only stalking your favourite customer, after all." At Hector's words, he gave a firm nod. Once, twice, three times--and then Ciel was aware he was very hungry, and he'd taken a bite of that apple before someone had crashed into him and sent him rolling.


"A perfectly good waste of food," he muttered to himself, and gave Vogel another pat for good measure.


The twinkling of bells signalled another entrance, and Ciel looked back, trained instincts alarmed by the sudden appearance of someone he--didn't know?


Well. The thief wondered if the newcomer, a woman, had any business here--was she perhaps a friend of Hector's? The tall woman did travel miles in her youth. Maybe another loyal customer he'd just failed to notice? Or someone completely new to town?


The possibilities intrigued him, and Ciel stepped back, waiting for Janine to finish business with Hector and greet her new customer. The woman didn't seem as if she had extraordinary amounts of wealth, but Ciel knows from personal experience one could never be too sure.


elisven ;; sylbalar foyer ]


The arrival of Eron Lionheart was .. unexpected.


Elis tilted her head at this announcement, wondering. She had been listening with a half a ear to the conversation between Nadia and Aerie, knowing the librarian would prefer her privacy when dealing with intimate matters. Elisven had know the two others long enough that silence was not an uncomfortable thing between them; there was no odd feeling of segregation but rather the comfort of knowing everything fit exactly in place. She would speak when addressed, and certainly enjoy it, but a lifetime caught between the political intrigue of skyling bloodlines and secret talks of revolution from a mother who was all too interested in a changing society has taught Elis to be very good at noticing subtle things.


And, well, this was certainly a twist. She would have news to tell her father--both of them--when she returned, surely, and now her adoptive father couldn't always complain about her visits to her friends being little more than idle gossip, even jokingly. She watched as Gaeleath excused himself and exited the scene, and Elisven turned back with a shrug. Aerie's older brother was never a person of great interest; he was polite and gentle and a lovely companion to his younger sister, but Elis had always felt as if something was missing in the strange little castle that held many secrets, could not figure out why he seemed almost separated from their world entirely.


Perhaps he dreams of being a pirate as well, she thought to herself, as Nadia began to describe the book she had chosen. And he will run away from the palace to marry a groundling.


Internally, she laughed at the silly thought--where had that come from? Now she was being silly, and quite childish--skyling societal code dictated that Gaeleath inherit his family's fortune, much like herself--and Elis was all too aware of the internal struggle to maintain power and prominence among the court. The knight was more likely to be a secret product of a tryst than he was to marry a groundling.


And really, Nadia has talked too much about adventure and romance and fiction. Elisven smiled again at the thought before letting her mind drift.


She hummed agreement as Nadia's voice in the background, soft and gentle, lulled her into an idle trance as the librarian detailed the exploits of her and Aerie's most recent book adventure. However, at the swan girl's recommendations, Elis brought a hand up to her mouth to stifle a yawn before nodding agreement.


"That's perfectly fine with me," she replied, fluttering her wings as accordance. "I don't have any obligations for today, either."

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Ground, outside of market city


Lilith looked around the randesvu point. Where was that man? Huffing she started to ground the herbs in to a powder and stuff them in hallow balls before sealing them with wax. Now all they had to do is light the fuse and it would explode sending the powder in the air where the guards would be paralyzed quickly. She divided the six powder bombs in to two groups and once more looked for flint. "Himar's feathers, why is he late this time?" She growled. they needed to destroy the records they had of their fellow dark wings swiftly before they van be mailed to the king.

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King's palace | morning


She had a plan. Of course she did, she had stolen documents from the king so often, she knew the system better than some of the librarians. Granted, those were mainly the apprentices, but still. This was a bit different than what she had done before, though, because these specific documents were now related to a very important mission. The least that could be expected was that the king would increase surveillance on the files.


From her previous espionage trips, she still had some royal uniforms kept in her closet, in her home outside of the king's palace. She decided to go for the librarian's apprentice uniform today.


Now, her wings. What would she go with? After a bit of thinking, she decided to go with fluffy golden wings with purple flecks. That would suit the uniform pretty well, on top of suiting her personal taste.


She was quite sure the guards would let her in like this, but she wasn't a fool, so she got herself some backup. Good, reliable assassins were rare in the sky, but there was one on the ground that she had already sent a falcon to. She had worked so often with this one particular assassin that she knew he'd be ready in time without hearing back from him. The Shadow, they called him, never being noticed before it's too late. Perfect for the task. He was probably hiding in the bushes somewhere already.


