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A Knight's Story

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“Oh okay; I guess the same would’ve happened to me if I had tried to do the same. I would’ve hated being there for sure. I don’t think he would’ve told them, but I’m also glad he let you stay there. I was surprised myself when he told me his decision about letting you stay at the convent. Yes he does,” she said in reply to everything he said and asked while blushing a bit before hearing the last thing he said. “Maybe I did.”




Cody nodded when he saw Zane’s motion for both him and Edward to stay where they were while he went and got the boar’s attention.


He then waited patiently where he was hiding for both his brother and the animal they were hunting to come their way for a minute and a half and when they did come, he got his bow and got an arrow ready. After Edward hit the boar in both the shoulder and lung with a crossbow bolt, he fired at Zane’s prompting and hit it in the chest before throwing a dagger that lodged in its heart. The animal slowed and then fell a few inches in front of both him and Edward. “That sure was a difficult target to bring down,” he said after he had retrieved both his dagger and arrow from the boar’s body.

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