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Wings of Change revised

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(Art used in this rp is credited to the proper makers. click Banner for OOC)


On the planet Avi, the Avian peoples are a lot like humans, only as their name suggests, they have wings. All kinds of wings, from mythical creatures to insects, mammals and of course birds.


There are two groups of Avians, the skylings and the groundlings. The skylings are high class, high society of the people living in cities built in the clouds suspended by a mixture of ancient magic and modern science. They have the most beautiful, unique wings and often pride and preen themselves on their wings.


The groundlings are the outcasts of their sky dwelling cousins from a ancient war long ago. They live in villages along the ground, divided by rivers, desert, lush forests and mountains. Here on the ground we have the ones who are scarred, have dull or muted colors of wings, odd ragged wings, ones too small to fly or two big to maneuver, and then the completely wingless or flightless. These are either born without them or had their wings mutilated to the point where flight is impossible.


Both the sky and ground worked in peace and harmony in ancient times however a Great War split the Rift between the two.

However, whispers are spreading about a second War in the making, the ones who call themselves Dark Wings are planning to take over their lost sky home growing stronger in numbers each day, and the sky King is massing his troops slowly and is planning an attack on the Ground to quench the upstart before it happens. Yet even more whispers tell of the Skyling's King's only hare illegitimate son has beautiful, but brittle looking wings lives with his mother.... a wingles ground woman unknowing of his true identity could be the one who tips the scale of peace or war.


Can this unknown Prince be swayed to war? Or would he chose peace?





1. Please be kind and respectful!

2. No one liners! I'm on kindle fire, if it looks like a one line to me then it is quite short. I expect creative writing!

3. If I say, 'that can't happen' do NOT argue with me!

4. DC rules apply

5. Third person please!

6. If you are expected to be gone for extended period, please inform me or beforehand and about your characters (please put names in pm) and I'll label then in the active sheet as inactive and inform you what happened when you get back on.

7. If you remain inactive for two months (unless said otherwise) your characters are erased from the rp. If you return, please make new ones.

8. Typical, no OP, or God mod.

9. Swearing is aloud in minor instances please ask before you create a character that curses all the time!

10) I find people using God, in vulgar ways highly offensive to me! I ask kindly to refrain from doing so in this rp, the people have multiple gods (lowercase) and I'll be keeping a list of other colorful words that can be used instead of God! doing so is an immediate expungement from the rp!


Sheets! ((semi modern. No cell phones or such. Steam punk like transportation for the ground people)


Get rid of parentheses please!

[B]Ground or Sky[/B]: 
[B]Class/occupation:[/B] (can list both. ground people are more workers then the sky people. mid Victorian in technology.))
[B]Dark Wing supporter[/B]: (Yes or no, can be on both sides [sky/ground] or know nothing about them)
[B]Appearance[/B]: (height, eyes Pictures okay but please describe too!)
[B]Personality[/B]: (DO NOT PUT TO BE RPED!)
[B]Wing appearance[/B]: ( wingspan is a must, adv. 15-25ft)
[B]History[/B]: (a little back story about them please! )
[B]Skills[/B]: (anything really, this is the "other" slot)
[B]War or peace[/B]: (pick one your character would support)



Accepted characters




Nat Clanc- Felixr2 (engineer)

Lara Aumbrine -felix (Double spy)

Eron Lionheart-Felix(knight in kings army)

Elisven Lynnette Ienstelle- Xvi (Nobel daughter)

Lian Quinna- Aroara (daughter of the kings commander)

Xiao Quinna- NPC (Aroara)- commander of the king's guard and advisor

Gaeleath Carrona-Sylbalar - Lilraaos (Son of high rank knight X-groundling)

Adonis Beauregard- Mage (entertainer) [NPC his sister]

Aerilaya Sylbalar- lil (Nobel daughter)

Nadia Aurore Sartre- Narvix (librarian)




Simon Xeon -me (merchant, sky Prince)

Lilith Dreersung- Aroara (priestess of Zerrtha)

Flint Crowne - Felixer2(gun crafter)

Liam "the Shadow" Serpix-Felix(assassin)

Ciel- Xvi (thief)

Hector- Doctor (adventure)

Evelyn Helenae- mackerelmaster (doctor)

Vogel Avem- Backup77 (Alchemist)

Janine Dembélé-narvix (baker)


Dark Wing supporters


Lilith Dreersung - leader of the dark wings, daughter of the founder

Flint Crowne- second in command in the group

Lara Aumbrine- prized (and expensive) informant.

Liam "the Shadow" Serpix- assassin who works with lara. NPC

Ciel -thief for higher. Meh on actual member.




Himar's feathers! - equivalent to dear ___ (in outrage)


Zerrtha will burn you! - Go to hell, rot in hell.


For the love of Dinja! - self explanatory.


Mother Ahva!- holy mother of_____


What a load of Dragon dung!



Active players!











Inactive players





characters no longer in rp


Badges and banners!

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Gigantic banner by Pryanka!

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Gods of Avi Family tree <- is my art! Don't steal!


Himar- (He marr) god of the wind, sky, and king of the gods. Very prominent to the people of avi. (Basically the Zeus of avi)


Zerrtha- (Zee er the) goddess of the underworld, death,nightmare and fire. Know with the groundlings for her affiliation with the earth and the ashes of her burned sacrifices are used to make the earth fertile.


Tirdall- (Tire doll) God Of The Moon husband to Zerrtha.


Tolous- (too lous) God Of Blacksmiths, forge and engineers ideas and knowledge.


Ahva- (Ah Va) Goddess Of The Sun, fertility, womanhood and marriage. wife to Himar queen of the gods


Wesana- (West anna) Goddess Of Night & Day, plants and protector against famine and guardian of livestock. Farming goddess. daughter of himar and Ahva wife to Tolous.


Laenar - (lay nar) God Of Sleep brother of wesana.


Ewna- Goddess Of The Military, victory and battle. sister to Zerrtha wife of Atmir


Atmir- (At-meer) God of War, strength and strategy. Husband to Ewna and brother to Himar.


Seena, Goddess Of Fortune, luck and wealth. Daughter of Enwa and Atmir


Afyja- (Af-ja)Goddess Of Magic, hope, healing, animals, and birth. A virgin goddess of the dawn, twin sister to dinja. Daughter of Wesana.


Dinja- goddess of love, lust, pleasure, male fertility and beauty. Huntress goddess of the stars and dusk. Daughter of tolous and Wesana.


Alous- god of seasons, harvest, health doctors, messengers, thieves and travelers. A Jack of all trades (think Hermes) son of Ewna and Himar.


Botrix- Bow-trix), Goddess Of Justice truth, morals, chivalry, peace and virtue. Daughter of Ewna and Atmir



Animals of avi

Most animals are similar to ours, only a handful are different from ours.


Saber tooth Sword wolves (aka sword wolf)- large wolf creatures with saber teeth that are black, jagged and wickedly sharp. They are mostly red meat, and their hides go for a hefty price. Their fangs can be used as swords and their skulls as shields. They live everywhere and their fur ranges from dessert sand color to a dark auburn, a rich brown or black, and in the mountains- white.


Dracon - very large snake like creatures that spit acid that erodes everything except for Dragon flame tempered glass. Their scales are large oval shaped plates and are as hard as a Dragon scale. (Even harder then that) they are used as shields although they are very heavy and as large as a man (5'6"). Dracons are found in the desert caves and are nocturnal creatures.


Cloud cat - small panther like creatures with bat like wings, as tall as a young boy and a large wingspan. They are tameable, rideable and mostly live and hunt in the sky, only landing to rest or when taking care of little ones. They are mostly found in caves and trees with black, white or a tan colored fur. Images here here and here


Shadow hound- resurrected dogs or wolves that fade from moving skeletons with a red painted spell on their skull to shadowy creatures with glowing eyes. They never eat nor sleep. They are only created by a zerrtha priest/ priestess. image and image (see Lilith for skeletal image)


dragons- these aren't big creatures. They are sometimes as big as a house cat or as large as a horse. They are mainly bred for their affinity for shiny things and are used to protect jewel mines, safes, homes and temples from thieves. They are easy to take care of and eat very little. They come in many colors and are quite tame to their masters. They breath fire or ice.


lunar phantom/ nightmare howlers- wolf or fox like creatures that haunt graveyards, battle fields, massacres or places where those who were killed was painful and traumatic. These beasts feast on the lingering effects of the pain and suffering of the land. One can see them from a distance with their emaciated look, red glowing eyes or their white glowing fur.

They look the same, but there's one thing that's different between the two: lunar phantoms are benevolent while nightmare howlers also haunt the wicked who caused others sufferings. Nightmare howlers can be herd by wicked souls who killed the innocent when they howl, for their calls sound like screams of the victims. These particular beasts have callers of thorns, chains, spikes, barbed wire or rope around their neck symbolizing the punishment for wicked souls. If one does enough wicked deeds in their lives, these creatures pull out the soul and drag them to Zerrtha herself for punishment. Lunar phantoms can be seen by everyone, where nightmare howlers can be seen by those who witnessed death. image


Terror Crabs - known as Desert Spirits by the avians inhabiting the desert - are huge orange crabs with a white downside and black striped on their back. There are very few of them and no corpses have ever been found. Their pincers are one of the few things capable of breaking through Dracon scales, although it is still far from easy. The desert avians favor these creatures more than they favor the gods, as the gods tend not to bother much about the desert and instead the Desert Spirits protect the desert avians, fighting threats and giving them lighter travel in times of need. A famous story mothers tell their children in the desert tells about an orphan baby raised by a Desert Spirit; although this story is widely accepted as a fairy tale by even the desert avians.


Jeweled steer- these are actually deer like creatures with scales that are the spirits of the mountains. These creatures are very peaceful and if one befriends them it is said they would bond with that person and protect their children and children's children for as long as they live. They hardly ever touch the ground out of fear of disturbing the peace of the blades of grass. They have shrines built in their honor, seen as gods and protectors of the mountain avi people and some of these creatures see these temples as their homes. They came in many sizes and colors. Size depends on age and some are over two thousand years old, perhaps as old as the gods. It is difficult to tell the gender for each one has a stag horn or horns and a jeweled orb floating by magic between their antlers or wrapped in their beards. A favored fable about these creatures is when a young girl obtained a jewel by comforting a dying steer and hatching a pure golden steer that brought her luck and honor to her family. image image image image (based on Qilin/Kirin art work not mine)


Rock bandits- creatures that are small and have gems, ore veins or crystals coming from their short Rocky grey bodies. They are knee high and often bother minors by throwing rocks, causing cave ins and taking the ore or crystals they mined.

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Questions: what are the wings like in the desert compared to the mountains?

A: desert avians have wings have thin layers of feathers, insect, or thin leathery bat like wings often reflect the sun to keep off the heat. However the mountains are cold so insect wings on the mountains are uncommon to rare, often having to hide them under clothes to keep them from freezing and breaking. They have fur lined wings or fluffy feathered ones like a snowy owl.