After disguising her own face with some make-up that she thought would fit a librarian and picking up the bag that came with the outfit, she set off to go back to the palace. Making her way to the archives, she gave an apologetic smile to the guards.


"I had to help sorting the files yesterday and I think I forgot one of my maps. Would you mind letting me in to look for it?"


"What does your map look like? I can search it for you."


"I don't know... I have so many. I've counted them over and over again and I'm sure I'm missing one, but I don't know which one. I'd recognize it when I see it, though!"


"Well, we're not supposed to be doing this, but I think we can let you in for a minute so you can search."


"Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help!"


As she walked in and the doors closed behind her, she gniffled. Her plan had worked so far. Perfectly.


She went off all of the names and found them one by one, alphabetically sorted by surname. Fernson, Barry; Fernson, Frits; Lionheart, Eron; Magnus, Karl; Sylbalar, Gaeleath. Perfect. Then she put them in her bag and took at the green map she had taken with her.


"I found it!"


The guards opened the door for her.


"Now, we do have to check the-"


Suddenly, both guards fell to the ground unconscious. Lara walked away carelessly, dropping some coins in the bushes.




Market City | morning


"I said NO!!! I don't have time for these things! Just let me get through!"


"But sir, we have some of the best rice in the area! Are you sure you don't want to buy any of it?"


"Yes, I am. Can I go now?"


"Hehehe, but of course."


Guns. The perfect solution for oppressive vendors, aside from the high level of suspicion they brought along with them.


"You've got a fine gun there! Need some more bullets, chap?"


"I'd rather fire my own teeth than buy something here, understood?"


"Y-y-y-yes, yes, Mr... who?"


"That's none of your business."


Man was it busy here, now. He had to get out of here fast, or he'd be late. Lilith never had this problem, as most people backed away for her in fear, but to him, they ran towards, seeing his clothes and wings as an indicator of riches. Not that that was untrue, he had quite some cash to spend, but he wasn't interested in anything these people were trying to sell; day-old bread, second hand bullets, rags and whatnot.


When he had finally made his way past the amateur markets, he looked at his watch. Great, he was late already.


Now he really started to hurry. When he finally reached Lilith, she certainly did not look happy.


"Oppressive shopkeepers. I swear, next time I get her I'm going to cover my clothes and wings underneath an old, dusty jack. These people annoy me to death."

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Vogel | Morning | Janine's Bakery


Vogel smiled at Janine, then scratched his cheek and looked away sheepishly. It was true that he hadn't be to the bakery in awhile, but who could really blame him? Last time he'd left the house had been more than enough adventure for awhile. Still, he'd have to endeavor to show up more often (as much as he didn't want to give Ciel the satisfaction). The food was more than worth it alone, to say nothing of the company. "Good to see you again too, Janine. I hope you've been well in this past fortnight."


Speaking of food, the scents of the bakery were making his mouth water. It really wasn't a great plan to go without food for so long, but he doubted he'd be able to remember the lesson in the future. He held off from ordering, if only because he hadn't wanted to interrupt Ciel and Janine's reunion and he'd been surprised by Hector's implication that she was paying for his food as well. He'd have to just insist on paying for his own meal later, then. They were all too hungry to worry about it now, and he had the funds for it, mostly. Besides, seeing the menu was important no matter how impatient he was.


Vogel frowned slightly and turned towards Ciel. "Wait, have you really been stalking me?" It was honestly quite hard to tell whether he was making a joke or not- but if it was true, that would mean that it hadn't been a coincidence that he had bumped into him. In that case, his paranoia had been entirely justified. How annoying.


Upon seeing Ciel turn his head towards the door, Vogel did as well. The tinkling of the bell had barely registered in his mind, but movement was much harder to ignore. Someone had entered the bakery- she wasn't anyone he recognized, and so he assumed that she was there simply to buy some food. He was more concerned by the way Ciel was looking at her. Perhaps it would be best to try to remember to keep an eye on the thief and make sure that he didn't "accidentally" bump into the newcomer or anything.

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Evelyn, Janie's, Morning


As she stood waiting, Evelyn became uncomfortably aware of the shorter man's scrutinizing stare. She moved slightly to try and break his concentration, but it persisted. It was almost as if he were trying to read her mind or something. Self-conscious of her appearance, she felt her face heat up and turn red. She wanted to leave and never come out of her house again. Retreating a few steps toward the door, she prayed they would leave so she could order her pastries in peace and return to being an outcast in the country...

