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The Holly Contest

Holly Contest 2017

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13 hours ago, AppleMango said:

Sorry. I must have missed the group and just counted the ones together on your scroll. I'll fix that now :)

Thanks. :) You probably got to me before I got the group link up, I should have added it sooner really but life and bad internet.


11 hours ago, The Holly Contest said:

Here are the final totals:

All together we collected 11 512 olives! :)

That's a lot of olives! :o Go us!

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Hey guys.


Sorry the group/round three choosing messages aren't out yet. I had a busy day of Christmas shopping today (and then wrappping presents, and I haven't finished wrapping the presents I have or buying everyone's presents lol) and I'm just having dinner and then I'll send them out.

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7 hours ago, Wiz said:

Has everyone chosen? I would like to breed the ones not chosen if they have :D

No they haven't, but you can breed them if you want to and I'll just take them off the list. :)

I'm going to send out a PM to everyone that has unchosen hollies on the 21st, but if people want to breed them before that please just let me know and I can take them off the list :)


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5 hours ago, Terrafreaky said:

Please remove the following from the available list.  I spazzed and bred it without thinking. :blush:


The 2017 Holly Offspring from Sir Holblack Freaky and his mate Mme Holblack Freaky, from Terrafreaky!

No problem :)

I'm going to leave it on the list because I'm lazy, but I just messaged everyone to say that their hollies were unchosen and to breed them. It's not fair to expect you to wait so long to breed them.

I think I made a mental note to not message you and then accidentally did anyway XD


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I got my Holly with a beautiful lineage so I'm very happy!

I'm glad I commited to raising these ~350 Olives and got 7th place as a result. Can't wait for another contest :)


@The Holly Contest

For 2018 I'd like to suggest these breeds: Waterhorse, Balloon, Deep Sea and Ochredrake.

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