Q: Are one's wings based on what their parents have? For example, would a child of too Avians with feathered wings be expected to have feathered wings as well? Would their patterns and shape be similar?

A: Yes and no. If the family is pure feather barn owl wings they yes they'll be like their parents, but if there's Dragon wings, white wings speckled feathered and butterfly wings thrown into the family line then the child has a chance of having one of those wings. Usually though, females reflect their fathers wings, and males reflect their mother's wings.


Let's say a mother has snow owl wings and the dad has a red tail hawk wings.


A son will have snow owl shape but red tail color on the wings.

A daughter would have hawk shaped wings but snowy owl colors and patterns.


BUT there's some who have random wing patterns (like bird wings with a monarch pattern.) It is what you make of it.

Q: Can groundlings have pretty wings?

A: No not exactly. they can have lovely patterns and spots of bright colors, but most of the gene pool have dull or muted colors for wings. so bright and colorful wings like Simon"s popping up is rare and often stared at or the object of jealousy.


Q: can skylings have dull wings?

A: NO! Absolutely not. They are narcissistic and egotistical, strange looking wings and dull colors are not allowed in their cities.


Post set up!


mid morning marketplace


Now things where picking up! Simon sat as gradually the small scattering of pedestrians grew from a trickle, to a steady stream, before the morning crowds pushed their way into the narrow cobbled streets of Leones. He had sold five vases, three plates one goblet and sixteen little glass figures. It was around this time he normally ate lunch, so leaving his stall in the care of a cat sized burgundy and crimson colored Dragon from the fur stall He took some money and wormed his way up the stream to Janine's bakery. He was a usual customer ever since he discovered the run down place and the banana bread she makes. Considering his sales today where going very well, he would put a lemon pound cake on order and a chocolate muffin with cream cheese filling for Tara's birthday today.


He pushed open the door making the bell chime. "Morning!" He called inside.

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Accepted sheets


Username: Aroara Angelwolf

Name: Simon Xeon

Age: 22

Gender: male

Ground or Sky: ground

Class/occupation: (unknown: Prince of the skylings) merchant/glass blower

Dark Wing supporter: the who? Um.....

Appearance: (Here<Mage's work!) or here < My work! )Simon is taller than his 5'6" mother, standing at nearly 6'3" (and still growing). His hair is white with flecks of gold in them, kept semi long, the back is usually braided with Amber beads in a small rat tail like style, one among a total of six around his head in various places. His eyes are a spring bud green that brightens or darkens depending on his mood. He's broad and muscular, fingers slender and rough with calluses. He has smile lines around his lips and eyes, a soft kind look with a clear crisp voice. He's slender and fit for his body type. a little thinner then he should be because he makes sure his mom eats before he dose. He's tanned, spending time in the sun and near a fire has darkened his skin to a lovely olive color. he has scars on his right arm from burns in his first time blowing glass and on his left buttock from being bitten by a sword wolf pup (Don't ask)

Personality: There's a certain aura about him that warns of a natural born leadership and the ability to take charge of a situation if needed. He is very kind, a smooth business man and a hard diligent worker. He has a set schedule to his day, a never failing pattern he follows (until recent events) and has a difficult time adjusting to extreme scenarios outside his comfort zone. Protective of his mother and his two friends Ciel and Gae. He would fight if anything happens to them. A bit of a jokester in the village.

Wing appearance: (Wings)his wings span a full 37 feet, the parts that are pink are actually red. They may look like stained glass, and delicate, but don't be fooled by appearances. Thin and light making him very swift in the sky and very acrobatic. They are as strong as sky iron (meteor iron) and the "glass" actually thin colored fuzzy shear scales as hard a Dracon scales (flightless legless Dragon that spits acid and large scales often used for shields)on the outside and inside with opaque soft down. they are warm to the touch, silky soft and as maneuverable as any pair of wings.

History: He grew up with a old one winged commander and his mother in a small village by a peaceful river. Near their tiny village is a bustling town. The commander taught him to defend himself with various weapons including fists and wings before he passed away a year ago. He was sheltered from the rumors of war and his father, whom was told to be dead. He learned how to blow glass from his mother and sells them in town.

Skills: fighting, glass blowing, starting fires, fishing camping, setting traps (mostly for fun but can have some useful ones) mimicking sword wolves (very large wolves with sword like saber teeth) to round up lost cattle, horses or sheep.

War or peace: there's..... a war?


Username: Aroara Angelwolf

Name: Lilith Dreersung

Age:how rude to ask a woman her age! (24)

Gender: female

Ground or Sky: ground

Class/occupation: high class Zerrtha priestess

Dark Wing supporter: ha ha! My father founded the group, now I run it in his place! What? Expecting a man?

Appearance: she's 5'6" with waist length auburn hair she keeps up. Her right eye is red the left a gun metal blue. Fair skin with rosy cheeks and full red lips. Lilith has a tattoo on her leg thigh of a priestess mark of Zerrtha; a double circle with a dark circle inside and spikes around it (on the skull)

Personality: she's a bit wishy washy and frightening. She takes care of her people, flirtatious and has a soft spot for children and "cute" things (she's the kind of women who thinks ghostly creatures, cemeteries and dracons are cute). Be careful, when she is furious she smiles and talks honey sweet words. She usually has a wicked gleam in her eyes and laughs with unusual sweetness. She has a commanding nature, isn't afraid to play rough or dirty, or put the men in line.

Wing appearance: one wing is a feather and Dragon wing mix. Jet black with patterns in it. The other completely see through with only the bone and the muscles showing. This one is more bat like and can fly but her skin is clear like her father's. Thin vains of blood sometimes color it a pale albino pink in certain light (it's creepy because one can see the muscles twitch and the blood go through her wings). Her total wing span is 42 feet.

History: her father was a skyling before she was born. He sought peace and was more comfortable with the dead then the living as a mortician. Still young, he eventually became a priest or Zerrtha something the skylings looked down upon. Slowly his wings became see through as he worked as a priest for the goddess in the tiny sky temple. Discusted, the king ordered his wings ripped off and hung on the temple door as a warning to others, then cast out of the sky.

He fell in love with a dark winged ground Zerrtha priestess and had Lilith. When she was fourteen, her parents where captured on a raid on a skyling group troop post and was beheaded and burned when she was twelve. Harboring a grudge and already a strong priestess at the time, she took her father's place as Dark Wing leader. Now she's a force to be reckoned with.

Skills: she's a priestess, so she has powers of her patron goddess Zerrtha. She has the ability to call a shadow hound (see image above and animals of avi for further information) minor control over earth able to make pits or rock slides if conditions are right. Can see in complete darkness. Calls flames on her sword or in her fingers, walk through fire without getting burned.

Non magic skills: sword play, shooting (bows, bolts, guns) a silvered tongue trickster. Slight engineer/ forger(to fix/ repair her weapons and armor) crafty strategist.

War or peace: WAR!



Username: Aroara

Name: Lian Quinna

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: upper class daughter of the captain of the kings guard.

Dark Wing supporter: I am loyal to the king

Appearance: Lian is a 5'8" tall woman who fits the words, "ethereal beauty". Her hair is long and flaming red. Her skin a flawless mocha cream tone, often painted with gold markings of a Dinja follower on her hands, belly, chest, feet and around her eyes. Her eyes are the bluest of blue, startling in contrast with her skin tone, eye lashes thick and long. Her voice has a certain low sound to it that seems to carry when she speaks softly.

Her clothing is often revealing, something akin to a belly dancers, or out of Arabian Nights.


She's outgoing, and ready for adventure, however she is reserved. She speaks very little, letting her body do the talking for her. When she does speak she's sassy, sultry and seductive.

Wing appearance: her wings are in the picture, blue greens and holds at about a 16 foot wingspan.

History: Lian grew up in the castle, and was trained to one day take her father's place as head commander of the kings army. Her mother was a vasle of Dinja and passed away at her birth. Wanting to be both like her mother and father, she pledged herself to the goddess only a year ago. Her father is Xiao.

Skills: she's a skilled fighter like her father.

War or peace: peace





Username: Felixr2

Name: Nat Clanc

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Engineer. One of the best around.

Dark Wing supporter: Dark Wing? What kind of machine is THAT?

Appearance: He stands at 1.6 metres, with creme colored skin that is pretty much always dirty (think oil, ash, dust, coal, etc.). He has black hair that's a big mess and silvery grey eyes. His mouth and nose are a bit sharp, all of this giving him a slight mad scientist look. He wears brown cloth rags. All of this in contradiction to the beauty that the skylings are known for.

Personality: All he's really busy with are his machines and as a result he's gotten pretty isolated. The other skylings say he's a weirdo, some even think he's a sociopath, but if you ever get to talk with him, you'll be surprised to see he's actually a very wise, warm, social, caring man.

Wing appearance: His mad-scientist-like appearance drags on to even his wings; they are very streamlined and covered in feathers that appear to be made of some kind of steel, but, of course, are a lot lighter than that. They have the same silvery grey color as his eyes.

History: He comes from the Clanc family, which is renowned for their sublime knowledge on technology. His ancestors were the ones who created the technology used to keep the cities in the clouds, in the clouds. The knowledge has been passed on from father/mother to children with every generation, and every generation discovered something new. As for Nat, he didn't get to learn everything, as his father didn't survive an accident with a new machine that would be able to carry a pesron from one sky city to another faster than they could fly to it with their own wings. The problem: it wasn't efficient enough with the fuel, causing it to stop mid-flight. Nat had decided to continue his father's project, his notes giving him reference on how much energy he needed to get out of the fuel in order to safely make the trip. He is certain he is very close to a breakthrough with this, but others don't believe that. They think the Clancs aren't what they used to be anymore.

Skills: Very good in making machines of all sorts. Surprising, eh?

War or peace: He doesn't really mind either, as long as he can work on his machines he's fine.


Username: Felixr2

Name: Eron Lionheart

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Knight of the king's army.

Dark Wing supporter: What do you think?

Appearance: He stands at around 1.8 metres. He wears a shiny steel armor with golden decorations - mostly just gilded borders, but his helm, that covers his short, blond hair, has decorations that ressemble a lion's manes. His eyes are a reddish brown with golden flickers.

Personality: He's a very brave and honorable warrior and he's very loyal to his king.

Wing appearance: Majestic wings with a span of 23.5 ft. They're the same color as his armor, with a golden edge at the top/front/whatever you want to call the side of the wing that's nearest to the head of a bird, that runs down on the backside of both wings near the middle, tilted a bit away from his back, but slowly curving towards.

History: Ever since he was a child he was taught to admire the king, and he never had any problems with this. He started to practice fighting with a sword when he was around 16, and turned out to be pretty talented. When he was 20 the king noticed his talent and skill and invited him to join the army. He is still working to become a general one day.

Skills: He is a very skilled and talented swordfighter. He also knows how to handle a flintlock, but he hardly ever uses those and doesn't have one of his own.

War or peace: He prefers peace, but he knows war is sometimes necessary. To battle!


Username: Felixr2

Name: Flint Crowne

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Originally Sky, but he's more affiliated with the Groundlings.

