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Misty n' Friends!

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(^Click on one of these thingies!^)


Hello! I'm a moderator at MnF, here to hopefully bring in newbies to the site!


MnF is a forum adoptables site with boundless lore, holidays, and characters, as well as a variety of mythical and mundane creatures to adopt. (There are currently 5 species - wolf puppies being the main one - and these species also include sub-species such as Elementals, Mutants, Superiors (powers like telekinesis), Puppy Lovers (couples), Furry Friends (animal companions), etc.)


If you're friendly and looking for a tight community to make friends in, as well as picking up some pretty pets you can display on other websites, then feel free to join! This is a child-friendly website, and it's meant to be a very calm and nice place, so please keep that in mind. (Meaning, no swearing, no controversial topics, etc.)


If you join, please post in this thread (please don't post as a guest there, make an account first): http://misty-n-friends.proboards.com/threa...referred-thread



(Please don't use any of these images without permission.)


These are some of my own pets. Note the style of MnF has changed drastically. This is the newest style:


user posted image


(This is Goldie.)


You can also see an example in the newbie sale that's going on right now! http://misty-n-friends.proboards.com/threa...lemental-dragon


Some other great examples in the older styles:


user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

user posted imageuser posted image


How Do You Get Them?!


You can read the welcome guide if you'd like. There are a few other guides as well.


There are a variety of ways to adopt. By logging in and posting on the forum, you gain the site's currency, "Dirshe", which can be spent in sales or auctions. These occur about once a month. Sometimes, instead of a sale, there will be events, where you have to do things like go on a scavenger hunt, or draw a picture, or colour in lineart, or write a letter from one of your pet's perspectives.


Once you have your pet, you don't have to click or feed them, you just have them! You can make up stories about them if you'd like, or you can just put them in your profiles and signatures. You'll really enjoy MnF is you have a lot of imagination and enjoy writing stories.


There is also the item system. Items do a variety of things. Some can summon a pet - 5 cookies will get you a pet of random species, type, and gender (though other items allow you to modify this and get you a chance of, say, a dragon, or an elemental). A locket will get you a female of random type and species. Jelly Beans will let you give your pet an item or accessory like a toy or food. There's a lot more, too.


That's... About it, actually. It's a very simple process, but it's a lot of fun, and you have the opportunity to make some great friends!



Well... What are you waiting for?! Click that link and get started! (And don't forget to make an account and post in this thread! http://misty-n-friends.proboards.com/threa...eferred-thread)

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I want that pretty boy! I'm joining!


I will be as EbonyKnight on there

Haha, I am super jelly of all the newbies who have a shot at getting him. He is absolutely gorgeous. xd.png Seeya there!

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The sale has been extended once more, but today is the last day, so last chance!


There will be a Valentine's event later on, so keep that in mind too.

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