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It's 16/05/2604. Lately in the news you saw that the greatly succesful Naghu Exploration Institute was looking for a crew to go to the new Colony 17, in a base dubbed Resort 01. It has the safety of the Fortress type bases, but with the warmth of the Haven type bases. You've decided to sign up and got selected. The takeoff was three months ago and today you and the others of the crew arrived.


What's the goal of the NEI? Well, what do you expect, they research Naghu and try to get as much information about it as possible. What do they have now? A register of discovered plants and animals, as well as some funghi. Bacteria have also been found, but they don't cause diseases that are hazardous to human beings. They also have a register of where which crews are and with how many people they are.


But you might not care about all that. Maybe you just wanted to get as far away from some people as you could. Maybe you wanted your life to be more interesting or adventurous. Maybe you were looking for the ultimate thrill. Or maybe you had other reasons to go. Whatever your intentions, though, you'll have to survive together with your crew.


Colony 5, 12 and 14 have been reporting sightings they think indicate the presence of highly intelligent life forms. Most sightings have been done in the same area. Resort 01 is placed near the center of that area, as the main goal of Colony 17 is finding out what the truth behind those sightings is.


It may seem as if there's more to it than just the sightings, though, by the way the admins of the NEI behaved during your preparations, especially when they thought nobody was looking. There are also some suspicious things about old data, which are generally referred to as misconceptions, but it might seem a bit too coincedental for some people to believe that.





1. No Mary Sues.

2. No powerplaying/godmodding.

3. Don't kill others' characters without their permission.

4. No more than 5 characters per person.

5. Characters that are not from Colony 17 are allowed.

6. But not more than two for now.

7. Do not RP with characters I haven't approved yet.

8. No one-liners.

9. If someone breaks rule 6, 7, 8 or 9 and I don't react on it, notify me by PM, but certainly not in this thread. (I don't want unnecesary discussions going on here)

10. Forum and RP rules apply.

11. Respect eachother.

12. Have fun!


Character sheet:

[b]History:[/b] (include what job(s) your character has had before leaving)


If you have any questions, ask them in the OOC.

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Species known to live in the area surrounding Resort 01.


Surprisingly, life on Naghu has developed very similarly to life on earth, making it so that most bacteria and other micro-organisms don't form a threat to humans, and the animals may seem somewhat familiar, although differences in climate and surroundings did result in vast differences.


- Flying Monkey: Just as the flying squirrel on earth, this marine blue-stained lila, hairless, 2 foot tall monkey with yellowgreen skin around it's eyes can glide from tree to tree by pulling out the skin on it's sides with it's claws. They feed on the fruits they gather, as well as bugs. It is known that most fruits that tend to be eaten by flying monkeys are edible for humans as well.


- January's Miracle: A very tiny, luminiscent creature - persumed to be a kind of bug, although nothing is certain about this - that has only been seen once. This was when some of the members of Colony 5 went outside of their assigned territory, and hadn't found their way back even after dusk. A swarm of millions of January's Miracles appeared seemingly out of nowhere and led them back to their territory. They're called January's Miracle because this happened the first time after the start of the day counting on Naghu that it was January on both planets. Nobody knows what caused them to appear, but the currently believed theory is that they were attracted by the smell of the humans, or something that might have been following the humans, and followed the path in reverse.


- Giant Dragonfly: Exactly what it sounds like. Incredibly similar to the ones that lived on the prehistoric earth.



Accepted characters:




Name: Christoph Walker

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Appearance: He's a 183 cm tall man with short, brown hair. He wears black, rectangular glasses in front of his hazel eyes. He has the typical posture of a fat nerd. He often dresses in plain jeans and checkered vests. He has a short beard and moustache.

Personality: He is pretty much always positive and likes to take on difficult problems. However, he does not like admitting his mistakes and as a result never really does so.

History: He did very well in school and his parents always supported him fully when he wanted to do something. After finishing his study, he started his career as an IT-specialist, mainly specialising in cyber-security/hacking and datamining. The mission for Colony 17 really appealed him and he had always wanted to prove that a Colony would do better if it had a cyber-security/hacking specialist in it. IT-specialists on previous missions have all been website builders and game developers.

Other: Loves eating sandwiches.


Name: Diana Heart

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Appearance: Diana is a pretty woman with deep blue eyes and wavy blond hair that falls down to a few centimetres below her shoulders. She likes dressing up in T-shirts and skirts that reach to her knees.

Personality: Diana is a very cheerful person that loves talking with people. She likes puzzles of all sorts, as long as she can solve them. If she gets stumped, she gets a bit mad and this results in sassy behaviour that can be seen as rude. However, when she's in a good mood, and she is most of the time, she enjoys amusing other people. She is also a bit naive from time to time.

History: She has just graduated cum laude for her study in mathematics at the University of Oxford. Her parents funded most of her study, but what they couldn't afford for her, she earned for herself by playing in pubs with a band consisting of her as guitarist and lead vocalist and two of her friends, a pianist/backing vocalist and a drummer. However, when those friends graduated they both went to faraway places, leaving her practically on her own. Wanting to have an adventure on her own, where she could use all of her talents for benefit, she signed up to go to Colony 17 and got accepted.

Other: She has taken her acoustic guitar with her on the flight to Naghu.