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Nadia: Morning | Sylbalar Grand Foyer


Smiling, Nadia nodded. "Lunch in the garden would be lovely," she replied, pleased that Aerie wasn't turning away their (and more specifically her) company for the day. Leaning a little closer to the younger woman, Nadia began to smirk as she whispered, "Shall we try sneaking out some sugary treats while we're at it?" The librarian knew there was no reason to play criminal but the concept almost always provided a little bit of fun in an otherwise uneventful day.


Brushing a strand of dark hair behind her ear, Nadia continued to smile. She was certain that Aerie's father likely saw her as a bad influence on his daughter, to some level. She enjoyed suggesting adventurous ideas like sneaking around staff members and causing some kind of harmless trouble. But, on occasion..., "Would you like to sneak out of the garden?" she asked, voice further hushed. It wasn't the first time Nadia had proposed the idea, more than willing to whisk Aerie out of her home-made-prison. Of course, always did Aerie refuse, albeit with some hesitation. Still, it didn't stop Nadia from trying.


Janine: Morning | Her Bakery


"Hector...," Janine repeated, a shy smile crossing her features as her nervousness eased. Nodding, she turned to Ciel and Vogel, inwardly laughing at the pair's awkwardness. Though she wouldn't admit it to their faces, she found the most amusement out of their banter. She started to part her lips, intending to speak, but the chime of her bell distracted her.


Shifting her draconic wings, she peered around Hector, spotting an unfamiliar woman. "Hello there! I-It'll be just a moment. I'm s-s-sorry for any inconvenience," Janine greeted, quickly looking back towards the trio. "My goods are over this way, in the cases and on the trays. Please, have a look and take your pick. There are labels to help you differentiate flavors and such. If there's something you wish to order, I can cook it up and get it to you when it's ready," she explained.


Motioning with her hands for Hector, Ciel, and Vogel to move and browse, she turned back to the woman with a timid smile. "S-Sorry about that... What c-can I help you with?"

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Evelyn, Janie's, Mid-morning/noon


Regaining some composure as the group shifted their focus, Evelyn stepped up to the counter and gazed at all the wonderful looking confections and breads and addressed the kindly baker.

"Uhh, I'd like something small like a pastry but I'm not quite sure what I want, sorry to be such a bother. There's just so many things to chose from, would you mind recommending something for me?"

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Hector | Afternoon | Janine's Bakery


Catching Janine's hint, Hector proceeded to where the bakery motioned towards and glance down at the cases filled with goods. Hector hadn't been to a bakery that sold more than just basic bread and other related baked goods in awhile. She couldn't remember the last time she saw a pastry filled with fresh fruit, and yet she was staring four different varieties of pastries with various fruit piled within it. She had been planning on just eating something simple yet filling, but staring at such delicacies was beginning to make her doubt her original plan. Alas, she didn't come here for herself--she was hear to feed someone else.


"Go ahead and pick something out," Hector said as she folded her arms and glanced down at her companions. "Don't worry about the price just pick what you want and I'll deal with it." If she had the money, perhaps Hector could afford something special for herself, but she didn't want to try and sway her companions into eating something they didn't like.

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Aerilaya; Noon; Sylbalar Residence; Grand Foyer


"The cooks will be arranging a variety of delicacies today because father is having guests over tonight and you know how he is with impressing people." Aerie turned to Nadie and returned her smile with her own wide grin, "I'm sure they won't notice if a pastry or two is missing, besides the new serving boy seems to fancy you, I'm sure it won't be too difficult to recruit him to our cause" She made an attempt to wink and failed rather miserably, not able to close one eye without having the other follow.


Laughing, she begun to make her way back to the garden with her friends. She waved over the black haired maid that always seemed to be hoovering around, requesting lunch for the three girls. With a nod the maid departed from the room, leaving the three girls to make their way to the garden alone.


Aerie was caught by surprise when Nadie suggested that the girls sneak out. "Perhaps another time my friend, father will be keeping a close eye on me these next few days since the guests I've mentioned are coming over." Her playful answer was followed by a wistful smile. Her father always watched his youngest daughter closely when he was entertaining guests to make sure that their paths didn't accidentally cross.


The girls were bathed in warm sunlight as they exited the foyer and made their way to the garden, a warm breeze floated past, playing with loose hair. "Besides, it is such a lovely day today, it makes me a bit sleepy,"

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ciel ;; janine's ]


Ciel watched as the newcomer quickly swept her gaze across the room, taking in the small, homey bakery, before flushing red as their eyes met.