Class/occupation: Knows a bit of engineering, but mainly sticks to guncrafting.

Dark Wing supporter: Yes. Big time.

Appearance: Stands at 1.7 metres with deep black eyes and black hair that's tied into a short ponytail on the back. He has a somewhat muscular, he wears a black cotton vest with the sleeves entirely ripped off and black ripped jeans. On his left arm he has a tattoo that looks like a black falcon that's diving down to catch a prey.

Personality: He's a pretty edgy person, and also quite a bit narcissistic. Everything he does, he does because it's best for himself, or because he just wants to do it.

Wing appearance: He has the wings of a black falcon, with a span of 24.7 ft.

History: While growing up he often visited the groundlings, where he got in contact with some shady people. He presented himself as someone of great importance in the floating cities, but at his 20th he made a misstep, and the clique wanted to know what exactly made him that special. He decided to take action. He was banished from the floating cities after attempting to attack the king and take over the cities by force. He supports the Dark Wing because he sees it as a second chance to take control of the floating cities and prove to his former companions that he is better than them. His former companions look down upon the Dark Wing, they think it's a pathetic organisation that doesn't stand a chance against the king's army.

Skills: Knows a bit of engineering, but not anything beyond how to make a machine stop working as fast as possible. He can only break them, not make them. He is, however, pretty good at making flintlocks, if he has the materials, that is. He can also handle these pretty well, but he gets too frustrated to teach anybody else. In the time he spent in the dark network of the groundlings he also learned how to crack regular locks and how to walk without making any sound at all.

War or peace: How can I ever take control of those cities without starting a war?


Username: Felixr2

Name: Lara Aumbrine

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Double spy.

Dark Wing supporter: Yes and no. She helps them, but she also helps the king.

Appearance: Usually wears whatever is the typical clothing style of the place she is. She stands at 1.55 metres with brown hair down to a bit under her shoulders and dark grey eyes.

Personality: If you want any information, she'll get it for you. Against a price, of course.

Wing appearance: Although she does have to stick to the swallow-like shape and 16 ft. wingspan of her wings, she can change the color, pattern and texture of the feathers to appear like she's home to... any place she wants really. In the sky cities she usually goes with white and silver lines, while on the ground she usually gows with slightly ragged feathers with a dull brown color. (yes, her wings are like the skin of a cuttlefish, just a little less impressive)

History: She was born with very weird wings - and they didn't look pretty either - so everyone wanted to keep their distance in public. However, her "charming" personality made people want to meet with her privately. She used this to get information out of them to work herself higher up the social ladder, and soon she realised there were others who would definitely offer something in return for that information... it wasn't long before the Sky King and Lilith Dreersung both started to see her as one of the best spies around; they know nothing of her passing through their information to the other side as well though, with different clothing, wings and make-up she perfectly fools the other spies, and the ones that do find out she pays to keep their mouths shut, or orders dead by an assassin before they can tell anyone.

Skills: I think it's pretty clear already.

War or peace: War. Peace doesn't pay her bills.




Lu's character:

Username: xvi

Name: Elisven Lynnette Ienstelle (( just Elis is fine! ))

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: High-class socialite

Dark Wing supporter: No.

Appearance: Elis is 152 cm, with curly blonde hair and large green eyes. She has a petite build, weighing 90 lb. quick sketch

Personality: Well-behaved and patient, Elis is indifferent to most things. She most loves to read and educate herself on matters of the world, a curious trait that comes from her birth mother. Though she was raised and acts accordingly to Skyling social code, she has a certain natural attraction towards things outside the norm, a trait inherited from her mother.

Wing appearance: The wings of an Glasswing Swallowtail, Elis’ wings span 15ft. Beautiful and delicate, Elis’ wings sway in the breeze and are almost always fluttering slightly. Her wings, though seethrough, often reflect the sun’s rays and turn the reflections into a picturesque scene. They are lightly bordered by veins of gold running across the wings, seen glittering in the sun. One would not commonly notice the shape of the wings on Elis’ back, only the images screen through the and the delicately fluttering gold. Since her wings are thin enough to showcase worlds, they are delicate and she must take great care.

History: Born the daughter of Skylings, Elis’ father was a university appointed noble who was studious in nature. Her mother was a well-known figure, having been rebellious in her youth and vocal about her opinions. The pair were known to be quirky, if not a bit strange, and Elis' mother didn't particularly want a child; as such, at her birth, she was adopted by a neighbouring wealthy family who were good friends with her birth parents. Elis bears no resentment towards her birth parents, and still sees them often, and is often told she resembles them though she holds her adopted family dear as well.

Skills: Elis can play the flute and harp, and is good at drawing. In her spare time, she likes to read and dance.

Her first name was given to her by her birth parents, and her middle and last from her adopted parents.

War or peace: Peace


Username: xvi

Name: Ciel (last name unknown)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Ground

Class/occupation: Thief

Dark Wing supporter: Conflicted? He doesn't care for their beliefs, but runs jobs if need be for money.

Appearance: Ciel is 162 cm, and 94 lbs. He has light, silver-blond hair, pale skin, and heterochromia. His hair covers his left eye, which is blue, and his right eye is dark, almost black. Across his body, he has numerous scars and sometimes bruises from alterations during his jobs, with the most noticeable one being a large scar that runs diagonally from his waist upwards. Incidentally, from the same incident one of his wings was badly damaged, and as a result he is unable to fly. pic

Personality: Having had a rough life, Ciel grew up relying solely on himself. As a result, he is brisk and detached towards clients; however, among people he habours no animosity towards, he is playful and relaxed, hardly taking anything seriously. Though he does not trust easily, those who have made it into Ciel's inner circle are people he truly values, as he understands the grief of having nothing. In addition, he habours hatred and a certain fear towards figures of authority and other thieves.

Wing appearance: Ciel's wings are similar to that of pygmy owl with grey and brown feathers, and 13ft.

History: Orphaned at an early age, Ciel doesn't know his parents nor his surname. Forced to adapt or die among the streets, he quickly gained notoriety as a thief due to his small frame and agility on his feet. For a while, he worked with a band of thieves and aided them in their projects, but began demanding more pay for his work; and, when he was rejected, stealing from the loot. As a result, when he was 17, he was attacked and left to die one night. Making his way to a small village, Ciel somehow survived the attack and ended up renting a room as he recovered. Since that day, Ciel has always worked alone.

Skills: skills more like anti-skill haha am i right He can't read, but is street-smart. He's underweight, and not that healthy.

He always carries small weapons hidden on his form.

War or peace: Peace




Username: Lilraaos

Name: Gaeleath Carrona-Sylbalar

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Heir of an upper class noble, knight

Dark Wing supporter: No

Appearance: Gae stands at 6'4, with tan skin and amber eyes that are slightly slanted. His hair is a dark black and long enough to reach a bit below his chest but he always keeps it tied up in a low ponytail. He has a slender but muscular frame. His hands and feet are big and quite calloused. He is always well groomed and has a stoic unapproachable expression.

Personality: Quiet and polite, Gae is rather reserved and seems to almost try his best to avoid any unnecessary interactions with others. He likes to keep to himself mostly and prefers to read or train in the courtyard. He is also noted for his strange obedience to his father whom he never seems to publicly question. This personality, though his natural one was taken to the extreme to shut out the skylings that he was forcefully taken into the world of.

Back on the ground, amoung the people he loved and cared for he was known for being rather gentle. He immensely enjoyed being with his friends and working with them almost always seemed like a game to him. He was always smiling then and looking out for those who needed protection.

Wing appearance: his wings are white hawk wings and the roots are sort of goldish, his wings are about 35ft

History: Gae grew up as a groundling although he would have seemed out of place to an outsider's eyes whether it was due to his grand wings or the proud and calm way he always carried himself. Belong or not, Gae was accepted among the other children in his small village and he was rather content with his life and the people he knew. He had expected to live out the rest of his life in that area, however the tragic departure of his sickly mother when he turned 17 shattered his peaceful way of life.

He was approached by a regal looking man who claimed to be his father. He revealed his past with Gae's mother, claiming that he had always loved her but was betrothed to another and that there was nothing he could do about the situation so with a heavy heart he cut her off.

Gae listened to his story and provided the man a place to stay for the night but he refused to listen to the man farther, especially when the man started to repeatedly visit and offer to take Gae to live with him in the sky.

Gae rejected him time and time again and so his father begun to blackmail him. Gae reluctantly agreed to his father's demands and quickly found out why his father desired his presence so much. His wife had suffered another miscarriage and was a women with a very weak constitution. Together his father and his father's wife had three daughters and one son although the son was sickly and bedridden. His father had been ecstatic to discover the existence of a different son whom not only was healthy but was naturally quiet, composed and as it turned out quite easy to control.

And so Gae eventually got used to living among the skylings, the political and social games the members played, the customs, the etiquette and he was quite good at performing himself. He has not yet forgotten about his friends and still horribly misses them. His greatest wish is to someday be reunited with the people whom he regards as his real family.

Skills: Hes a skilled sword fighter (though that is only form-wise, he has never fought in real combat), he has good hand-eye coordination and he can read things fast and memorize it pretty well.

War or peace: Peace



Username: Lilraaos

Name: Aerilaya Sylbalar

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Home bound daughter of an upper class noble

Dark Wing supporter: No

Appearance: Aery stands at 4'9 and weights about 70 pounds. She has long white hair and braids up the sides. Her eyes are big and an amber shade surrounded by long pale lashes. Her skin is extremely pale and she has a slender frame with soft white dainty feet and hands that are unused to hard labor of any kind. She always wears soft pastel colors and light airy dresses.


An immensely curious individuals, Aery enjoys soaking up knowledge and learning new concepts. She loves a good story and finds puzzles and challenges rather fun but perhaps that is only because she is starved for entertainment. Aery is not particularly intelligent or bright but she makes up for it with dedication and an eagerness to learn. She has a very good memory and intentionally favors being through over speed.

While Aery is rather knowledgeable academic-wise, being locked up as only allowed her limited interaction with others and as a result she is rather naive while believing that she has some experience through the books she reads and the stories she hears. She is also credulously optimistic, believing that in the end everything wraps up neatly, that if stories don't have happy endings it is for a reason, that an answer will always be found and that people don't do bad things for no reason.

While Aery is very obedient to her father, the one thing that she continues to test his patience on is due to her exceedingly sympathetic trait to those who are helpless. She is patient and gentle towards such creatures and is always taking in unwanted strays (much to her father's chagrin).

While Aery seems calm and at peace with her life and the way it will play out, underneath is a girl who is secretly resentful of her father who keeps her so tightly bond. While she understands that others are worse off, she cannot squash the urge to take off although she is aware that she would not survive long by herself.

However she keeps most of her strongest feelings bottled up inside and plays that part of the grateful, dutiful daughter well.

Wing appearance: swan wings, pure white spanning 18 ft


Born to a wealthy noble family, Aery didn't stand out much in her youth save for her slightly over sized wings. She was considered a very child though not remarkably handsome or talented in anyway. On her fifth year however, it was revealed that Aery had a disease that weakened her bones and as she slowly lost her ability to walk, she was also gradually shut off from the outside world by her father who would not be subjected to public embarrassment for producing a daughter who could not only walk, but couldn't fly.