Name: Phillip Gruenwald ((goes by phill))

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Appearance: Phillip is a slightly taller than average guy at 6'3 and has the build of a runner. Phill has dirty blonde hair that is just long enough to cover his eyes, usually combed to the left so his right eye is uncovered. Phill has brilliant emerald green eyes that seem to shine in the right lighting. He usually wears a pair of beat up and worn out jeans and plane shirts, he also wears a black and green hoodie most the time, the hoodie has stains on it from his past job that are faded but not fully out.

Personality: Phill is very introverted at first and tries to stay away from big groups of people. He loves puzzles and trying to solve them. He is a very caring guy though he has troubles with big groups.

History: He always focused on his work getting through both school and college withing the top ten percent of his grade. He had no idea what he wanted to do until his car had broken down. The mechanic was really nice to him and was able to fix his car but also told phill that with enough training you could fix nearly anything. Phill studied underneath the mechanic for three years after college until he heard about colony 17 and figured he could go and maybe find more complicated machines to work on.

Other: He enjoys reading and tea almost as much as he does puzzle solving like fixing complicated machines.





Name:Caleb Fortuna

Gender: female

Age: 30


Personality: Cal mostly keeps to herself, prefering to eat her dinner in her chop shop than in the mess hall. She is dedicated to keeping the tech in the colony intact and working at maximum efficiency. She isn't much of a talker, casual conversation or otherwise, and would prefer to wack someone with a wrench and throw them out of the shop.

History:Cal started her love for robitics when she joined the robotics club in school and switched her major later that week. After getting her degree in engineering from the University of Georgia, Cal went graduate school at the University of Southern California to compleate her education in the field of robotics. after graduation, she was a large robotics mechanic for the military and worked as underwater welder for a few years while still in college. She found that she liked working on small and large scale air and space engineering and applied to join the colony 17 mission.

Other: She lost her arm above the elbow in a mechanical accident and had a new one built before she moved to colony 17. Using her new arm, she built the second pair of arms to help her with heavy lifting and other dificult parts of her job. She has gotten so used to it, she only takes them off for sleep and special occasions.


Name: Bryce Harper

Gender: male


Appearance: Bryce looks like a man that has been working out in the sun his whole life. His skin is tanned the color of leather and lined with shallow wrinkles. His hair appears to have been brown but the top is bleached blonde by the sun. He is about five seven and is a bit overweight. His facial hair was the first thing to go grey as he aged so it's almost compleatly white by the timehe reached colony 17.

Personality: Bryce is a kind, soft-spoken man who wants to use his knowledge and talents to bettter the life of the colony. He is wise and level headed and often acts as a mediator for conflicts between other members.

History: Bryce is a botanist and chemist in Colony 17. Originally he worked for Sandia Labs in new Mexico as a genetic engineer. The project that landed him a place on the next rocket to Naghu was when his team was able to successfully cross-breed a live oak with a sunflower, creating a flower the size of a truck tire that yeilded more oil and seed than a normal sunflower. He is now in charge of keeping the colony fed with his genetically engineered plants.

Other: He is based of my neighbor (His team actually created the sunflower mentioned above)





Name: Esther Carroll

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Appearance: Not the type to really stand out in a crowd, Esther is clearly of Caucasian decent and stands at 5'5. A very thin women, she has a pear shaped body with her hips being larger in portioned to her chest and waist. If one were to look very close, they would notice that she has faded acne scars- evidence of her teenage years. Her hands and feet are very small 6 1/2 inches and 8 1/2 inches respectively and are quite calloused, she also possesses numerous scars around her ankles and feet. Esther has somewhat frizzy dark blonde hair, that when let loose fall to about her chest area but she always ties it up in a messy bun or braid to keep it out of her face or whatever shes working with. Her skin is rather tan and she has a spray of freckles across her nose. Her face is oval shaped and she has a small pointed nose. Her eyes are a light green and her eyelashes are long and dark blonde like her hair. She normally wears pastel colored long skirts and yarn sweaters.

Personality: Kind, motherly or patient is a couple words that come to mind when others describe Esther. Shes not one to grab the spotlight, instead she really loves to support others and watching those shes helped shine is always enough for her. She really enjoys caring for animals and people and she really being needed is one of the things that makes her the happiest. Esther is able to keep her calm in many situations that would set others off and she isn't one to get angry easily. She gets disappointed more often than she gets angry and her disappointment is always a quiet 'I thought better of you' type of disappointment. She also tries her best to not be bossy or condescending but shes always constantly worried about her friends and team members. Shes almost always carries around kits for sewing, first aid or other such things that could fix little emergencies.

History: Ester was born second in a catholic family with five kids. Her family made average to high income with her dad being is business man and her mom one that stayed at home. Their household was one that put a lot of empathizes on family and Ester enjoyed a close relationship with her siblings and parents.

She remembers her childhood quite fondly (she did girl Scots and went on trips with her family frequently), she was home schooled until high school in which she attended an all girls high. She wasn't a stellar student but was able to graduate in the top 20% of her class after which she attended a culinary school. She returned back to her hometown where she worked as a chef in a local restaurant. It seemed that the rest of her life would play out in the small town however to the surprise of her family and friends, she was recruited and answered the call for Colony 17.

Other: Struggles with anorexia, questioning her faith a bit, probably bi but definitely in denial, been on dates but never dated anyone seriously before, really enjoys mystery books, not a fan of sweets but loves to make them, likes to knit, drinks her coffee w/out sweeteners and her favorite tea is earl grey.







