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Out of the Shadows Reboot

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It's night time as your sleeping soundly in whatever place you call home. All is quiet except for the night time Pokémon that are chirping away like Krikitune. You wouldn't have thought danger would strike until it was too late. In the midst of you sleeping, strange humans came and battled you by force. Of course, being half asleep, they quickly defeat you and captured you. Time passes by and the next thing you know, you're in a lab surrounded by strange people. They are doing something to you and day after day, you slowly realize that the more these people are doing to you, the more you hate them. Then one day, you try to lash out, a shadow aura engulfing you. You could tell the humans are excited. They continue to poke and prod you to the point where you can no longer take it.



You are a legendary Pokemon that has been captured by what thought to be the long deserted Team Cipher from the Orre Region. They are filling your heart with hatred to the point where they won't be able to control you much longer. Once you escape, you don't care who you attack or kill until you pass out. This is known as Darkness Mode and the ways to get out of this mode is if you pass out or get knocked out. Because of Darkness Mode, all legendary Pokemon main abilities are out of whack, Suicune can longer purify water, but taints it, Xerneas can no longer give life but takes it. The only way out of this is to find Celebi who trapped herself in a small pocket of time, the only way for her to come out is by a Time Flute.


NOTE: The OOC can be found Here


Playable Characters:

Legendaries Pokemon: These are the wild Shadow Pokemon who have their hearts tightly sealed off and can only be cured by Celebi. There can only by one type of each legendary.

Cipher Members: These are the people who are trying to recapture the legendary Pokémon before they find Celebi and free their hearts. They are armed with some shadow Pokémon



1. No Godmodding or power playing. I realize that these are legendary Pokemon, but even they have their limits.

2. Respect other people and be nice to them

3. No killing other people's characters without permission. You guys can fight, so try to keep the gore and stuff to a minimum if they enter Darkness Mode and go on a rampage.

4. I want to see at least four sentences with proper Grammer and spelling.

5. No repeated Legendaries. It's first come, first served. Also, the legendaries can come from the movies if you so desire too.

6. Don't evade every single attack, it won't be fair to other players if you're attacks keep hitting but they miss you. If it's an attack like Swift, then there's no way to avoid it

7. All Character Sheets must be either PM'd to me or posted in the OOC

8. If you haven't posted in a while, I will send you a PM as a reminder. If I haven't heard back from you in a week, I will make your characters inactive.

9. You are limited to four characters only. Two Legendaries and Two Cipher Members.

10. I will allow shiny Legendaries AND legendaries of different colors since the Shadow Process on them will change them (a good example is Victini being half shiny and half normal colored due to the Shadow Process)

11. Only one Legendary per fight can enter Darkness Mode. So if it was Rayquaza vs Deoxys, only one of them can enter it.

12. I'm currently debating on whether or not to have Ultra Beasts so they are currently unavailable, but the Alola Legendaries are available


Character Sheets:


[B]Appearance[/B]: just write a basic description, color changes, just not too drastic, small markings, small variations in body type, longer/shorter fur, etc, are allowed. 
[B]Gender[/B]: (what you view yourself as)
[B]Moves[/B]: (Remember, you can have only four but they must be all shadow moves)



[B]Team[/B]: -Species, Gender, Nature, Ability, Move1/Move2/Move3/Move4

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Accepted Characters


Raptor Of Dragons:

Username: RoD

Name: Barry

Legendary: Celebi

Gender: Female

Appearance Barry is shorter then a normal Celebi and seems to have slightly bigger wings

Personality: Barry is sweet and shy. She looks out for her friends if they're in danger. She much rather avoid confrontation with a lot of scary Pokemon unless they convince her they mean no harm.

History: Since Barry can travel through time, she really doesn't know how she came to existence. She has lived any normal life of a Celebi until one day she started seeing threats in the future by Cipher. She knew if the other legendaries truly got under the bid of Cipher, they would try to find her and get rid of her. So, she traveled to a place in one could reach her, hoping in some way the other legendaries would try to contact her.

Nature: Bashful

Moves: Heal Bell, Magical Leaf, Recover, Confusion

Other: Celebi is the only nonshadow legendary. I don't mean to be greedy about taking her, but I don't want Celebi controlled by another player and have her randomly show up during the quest.


Username: RoD

Name: Soul

Legendary: Yveltal

Appearance: a dark red Yveltal that has sky blue eyes and the fur around her neck has turned red

Gender: Prefers female

Personality: Before her turning shadow, Soul was a really misunderstood Pokémon. She actually enjoyed life even though most other Pokemon was scared of her. After Cipher got a hold of her, she turns really nasty and violent during Darkness Mode. When she comes too, she gets frightened as she realizes what is going on.