Though her father lets her out to go to the library next door on Saturday nights (when everyone else is out partying), that is the only glimpse of the outside world that Aery is able to receive. She doesn't mind much and fills her days caring for the strays she takes in, reading, playing her instruments (for her animals) and listening to the stories of guests and servants at her home. (Though on the part of the guests, she usually hears them second-hand from a servant or they are unaware she is on the other side of the room.) However underneath that has been a longing to escape, experience everything the world has to offer if only for one night and it is an urge that Aery repeatedly crushes knowing how it will reflect on her family.

Skills: Aery has an impressive knowledge of geography (but that doesn't help her bad sense of direction much), she also plays the harp and piano, she can memorize remarkably well (though understanding is a bit different matter), and she knows a lot about the creatures of Avi, their characteristics, behaviors and anything else that can be found in books.

War or peace: Peace





Username: Doctortear

Name: “Hector”

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Ground

Class/occupation: Adventurer (in other words, unemployed)

Dark Wing supporter: Supports the idea of rebellion, but knows too little about the organization to fully support them

Appearance: Standing at 6’6”, Hector is a tall individual who is all the more intimidating when considering her muscular build. She has dark skin that is maimed with various scars and callouses from farm work and years of a nomadic life style. She has a round face, raised cheekbones, plump lips, and a small nose. Her eyes are a soft gray that go well with her platinum blonde hair. Her long, thick hair reaches down to her rear when left down. She usually hikes the ponytail up to her mid-back by tying two green ribbons into her hair--one near her scalp and the other right below her shoulder blades. She carries around a two-handed battle axe that has been well-preserved in her family for years. Though somewhat outdated, the axe can easily do its job of chopping down whatever is in it’s way.

Personality: Contrary to everything that has happened to her, Hector is an upbeat individual who tries to view the more optimistic side of life. She’s cordial to a fault; Hector has no problem exchanging pleasantries with someone who has been relentlessly rude to her. She’s quick to come to another’s aid and will go out of her way to make sure everyone around her is safe and comfortable. She sometimes forgets her own strength in comparison to everyone else and has been startled on more than once occasion once she realized that a training session got a little too tough or someone wasn’t as physically strong as she thought they were. Hector tries to keep an open-mind, but events from the past has caused a bias against skylings to manifest. Her years of hardships have not been forgotten, but when asked about it, Hector tends to steer the conversation away from her past. Despite her bubbly demeanor, Hector believes that people, groundlings specifically, will only continue to suffer if nothing changes. She does not believe that the world is prospering in an era of peace and instead think that if changes are to be made, then something needs to take action.

Wing appearance: After a wildly unprofessional and immensely painful procedure, Hector is completely wingless. A hideous, pink patch stretches across the portion of her back where wings would had sprouted from.

History: Born to a big family (including parents, a grandpa, two aunts, a younger brother, and three cousins) on a rice farm, Hector’s life was whirlwind of activity. She spent the majority of her childhood learning her family’s trade and training with her grandfather who placed a great importance on self-defense as he had experienced combat more than once in his lifetime. Problems first arose when an issue with the soil salinity on the farm came forth. It became harder to grow a plentiful bounty with such a high concentration of salt and, as such, having food on the table was no longer definite. A few months after the problem with the salt came up, a rich skyling bought the land the family lived on after hearing rumors about minerals underneath the ground. Hector and her family tried to convince the skyling that there was nothing in their fields, but the skyling did not care about the thoughts or feelings of groundlings.


Grabbing everything they could, the family fled their house and started their new nomadic lives. To Hector, it seemed as though everything got worse with every passing year. She lost her wings to a gang of unruly bandits, her mother died from a dreadful fever, and her father and one of her aunts left on a hunting trip but never returned. At the age of fourteen, Hector became a prominent figure in her family--she was tasked with taking care her younger cousins and her baby brother as well as fill the void her aunt and parents left in everyone’s hearts.


Around the time Hector turned nineteen, the family wandered into a small town to rest in. A couple running the local bakery took a shine to the family and offered to feed and shelter them in exchange for working for them. The family accepted the conditions, but Hector was not satisfied with her new life. She could not ignore the pit of anger in her stomach whenever she thought about how she was forced out of her home. She confronted her grandfather about her feelings and he told her that standing around and letting her rage stew would only hurt her in the end. He advised her to take his old hunting gear and the family heirloom, leave the house, and find something that could settle the anger burning inside of her. Hector’s grandfather assured her that the family would be safe where they were, and while Hector was skeptical at first, she was eventually convinced. She donned her grandfather’s hunting gear, grabbed the family war axe, whatever supplies her family could spare, and set off. Hector did not want to return to her family until after she found what she was looking for. As such, she ditched both her birth and family name and instead decided to go by the name “Hector”, the name of one of her ancestors that fought in the first Great War. Satisfied with her new identity and purpose, Hector spent the next seven years wandering aimlessly, helping those she came across and searching for something, or someone, to settle the anger burning inside of her.

Skills: Hector spent her childhood working on a farm. As such, she is incredibly knowledgeable about not only running and maintaining a farm, but growing rice specifically. Her time as a nomad taught her how to hunt, prepare food, create shelter, use first aid, navigate, and other survival related skills. Her grandpa placed a huge importance on self defense for reasons Hector did not realize until she was older. She is proficient in hand-to-hand combat as well using a battle axe.

War or peace: War





Username: mackerelmaster

Name: Evelyn Helenae (Eve for short)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Ground

Class/occupation: Doctor/Medic (is healer more accurate?) (incomplete training)

Dark Wing supporter: No, but she wouldn't mind getting back at the jerks in the sky, could be persuaded.

Appearance: 5'4, dark blue/gray eyes, short, chin length dirty blonde hair she constantly pushes back out of her eyes, she has a kind face, pretty but not drop dead gorgeous.

Personality: Evelyn is a very nurturing person by nature but she can be downright motherly to friends and family. She's very persuasive but often passive when confrontations arise. She sometimes makes quick remarks that get her into trouble. As a doctor, she's very intelligent and aware of people's feelings.

Wing appearance: 15ft Span, Her wings were once beautiful with shining bronze feathers (much like a hummingbird's) with silver flecks but now are unusable, warped and scarred

History: Eve used to live in the sky where she trained as a doctor/healer. She moved away from her parents when she turned 16 to begin training and didn't talk to them afterwords because they didn't support her wish to become a healer. She wasn't noble born but lived sort of middle class, her family were simple merchants which was why they didn't think she could become a healer. Unfortunately, she got caught up in drama with the nobility. (can refine this more later?) Long story short, after 'disrespecting' a man of high class, her wings were mutilated and she was cast out of the sky. On the ground, she lives a very simple life and enjoys helping the sick and injured in exchange for very little, some food or the occasional farm animal. But she always yearns to return to the sky.

Skills: Healing, Persuading/arguing.

War or peace: She wants to support peace but knows that if anything is to ever change, there must be a war.




Username: Narvix

Name: Nadia Aurore Sartre

Age: 20 years

Gender: Female

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Upper Class | Librarian

Dark Wing supporter: Maybe

Appearance: Nadia is tall, standing around 5’10” with long brown hair that falls in thick waves below the small of her back. Her posture is straight but she always manages to make herself look comfortable and at ease. With hazel eyes, Nadia has a delicate appearance to her features but a sharpness in her gaze.

[image credit to Nao Ikeda, Final Fantasy character designer.]

Personality: Nadia is very full of herself. Anyone can tell you that she is a narcissist but many may be unable to agree on just how much of one she is. She likes things tidy and clean, especially when it concerns her own physical appearance. She’s prim and proper, with very low tolerance for ‘savagery’ or ‘barbarians’. If you aren’t an intellect, Nadia won’t have anything to do with you.

Wing appearance: With a twenty-foot wingspan, Nadia has butterfly wings that match the patterning of a Large Blue.

History: Nadia’s parents had high expectations for her, difficult standards in her schooling and behavior for her to meet. Education was simple enough but Nadia’s personality just didn’t cut it. Born to a wealthy family who had a reputation as the city’s business gurus, Nadia’s narcissism and love of books didn’t really make a good match. Fortunately, her younger sister was able to take up the role of kingpin in the business, leaving Nadia free to run her own library. She’s managed to fill it with only the best and rarest books in existence.

Skills: Extensive factoid knowledge, calligraphy, story writing, appraising objects (especially books), mathematician

War or peace: Doesn’t care so long as she doesn’t get dirty and can keep her library.


Username: Narvix

Name: Janine Dembélé

Age: 27 years

Gender: DMAB Female

Ground or Sky: Ground

Class/occupation: Working Class | Baker

Dark Wing supporter: No

Appearance: Quite small for her age, Janine isn’t taller than 5’2” with a frail build. Flour usually covers random patches of exposed skin on her face and forearms, if not her clothes. Her hair is consistently in an untidy bun, the dirty blonde locks lacking any luster due to the ever-present layer of flour. With tanned skin, green eyes, and round facial features, Janine has the stature of a man with a column torso and long limbs.

Personality: Janine has very low self-esteem and lacks confidence, especially when it comes to her appearance and fitting in. She doesn’t speak very loud, rather meekly instead, and easily folds under any pressure. Baking is her source of stress relief, her escape.

Wing appearance: Janine has crimson, draconic wings that possess a few rips in the edges of the membranes. The "upper arm" sections of both limbs are partially covered in scales, most clustered around the shoulders. Each wing has three "fingers" that have two "knuckles". The "hands" where the fingers meet, have a clawed thumb for both. The total wingspan is around 18 feet.

History: Janine was born Joseph but, at the age of eleven, didn’t feel right with being a boy. When she identified that she felt more comfortable as a girl, she tried hard to get others to see that as well. However, it was a struggle and her parents weren’t thrilled with the idea. Bullies popped up everywhere and Janine was attacked, verbally or physically, from almost every side. She found two friends who saw her as she was and became her protectors of a sort, giving her a sanctuary when her home no longer was one. Her education was ended prematurely as the school’s environment was not safe anymore. She picked up baking at thirteen and has been baking ever since.

Skills: Baking, reading people, empathy

War or peace: Peace





Username: Tehultimatemage

Name: Adonis Beauregard

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Ground or Sky: Sky

Class/occupation: Illusionist/Entertainer/Barkeep/Bard/Whatever you want me to be, baby

Dark Wing supporter: Not at the moment

Appearance: 5'9, golden hair brushed back and kind of spiky. His bangs are red in the front, and his irises are a deep brandy. His face is slender and abnormally beautiful as well as the rest of his pale body. He usually dresses however is appropriate for the occasion. Here's an old drawing

Personality: A player and a womanizer, Adonis' main motivation seems to be to charm the pants off of ladies. He is kind and caring up until the point he never needs to see you again, but his smooth words always manage to deflect the ill wills of others. Nevertheless to other men (and women who have broken through his spell), he is willing to lend aid to people out unless it is to the detriment of himself, and is a superb wingman if he deems it worthy to help you. Adonis loves to have a good time and drag other people into his antics as well.