Name: Jack

Gender: Male

Age: 49

Appearance: locked

Personality: locked

History: locked

Other: This guy will be important. Obviously.




-none yet-

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"I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that, after three months of space travel, today, May 16th 2604, you will arrive at your destination, Resort 01, in a couple of hours. As you know, the shuttle you're in is specifically developed to make a safe landing on the landing platform at your base. When you're there, there will be a robot waiting for you. That robot is Rob-E, he is there to serve as a guide for you and show you where everything is. In the main hall you will find a set of computers. These can be used to contact us at earth, but also to contact with other Colonies and look in the databases. In your rooms we have left presents for all of you. We hope you enjoy them, and to hear back from you soon."


"Presents?!" Diana exclaimed, nearly shouted, with a broad smile on her face. "That's so nice! I can't wait to see what we'll get! I wonder what they got for you, Esther. What would you like to get?"


"I hope they got some complex puzzles for me." Christoph whispered, mostly to himself, in slight excitement. "Maybe something like a maze cube, that'd be great."

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Cal had risen from cryosleep just minutes before the announcement had alerted her of their arrivial at Naghu. She had requested to be put uder for the duration of the trip. She wasn't much for waiting around for three months. She sat on the edge of her cryopod and glanced around the room, the others were already up and moving around. Cl roe to her feet, unsteady from the three months without use. She gripped one of the safety rails to keep herself steady as she slipped into her pants and boots. After few yoga streches, she was feeling right enough to cross the room and get the rest of her stuff from the lockers.


Swiping her id, she opened her locker and retrived the things she kept in there. Gleaming the the shell of a beetle was her robotic second set of arms she used for work. slinging them on her back, she felt a sting as they jacked into the neural port at the base of her spine. There was a mechanical shudder as they came to life. the center of the shell split and two long robotic arms extended over her shoulders. they were a little clumsy as they calibrated to the commands she was sending them with her brain, The next thing she got out was her arm. She plugged i the grey apendage to the metal mount protruting from where her elbow used to be. There was a sudden shock of white hot agony that quickly faded as her brain calibrated to having an arm back. She tested the hand, opinging and closing it to work out the kinks. Ater she was finished suiting up and getting dressed, she followed the thin flow of trafic to the bridge to see her new home.

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Esther smiled at Diana's enthusiasm as she smoothed out her sweater. She had woken up about half an hour ago and had promptly gotten dressed in normal style (pink sweater and a cream colored floral patterned skirt) though she was still a bit groggy. Drones and robots still sort of startled the young women as she didn't interact with the type of drones that the colony would be interacting with on a day to day basis in her daily life prior to joining colony 17. She had been a bit unnerved when their speaker made their announcement, not quite used to receiving instructions indirectly.

"I would not be surprised if it were something relating to our jobs." Esther answered her friend as she untangled a black elastic, "I personally would love a KitchenAid(®) mixer because they didn't let me pack mine," She joked, tying her hair into a bun. In all seriousness, Esther would not have minded using a hand held mixer, a mixing spoon or manual whisk would not be ideal but Esther had no doubt that she could make it work if the resources weren't available for her to have electric powered cooking ware.

"Oh, I bought sunscreen in case you forgot," Esther suddenly remembered, digging out a yellow bottle of 75 spf sunscreen out of her bag, "You should remember to put in on 15 minutes before we exit the ship because it'll take awhile to set." She reminded the other girl before realizing that her comment might have came off as patronizing and that the other girl was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, "Sorry I didn't mean to coddle you or anything, I just thought to remind you just in case you forgot," she apologized not wanting to make a bad impression on her friend.

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Phill was out and around quickly after hearing the little thing about presents, he was hoping for a puzzle or maybe some new tools he just wasn't sure. He stretched out as he walked slowly with the rest of the people wearing his beat up jeans with the knees torn up slightly, the hood of his green and black hoody tossed up on his head to cover most of his messy hair. His left eye was covered by his hair as he let his eyes scan the other people around him as he walked. Phill had braught along a rubix cube which gave him something to do constantly randomizing it before trying to solve it , having done them since he was little he could do it relativly easy but it took him longer than he wanted so he kept working on getting faster at it. He could not wait to see what his new home would look like, as well as having the present.

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"Something related to our jobs..." Diana said softly, with slight disappointment in her voice. Then Esther mentioned the KitchenAid(®) mixer and that made Diana smile again. "Probably not, but who knows, maybe they found a solution for it? Maybe they found a way to get enough spare power for electric powered cooking ware?" Diana knew just as well as Esther that this was highly unlikely, but she like to stay positive. Following this, Esther offered her some sunscreen. "Sunscreen?", she said, slightly confused. "I completely forgot to pack some! And I'd really need it, since the sun will shine a lot more here than it does in England. I mean, it'd be very hard for the sun to shine less than in England..." She giggled a bit at her own joke. "So I need to put it on 15 minutes before we land? I wouldn't even know, I hardly ever use it and every time I did I put it on when I wanted to go, but I would still have to wait at least 15 minutes before the others were ready as well..."