The thief tilted his head. That was ... well, cute, in a way. He was more used to getting death glares or the straightforward 'I'm going to yell for the authorities if you come near me' look, which Ciel was quite accustomed to by now. Her reaction made her probably the easiest person in this room to rob--Vogel not included, because Ciel is fairly sure the scientist wouldn't notice his shirt missing until he stepped outside and wondered why it was faintly chilly and then died of frostbite. Maybe. And Hector wasn't included either, because one, he would never rob a good friend, and two, she could probably bend his spine in half. And Janine wasn't included either because really, putting a hole through her roof? Not his usual style.


"So I guess it's not a contest at all," he said to himself, nodding. "It has to be Vogel."


As Hector wandered over to the section of baked goods and swept a look over them, Ciel broke his concentration on the matter to accompany the other. Looking down at the numerous baked goods, Ciel sighed as he almost physically felt the warmth radiating from Janine's wonderful cooking. What did he want? Hungrily, Ciel stared at the section. Would Hector be willing to buy two pastries? The entire bakery? Janine's family line?


He looked at the selection again, before casting a gaze to Vogel. He wanted to see what the scientist would pick--just so he could gauge how much was 'too much' and how much was 'too little' when it came to someone else buying food for him. He didn't suspect Hector had ulterior motives, not at all, but a life of crime on the streets has taught him to be wary and never act without thinking.

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King's Palace | just before noon


"B. Fernson! F. Fernson! Magnus! Sylbalar! Time to leave. Celeste, make sure to take good care of the crew until I'm back!"


"Barry, hurry up! We're leaving!"


"Yes, Frits, I've heard it! I just... oh, there's my helmet!"


"Ugh... this means you-"


"And I'm ready!"


"Just in time, mr. Fernson. Don't let that happen again. What did you want to say, Magnus?'


"Ah... nothing."


"Very well. Now on forward to Xiao."


Edge of the city | Noon


"I'm here, Xiao!" Eron said, saluting.


"You may already know some of the names, but for the formality, these are Barry Fernson, Frits Fernson, Karl Magnus and Gaeleath Sylbalar. Now tell us, what is the mission?"

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Vogel | Janine's Bakery


Vogel glanced towards Ciel, thinking that he had heard his name, but he seemed to just be muttering to himself. Who knew what that was about, but it probably wasn't a big deal. Vogel muttered to himself often enough, so it wasn't that weird if someone else did it, right? In any case, he was hungry and there was food.


Hector had said that they could pick anything they wanted, though he wasn't sure if she knew exactly how hungry he was. Ah, well, they'd sort it out afterwards. He looked over the selection of sweet pastries and muffins. Oh, good, Janine did have the raspberry ones.


Janine seemed to be busy dealing with the new customer. He had to admit that he was feeling a bit impatient, but it'd be terribly rude to interrupt them. To occupy himself, he ran his fingers through his feathers and glanced around absently. Ciel was looking at him; he wondered why and paused his gaze on the man for a moment. Well, as long as he wasn't planning on stealing anything he didn't need to worry about it.


When it seemed that Janine had finished dealing with the new customer and was prepared to take their order, Vogel stepped forward. "Ah, thanks, I'll take two of the extra-large raspberry muffins- the ones with the cinnamon sugar topping? - one of the extra-large blueberry muffins, and... an apple turnover," he said, pointing to each of the items in turn. He wasn't particularly worried about ordering too much; he'd gotten similar amounts of food before after making less-than-good decisions about his priorities.

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(Lu and mage are considered inactive for the moment until im notified otherwise. You do not wait for their characters to reply, simply do. if this pace continues and we aren't at least three or four days in to the rp, i WILL be shutting it down and doing a one on one with felixer2 ONLY. If this happens, i will still PMing Lu and Lil about their characters in the book im writing, and how would they react to situations/other characters.))



High noon; outside the city gates, on the blimp dock.


Xiao examined the men and nodded approvingly. "The king has issued a top secret mission. you are to escort me and my daughter to the ground where we will search for one called Simon. He has white hair and stain glass like wings. Much like Yaktu. this is highly classified, and once located you are to capture and bring to me so we can take him back to the king. Understand men?" he said in a commander tone.

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Hector | Afternoon | Janine's Bakery


Three extra large muffins and an apple turnover? Hector refrained from giving Vogel a quizzical look as he rattled off his order to Janine. That was a lot of food from someone who presumably stayed at home all day. Maybe he was planning to work out and needed the food to give him the energy he needed? Shrugging, as she had no intent on questioning someone she barely knew, Hector nodded towards the brown loaf in the case.

"I'll take that loaf of whole wheat," Hector said. She wasn't planning on staying too long and needed something for the road. That and, as tempting as Janine's baking was, it was better to ignore the tempting of such sugary goods when she had a body to manage. Who knew when she would need to use her axe against someone again?

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