Wing appearance: Adonis has the wings of a sun conure. His plumage starts red at his cover feathers, then turns bright yellow then a tropical green on the secondaries then blue at the tips. His wingspan is a little shorter but wider than average, at around 19 feet.

History: Even though he struts himself like a prince and has the appearance of a noble, Adonis was born distinctly middle class as a Skyling. He learned that he was phenomenally attractive and used that as leverage for his parent's bar and inn business, through which he made connections and met some noble girls. Of course, his sister got increasingly annoyed that he kept eloping and throwing away his responsibilities in favor of learning a few card tricks or ruffling skirts. So he just ran away one day and became a traveler with part of the earnings he made for the family business and other side jobs.

Skills: A skilled illusionist and a good singer. Adonis' charisma in unparalleled. And while more often than not he leaves a bitter taste and a trail of broken hearts, he has a large network of people he knows, some who owe him favors and others to which he weasels his way out of debt.

War or peace: Peace?

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iron pence= ten cents

Copper ginni = Half dollar

Copper half crown=

Copper (crown)=

Silver pence= copper = five dollars

Silver ginni =

Silver half crown =


Gold pence=

Gold Half crown=

Gold (crown)=


Platinum, jewels and crystals

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(Please don't respond just yet. this is not open. However this is just the initial post to get things rolling a bit more. we will Officially start in four days!)

Just after dawn at the king's palace in Avacrest


"I said bring me the captain of my guard ! Get me Xiao!" Shouted the sky King throwing a silver cup at his servant before he keeled over in his platinum throne in a coughing fit. He was still in his prime, but has an illness that not a single one of the doctors, not even the masters of the Alous the god of healing with all their magic can not find a cure for his sickness. He didn't want to wait until he had his morning meal. This was vital to his throne! "Himar's feathers! Off with you presumptuous fool! Get me Xiao Quinna immediately and that's an order!" He snarled after the fleeing servant, spittle flying from between his lips. Once alone again he sank back into the cushioned back, his pure golden colored eagle shaped wings decorated with precious gemstones drooped in an undignified manor. His strength was failing him and he had to bring his ...son..-no mater what back ground he came from- here so others can not usurp his bloodline. Hopefully Xiao would be up to the task he'd only entrust to his number one adviser.


Xiao remained calm and collected as he fast walked through the winding corridors to the King's throne room. He entered and bowed to his Majesty as the man waved away the hand servants that tended to him. "Leave us be!" The King ordered. At once all guards and servants withdrew from the room leaving the two alone bathed in the early morning light streaming threw a stained glass window behind the throne.


"Xiao, as you know my health is failing me. My line must continue! I have a son on the ground, born out of wedlock. His wings would be as magnificent as mine. I want you and your daughter to seek him out and bring him here. Use diplomacy first, then use force... as much as is needed to get him here. He then is to wed your daughter, being a illegitimate heir to the throne, his position must be protected. You being my adviser and commander your line would be the leader when I pass. His marriage to your daughter would guarantee his crown. Do this discreetly. If word gets out I am dying, the uprising would happen sooner.." He started coughing again, this time so hard specks of blood flecked the pristine white silk cloth he used as a handkerchief. "Go quickly...take only what you deem necessary."


Xiao took two steps back at such news. The king of all the Skylings should be repulsed at the thought of coupling with a wingless groundling. "Sire," he began politely. "While I understand that your bloodline must continue, I'm afraid your...groundling son isn't qualified. Unfortunately, your citizens would never take him seriously, in the scenario that he becomes king. I regret to inform you that this...will not work. This potential heir will bring the kingdom into turmoil." He cleared his throat. "Those roomers of the Dark Wings has increased when you failed to appear for Himar's monthly sacrifice two weeks ago."


"You dare defy your king!?" He slammed his fist on the arm of his throne. With some difficulty, he stood on his feet and spread out his wings. "My line has remained unbroken, descendants of the demigod Yaktu, son of Himar! It was he who created the cities we stand on today! He has my blood in him, the blood of a ruler. Are you saying to me that in a brief moment of drunken action that you yourself have not fallen prey to desires of the flesh? " He said stepping off his dais and down the steps to his adviser. "He will wed your daughter. He should be a man now. I'm sure that when he is seen, they will not doubt his line." He looked behind his throne to a massive stain glass window that had Yaktu casting the spell on the cities to make them fly, his wings where a mirror image of Simon's.


"It is said he has Yaktu's glass wings. That alone would make them mind..." He said softly, almost in a fond tone.


Xiao bowed. "I will do as you so request, sire." He then turned and strode out, a snarl curling his lip upwards as he strode out of the king's view. He hated the thought of being ruled by a Groundling. Absolutely loathed it. Disgusting ingrates that only complain and don't accept their status as inferior to the ruling classes. But alas, he had to follow His Majesty's orders. He found his second in command and gave him an order. "I need my finest elite knights to accompany me on an important mission from His Majesty himself!"


The mighty king slumped against his chair. He saw the tightness in his advisers back. He had his son when he was still young before the crown was ever set on his head. He was visiting his grandparents who had a estate on the Ground. The woman, a groundling who was a servant in their household. A stunning woman and of course he was quite drunk at the time as well. He knew that many would not like a Groundling King born out of wedlock to rule them. He had no choice. He had exiled his best friend and finest soldier to teach and watch over his son, but those notes stopped a year ago when he had passed away. From what he got out of the letters, his son was a honest, hard working, diligent man who stands for what he believes in. Fine attributes for a great king. He had no doubt his adviser would respect him once he met his child. "It is done..." He said softly to an empty room.

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Morning on the road to Trade town, just outside main road to Market square


Simon carried the glassware for his mother, whom sold it at the market. Once there, he assisted her in setting up the booth, before kissing her cheek and taking off to see if Gae was up. Landing and making sure that the itchy dusty brown cloak covered his wings he knocked on the door. "Gae? You up for another adventure?" He called frowning. Why was it quiet? After a long moment his head and currently spring bud colored eyes darkened to a dull lifeless dark green. "Oh... " He sighed. He found the spare key and opened the door to clean the house in hopes that he would return.




market place


Lillith stuck to the shadows, her skeletal dog keeping away thieves and predictors by fading in and out of the red eyed shadow form. She moved to browse the position dealer, a shady crooked witch of a woman who was well known for her poison and cures... for a hefty price. She studied the bottles, knowing what concoction of herbs where potent and others that was simply paralytic. In order to carry out her most recent of plans ..... she was going to need to fashion gas bombs. The kind that can knock out twenty five men... but where to get the final ingredient eluded her.



Knight Barracks, kings palace


"Eron Lionheart! You will accompany my daughter and I on this important mission!" Xiao called in the corridor outside his room. "I expect you out and ready with four of your best men at the edge of the city by the noon bells. That is an order!" He strode away to his home packing his things.


Lian heaved a sigh, board at the news but followed orders to pack her luggage and be ready to go to the Ground for whatever her father had planned for them.

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Hector | Morning | Marketplace


As much as Hector enjoyed the magnanimous lifestyle running around and assisting strangers with various tasks, she knew she needed a break every once in a while. Sure, she loved intimidating bandits and watching joy light up in her client's eyes once she finished the quest at hand, but wandering around helping random people with their problems was exhausting. She had spent three hours chasing around some a girl's lost dog and another two trying to drag it back home. The girl's relived smile was worth the effort, but now, with her brow covered in sweat and muscles aching with a dull throb, Hector knew it was time to retire before she passed out on the road.


Cupping her hand over her forehead to shield her eyes from the blazing sun, Hector squinted as she stared at the gateway to a small town bustling with activity. Hand on the handle of her axe, Hector lowered her arm as he walked into town. All around her were groundlings scurrying around and hissing soft apologizes when they nearly bumped into Hector. She pushed through the ground, gazing at the bazaar near the center of the town. She could see townsfolk dragging livestock around and bicker with shopkeepers as they tried to hassle for lower prices.

"I could buy some supplies while I'm here," Hector thought to herself as she looked around at the various stalls. "There should be someone selling cloth nearby. Maybe once I'm done here I can rent a room for the night and rest until—"


A shrill cry dragged Hector out of her thoughts. She straightened her back and narrowed her eyes as she scanned the crowd for the source of the cry. Not too far away was a small opening in the crowd, most likely because people had been scared away by whatever the commotion was. She pushed through the crowd, muttering "sorry"'s under her breath as she made her way towards the source of the angry babbling. As she neared the stall where the yelling originated from, Hector clutched her axe, readying herself to pull it out. Just as she opened her mouth to demand what was going on, her eyes landed on the perpetrator or, rather, the man the stall owner was shouting at. She hadn't seen that shaggy patch of white hair in a long while, hadn't she? Realizing who she was confronting, Hector let go of her ace and walked closer as she relaxed.

"You know, there are better ways to get your meal for the day," Hector said, crossing her arms as a smile crossed her lips. "What trouble have you gotten into this time, Ciel?"

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ciel ;; ]


So maybe taking the apple had been a bad idea.


Actually, no. Correction: taking the apple was a great idea, taking the entire cart was not.


But Ciel wasn't a smart man, and he certainly wasn't a fearful man. A childhood growing up on the streets had taught him to value the present more than the future-- and to never think about the past.


Here he was, at nineteen years old, Ciel, of no particular surname nor heritage nor home, and possibly facing his second arrest of the month.


When was the last one again? Oh, right, there had been that incident with that strange man-- what was his name again? Sogel? Wogel?


Well, Ciel didn't anticipate ever meeting the man again. Coincidentally, he found out where the man lived, but he didn't anticipate ever meeting the man again unless he called the authorities on Ciel for breaking and entering.


The stall owner was screaming something of no particular importance--the usual insults, Ciel guessed. Something something about his social status, something something about stealing, something something about his lifestyle. Ciel would have been more concerned about his present being if he simply just didn't care--at the end of the day, he returned to the streets of a town that had grown so familiar yet distant, his home being the corners dusted with mice and waste and reminding him again that he was, as he had entered this world: utterly alone.


He bit the apple, and waited. The lady's screaming was attracting quite a crowd, and he doubted he would get to keep his loot once it was time to run from town officials. Might as well eat while waiting, right?


A familiar voice sounded behind him, and Ciel's eyes widened in surprise. His name--


There she stood, in all her glory; arms large and stance imposing, yet with a gentleness to her posture only someone who knew her well enough would recognise. Around her, surrounding individuals parted nearby and whispers increased, the townspeople discomforted by this sudden standoff between the three individuals.


What a strange turn of events; a shopkeeper, a thief, and a wandering mercenary.


"Papi," he called out to Hector, mouth splitting in a grin as he completely turned his back on the stall owner, who let out a shrill noise, and approached the other, head tilted and posture relaxed, with an half bitten apple in hand. Once he was close enough that he had to tilt his head to look up at her giant frame, Ciel held out his hands in surrender.