---a couple of hours later---


If it weren't for the green lights flashing on and the door opening, the crew probably wouldn't even have noticed that the shuttle had landed. When they stepped out of the shuttle, they were greeted by a building that looked quite cozy, especially for something completely made out of perspex and aluminium. The entrance of the building was around the corner, on the north side, facing Greenwind Forest, where most of the crew's research would be done.


"Hello, and welcome to Resort 01, the first base that offers great amounts of safety AND comfort. My name is Rob-E. I can show you around whenever you want me to. I guess you would all like to see where your rooms are first?"

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Phill had been standing off to the side of the group of people once out of the ship.he let his fingers run over the smooth sides of the rubix cube while watching as Rob-e talked to the group. He nodded quietly in agreement when it was mentioned that they may want to see their rooms first.


He took in the sight of the forest that he would be exploring at some point awed by the thought of what he may find. He then turned his gaze to the building itself glad that it at least looked cozy though he was not sure if it was or not.

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Cal stepped out of the ship with the rest of her peers, using her hand to block the glare of the sun. Ugh! This is already awful she already thought. She was surrounded by crewmembers all listening to Rob-e's tour. She foldered her arms against her back like a pair of skeletal wings to avoid knocking someone out. She glanced at the forest unintrested. She was an engeneer not a field agent, She just wanted to get to the workshop and start building anf fixing. AWAY from the rest of these people.



Bryce was the last to leave the ship. After they landed, he spent some extra time in the lower floors where his greenhouse was kept. He finished loading his tissue cultures into a stainless steel briefcase and went out to join the rest of the group.

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Esther couldn't help but smile, but to ease by Diana's response. She hadn't been offended in the slightest it seemed.




Esther had been enjoying a book when the green lights started flashing on and the doors opened, letting in the bright sunlight. She had reminded Diana to put on sunscreen and had applied a generous amount herself as well as offering the bottle to anyone who looked interested. She had closed to book as the crew begun to move out, sticking close to Diana so that she wouldn't lose the other girl and be stuck in an awkward situation where she didn't know anyone.

Esther raised her book over her head to shield herself from the sun that she had not had any contact with in the three months of her space travel. She blinked her eyes and squinted, attempting to adjust to the bright sunlight. Her senses were a bit overwhelmed. A gentle breeze lifted her hair and skirt lightly. It smelled like grass, dirt, trees, like after it rained, it smelled like earth though this was not Earth. She had been so used to the smell of city, of gasoline, of the sounds of busy, restless everyday life, of impatient cars honking and not this quiet serene here.

Just like that, everything that she had been through to get here- the fall out with her dad, the tears and break downs that she had over her decision, it was suddenly all worth it.

As her eyes slowly adjusted, she made out a grey building though she could not identify the substance it was made out of- steel? She didn't give it much thought- she wasn't the architect. A robot by the name of 'Rob-E' greeted the crew, offering to show them around but first, to lead them to their rooms.

Esther diverted her eyes as Mr. Gruenwald walked by, careful not to make eye contact with the young man. She had been home schooled for a large chuck of her education and another large portion was spent at an all girls high school. She devoted most of her time in college to her work, friends and family and therefore had limited interactions with men her age. When she worked at the restaurant, she mostly worked in the back, making food. Her co-workers had been people that she had known for years because most of them attended her church. It would have been safe to say that Esther was awkward when men.

Esther did not know Gruenwald very well, their interactions had been limited to small talk- casual comments about the weather or hellos, goodbyes, thank yous or had been strictly work related. When he had passed, she raised her eyes to see Caleb who's metal limbs had fascinated Esther though she had tried to keep from gawking, not wanting to seem rude. The girl didn't talk to others much and Esther had noticed that her presence had been missing several times from mess hall and she herself had personally delievered meals to Caleb before the project had been launched. She hoped that things would be different, that perhaps she might open up a bit now that they had arrived at their permanent settlement.

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Cal seemed to be looking in the opposite direction than the rest of the team gathered outside the Colony 17 stronghold. She was scanning the outer wall of the building she would be calling home. She had already seen the blueprints of the base so she knew she was actually looking at the outer walls of the base's garage. looking carefully, she could barely make out the paper thin seam of a garagedoor. Just behind it was a one inch reinforced roll top door. The outer door was a titanium and carbon fiber alloy, much like the rest of the facility's walls. Cal couldn't wait to get to work. she had been keeping herself busy repairing small things around the ship but once they told her to relax, she went into cryosleep out of spite.


She swung her gaze back towards the front of the crowd. She briefly caught the eye of a thin woman whom she reconized. What was her name? It was the name of an older woman, like Greta or something. Esther! She had brought her meals from time to time when she refused to leave what she was working on. She gave a rare smile and a small wave. She was a kind soul, cute too. It was touching how she made sure that everyone was healthy and happy.


Standing off on his own Cal could see Phillip Gruenwald with his back to her. He seemed to be gaving into the forest that ringed Colony 17. From reading the crew bios they all had access too, she knew that he was another engineer like herself. He specilized in...something she couldn't quite recall at the moment. She just hoped he stayed out of her way in the workshop.


The next person she noticed was a beautiful woman named Diana. She didn'tknow much about her except she was some sort ofadvanced mathematics wiz and played guitar back on earth. She tried to engage Cal in conversation when the voyage first began but learned quickly that she was a woman of few words.


Everyone on this crew was the top of their class in one field or another. As far as Cal was conerned, they were all equals. When everyone is special, no one is.