History: Soul hails from the Kalos region where she became the unfortunate victim of sucking the life out of everything, she touched. She tried her hardest to enjoy life and try not to scare Pokemon by destroying everything that she touched with her wings, but more and more Pokemon became again of her so she foind a secluded spot, spread her wings and slept. For 900 years she slept in a cocoon before being woken up by Cipher.

Nature: Brave

Moves: Shadow Wave, Shadow Half, Shadow Pulse, Shadow Shed



Username: RoD

Name: Macaroon

Legendary: Victini

Appearance: Macaroon is a bit taller then other Victinis. Thanks to Cipher's experimentation with him his fur that makes the V of his ears and claws are red like a shiny Pokemon of his kind, but the rest of his body is tan, there for making him half shiny half normal.

Gender: Male

Personality: Macaroon is a fun loving Victini that loves life and macaroons, obviously naming himself after the really popular food. He always tries to find the good in every situation, never focusing on the bad. When he goes into Darkness Mode, however, he becomes nasty and has a fascination of watch people burn.

History: Macaroon lived his life in lighthouse living a sheltered life, never knowing what was out there, but always curious to see. He didn't know long he had been before this group Team Plasma arrived to liberate him, whatever that meant. Before they could do anything to him, a trainer arrived and scared them all off and Macaroon wanted to be that trainer's friend, no matter how scared the guy was. Macaroon was glad to travel as he grew stronger and got to see more Pokemon. Eventually it got to the point were they had to battle Team Plasma once again as Zekrom and Reshiram got involved. Macaroon watched with interest before they had to battle the top dude who, in Macaroon's opinion, was completely insane. Luckily they beat the crazy guy before he left.


Life was pretty great for Macaroon after that. He was exploring the town his trainer grew up in before he got ambushed by Cipher.

Nature: Jolly

Moves: Shadow-Create, Shadow Charge, Shadow Mist, Shadow Panic



Username: Dalek Raptor

Name: Voltic/Hollow

Legendary: Tapu Koko

Appearance: A seemingly shiny Tapu Koko with a blood red crest and red markings. He also has blood red eyes

Gender: Male

Personality: Voltic used to be curious and thought himself strong. He was quickly proven wrong and now he feels weak as the scientist named Doey took some extra time with him, twisting his mind into hollow thoughts. Now he worships Doey where ever he walks and considers it an honor that Doey would visit him in his cage.

History: Voltic used to be a strong and curious Pokémon, guiding beginning trainers of his choosing on Melemele Island. He knew all who lived on the island and took care of tourists if they poised a threat to Melemele Island. One person caught his eye, a visiting scientist along with a guy in a cape and mask coming in secrecy, as if they were plotting something. Little did Voltic know that they came for him and the more he watched them, the more he was falling into their trap. He went to go stop the two as they started to hurt some of the nearby Pokemon that were way weaker than their Pokemon. He went to go fight them, but he floated face to snout with a legendary Pokemon whose name had escaped him and lost. When he awoke, he found himself in a laboratory where they poked and prodded him with machinery, slowly twisting his mind into a hollowed version of himself and wants to be with the scientist.


Moves: Shadow Madness, Shadow Charge,Shadow Panic, Shadow Swipe

Other: He's the second Pokemon officially caught in a Shadow Ball.


Username: RoD

Name: Shadow Master

Gender: Male

Appearance: No one knows what he actually looms like. He's always wearing a very long hooded cloak with a black mask over his face.

Personality: Will be revealed

History: Will be Revealed in Good time

Rank: Leader

Team: To Be Revealed

Other: Let's keep this guy a mystery, shall we?


Username: RoD

Name: Doey

Gender: Male

Appearance: Doey is really tall at 6'3" making him slightly taller then Shadow Master. He has brown hair with emerald green eyes and a dark tan for spending time in the Orre Region. He wears a white lab coat over a black shirt and blue jeans.

Personality: Doey has a really laid back personality that he likes to take it one step at a time. He takes pride in his experiments and is particularly happy with how Xerneas turned out. He likes to talk to the Shadow Legendaries and try to learn what makes them weak. He does have a much harder time with the more powerful legendaries however.

History: Doey has been with the Shadow Master from almost the beginning, while he may not know exactly what Shadow Master's past is like, Doey himself comes from the Kalos Region. He was an ambitious scientist, but had a much darker side. He loved to experiment with Pokémon which got him kicked out of his job for it. He then traveled to another region and during his second week, he met the Shadow Master. He agreed to be work with him to recreate Cipher and their Shadow Pokémon. Since then, they have made members and captured legendaries.