"Just trying to make a living," he joked, "otherwise I'd end up dead in an alleyway again." A watchful eye met Hector's glance, calm and relaxed and if not slightly disgruntled. His lips curved into a smirk, as if they shared a private joke. "Have you come to arrest me?"

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Nadia: Morning | Home to Elis's Residence


Wavy, brown locks draped over her shoulder as she bent over, reaching across the desk to dig through a drawer on the other side. Smiling triumphantly, Nadia removed the adventurous romance novel from its hiding place. Aerie had been waiting for a new book but the librarian couldn't come up with the right pick until Elis proposed some ideas. Now, with printed treasure in her delicate hands, Nadia exited her study room and headed downstairs.


Her movements were fluid, balanced and poised from years of tutoring until it simply became ingrained. Some times, the woman failed to notice the old habits. Other times, she vaguely resented them. Her parents still showed their disappointment in Nadia's lack of business involvement. But, she had learned ways to brush it off - sooner or later.


All but dancing her way outside, Nadia headed down a very familiar street. Elis's adoptive home gradually came into view until it loomed above her, its design as impressive as Nadia's library. Lightly, she rapped the knocker against the door and waited until it opened. Before her stood the household's butler. Smiling at him, she didn't even really need to explain her appearance as the man immediately sent for Elis.


Once Elis, herself, came into view, Nadia bowed and offered her arm as escort. "Onward to Aerie's? I finally found a book she'd love but I wish to get your opinion along the way. And, maybe you could help me with my little... romance?"

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Vogel | Morning | Marketplace

It'd been two weeks since the last time he had left his house, and Grimalkin had started to get quite displeased with him.


It hadn't been so bad. The food had lasted until two days ago, though he had grown tired of canned beans towards the end of it. The paper had run short, and he'd been left scrabbling around the house for a clean corner or an empty page margin. Still, it had been the disappearance of the last of the cat food, two hours ago, that had finally forced him to leave. He'd managed to endure nearly an hour of Grimalkin's staring, but eventually he couldn't stand the her sad eyes or the irregular pawing at his face.


He allowed himself a light smile as he pulled the towel away from his face to examine it. Grimalkin is so adorable, isn't she? he thought. The once white towel had a small spot of red on it, but the bleeding had probably stopped. Good; his arm had been starting to get tired.


Being momentarily distracted by the thoughts about his cat, Vogel missed where he was going. Later, he would blame the lack of food for his fatal error.


In any case, Vogel made a quite yelp of surprise, half-flared his wings out, and took a step backwards in reaction to walking right into someone's back. "Oh, sorry-"


Oh gods, it was him.


It wasn't difficult to recognize the man that stood before him. His dark eye and silver hair were quite distinctive, and that was without how he'd had plenty of time to memorize the man's beautiful face while spending the night in a jail cell with him.




Abruptly, he spun on one heel and began walking in the opposite direction. Nope, nope, he wasn't dealing with that. Not after the last time. Vogel hadn't noticed it before, but it seemed as though the area was louder than the normal din of the marketplace. That wasn't a surprise, if he was nearby, and was all the more reason to leave.


He didn't get more than a few steps before he stopped again. The closest path to the cat food (and the best paper in town) was in the other direction. Hm. Quite the dilemma, it seemed.

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((( hhhhh nnn im changing elis' appearance to violet eyes + black hair sorry

i'll redraw her soon !! ))


elisven ;; ]


"True," Elisven said, settling the cup dainty down on a flowered saucer. In the morning light, sunlight spilled in from the large, stained-glass window mounted in the living room, casting picturesque displays of colour that caught the gently fluttering shadow of Elis' butterfly wings.


"However," she continued, reaching out. Fingers grasped the structured, carefully crafted top of the head, and she moved the pawn across the chessboard. "Nietzsche said, 'people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed'." She looked up, fixing her sharp violet gaze with that of her opponent. "I don't think a revolution is fool's play, father."


The man sitting across her hummed, running fingers across his chin. As he did when he was thinking, the girl watched as his moustache twitched as he contemplated his next move.


Then, a faint chuckle escaped from his solemn face. "Dear Elis," he replied, as his fingers wrapped across the horse's head, and Elisven watched as a black knight moved across the table and captured her white pawn. "You are assuming again. First, you must consider that groundlings are even capable of such a thought. 'It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong'." A pause, and he leaned back and took a sip of tea. "I hope you've caught up on your reading."


A shift in the clouds outside, and the room dimmed with the faintest of gestures. Elis' wings fluttered as she thought, catching the last rays of an escaping sun before she made her next move.


"Voltaire," she replied. "Hardly appropriate." Bishop to E-5.


A hum interrupted their play, and both father and daughter turned to the attention of the family butler, who stood with a strict position gained from years of practise.


"Lady," he announced, "you have a visitor."


She knew who it was--of course, who else would visit at this area? Gathering her gloves, Elisven slipped on the white silk before turning to the butler with a smile.


As she crossed the grandiose room, and just before she turned the corner, she looked back.


"A moment, father," she said. "One day, the shift will come. We must prevail."


She got in response a smile from a man clothed in numerous colours, the faintest outline of his hand holding a teacup and the nonexistent creases in his carefully-pressed suit.




"Nadia," she greeted, with a gentle smile and a light pressing of kisses on both cheeks--not enough to touch, but certainly enough as an affection greeting. Her wings fluttered before her, freed from the confines of carefully placed vases and expensive paintings.


She slipped her arm into the librarian's, her eyelashes lightly fluttering her cheeks as she blinked, smiling almost sleepily. "Good morning," she replied. At the mention of the book, Elis smiled, her cheeks brightening red in the chill of the morning air. "I would be delighted!" she exclaimed. "And in return you have to help me with more material; my father has expanded his collection and that simply won't do. He beat me at chess yesterday, can you believe? That stands our record at a solid 27-29. I mustn't allow him to break into the thirties."


At Nadia's suggestion, the girl laughed, raising a hand up to her mouth to cover her giggling. "I don't have much expertise in that area, I'm sure you're aware," she explained. A combination of her status-- born into a lower class family and adopted into a higher, as well as the reputation her birth mother had left behind in her youth and her dainty frame had narrowed the niche for potential suitors to almost nonexistent; however, that didn't bother Elisven. Her parents weren't concerned--and why should she be?


She stood to inherit both manors and a large fortune; love would come in time, she was sure.


She brushed a strand of wavy black hair from her shoulder. "However, you know how much I like to give my opinion. If you need advice, I'd be happy to oblige."




ciel ;; ]


So focused was he on listening to Hector's next words that Ciel failed to notice someone approaching at maximum speed until something literally knocked into his back, and the smaller thief was sent stumbling slightly forwards.


Immediately, his hand reached for the dagger he had cloaked within the folds of his clothing. What was this?


"That's got to be the worst attempt to arrest me ever--" he began, but upon spinning around and realising who it was, the thief's one visible eye widened.


What a surprise.


The name of the man before him instantly clicked, and their gazes met for a split second before Vogel--yes, Vogel---abruptly turned around.


Well, not anymore. CIel had to admit spending a night in jail with the strange man was the best experience he'd had in a while; just watching Vogel pace back and forth exhausted him, and the man's explanation of the law system had sent him straight to sleep. And then there were those three hours in which he attempted to teach Ciel how to read with little success.


He was an oddity, a little bit like Ciel himself in a way, but so distantly separated at the same time--the thief had to know more. It was a lonely life on the streets, and the silver-haired rogue could certainly do with another home to nap in during the winter.


Not that Janine wouldn't let him in anyday, but the thief always felt slightly bad he was consuming everything. Instead, he could eat Vogel out of house and home first.


He looped his arm through the escaping scientist's, dragging him back. "Hello," he said, entwining his fingers with the man's arm with surprising force. "How are you?" He didn't allow the other to answer before continuing. "Oh, apologies, where are my manners? I"m currently getting arrested and possibly executed by this lovely person right here, her name is Hector and once she saved me from three broken ribs and internal bleeding before I fell through Janine's roof. Pleasure."


A heartbeat.




"You alright, Vogel? You look pale."

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Vogel | Morning | Marketplace


Vogel felt his heart sink as he was dragged back into hell. He tugged lightly against Ciel's arm, but quickly saw that the effort was futile. Letting his shoulders droop, he drew his wings tightly against his back in resignation. What had he done to deserve this?


"The pleasure is all mine," he responded dryly. Honestly, the only part that surprised him about Ciel's speech was that he had had time for breaking three ribs among his many other exploits (which he had delighted in telling him about). It was nice to know how the baker had gotten that hole in her roof, at least. That had been a mystery that Vogel had never found time to ask about.


Hector was someone that he had heard about, though they had only met briefly. He could only hope that she would choose to help him. She was good at helping people, right? Vogel glanced towards her, trying his best "please rescue me" face. He was out of practice, unfortunately, and was pretty sure that he only managed "terrified". It'd have to do.


"Pale? Surely not. Why would I be pale? It's not like you're going to get me arrested - again - or anything like that." He gave a nervous chuckle and tried to pull away again, hoping that Ciel's grip had maybe loosened. It had not.


"Nice to meet you again, Hector. Now I should really..." be getting home soon. Had he left the window open? He had, hadn't he? Lovely. Grimalkin always escaped for a day or two when she was angry, and she'd really be angry if he was arrested before feeding her.


"Good to see you again, but I really must get going, you understand? I'm very, ah, busy. What with all of the, uh, reading and note taking I need to do. Very important. Goodbye."


He gave an internal sigh. It was going to be a long day.

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Evelyn, morning, home


Evelyn was rearranging her various herbs and remedies. These past few days had been especially slow, somewhat thankfully. She hadn’t even needed to venture out to the market for supplies, though she was known to be somewhat of a recluse in her little stone cottage a few miles outside the city. As she scoured her shelves to ensure she had everything she needed, a stab of pain flared up in her shoulder. She cursed and quickly grabbed a numbing salve and applied it to where her scarred wings met her back. The pain quickly subsided into a dull throbbing and she decided to sit and read for a while.


Her books were mostly about local herbs but she had kept one of her study books from the sky, she’d read it dozens of times. Today she was reading “Fungi are your Friends!” and learned all about the wonders of toad stools. Before she could finish this invigorating literary work, a rapid knocking came at her door. When she opened it, a winded woman stood in front of her.


“My- my daughter has the fever, can you help her?” She panted.


There had been a particularly nasty outbreak of a fast acting disease that could kill within a week. It affected mostly children and unfortunately, very few physicians here know how to treat it. But she did. It had once been an issue in the sky but the discovery of a ‘rare’ herb, which was fairly common on the ground, stopped the spread and saved lives. She guessed that someone from the sky must’ve brought the contagion with them to the ground, whether knowingly or unknowingly.


“Of course, let me gather my things,” she took the cure herb and a few other remedies just in case it wasn’t THE fever.


Together they traveled back toward the town on foot. When they arrived the child responded well to the treatment and Eve could tell she’d be just fine.


“Make absolutely sure she doesn’t leave the house for at least a week, if her symptoms return, you know where to find me.”