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Phill had felt eyes on him for just a moment which caused him to turn and look around. He noticed cal who based on the crew bio was another mechanic like himself. He finished his rubix cube at that time and negan to randomize it all over again. He had time to read all about some of the creatures that had lived out here, he had always loved animals and had even thought about working with them but machines won out in the end. Phill specialized im any type of vehicle whether it be land air or sea he knew his way around most vehicles though he was told he was better with small machinery after he had fixed multiple weapons, malfunctioning prosthetic arms along with a few other things he could not remember for the life of him. He could tell that everyone here must be top class in one field or another which is why seeing another mechanic had shocked him at first but he realized she must be specialized in a different field, either that or they figured having two mechanics would allow for one to go into the field and fix anything that breaks down out there while the other could take care of the work that was needed inside allowing the work to be done at a quicker pace.

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"Oh, yes! Please take us to our rooms, Rob-E! I can't wait to see what present I got! Oh, wait a second! I forgot something!"


With those words, Diana ran back into the shuttle as fast as she could. She couldn't believe how oblivious she could be sometimes, while seeming to remember the least important details all the time. Like that ages ago, people actually used Pi in all of mathematics, rather than Tau in practically every bit except for when it's applied to mechanics, because then you actually do want to use the diameter instead of the radius, thus making Pi easier to use. She didn't even have to learn that for any of her exams, she just remembered it.




Rob-E noticed one of the people was wandering away from the group and another, younger one running back to the shuttle, saying that she forgot something.


"Alright, lady! But don't leave us waiting too long! And you over there! Don't you want to see where your room is?!"


As Rob-E was shouting at the women, Christoph noticed the Rubik's Cube that Phill was holding. He had seen it before, of course, but never really bothered enough to ask for it. However, now there was a fair chance that he'd finally get his hands on a Maze Cube or maybe even a Sudoku Cube(?!), he just had to take one last try with the Rubik's Cube before he would be busy with a way more difficult version.


"Hey, Phill, may I take a turn with that cube once? I'm pretty good at it, although I haven't touched one since a week before I signed up for this. I'd like to see how fast I can solve it after not doing them so long."




Back in the shuttle, Diana took out her pass to open her locker, revealing her guitar.


"There you are." She said, as she picked it up. Walking back, she softly hit the strings in one of her favorite melodies. She couldn't remember where it was from, but she could play it perfectly.


"I'm back!" She said, as she returned to the group, walking back up to Esther.


"Alright." Rob-E said, before turning his attention back again to the woman in the distance. "This is you last chance to come, before we're heading to the rooms!"

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Cal groaned When Diana announced that she forgot something on the shuttle Cal's Helping Hand passed her a small black notebook over her shoulder. She flipped through the pages of rough skethes, formulas, alloy composites and shopping lists until she found what she needed. Bak on earth, she had helped design most of the robots used on in the colonies. Rob-E was no different. Someone had turned his politeness up to high. If that was the case, they were going to be standing in the sun al day. He passed the open book to about eye level and her helping claw kept it there. She cleared her throat pretty loud, "Rob-E politeness override code; Pi Lambda Eta Alpha Sigma Eta Gamma Omnicron", she shouted, reading off her notebook, "politeness level: 4". Back on earth, she had added that override code when her overseer told her that there was a problem where the helper robots cared so much about a human's feelings, it would take half an hour to say something in a way that could ot be misconstrued by anyone. While it was funny to listen to, it could have been potentially dangerous in an emergency situation...or for the impatient.


Cal had to admit that she was curious what the prestent was but she was more excited to see what they did with her workshop. She sent a laundry list of things she needed with the first constructio voyage a couple years back. She really wanted to see how well they listened




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Esther was rather taken aback when Caleb noticed that she was looking at her and instead of turning away or ignoring Esther, she had smiled and waved. Esther's face broke into a smile and she raised her hand to return the wave to the mechanic. By then, the other girl had turned her attention elsewhere but Esther didn't mind, Caleb's show of friendliness had been a pleasant surprise.

Esther was about to follow Rob-E when Diana had announced that she had forgotten something on the ship. She stepped to the side, allowing other people to pass her. She didn't want to go without her friend.

She noticed that Caleb had approached the robot after Diana left and the mechanic had seemed to be programming it to do something but Esther payed her no mind. Machinery was Caleb's realm of expertise and Esther trusted that she knew what she was doing.

"ready to go? " She asked as Diana returned, anouncing her return.

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Phill was more worried about his workshop though he hadn't thought to send any plans he knew that considering all of the times they saw his shop when they were trying to see what kind of work he did they may have it made somewhat like it and he asked that it be adjoined to his room since he preferred work over people. He looked at Rob-E as well as the girl who was over riding it. "You know that overriding it like that may cause some sort of conflict, i have never had a chance to work with robots such as those but with other robots, possibly prototypes if they got overriden too much or by too many different voices they could short circuit, i am not sure if these will do so but it's safest not to find out, they are complicated and i don't have the right parts on me yet besides i hae no idea if i would know about these ones im more used to vehicles or communications, robots are fun and all but i rather not deal with it if it ends up attacking due to a misunderstanding of commands.