Rank: Admin

Team: Aegislash, Male, Careful, No Guard, Slash, Iron Head, Shadow Ball, Protect

Other: he is the one who created the Shadow Balls



Username: Sugar-Free

Name: Soren

Legendary: Lugia


Appearance: Soren’s blue eye-and-back fins are a darker navy blue than normal. They have small notches near the front of each. His fur/feathers/down are mussed and lacking their silver sheen, a result of mistreatment and lack of personal hygiene. His scleras are black and the irises are yellow. On his shoulders are two metallic Limiters embedded in the skin.


Gender: Male


Personality: Soren is highly reclusive. While not unkindly to those around him, he does not consider himself a worthy part of any friend group, and grows anxious and irritable and often excuses himself. His time with Cipher has made him fussy to being touched, and he often forgets his own upkeep (preening and other grooming), deeming it unnecessary or too much work. He desperately desires a friend to talk to and grow close with, but shields them away with feigned disinterest or self-deprecation. He fears hurting his fellow Pokemon not only with his personality, but with his immense strength.


History: Before his capture, Soren dwelled peacefully in the depths of the Whirl Islands. Occasionally coming up throughout the course of history to quell the fervor of the Three Birds, he has mostly slept and waded through the ocean, losing himself in the beauty of labyrinths and coral caves, the muted sound of the distant tide.

Up until Cipher’s involvement, Soren had little experience with the world above, as he knew it was his duty to preserve humanity and let rest his powerful wings under the waves. He would often dream of sunsets over strange lands, filled with tall brown corals with green fish swimming interconnected, of tiny anemones that did not sting the flesh, gathered in friendly bunches around the caves of humans. He wanted to connect with the fleshy folks that worshipped him as a sort of deity—not for their devotions, but for a chance at kinship. Many centuries would pass, until unfortunately, Soren would see this day come.


As he surfaced to watch the moon rise and the stars peek out from the darkness. As he bathed in the glory and somberness of solitude, the whine of some aircraft he was not familiar with whizzed by, and a sharp noise of a hydraulic machine firing startled him. As he turned in the water to follow the craft, a piercing and unbearable pain punctured his shoulders, rendering his wings numb and lame. As he flailed in the water, relying on his fat alone for buoyancy, another dart (this one he saw) marked his flank. Slowly, his vision blurred and his movements became separate from his perceptions...


Nature: Modest


Moves: Shadow Blast, Shadow Panic, Shadow Storm, Shadow Down


Other: The Limiters on Soren’s wings act not only as a means to dampen his building-destroying wing flaps, but to encourage strengthening in those limbs that, when the Limiters are taken off, could cause destruction on an unthinkable level.


Username: Sugar-Free

Name: Valtome

Legendary: Mew

Appearance: Valtome’s fur is a plush grey-lavender color, and is evidently silky by appearance. His face is thinner than the typical Mew (much like a sphinx’s) and his ears are drawn further up his head, longer and pointed. His eyes are narrow and imperceptibly dark green. He has crow’s feet in the crooks of his eyes. His fingers and toes are more defined.His tail is of normal length and size.

Gender: Male

Personality: Valtome is a super-intelligent Pokemon, capable of thoroughly understanding and digesting human concepts and morality. He knows his ability is remarkable, and is highly egotistical because of it, often viewing “lesser minded” Pokemon with scorn and even pity. He relishes in complex problem-solving and assists (leads) the R&D of Shadow Tech. He tends to view humans as mostly ineffectual, but can see that some remarkable talents (like the Shadow Master and select R&Ds) are quite special, and allows camaraderie between them.


However, he has no tolerance for brutish displays and stupidity, and will quickly punish those who have wronged him. Valtome is opposed to physical altercation, and uses his shadow powers to manipulate people and Pokemon under his will—puppeteering them to do his bidding or using them as an extension of his (admittedly) short hands. He’s a master at gaslighting, and will use it as an excuse to torment particularly annoying Peons.

His Darkness Mode empowers his manipulation abilities, and allows him to block out noise and visual debris to make his focus pinpoint-accurate. He often enters this mode to accomplish work goals, though he has been known to kill or severely wound those who interrupt him.


History: Once residing in the depths of a distant jungle, Valtome lived his life free and purely. He was happy, yet bored, and after having traveled all over creation in order to sate his curiosity, he had little else to entertain himself.

After a time, humans came along. He found the way they grew, from so...primal and ugly, motivated only by need...into powerhouses of creativity and conquest...fascinating. After taking time to indulge in games of cat-and-mouse with random Trainers and Lab Techs, he settled on, by far, the most interesting bunch he’d ever come across: Cipher.