The woman thanked her repeatedly and offered her some coppers for her trouble. Eve somewhat reluctantly accepted the money. Maybe she should visit the market today. After all, she was right outside town and had some money, why not stock up on supplies?


((It sure would be a shame if someone in the market were to have a medical emergency))

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Aerilaya; Sylbalar Residence; Menagerie-Gardens


The soft morning sun illuminated the gardens, roses the size of one's hand, delicate baby-pink peonies, tall and proud lavender stretched high, perfuming the area with it's sweet scent, white spots of tiny chamomile and daisy accented the more egotistic flowers, flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors turned to face the sun.


In a small patch of dewy grass, underneath the shade of a flowering dogwood, sat a small young girl. On her lap rested, by far, the most ugliest cloud cat most could ever say they've seen. He was large, his coat a brown color, mottled by scars and patches of skin where fur had fallen off and refused to grow, and on the side of his face was a large black tumor that threatened to overtake his right eye.


Still the young girl pet him all the same, eliciting a soft purring out of the creature who nuzzled his head into her belly as she absentmindedly rubbed him behind the ears. There was a red book in front of her, opened wide with the edge of the cream color pages gilded gold. Her attention, however was full captured by the tall young man that sat beside her, talking animatedly.


"What happened next?" Aerie implored eagerly, arms wrapping around the cloud cat's head.


"Simon jumped down from the platform and caught the girl, or that is what I have heard." Her half-brother concluded, twirling a single blue hydrangea between his fingers.


"This Simon sounds like quite a character!" Aerie giggled before kissing the head of the cloud cat who had head raised his eyes to meet her's questioningly.


"You said you heard this? Where were you and Ciel during the whole affair?" She questioned on second thought, leaning in, a mischievous smile playing on her lips.


Gae turned away, fighting a smile and not bothering to respond. Although she could not see, Aerie knew that her brother was blushing.


The playful mood created by the two was interrupted by the soft coughing of a black haired maid.


"Lady Aerilaya, Lady Nadia and Lady Elisven are calling for you. Shall I escort them in?" She questioned although it was merely out of respect, she already knowing the answer.


"Yes, just a second." Aerie replied breathlessly as Gae stood up and offered his hand to the young women.


The maid turned to fetch the two young noble women as Aerie slowly pulled herself from the ground. She stood for a moment, regaining some composure before she was slowly walked to her chair by her older brother who patiently helped her the entire distance.

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Hector | Morning | Marketplace


A sigh escaped Hector's lips as Ciel greeted her with the silly little nickname he had so lovingly given to her.

"You know perfectly well that I do not have the power to arrest you," Hector said with disappointed shake of her head. "How come whenever we meet up, you're always stealing something from someone?" Hector already knew the answer to that question—Ciel was an insatiable kleptomaniac or, at the least, had stolen so much in during his lifetime that it came as naturally as breathing. It was possible that he was running low on funds, but, knowing him, Hector doubted that was the case.


Ciel, who had been patiently waiting for Hector's response, quickly turned his attention to a vaguely familiar person had the misfortune of walking into the standoff both figuratively and literally. Running her fingers through her hair, Hector walked up the shopkeeper whose face was getting redder by the minute. "How much will it cost to pay for the apple that was stolen and no—" Hector raised a hand as the shopkeeper opened her mouth. "He's not going to take your entire cart." The lady pursed her mouth into a thin line, clearly still upset but willing to negotiate. She rattled off the costs for the apple and the apparent damage Ciel had down to the apple cart. Hector refrained from cursing under her breath as she pulled out a handful of coins and dropped them in the shopkeeper's hand. "My apologizes of the inconvenience," Hector said with a respectful dip of her head. "It won't happen again."


Satisfied that the cost Ciel's shenanigans had been properly paid for, Hector turned around to glare at her friend. The man that Ciel was clutching with an iron grip, Vogel Ciel had called him, was giving Hector a pleading look. Plastering a thin smile on her lips, Hector walked up from behind Ciel and clasped a hand on his shoulder.

"Now, now, Ciel," she chided lightly. "You know better than to bother people who want to be left alone." Giving Vogel an apologetic look, she added, "My apologizes, Vogel. It is lovely to make your acquaintance again and I'm sure Ciel—" Hector gave her friend's shoulder a friendly, yet firm, squeeze. "—would be so inclined to let you go on your merry way. Isn't that right, Ciel?"

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ciel ;; marketplace ]


While he had been pestering Vogel into forcefully joining the interaction, Ciel noticed Hector dealing with the agitated shopkeeper from the corner of his eye. The thief breathed an internal sigh--he had gotten luckily this time around, all things considered, running into Hector at this exact moment. The thief knew it was a fool's game to rely solely on his luck, and it had certainly backfired on him before, but Ciel found there wasn't much else he could rely on.


Times changed, and people left. It was as simple as that. Ciel, for the most part, tries not to think of the past too much.


He felt Hector's hand on his shoulder, and Ciel laughed nervously. His friend, he knew, would not hurt him, but that didn't make the fact her hand basically covered his entire shoulder any less intimidating.


"He only says that," Ciel interjected with a smile. "Vogel never leaves his house, he needs to get out more and talk to people." The thief knew, because staking out the other's house waiting for Vogel to leave so he could rob the other had resulted in Ciel giving up when he realised Vogel was more likely to fall asleep on the ground, pen in hand, than to step out of his house.


He felt Hector's fingers shift, and fluttered his wing underneath her palm, the feathers just lightly brushing her arm.


"Well!" he announced, still actively holding on to Vogel's arm. "I suppose we've rather outdone our welcome here; what do you say we head off and grab a bite to eat? Vogel can take notes on the food while I eat his." He gave the addressed man a pat on the shoulder. "No arrests, just some bread." A pause. "Hopefully."

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Nadia: " | To Aerie's Residence


Smiling, Nadia swept a strand of hair behind her ear, kissing her fingertips afterward. "Please, darling, you are more magnifique than you believe," the librarian cooed. "I have as many books as you require, Elis. You need only browse and take what you see fit." Lightly patting her friend's hand, Nadia hummed softly, blue-grey wings twitching in thought. "It's a romance novel with a good stroke of adventure. I know Aerie just loves tales that take her to other worlds, especially ones that let her live a life of excitement," she started.


"But I wonder if she'll not understand my little hints through the romantic tones. Oh, a lovely maiden she is; I wonder if she sees the same," Nadia sighed, batting her eyes in conflicted worry. Gently biting her lower lip, the young woman shook her head, flipping a hand dismissively. "Well, it'll come if it's to be, I suppose," Nadia conceded. "But, I don't suppose anyone would chide me for trying. No?" she questioned, glancing at Elis.


The familiar structure that was Aerie's home came into her view, the marvelous design hinting at a private garden space more towards the back. Smiling once more, Nadia quickened her pace just a fraction, approaching the grand door that would lead to a grand entrance hall. A pretty, black-haired maid greeted the pair of noblewomen, disappearing to retrieve her lady as the guests were allowed to wait within.


Soon, Aerie entered the room, her half-brother Gae beside her wheelchair as an escort. "Dear Aerie," Nadia practically purred, butterfly wings fluttering with her joy. "I believe I found a book you will enjoy," she began, smiling brightly. "How are you this morning? Hopefully the day finds you pleasant?"

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Vogel | Morning | Marketplace


Vogel gave a sigh of relief. Hector really was just as kind and good at negotiating as both the rumors and his own personal experience said. He was lucky she'd shown up- who knew what kind of shenanigans Ciel would have dragged him into had she not been there. "Thank you, Hector, it's-" he began before being cut off by Ciel.


"I get out sometimes!" he said, his feathers puffing out. His tone conveyed annoyance, though no real anger. Some things one simply had to deal with before they could go home. "Once a week, usually. There's probably even people I talk to, sometimes." What'd he care about his social life, anyway? It wasn't hurting Ciel if Vogel spent most of his time indoors. Besides, talking to cats counted as social interaction.


At the mention of food, he was reminded of how hungry he was. Involuntarily, his feathers fell back into place, and he didn't have the heart to keep them erect. It wouldn't really be so bad to have lunch with Ciel, would it? At least, if Hector came it'd be alright, and the gods knew she deserved it. He'd survived a night with Ciel, an hour'd be fine. Ciel's wording wasn't exactly reassuring, but he was probably joking about the arrests or stealing his food. Maybe.


"...Janine's?" he said hopefully, reaching back with his free hand to brush his feathers. He wished that he could use both arms, and felt the fingers of his trapped hand twitch, but it was the best he could do if Ciel wasn't planning on releasing him.



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Knight Barracks, kings palace | morning


It was a day like most others. Eron had waken up at half past five to polish his armor before going out to the training grounds. Just as he was done dressing up in it, however, the daily routine was disrupted by a message from Xiao.


"Eron Lionheart! You will accompany my daughter and I on this important mission!" His commander called from outside his room. "I expect you out and ready with four of your best men at the edge of the city by the noon bells. That is an order!"


He stepped out of his room to tell his commander that he was honored to be selected for this task and that he wouldn't fail him, but Xiao was already leaving. He went to the barracks of his men to tell them the news and pick four men to go with him.


As he arrived there, he thought he was missing someone. He decided to quickly count them. Fifteen. Of course, Gae was with his sister today. An excellent knight like him deserves some days off. However, he had to disturb this one. But first he'd direct the rest of his men.


"I just got orders from sir Xiao! He commanded me to accompany him on an important mission, together with four of my men. I've already made my decision. Barry Fernson, Frits Fernson, Karl Magnus, get yourselves ready while I go and get Gaeleath Sylbalar! Miss Celeste, you're in charge until I return!"


"It's an honor, sir!" Celeste responded, saluting, her nightblue wings with thousands of small, silvery specks spread out wide. "I won't disappoint you!"


As she folded back her wings, Karl saw his chance to open his mouth, and gladly took it before someone else would take it away from him. "It is only natural that you're choosing me to accompany you. I would've understood without you telling me. But why even bother taking the others as well if you have me?"


Not wanting to argue with his knights, no matter how unreasonable they were, Eron went for the diplomatic - and completely true - answer. "I have my orders from Xiao. I need to take four men with me. No more, no less."


"Hear that, brother?" Frits said to Barry, excited. "We're selected for an important mission!"


"Yes, but what is the mission, sir Lionheart?"


"Current orders are to be at the edge of the city at noon. Further instructions will follow then and there."


"Yes, sir!" Barry and Frits responded in perfect sync.


"Same goes for you, Magnus. I need all three of you to be ready fifteen minutes in advance. If you're not prepared in time, I will see myself forced to choose someone else to accompany me."


"Don't you trust me, sir?" Karl said, a little insulted, brown hawk wings with white flecks twitching a bit in slight agitation.


"Just make sure you're ready in time." Eron said, leaving the barracks to make his way to Gae's house.


As he got there, he knocked at the door.


"Eron Lionheart here! I've got important orders for sir Gaeleath Sylbalar!"