" He looked over as a guy began approaching him about the rubix cube he was holding, each step the other took phill took one back. He was okay with talking from afar especially about machines or puzzles but having someone aproach him caused some anxiety. He quickly handed it to the guy before stepping back "they are easy but i will need it back soon im trying to beat the world record but i always am just barely slower maybe by five seconds, it calms me down and allows me to handle being around large groups."

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Cal turned her head slowly when the mechanic started warning her about overriding Rob-E. Her helping hand snaked over her head and gently placed a metal finger on his lips. she did the same with her robotic arm on her own lips, "shhhhh. Stay in your lane." she said, her gently tone barely masking her anoyance, "I designed these. I'n not telling you how to change a muffler, am I?". If there was one thing she HATED was helicopter observers. It took her flipping a rolling toolbox and flinging tools for her overseer to understand this back on earth. It nearly got her fired but she was too far in for them to hire someone else. She retracted her Helping Hand against her back and stepped back from the robot. She took the other man stepping forward to ask about the puzzle as an opportunity to go back into the crowd and wait for the rest of the tour.

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Well, thanks, Phill. Five seconds off the world record? That's getting pretty close! In fact, out here it probably is the world record! Haha. But what I've mainly been doing is a bit more complicated. I try solving them with my eyes closed."


As Christoph was talking, he was busy randomizing the cube in his hands. He then closed his eyes as he began, his solar powered stopwatch ready to recieve his vocal signal.


"Go!" He shouted, full of pleasure. Quickly, he started trying to solve it.


18.36 seconds later, when he thought the cube should be solved, he shouted again. "Done!"


"Well, that's 1.51 seconds slower than what I've done before, what makes it... 2.83 seconds slower than the current world record. Quite a good result, I'd say. Here, take it back."


"ready to go? "


"Yes, of course!" Diana replied happily as Esther noticed her return.


"Alright, ladies and gentlemen, just follow me." Rob-E said, as he started moving towards the entrance of the building. "Here is the main entrance. You can open the door with the same card you used for your lockers. May you happen to lose your card, a new one can be produced at Fortress 03, but it may take a while to get here. As a temporary solution, you can lend other people's cards, or, may you happen to lock yourself outside, I have a passkey that can open all doors in this building." Demonstrating this, he opened the main gate.


"Here we enter the first section of the main hall, where you can communicate with the team on Earth and crews in other bases, as well as access the database. This is also the place that has been designed for you to eat, which is why there is no vulnerable tech in this room. Next up, before we get to your rooms, is another door that has to be opened with your card. This is to guarantee your safety as much as possible. As we pass through this door, we enter the second section of the main hall. The first door to the left leads to the biology lab, which, like all workplaces, can also be accessed from the outside of the building, while the first door to the right leads to the control room of the security systems. The second door to the left leads to the chemistry lab and the second door to the right to the storage room. The following doors lead to your rooms, every door being marked with the name of the person whose room is behind it. These doors function more like your lockers in the shuttle, each of your passes can only be used to enter your own room, and each of your rooms can only be entered with your own card, or my passkey. If you want to enter someone else's room while they're inside, you can hold your own card in front of the scanner, and a bell will ring inside the room, notifying the people there of your presence. Any questions?"


"Can we go to our rooms now?" Diana asked eagerly, her hand already on the knob of the door with her name on it.




That was enough for Diana to rush her card over the scanner and storm into her room, yet making sure her guitar didn't get damaged. Inside she saw something that had a ribbon tied around it. Something big. And... odd? She had never seen something like it before. As she removed the ribbon, she noticed there was a letter attached to it. She decided to read it.


We are very sorry, but we can't give you the standard music players, because there is no way Fortress 02 can ever get enough energy to forsee everyone in their personal electronical needs. However, we were able to recreate and improve on machine that originates 6 centuries ago: The grammophone. On your nightstand, we have put a collection of black discs in slipcovers. These contain most of the songs that we know you were listening to a lot back on Earth. Take one of them out and put it on the flat surface of the grammophone. Then, put the needle and place it on the point where you want it to start playing. (We have marked the start of every song, and the order in which they appear on the discs is given on the slipcovers). These things were quickly replaced because they had many inconveniences, but we have managed to take out most. However, since we can't supply you with the required amount of power, you will have to wind it up from time to time. As a little extra we have wound it up as far as possible now, so you will only have to set it up and turn over the switch to let it start working. We sincerely hope you enjoy this present, it's the best we could get ready with what we had access to.


"Well then, let's see." Diana said, as she put one of the black discs on the... she had to read it back on the letter... grammophone. Not really that picky at the moment, she let it start at the first song, pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the same melody she had just played on her guitar. She had to ask a physicist how this thing worked one time, but first she wanted to see what Esther got. Having turned off the grammophone before she left her room, she held her card in front of the scanner of Esther's room.


As Christoph walked into his room, he was delighted to see not just one, but three puzzles lying there for him. A Siamese Cube, a Sudoku Cube and a maze cube.


He guessed he'd be able to kill quite some time with those.

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Cal split from the group and walked up to her door. Swiping her mechanical hand over the scanner, she was delighted to hear the door click open. On the voyage here, she kept losing her keycard in the clutter of her room or shop. When she got a new one, she copied the magnectic signature into a electromagnet embedded in her hand. Her real keycard was...somewhere but it didn't matter becasue she never left home without her arm.