They had real drive, unlike the pathetic Team Rocket. They had an obtainable focus, unlike Team Magma and Team Aqua. They had tangible results, unlike Team Plasma.


Valtome tempted Cipher in with his impish, seemingly playful attitude. They couldn’t help wanting to corrupt a legend supposedly the progenitor of all Pokemon! They snagged him in a Master Ball, and with a bit of coy struggle from him, they closed Valtome’s heart. It was during this time, after he had awakened and the clamp on his was evident, that he met the Shadow Master. He had passed by his holding tank as he discussed his upstart for Cipher.


Valtome’s focus was clear. Through the glass, he reached out to the Shadow Master’s mind. He would speak to him. He would learn to speak to them all. He would help them in their ambition. Valtome wanted to join in this little game. If need be, he’d rectify the situation. If not...well...

At least he’d had fun.



Nature: Rash


Moves: Shadow Hold, Shadow Flux (substitute for Psychic), Shadow Shield (substitute for Protect) Shadow Spy (substitute for Transform)


Other: Valtome likes flavored coffees and herbal teas. He’s grown accustomed to human accoutrements, and as such, took money from their coffers to commission a set of clothes to wear; the lab is too well air-conditioned for his taste.



Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Essence/Echo after the conversion process

Legendary: Xerneas

Appearance: His horns are no longer multicolored, instead permanently appearing in Neutral Mode. Even in Neutral Mode, his coloration has dulled to grayish blue and a lighter black.

Gender: Male

Personality: Gentle and optimistic, Essence hates having to hurt others and never holds a grudge, instead believing that it's his fault when others get mad at him. He is very protective and loyal to his friends, especially Soul. However, he isn't naturally brave, actually being a bit shy and wary of new things or people.


In Darkness Mode his fear consumes him, causing him to believe everything and everyone is a threat to him. Normally, he wouldn't stand his ground and fight, but in Darkness Mode he will stand down with a fierce determination to kill the "threat".

History: For as long as he can remember, he has been friends with a Yveltal named Soul. Though Soul was the opposite of him and had to take life energy instead of giving it, Essence understood that she didn't really want to. She just couldn't help it if her natural abilities did that. He worked hard to explain this to the other Pokemon and restore life to things she touched, but most of the Pokemon didn't believe him. Eventually, when Soul transformed into a cocoon, he transformed into a tree to counteract the effects of the cocoon.


When he next awoke, he was in a strange cell, being poked and prodded by humans. Though they hurt him, he forgave them and tried to convince them to let him escape. Of course, they didn't listen. Soon, the poking and prodding became more and more painful, leading to them eventually dealing him a fatal injury to get him to release a burst of life energy. They then artificially shortened the length of his sleep to get him to release more life energy whenever they hurt another legendary too much, or just to capture the power and use it. Still, he couldn't bring himself to hate them, simply living in constant fear of the humans. Unlike the other Shadow Pokemon, his heart eventually closed out of fear, not anger and hatred.


When the Shadow Master finally developed a Shadow Ball and captured him, he was forced to destroy life instead of giving it, causing himself immense guilt, despair, and fear. He was the Life Pokemon! How could he be hurting others? But even his innate ability to give life had been distorted, killing things with poisonous purple waves. Distraught, he retreated into himself, marking the perfect opportunity for them to try a new experiment on him. Knowing that he was protective of Soul, they created a new experimental machine. Now, whenever they hurt him, they used a machine to summon an image of another legendary attacking Soul and him in his head, conditioning him to see the other legendaries as a threat.

Nature: Timid

Moves: Shadowmancy (altered Geomancy, doesn't revive dead/petrified things), Shadow Storm, Shadow Panic, Shadow Mist

Other: He can still sense life energy, and can track other Pokemon down by their life energy signature. This is the reason why Cipher chose him to attack and kill the other legendaries instead of another legendary with a fiercer personality. In order for him to stand a good chance of killing/capturing the other legendaries, they artificially trained him to level 100 before closing his heart.


Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Alter

Legendary: Giratina

Appearance: On first glance, Alter doesn't appear to have changed at all, aside from having a Griseous Orb constantly suspended in the middle of her "crown". But upon careful inspection, one will discover that the red stripes and spikes on her body have become slightly darker than they should be, closer in hue to blood...