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Gaeleath ; Sylbalar Residence; Grand Foyer


Gae followed Aerie inside, matching her pace (she always insisted on moving herself unless it was an emergency) as she slowly made her way into the hall. He could hear his footsteps echo the movement he stepped into the hall. The hall was very open and spacious. Opulent, could be how most described the hall with its large crystal chandler that hung from the dome ceiling and the bronze colored railing that lined the polished marble staircase in an intricate design of swirls. To the side of the grand stair case that sat a large white piano that Aerie often played on and to the center, a round table with an interior of glass which displayed a large vase that contained flowers from the garden and was probably worth more than what a groundling could acquire in their whole life. The designs of the foyer was typical to everything in the house and it seemed associated with his father who seemed to have a taste for grandiose things.


"Yes, it is a fine morning. I was just out in the gardens with my brother," Aerie greeted the librarian with a bright smile. She moved closer to the other girl and accepted the book, "If it is recommended by you I have no doubts that I will enjoy it. What it is about?" She asked curiously, excitement developing.


Gae stood to the back, watching his sister interact with her friends who she always talked so fondly about. They were to her, his Ciel and Simon.


Gae still remembered the first time he had met his sister, his father had not informed him about her situation, in fact he had not even mentioned her at all. It seemed to Gae sometimes that his father believed that if he could ignore Aerie, believed that she didn't exist then perhaps she would just disappear. Because of that, it was rather surreal when he saw her through a glass window from his room after dinner, just sitting in the gardens napping next to a cloud cat and a small black dragon who seemed to be missing his right front leg. She had not dined with the family and his father had hosted numerous guests that night to celebrate the "return" of his son.


He saw her many times after that instance and always it seemed through differently colored glass windows. She always dressed in such pale colors and she herself was so subtlety colored. This allowed the glass to change her color completely whenever he saw her and it seemed like the glass, she matched the limited number of people who she interacted with's expectations of her. For her mother, she was headstrong and hardworking, to her sickly younger brother she was wise and intelligent, to her older sister she was naive and willing to feed the vain girl's ego, and to her father she was dutiful, quiet, invisible. In Gae's four years living in the residence, he had not heard her say anything other than "Yes father," to the man.


When he had finally questioned a maid about the girl, she had answered that the girl was his sister not seeming too surprised that he did not know. She had explained that the girl was crippled, as seen by his father a disgrace and she was confined to the home. She didn't get any visitors other then the butterfly winged ladies.


For a caged bird, she seemed rather content. She was always out in the gardens, with her animals and friends, always reading. He had not approached her, unsure how and uncertain if he wanted any involvement with her at all. It was her that initiated their first conversation, offering him a blanket after he had stopped to rest in the gardens after training in the courtyard.


She noted that since he had spent his life on the ground, his body might not have quite been used to the cool temperatures that came with the high altitude of the sky city. By that evening he had opened up to her far more than he had opened up to anyone else since he had been forced to the city.


He learned that she loved stories about adventure and friends who stayed together forever. That she loved a happy ending although could still appreciate a sad ending if it was done purposefully. He told her that he had not actually grew up in an estate on the mountains, taken care of by some skylings but that he had actually grown up with groundlings.


She soaked up his stories, not to repeat them to others, to gossip but because she was fascinated by the world of the groundlings, fascinated by his life which had been so different from hers. For him, it was nice to have someone listen, to not have to pretend and over the years she became the only person he could confide in.


She had not judged him when he told her that he had hired an informant to follow Ciel and make sure that he was okay. She even suggested skyling products and technology that Gae could send down to his (ex) groundling lover and she had been instrumental to his recovery from Ciel's death.


Gae felt as if he himself had died that day and sometimes he still did. Secretly, Gae had still clung onto the hope that one day he would have been reunited with Ciel. Aerie had always told him about Sylvar, their bedridden brother he showed signs of recovering. Gae had hoped that if Sylvar could gain enough strength, perhaps he could become heir, the face their father proudly showed to guests instead of Gae. With that responsibility no longer on his shoulders, Gae could return to the ground. He would even fantasize about taking Aerie with her, he could imagine introducing her to Ciel and Simon although he knew that leaving would not be something that she would seriously consider, her friends were here and she would never willingly leave them.


Hopes crushed, hopes that had never even been plausible in the first place, Gae spent most of his time training. He became a knight at what he was told an remarkable amount of time especially considering that he had little experience on the ground. He was taught to read and spent quite a bit of time doing it with Aerie. The future that he had envisioned for Ciel and him never existed and so he resigned himself to the future that was laid out for him.


He snapped out of the melancholy as Eron Lionheart, was escorted into the foyer, announcing that he had important orders for Gae. Gae gave his superior a salute in acknowledgement,


"You have my attention sir,"

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Hector | Morning | Marketplace


Through Ciel's nervous chuckles and Vogel's outcry of irritation, Hector let out a quiet sigh as she felt the tension in the situation deflate. Hector preferred not to start her day off with an hectic situation so she was immensely glad the situation was handled before it got any worse.

"Whether Vogel goes outside frequently or not is none of your concern, Ciel," Hector scoffed as she removed her hand from her friend's shoulder. "'Sides, I don't think you're in a position to lecture someone's life choices." Despite the severity of her words, Hector's tone was teasing at most. Ciel wasn't exactly the best when it came to making smart decisions, but he wasn't a bad person. He, like every other groundling, simply faced the one issue that they could not ignore—when you lived on the ground, everything was so much harder than up in the sky.


Pushing her grim thoughts to the back of her mind where they belonged, Hector turned her attention to Vogel. "Janine's?" That name sounded familiar as well. Was Hector going to reunite with a bunch of acquaintances and friends today? She certainly didn't have a problem with seeing a few more friendly faces. If anything, she needed that.

"I presume you're referring to a restaurant, yes?" Hector asked. "If so, I'm afraid you'll have to lead on. I haven't been to this town in ages." Noticing that Ciel had not let go of Vogel's arm to which Vogel appeared unhappy with, Hector quickly added, "If you want me to pay for your meal, I would suggest letting go of Vogel's arm, Ciel."

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Gae's old hut, mid morning


Simon has been at work for a couple hours, sweeping, beating out the bedding and carpets, dusting and polishing things. Once finished he locked up and decided to slip away to his hiding spot in the woods. He wanted to see Ceil today too, but usually he couldn't find him. Gae always had that sixth sense when it came to Ciel. If his friend wanted to see him, the little owl knew his old haunting spots so he can locate him any time he wanted.


Wrapping his thin threadbare cloak around his shoulders , Simon headed out of the small village and followed the stream to the forest, walking until the trees where thick and the canopy dense, only allowing small specks of the sun to shine on the ground. He continued to walk, branching away from the river to follow a shallow stream that fed into the main river to a grove with a hollow broken log and a few flowers growing in patches. here he laid on the log looking at the small patch of sky that peeked through the canopy.




Edge of Avicrtest city


Xiao finished packing their suitcases in the small blimp that would take them down to a landing port near their destination. The King had sent them further instructions by a small jade green dragon that was now perched on Lian's shoulder as she sat on a bench outside a tavern. Now all they needed to do was to wait for their escort team.



Market city


Lilith turned when she heard the commotion. Spotting a large woman and a tiny scrawny boy next to her she rolled her eyes. The wiry thief was up to his antics again. Spying the herb she needed, she purchased it and left the stall, keeping to the shadows her hood pulled low. All she had to do now is take this to Flint and mix it with the other herbs then they can launch a attack on the out post

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Sylbalar Residence; Grand Foyer | morning


Eron was pleased that the staff let him in almost immediately. As soon as he had Gae's attention, he started to tell him what he had already said in the barracks.


"Sir Gaeleath Sylbalar, my apologies for interrupting your day off, but I need you to accompany me on an important mission. Orders from Xiao. He will be there himself too, as well as his daughter and Barry, Frits and Karl. We're meeting Xiao at the edge of the city at noon bells for further instructions. Make sure to be ready at the barracks fifteen minutes in advance. Don't be late; I don't want to have to force you to leave my team. Any questions?"


He patiently waited for Gaeleath to consider if he was missing any information of great importance.



King's palace | early morning


"Bring me Xiao!"


Lara heard the king screaming from his throne room. His first adviser, heh? Wonder what's going on.


She hid behind a door that lead to a room that likely wouldn't be used at all today until Xiao was in the throne room and everyone else was out of sight. Then, she stepped out and stated to slowly walk past the door of the throne room.


She was too late to hear the start of the conversation, but what she heard was still... interesting.


"...take only what you deem necessary."


"Sire, while I understand that your bloodline must continue, I'm afraid your...groundling son isn't qualified. Unfortunately, your citizens would never take him seriously, in the scenario that he becomes king. I regret to inform you that this...will not work. This potential heir will bring the kingdom into turmoil. Those rumors of the Dark Wings have increased when you failed to appear for Himar's monthly sacrifice two weeks ago."


"You dare defy your king!? My line has remained unbroken, descendants of the demigod Yaktu, son of Himar! It was he who created the cities we stand on today! He has my blood in him, the blood of a ruler. Are you saying to me that in a brief moment of drunken action that you yourself have not fallen prey to desires of the flesh? He will wed your daughter. He should be a man now. I'm sure that when he is seen, they will not doubt his line. It is said he has Yaktu's glass wings. That alone would make them mind..."


Feeling the conversation could come to an end any time now, she started waking faster, away from the door, still not making any sound at all. She went back to her hiding spot behind the door and waited for Xiao to get out. She wanted to know where he'd go with this news, so she followed him.


Soon enough he gave orders to Eron that he should accompany him, along with four of his best men. That made seven. Now off to find out which four knights would accompany them.


Barry Fernson, Frits Fernson, Karl Magnus and Gaeleath Sylbalar.


A plan was forming in her head. She could steal the documents about the track records of those knights and bring them to Lilith. She'd surely give her a nice fee for that, along with the rest of the information. Now she had to find a way to get into the archives without being noticed... preferably without bloodshed.

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Evelyn, market, mid-morning/noon


The bustling streets of the market remined Eve of the sky. Though nothing down here quite resembled its splendor, it was refreshing to be around people, though Eve made sure her cloak was around her eye catching wings tightly.


After wandering the semi-crowed market place awhile, Eve entered an apothecary she’d bought from before.


“Hello,” the old woman at the counter greeted her, “can I help you find anything dear?”


“Yes, I have a few herbs I’m looking for that might not be in stock…”


As the woman helped her find what she needed, various herbs for many ailments, linen bandages and a new suture kit, they made small talk. It really had been quite a while since she’d come into town, she wondered what the current news was. She continued to encourage ‘riskier’ topics of conversation such as the current state of affairs with the sky and other gossip. Soon, the old woman bent to whisper.


“I’ve heard of a group that calls themselves the Dark Wings that want to take back the sky. A lot of people say they’ve been growing in numbers lately. With all that’s going with sky, I’d say there’s a war brewing,” She straightened up and said , “is this all you need?”


“Oh, yes, thank you.” Evelyn paid and left the shop.


Now somewhat troubled, she milled about the street. ‘A war?’ She thought, ‘what groundling would be dumb enough to want a war with the sky?’ But the thought of returning home was more than a little tempting.


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