She stepped into her room and noticed that waiting on the far wall was a chest high box with a bow on top. The front was covered in small drawers and cabinets. She picked up the card resting on top and read it


Since you are robotically inclined, here is a toolbox full of all the best scrap parts we gathered constructing Colony 17. Enjoy the Toybox She flipped the card over and looked at the back. At the very bottom was a small signature, a letter J. She shrugged and started goig through the drawers. Excitement bubbled up in her chest. It really was the best equipment she ould have asked for. She had enough here to build at least three more arms. She chuckled to herself, the image of her as a robotic octopus made her smile.




Down the hall, Bryce swiped his keycard across the scanner and unloked his room. As soon as he stepped in he could smell plant life and soil. He corssed the room, where a multi-leveled metal shelf was set up. On the underside of each shelf there was a LED strip that was emmiting a warm purple light. Under each light was a planter box that took up the entire shelf. They were filled with plants that he had only seen in pictures. They had took his plans for a contained grower and built it for him. It was full of the native species to the planet that hewas sent here to study. He touched a wide leaf and rubbed it between his fingers. He was surprised to see it ccurl up and turn brown as if it died. He got to eye elvel with the plan and wathed as it slowly regained its pigment and flattened back out. "Amazing!" it protects itself by pretending to be dead!" he said, a little too loud for the small spae of his room. He the went from plant to plant, touching, studying, and smelling each one. He knew he was going to be up late cataloguing all these new species.




Cal steppedout of her room and shut the door behind her. He approached their guide and corssed her arms, "Alright Rob. Where's my shop" she asked.




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Phill took his cube back and mixed it upbefore doing it again taking his time. He never wanted to actually try to competitivly beat the times as it was just a way to keep him calmed down. He nodded at chris "seems like a good time and thanks for my cube back."


Phill broke off and went into his room. He saw the Rubik's revenge, the helicopter cube as well as a void cube. Phill smiled and got all of the cubes and set them on the bedstand that was to the right of his bed. He picked up the rubik's revenge as he figured it would be closest to a rubiks cube. He put his tool kit on the floor by the bed as well as getting all of his things set up. He then noticed the writing on a card that had been by the cubes. Since you love puzzles and they seem to help you when you are around groups which you often will be these could help you. He gave a soft sigh and looked around, walking out ofhis room with rubik's revenge "i am assuming that i have a workshop as well for vehicles, my guess is thats by the garage?"

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Sticking close to Diana and the rest of the group, Esther followed Rob-E into the building. All her IDs and cards were kept neatly ordered inside her wallet so the introduction that Rob-E gave about the locker cards did not raise much alarm for her. She marveled at all the rooms that the group passed- it was different from her home back on Earth, the base felt more professional, sterile, more inclined towards the engineers and sciences.

Esther was slowly beginning to feel out of place as it slowly dawned on her what she had actually signed up for. Sure she had been informed of what the planet would be like, her living conditions and what she would be doing on a normal day but it suddenly felt as if everyone around her was more sophisticated and intelligent. Did she truly belong among all these people here?

As the group passed the biology and chemistry lab, Esther was reminded of her high school years. She had taken the biology and chemistry courses offered to her at her high school and she had received high marks. She could understand basic concepts, enough to keep up with a conversation or briefing. She had been trained for this, so even if she was not quite on par with everyone else- she didn't need to be because she knew how to do her own job and that was the part that mattered.

She was a vital part of the team, even if she wasn't the one doing the research, she was still needed. This place did not feel like a home nor the group like a family but she could play a big part in making this place both. Esther had always felt that meal time was the most important time because it was the one time that everyone was able to sit down together and connect.

That was her real purpose here, not only to keep everyone well fed but to also provide an environment where everyone could connect.

Filled with this new sense of purpose, she headed for her room, leaving the slowly dispersing group.




Closing the door with a soft click, Esther walked into her room. The first thing that she noticed that the room was silent, she could hear the wind against her window. It was a rather nice change of pace- a room all to her own. Next she noticed a rather large book with a shiny red ribbon wrapped around it, she smiled and picked up the letter that sat on top of the book.


We apologize that you will not be able to work with the electrical powered equipment that you are used to working with back on Earth, we hope that this gift might help you a little bit in getting started.


She folded up the card and set it down, carefully untying the ribbon from the book. The cover was brown, some kind of animal skin- leather maybe? She opened the book, the first page read out in neat handwritten cursive "The Collected Recipes of Colonies 1-16" on a cream colored page. She flipped through the book, finding many different handwriting styles explaining different recipes or observations on numerous plants and animals, things such as how rare the organism was, its characteristics, whether it was edible or not, how it tasted, little notes of that nature.

Her smile softened as she fondly stroked the pages, running her finger over the indenture that the words pressed into the pages left.

Her attention was captured from the book by a bell ringing. If she remembered correctly, Rob-E had explained that that meant she had a visitor. Gently closing the book and placing it on the bed next to the letter, she made her way over to the door and opened it. She was met by Diana's smiling face, the other young woman looked rather excited for something.

"Hello, come in." Esther smiled, opening the door wider and stepping aside for the other woman.

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Just when Rob-E wanted to lead Caleb to her chop shop, Phill showed up and asked where his workshop was.


"Yes, your workshop is in the garage. There should also be a door in your room that leads to it. If you can't find it, I can come back to you later, but firt I'll show Caleb the way to her workshop. Just follow me, Caleb."