Gender: Female

Personality: Alter is always careful and calculating, almost machinelike in efficiency and coldness. She doesn't appear to have changed much, even maintaining a startling amount of control over her Darkness Mode. Her moral compass is either nonexistent or broken, and she'll tear anything and anyone down for her own selfish desires. Years of being alone in the Distortion World have rendered friendships nearly meaningless to her, with revenge being the only thing she knows. She's patient if she has to be, something an eternity of banishment has taught her. Perhaps the reason she has so much control over her Darkness Mode is that her original personality wasn't much different from it...

History: Banished for violence, Alter lived out her days in the Distortion world, developing patience and coldness. She learned to harness her anger and use it as energy, unleashing it when she needs to. Knowing that she would appear if her home world was damaged, Cipher began to purposely create distortions in time and space. Furious, Alter planned out their demise, but before she could take action, she was caught in a severe distortion and subsequently captured by Cipher.

Nature: Serious

Moves: Shadow Storm, Shadow Down, Shadow Hold, Shadow Force (is it allowed? It does actually have shadow in its name and it's Giratina's signature...)

Other: Cipher attached the Griseous Orb to her in an attempt to study how the Distortion World works and she hasn't been able to get it off since. As such, she pretty much stuck in her Origin Forme all the time.

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Available Legendary Pokémon:















































Tapu Lele

Tapu Bulu

Tapu Fini


Lunala~ Reserved


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Soul stared sadly at the little ragtag group that was still asleep. She was on the last watch of the night just to make sure no members of Cipher were trying to ambush them while they slept. At first there had been quite a few number of Pokemon that had escaped, but now there were only four left. Alter, Soren, Macaroon, and herself. The others had tired to leave to make it on their own and what their fate turned out to be, Soul could only shudder. Talking to normal Pokémon did have its advantages if they weren't killing for food. Turns out they were recaptured by Cipher. Macaroon had gotten lucky that he kept avoiding Cipher by the feathers on his wings before meeting the three.


She sighed before staring out at the ocean before them. They needed a plan. Should they talk about leaving the Orre Region for a while, just long enough to hopefully find Celebi? Or should they stay here and eventually risk being recaught by Cipher? Soul's heart felt like it was painfully twisted. She wanted to go back and free Essence, but not with this little ragtag group. She continued to stare out at the ocean, lost in thought.




Doey sat his cup of coffee down on his desk before getting up. The new lab was sturdy enough and hopefully no more restless legendaries would escape. Of course no legendaries would have escaped if someone hadn't goofed up. The instigator of the escapees was the Lugia quickly followed by the Yveltal. Lugia didn't get the right amount of dousage to keep it alseep long enough for it to be put back in its cage and Yveltal took the opportunity to try to follow the Lugia. Giratina had escaped unnoticed through a distortion portal, prompting Valtome to get Doey to experiment so the Shadow Master wouldn't notice. The last one, Victini, had a crack in its glass which caused it to ram its claw in it to make it spread and eventually break.


There were others that had escaped, but thankfully they were recaptured and were given something that made them forget they ever escaped in the first place. One taste of freedom and suddenly they wouldn't be as co-operative. Now he had gotten a call saying the other legendaries might not even be in Orre anymore. Snapping out from his thoughts Doey moved from his desk to the two very highly secure cages of Tapu Koko and Xerneas. He had to get Xerneas ready to go track them. "Hey Tapu Koko," Doey cooed as he visited Tapu Koko first.


Hollow slowly lifted his head and felt at ease when he noticed Doey was visiting him. He slowly floated over to the deranged scientist and revelled in his presence as the man stroked the blood red crest. Hollow figured if his heart wasn't locked, would he have loved the human? "You're a good Pokémon," Doey hummed, making Hollow shiver. "Why can't the other Pokemon be more like you?"


"Maybe because they haven't been in the special ball you made for Xerneas and I!" Hollow said, almost desperately. "I'll be back later," Doey cooed, slightly pushing Hollow off him, making him cry out in protest. Doey then turned, making sure Tapu Koko's cage was locked before going over to Xerneas. "Hey Xerneas," Doey cooed to Echo. "And how are you doing today?"




Shadow Master was getting impatient. How hard was it to find three legendary Pokémon? It's like they had simply vanished from him. He had managed to find the other escapees quite easily, but the Lugia, Victini, and Yveltal were still out there. "Shadow Master," one his admins said. "What if they left the Orre Region?" Yes, there could be that possibility, Shadow Master concidered. "Call back to the base," Shadow Master said. "Tell Doey to get Xerneas ready to try to track their aura." He was trying to avoid using Xerneas here and especially with the Victini. The Victini ready challenged him and Xerneas once, it would know how to battle against them. Shadow Master continued to stare out across the desert. Victini would have to suffer big time after this.

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