He moved through the hall, going past the doors of all other rooms, all the way to the other side of the building. "We're almost there", he said, as he opened the backdoor to go outside. As Caleb went out as well, Rob-E turned to the right. "See the gate over there? That's the entrance to your workplace." Seeing it would be unnecessary to help Caleb from here, he turned around and went back to the rooms, in case others would have questions.




Diana didn't have to wait long until Esther opened the door for her. She couldn't bear to stay calm anymore.


"They got me such an amazing gift! It's a machine that can PLAY MUSIC without electricity. I have to show it to you! But first, I want to know what they gave you!" She shouted, her eyes gritting in curiousity.

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Caleb thanked the robot and looked towrds her shop. It was short building with a shining gate leading to it's interior. she crossed the courtyard and swiped her hand on the keypanel .


She flipped the lightswitch and the Led striplights that lined the ceilings light up the room. It was long and made of grey concrete. allong three of it's four walls were machenery and toolboxes, all shiny and new from not being used. She crossed the expanse and passed two garage doors that lead into the courtyar. She assumed that was to fix navigation equipment and other small electronic present of the Colony's army of vehicles.


She reasched the otherside of the room where and sat down in the swivel stool. She sat in the silence, listeing to the electronic overhead hum and the faint sounds of the main facility. She looked up at the wall in front of her, which a large whiteboard was hung. She pulled ope drawers around her, trying to find a marker. instead, she found a flat, teardrop remote with three unlabled buttons in the center. She looked around, confused. She didn't see and screens when she walked in. there was another whiteboard on the opposite side f the room near the garage doors. He held out the remote and hit thecenter button.


It wasn't apparent what had happened until a light ping sounded behind her. She turned to see that the whiteboard had changed. It Still looked like a whiteboard, but there was a strange backlight effect of the surface. She stood from her seat and touched the surface. It was perfectly smooth, not greasy like she expected. When she got closer, she noticed a small flashing number in the corner of the screen. She looked at the remote then back at the notification. She tapped the pointed end of the remote to the surface. The flashing umber expanded and opened a window labled, TO-DO. a giddy smile streached across her face. It was a LCD screen. They gaver her a taskmaster organization board. She had only seen these in catalogues back on earth. She grabbed the edge of the to do window and flicked it, Wathing it exit the screen and appear on the board across the room. She could do so much with this! She pressed the back arrow on the remote and her to-do list reapperaed on her screen. She read the list with slight irritation

fFx scout drones

Fix bug in security system

Rebuild XK-Class defense bots with anti corrosion shielding

Rebuild track system for Mudrunners

Rebuild Halo long distance drone

Rebuild G quadrant transformer for the east solar field

Recover lost Mudrunner <.>

Recover missing Halo Drone

Check Kitchen emergency generator bay

Check com uplink satallite (calls to the surrounding colonies have been dropping)

Fix west end gym access door

Fix security passkey scanner to kithen access


The list went on and on. each task had a number superscript at the end. She assumed urgency levels or something. some of these things made her robot loving heart jup while others filled her with dread. Fix doors? check com uplinks? That was grunt work. She assumed it was becasue of te lack of perminant staff. It still didn't make her happy. From looking around her shop, she also was not happy. They had given her necessities but noticed that much of her requested hardware was not present. They better not have given some of it to the garage. She would be mad if they gave the garage the jaws of life or the laser lathe. She looked the list over and she decided to get to work. Fixing the generator bay had a flashing number one at the end so she assumed they wanted her to do that first. Made sense, if the power was lost to the colony, they would need to route emergency power to the important rooms in the facility. Especially keeping the supply of food from spoiling.


She gathered her things into the toolbelt hanging on the workbench. while she was looking for tools, she stumbled across a masmaller whiteboard with a digital pe as a remote. She handed the tablet back to her helping handand stored it in her backpack. She stuck the pen behind her ear and left the shop, not bothering to turn off the lights. She wanted to see if they added the biosense timer like she asked.


She passed the rooms once more, suited up for work and wearing a comfortable jumpsuit. She could hear the excited conversations of gift receivers drifting from some of the open rooms. She didn't linger long though, she had work to do.


she reached the messhall and went straight for the door labled KITCHEN. She pressed her hand against the scanner and waited. Nothing. She roller her eyes, "MiHz sweep. fourteen to four K Sweep." she said to her arm. There was a light hum which ended in a green light on the back of her hannd. She kicked the door and made a frustrated sound. Her list had said this was broken, she just didn't know it was this broken. She droped to one knee and her helping hand passed her a magnetic screwdriver. All these new scanners had internal fastenings. Meaning they couldn't be disassembled by ordinary tools. She undid the casing and set it aside. She then set to work getting the damn thing working.


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Phill nodded as he was glad they actually gave him a walkway to his workshop. He walked through thedoor that was in the farthest corner. He whistled as he walked down the long hallway that would lead to his own private workshop in the garage. He was excited and wanted to see his workshop.


Phill smiled broadly as he saw his huge worshop. It had two lifts for seperate vehicles parts were neatly set up in boxes that were labeled. He saw that he had parts to fix comunications devices if needed as well as various other pieces of machinary. He walked around his shop and smiled while he lifted up a few tools and began organizing his workshop with different colored tool boxes having their own specific types of tools. He had the rubiks revenge placed on the green tool box.

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